Thursday, February 25, 2010

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Global Depression

National Strike April 15-16-17-18 ~ link

Nationwide Strike Paralyzes Greece ~ link

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton compares Iran showdown to Cuban Missile Crisis ~ link ~ The Cuban Missile Crisis almost caused WWIII when I was a child, I remember it. We were all scared, and in fact, based on interviews with the top Soviet General in Cuba, it came very close to a nuclear war. President Kennedy had both smarts and some morality and managed to give me (and billions of others on this planet) over 45 more years so far. Will Obama and Clinton rise to this level. Damn unlikely! We are 'headed over the cliff' and 'the driver and his assistant' are too crooked to even save us.

Researcher claims that Israel experiments on its Palestinian prisoners, which causes cancers ~ link ~
The Israeli occupation forces have been accused by a Palestinian Researcher of carrying out "thousands of experiments on Palestinian prisoners every year" which have lead to an increase in the number diagnosed with cancer. The specialist in Palestinian prisoners' affairs, Abdul Naser Ferwana, himself a former prisoner of the Israelis, claims that "more than five thousand experiments using serious drugs put prisoners' lives at risk".

Iran launches Saeqeh fighter-bomber squadron ~ link ~ These jet aircraft look to be to be a major upgrade of the old F-5s that America sold the late Shah of Iran. They are no doubt new aircraft and better than the F-5s but they still appear to be at least 20 if not 30+ year old technology. No match for anything that Israel or America is about to throw at them.

French: Dubai assassins stole French identities ~ link ~ Netanyahu and his band of nuts are such screw ups that even the French government, headed by a neocon Zionist, is raising hell about the Dubai hit. I am telling you, Bibi and his Cabinet are very dangerous screw ups as they lead the world towards the Third World War.

Australia warns Israel over Dubai murder link ~ link ~
Australia summoned the Israeli ambassador on Thursday and delivered a stark warning on ties after three Australian passports were used by suspected Mossad assassins who murdered a top Hamas commander.

15 More suspects in Hamas murder probe ~ link

More fake UK passports in Mossad murder in Dubai ~ link

Anti-Gold Conservatives ~ link ~
Ron Paul for the first time in American history made the Federal Reserve an issue in a Presidential campaign. He called for the re-establishment of the gold standard. He warned that the FED would make bad policy decisions. Then the economy unraveled in late 2008, and the FED intervened to bail out the big New York City banks with fiat money and sweetheart deals. Paul was the right man (a 30-year critic of the FED) in the right place (the Web) at the right time (a Presidential election year and a monetary crisis). For Ben Bernanke, this was a perfect PR storm.

Tea Party recruits began their venture into politics with Ron Paul's message. They do not understand that the American conservative movement has generally been anti-gold and pro-fiat money throughout its post-World War II history. Here is why.

Time for a Broad-Based Antiwar Movement ~ link ~ For the last decade, with President Bush in office the peace movement has been politically left and Democratic leaning. The right-wing has been kept off the stage; as a result the antiwar movement does not reflect the breadth of American opposition to war. For too long the peace movement has been like a bird with only a left wing. It can barely fly and when it does it seems to go in circles. Perhaps a bird with two wings will fly better?

The Drive to Eliminate Social Security in America ~ link ~
The nonchalance which Friedman calls for cutting Social Security is indicative of the climate inWashington, where the last remnants of liberalism have been suffocated under the heavy demands of profit-hungry corporations, especially financial institutions and big banks. For political hacks like Friedman — and there are thousands of them — the ONLY solution to curing the U.S. deficit is cutting social services in general, while specifically targeting Social Security and Medicare.

"Bipartisan" Campaign Targets US Working Class ~ link ~
Obama has selected Democrat Erskine Bowles, a banker and former White House chief of staff in the Clinton administration, and Republican Alan Simpson, a retired senator from Wyoming, to head the new commission. It will have a mandate to propose major cuts in entitlement programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, as well as regressive taxes such as a national sales tax or value-added tax, targeting working class consumers rather than the wealthy.

This reality is what underlies the increasing calls for “bipartisanship.” The financial aristocracy is demanding measures that are widely opposed by the American people and cannot be imposed through “normal” democratic means. Hence the demand that the two parties that serve the wealthy should drop their posture of mutual hostility and join forces against the vast majority of the population.

