Thursday, January 28, 2010

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Global Depression

Towards a Theory of Conspiracy Theories ~ link ~ As Gore Vidal once said "The way our ruling class keeps out of sight is one of the greatest stunts in the political history of any country" and conspiracy theory is one of their most potent methodologies.

While the provisional government of politicians does the lying, they do so in the service of a permanent government above and behind political power, a secular oligarchy working in tacit collusion. In America they are the great commercial dynasties, the Fortune 500 companies and their lobbyists, the media simulacrasphere, the civil and military services, the large research universities, law firms, charitable foundations, and their ilk.

They hire the politicians and frame the boundaries of the politicians' agenda - even the boundaries of "reasonable" political discourse itself. They authorize the production of regular election pageants to protect the brand name of American democracy. They convince a large enough portion of the general population that the system still works, so that the machinery of oppression, theft, enslavement, murder, and incarceration can continue without interruption.

Turkey Asserting Itself As A Leading Power In The Middle East, Besides Israel and Iran ~ link ~ Turkey is positing itself in its traditional role, dating back to the long-ruling Ottoman Empire as the leading voice of the Muslin people. I am not certain, by any means, that the disputes with Israel are real or simply a way to psychologically take a leadership role among the billion+ Muslin faithful.

Holes in Heaven: HAARP and Advances in Telsa Technology - video ~ link

Russia: No Obstacles to Arms Deals with Iran ~ link

French court clears Sarkozy rival of slander ~ link ~ This was always a bogus effort to cause trouble to a rival by Sarkozy.

Russia to fly its new fifth-generation stealth fighter in next few days ~ link ~ Russia has a plasma system that makes non-stealth aircraft stealthy and has demonstrated this by having some Su-27-family jets suddenly 'appear' inside of the air defense zone of a USN super-carrier.

Game Over for the American Middle Class - Inflation Adjusted Wages UP 20% in Last 20 Years While Housing Costs Are UP 56 % and Healthcare Costs Are UP 155% ~ link ~ Actually, the game does not have to be up. But it will be up as long as we allow a small group of banksters to control this massive super-power. America still is the most valuable hunk of real estate on Earth. It has a well educated work force, an infrastructure that is First World and ready for a massive turnaround. Think of what we did in World War II. We build massive numbers of new factories, put millions of women to work who had never been in the labor poor, all in a very short time. What it requires is taking the leadership away from the evil crooks who want to screw everyone else for their own narrow interests. It could be done, but the people have to force the issue, just as the people had to force the end of the Vietnam War upon the crooks in Washington. The Tea Parties are a beginning. We need a 'Tea Party' political party, it could endorse a few candidates in some areas that are also listed as Democrats or Republicans (like politics in New York state). But would mostly run non-political class candidates for office with a Specific List of Reforms (abolishing the Federal Reserve System, short term limits for Congress, abolishing lobbying in Congress, public financing of elections, trust busting of news media powerhouses, trust busting of "too big to fail" banks, insurance companies, and other mega-sized corporations including big box retailers, using strong financial incentives to fund domestic manufacturing, etc.).

China will not rescue Greece's economy ~ link

China has supplanted America as Japan's Top Export Market ~ link

Chinese-American ties takes center stage at Davos ~ link ~
The setting may be European, but the U.S. and China will be central to many of the discussions when global business and political leaders meet at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, which opens Wednesday.

The global financial crisis and the stumbling efforts to tackle climate change have highlighted the mounting evidence that China is becoming the world's second-most influential country after the U.S.

US ties Israeli billionaire to Chinese Intelligence ~ link

Russian billionaire bidding for The Independent (London newspaper) gets hugh cash injection from Putin ~ link ~
The Russian billionaire bidding to buy The Independent newspaper is poised to gain a massive cash injection from the Kremlin in a deal personally sanctioned by Vladimir Putin.

Alexander Lebedev, who bought London’s Evening Standard for £1 a year ago, is selling his stakes in the airline Aeroflot and in Russia’s largest aircraft leasing corporation back to the Government.

He told The Times in an exclusive interview that the deals would earn him more than £450 million.

Gordon Brown in Cover-Up as Key Iraq War Papers Are Kept 'Confidential' ~ link ~ The Brits need to get outside of the New Labour/Tory bullshit game and elect a third party to power. Otherwise, they will be joining America as the newest Third-World nations.

Afghanistan Summit: Why is the US backing talks with the Taliban? ~ link ~
“As a soldier, my personal feeling is that there’s been enough fighting," said McChrystal in an interview with the Financial Times this week. "What I think we do is try to shape conditions which allow people to come to a truly equitable solution to how the Afghan people are governed.”

Also this week, the United Nations Security Council lifted sanctions against five top Taliban leaders. The move opens the door for the negotiated settlement backed by Mr. Karzai.

If the goal is to end the Afghan War then we can accomplish a agreement with the Taliban. I do not like their horrific attitude towards women, but I do like their very positive efforts in the past to end opium poppy growing. They are the primary force in Afghanistan outside of NATO and the western puppet government. If we are going to make a peace, we have to do it with them. I would suggest that we have the heir of the last King act a mediator and possible future King/head of state for a transition government. However, if the goal is simply to try to bring more Afghan groups into the puppet government camp, it is doomed to absolute failure. But there has been a shift in approach to reconciliation, say experts. The US and the international community have been more open to Karzai's attempts to bring former fighters into the political process as a way to bolster Karzai’s weak government.

Second day of North Korean artillery shelling of South ~ link

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