The failure of the Obama administration and congressional Republicans to reach agreement on the deficit reduction commission was a major reason given by Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana for announcing his retirement Monday after three terms. The 54-year-old Democrat withdrew from a reelection campaign for which he had already amassed $13 million, without giving advance warning of more than a few hours to either the White House or his Senate Democratic colleagues.

In his withdrawal statement, Bayh criticized both the White House and Senate Democratic leaders and called for greater efforts to reach agreement with the Republicans. Bayh has long stood on the right wing of the Democratic caucus in the Senate, voting with the Republicans more frequently than any other Democrat. Despite, or rather because of, this well-established right-wing position, Bayh was one of the top candidates to be Obama’s running mate in 2008, although he was passed over in favor of Joseph Biden.

Congressman Ron Paul Wins - video on Larry King Live ~ link

Billionaire Financier Jim Rogers: British Pound Could Collapse Within Weeks ~ link ~
“Other currencies aren’t strong and the Euro has real problems, with cracks much wider than Greece beginning to show,” Rogers said.

“But it’s the Pound that’s most vulnerable. In real terms, it’s already devalued against virtually every currency barring the Zimbabwean dollar and it’s especially exposed over the weeks running up to the UK election. In a basket of currencies, the Pound is potentially a basket case. And that will put Britain in an extremely bad position for the shakedown.”

“The last few months have seen a ‘false bounce’, shorn up by massive short-term injections of government underwriting,” Rogers, the former business partner of George Soros, said.

“But it can’t last. We’ve been applying temporary sticking plasters, not long-term cures. Later this year we’ll see the start of the real recession, with more Lehman-scale disasters and a fallout which won’t stop until the underlying malaise is genuinely cured.” he added.

It's Save Your Banks Week ~ link ~We are so screwed! It’s "Save Your Banker Week." Make a donation to your friendly bankster today. Call it a donation. Call it a deposit. Call it what you want. FDIC chairwoman Sheila (whose-side-is-she-on?) Bair calls it a way for Americans to invest in their own future by increasing their savings. Her agency has kicked off "America Saves Week." Well, it’s more like taking a loss while bailing out irresponsible bankers week.

With 700 US banks in dire financial shape, and all 8000 US banks essentially leaning on borrowed money for required reserves, FDIC chairman Sheila Bair wants Americans to put more money in federally insured savings accounts "to help families withstand sudden changes in their economic well being," as she says it.

America refuses to endorse UK sovereignty in Falkland Islands oil row ~ link ~ Washington refused to endorse British claims to sovereignty over the Falkland Islands yesterday as the diplomatic row over oil drilling in the South Atlantic intensified in London, Buenos Aires and at the UN.

Despite Britain’s close alliance with the US, the Obama Administration is determined not to be drawn into the issue. It has also declined to back Britain’s claim that oil exploration near the islands is sanctioned by international law, saying that the dispute is strictly a bilateral issue.

President of Brazil attacks United Nations over Falkland Islands stand-off ~ link ~ President Lula da Silva of Brazil today attacked the UN for failing to act on the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands and claimed its reticence was down to Britain's seat on the Security Council.

Speaking at the end of a regional summit in Mexico Mr Lula criticised the UN for not pushing more forcefully to reopen the debate.

British-Argentina row has strange link to big banks and debt swaps ~ link ~ Argentine Deputy Foreign Minister Victorio Taccetti said: “The war option has been ruled out and they (the islanders) must not worry about that possibility.”

Ricardo Monner Sans, an anti-corruption champion, said that the Argentine government is facilitating the British control over Malvinas and other South Atlantic archipelagos, by having appointed Barclay’s Bank global coordinator of the debt swap. He added that Barclay’s has a stake in Desire Petroleum.
He also demanded that Economy Minister Amado Boudou be investigated.
“On October 16, 2009 — remarkably — little after having acquired a stake in Desire Petroleum, Barclay’s Capital Inc, together with its affiliate companies, presented the National (Argentine) State a proposal and financial terms and conditions for the reopening of a debt swap,” Monner Sans said in his court presentation, obtained by the Herald. “In only six days, by means of Resolution 267/2009, economy Minister Amado Boudou approved an accord whereby he appointed Barclay’s as global coordinator in the debt restructuring process, with the cooperation of Citibank and Deutsche Bank.”
He added: “The so-called debt restructuring last January involved a series of shocking institutional occurrences that led to the sacking of Central Bank governor (Martín Redrado), in the face of the demands from these banks that reserves be used as a warranty of the payment of the debt.
“We are facing a connection between the public debt swap and oil exploitation around Malvinas with the two-pronged intervention of Barclay’s Bank,” Monner Sans aid.
“Furthermore, Barclay’s, as ‘a non operating’ investor in Desire Petroleum, failed to report this condition to the Productive Oil Companies Registry that reports to the Energy Secretariat, precisely with the aim to prevent the activity of companies, partners, or shareholders in oil drilling on our continental platform without the necessary Argentine authorization.

Royal Navy intercepts Argentinian warship near Falkland Islands waters ~ link ~
Destroyer HMS York spotted the vessel around ten miles inside the disputed “oil zone” around the South Atlantic islands.

The British crew had to radio the Argentinian ship, a smaller corvette named ARA Drummond, to demand that it change its course.

South Atlantic: Britain May Provoke New Conflict With Argentina ~ link ~ I do not trust Gordon Brown on this, or for that matter his likely Tory successors. With a Third World War looming, it would be wise for Argentina not to let things be taken too far. It would not be in Argentina's interest to see itself suckered into a Latin American theater of WWIII. Also see: Rising Tensions .... ~ link

British Army Chiefs: More troops needed in Afghan War - Thousands of new British recruits needed ~ link ~ What is needed is a new set of major parties in the UK, ones that will not be controlled by the global banking cartel and Zionists. The British public does not want or need its blood being shed, and its money in a time of a very serious economic Depression being waisted, in some hell-hole war based on the lies of the False Flag 9/11 operation.

Afghan Resistance Against US Invaders ~ link ~ War is all about profit both economic and geopolitical/strategic. Those profiting from this war are not the people of the United States, or Britain, or any of the other NATO or other allies involved. The public needs to demand an end to this evil nonsense.
The new exit plan, so it goes, involves "clearing" all regions of Taliban -- US Marines call it "mowing the grass", acknowledging that as soon as they murder one group of resisters and leave, more pop up. The "new" strategy is to bring in ready-made Afghan administrators and police to create a prosperous, peaceful society once the "enemy" have been destroyed, "winning the hearts and minds" of the locals. "We’ve got a government in a box, ready to roll in," said chief honcho General Stanley McChrystal.

But wait a moment. Is it possible the invaders are the enemy? And who are these newly discovered Afghan officials? Are (famously corrupt) Afghan government officials and police nominally loyal to NATO forces, trucked in by the invaders, going to be welcome in remote villages as ready-made trusted representatives of the people? And wasn’t this precisely the failed policy the US followed in Vietnam ? This old "new" policy was what convinced United States President Barack Obama to go along grudgingly with the Pentagon’s demands to radically increase NATO force -- though on the condition that the whole operation be complete by next year. He clearly was given no choice in the matter, and his "ultimatum" was dismissed by US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates moments after Obama made it.

But Marjah is really just a microcosm for what the US is doing at this very moment around the globe -- waging a veritable war on the world, in Iraq, Pakistan, expanding into Yemen, Somalia, Iran, supplementing bombs and soldiers with militarised sea lanes, forward military and missile bases on every continent, encircling "enemies" Russia and China.

The process is merely accelerating as the US loses its traditional edge in the world economy, outpaced by China . It is the logical next step for a deeply illogical economic system. It can’t be repeated too often: the US is frantically trying to consolidate its sole superpower status militarily before it loses the economic war.

Bring Baroness Tonge Back Now Petition ~ link ~ Baroness Tonge was the Liberal Democratic spokesperson on health in the House of Lords. She was dismissed because she questioned Israel's actions. It was shameful to dismiss her, she is a great lady. I have signed the petition.

Mass-immigration into Britain part of secret government program to deliberately change ethnic composition of the country ~ link ~ That is a major policy change that was never discussed with the public.

Gordon Brown calls for inner-Labour Party peace ~ link ~
Gordon Brown called for peace yesterday after Chancellor Alistair Darling blew bullying claims up into a Cabinet row.

You ruined my life, a 'demented' Gordon Brown repeatedly yelled at Tony Blair ~ link ~ link ~ This article refers back to the Cash for Peerages scandal and the forcing of Tony Blair from office. Let me explain the inside story, here and now. Tony Blair, in desperate need of campaign cash for his Labour Party, attempted to sell Life Baronies for "donations" of over one million pounds each. This was a direct violation of the Honours (Prevention of Abuse) Act of 1925. Blair came up with the "defense" (as outlined by George Jones and Graeme Wilson of the Telegraph) that the peerages were "not honours" but nominations for "working peerages" in the House of Lords reserved for party nominees. This was the best legal defense that his legal team could come up with. My case blew this right out of the water, as attempting to extort money from me was something that clearly did - even by Blair's reasoning - involve Honours (several hereditary Scots peerage titles, a Nova Scotian/Scottish baronetcy, a Scottish clan chiefship, and several linked hereditary great offices-of-state and feudal titles). It was my case that allowed sufficient behind the scenes pressure to force Blair to make the choice of prison for himself and several close associates or a proper resignation and transfer of power to Gordon Brown. However, Jack Straw has still not allowed a resettlement-by-letters patent to eliminate the sexist rules of male primogeniture, that I have requested for succession to my families titles. This ties the existing Brown government into the Cash for Peerages scandal; I will not donate any sum to encourage Brown/Straw to 'do the right thing' and follow Scots Peerage Law, so they will not take the necessary legal steps and it has remained like this for well over three years now.

Leading UK law firm found in contempt of Parliament ~ link ~ Having studied English Law I found myself amazed that any solicitor would take the position taken by this firm. Where did they study law?

Below is a brief section of a House of Lords report that I receive. I suggest that the best way to remove the rodents infecting the Palace of Westminster (home of the UK Parliament) is to defeat them at the next election:

Palace of Westminster: Rodents


Asked by Lord Elton

    To ask the Chairman of Committees whether consideration will be given to acquiring a number of respectable cats to reduce the rodent population of the Palace of Westminster. [HL2039]

The Chairman of Committees (Lord Brabazon of Tara): The possible use of cats, respectable or otherwise, to control the rodent population in the Palace of Westminster has been considered and rejected on a number of practical grounds. For example, the cats would ingest mouse poison when eating poisoned mice; there would be nothing to keep them in the areas

23 Feb 2010 : Column WA289

where they are most needed, or to stop them walking on desks in offices and on tables in restaurants and bars; they can carry fleas and other parasites; and many people are allergic to cat hair. However, the Administration is taking a wide range of other control measures such as significantly increasing the number of bait boxes and traps, sealing mouse access points and intensifying the cleaning regime to minimise the presence of crumbs in the bars and food outlets. The age, construction and location of the Palace of Westminster are such that it will never be possible to eradicate mice entirely, but all appropriate measures are being taken to minimise the

Targeting Toyota: US Economic War Directed Against Japan ~ link ~ This is what I have been saying for some time, however, this article does not go into the geopolitical/strategic issues involved. Japan is being driven, and to some extent, is driving itself (under the new government) away from the post-war alliance with America into an alliance with China and South Korea (and Russia via its alliance with China).

The War on Toyota: Its All Politics ~ link ~ Japan's new liberal government is fighting deflation using the traditional methodology, by lowering interest rates and increasing fiscal stimulus. But that's not what Washington wants. Neoliberal policymakers and their buddies in the right-wing think tanks want "fiscal consolidation" which means harsh austerity measures that will deepen the recession, increase unemployment, and trigger a wave of defaults and bankruptcies. This is how western corporatists and bank tycoons keep their thumb on the developing world and thrust their economies into perennial crisis. It's the "shock doctrine" and it's been the IMF's modus operandi for over 20 years. Japan is being stuffed into a fiscal straight-jacket by supporters of the Washington consensus whose goal is to weaken government and accelerate the privatization of public assets and services.

The government of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has "bolstered spending on social programs aimed at helping households......The powerful lower house of parliament approved a supplementary budget for the fiscal year that ends in March worth ¥7.2 trillion, or $80.3 billion, to help shore up the economy...And next year, government spending will grow further with a record trillion-dollar budget including ambitious welfare outlays. (New York Times)

Western elites will not tolerate economic policies which raise the standard of living for the average working slob. "Social programs" or "welfare outlays" are anathema to their trickle down, Voodoo capitalist orthodoxy. What they want is upward redistribution and class warfare. Regrettably, Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has put himself at odds with US powerbrokers and is feeling the full measure of their wrath.

Italian PM Berlusconi buys Napoleon's antique bed ~ link ~ That this neocon jerk thinks Napoleon is his hero, shows what a sad excuse of a human being he really is. Napoleon, in his unnecessary wars to dominate Europe and North Africa, killed millions. Berlusconi, 73, has bought an antique fourposter bed that once belonged to his hero, Napoleon Bonaparte.

Half-empty Parliament chamber greets new Ukrainian president ~ link

Putin questions dealing of Russian Oligarchs ~ link ~
At issue are investments by the oligarchs in electrical generating companies. Under the terms of the privatization, they were to invest in building power plants or refurbishing existing sites with more fuel-efficient turbines, Mr. Putin said. The men could be fined if they fail to invest.

Then, in a comment ominous for its echoes of the arrest and imprisonment of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, once Russia’s richest man as owner of the now bankrupt Yukos oil company, Mr. Putin said reasons might arise to involve the prosecutors general in this dispute.

A Tale of Two Babies: Sarah Palin ~ link ~ This is a most interesting story with photos. It raises some very interesting questions. Take the time to read it if you can.

Explosive News ~ link ~
A lingering technical question about the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks still haunts some, and it has political implications: How did 200,000 tons of steel disintegrate and drop in 11 seconds? A thousand architects and engineers want to know, and are calling on Congress to order a new investigation into the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 at the World Trade Center.

"In order to bring down this kind of mass in such a short period of time, the material must have been artificially, exploded outwards," says Richard Gage, a San Francisco architect and founder of the nonprofit Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Mr. Gage, who is a member of the American Institute of Architects, managed to persuade more than 1,000 of his peers to sign a new petition requesting a formal inquiry.

He is particularly disturbed by Building 7, a 47-story skyscraper, which was not hit by an aircraft, yet came down in "pure free-fall acceleration." He also says that more than 100 first-responders reported explosions and flashes as the towers were falling and cited evidence of "multi-ton steel sections ejected laterally 600 ft. at 60 mph" and the "mid-air pulverization of 90,000 tons of concrete & metal decking."

"Government officials will be notified that 'Misprision of Treason,' U.S. Code 18 (Sec. 2382), is a serious federal offense, which requires those with evidence of treason to act," Mr. Gage says. "The implications are enormous and may have profound impact on the forthcoming Khalid Shaikh Mohammed trial."

Beward of McCain's Freedom-Destroying Dietary Supplement Regulatory Bill ~ link ~ The American Congress, the best Congress that money can buy. Using the law to put real health providers out of business (or in prison) and protecting the evil crooks of Big Pharma and the like.

Transbiology ~ link ~ Scary but interesting.

Is Cloning Neanderthals Ethical? ~ link ~ No, and we 'are out of our league' using so much of the leading edge high tech biological tools and procedures available to us in this beginning of the second decade of the 21st Century. We do not know enough to be adequately predictive of advanced biological warfare and related technologies (which this is).

More Signals on H1N1 Wave 3 Start in USA ~ link ~ As I have said for some time, this virus is not yet done with the human race (nor are those that created it). Also see: High School Absenteeism Linked to H1N1 Wave 3 Start ~ link

Did Anthem Blue Cross manipulate data to justify massive rate hike ~ link ~ All my doctor friends comment on how money-centered American medicine has become.

Doctor's new blockbuster book documents those who have 'Died and Reached Boundary' ~ link ~
"One of the classic stories was a patient who told his doctor about his near-death experience in front of several nurses.

"When the patient finished telling his story, the doctor looked up from his clipboard and said, 'Don't think too much about it. It was just fantasy.'

"When the doctor left the room, the nurses closed in around the crushed patient and said, 'It's not fantasy. We hear about these events all the time from patients. Doctors like him live in fantasy. They never hear these because they don't listen to their patients."

Give your worries to God ~ link

Lamebook - Rebellion of the Stupid ~ link


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Dear Lord Stirling
would you like to comment and go further, by stating, which political party in Great Britain that you think has all of the above to stand up to the corrupt party,s,
As i would love to hear your honest opinion,as you fall short of naming one.
Come on, You have walked the walk,
now talk the talk.
Ps, i think i know who you mean
i hope for our sake in Britain, im right...

Lord Stirling said...

The Liberal Democrats could do it but they seem to lack the will. I do not know enough about the BNP or other UK parties to fully comment on them.