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The Koreas trade artillery fire ~ link

The Anti-War Peace Movement Needs a Re-Start ~ link ~
In his first year, President Obama broke several war-making records of President George W. Bush. He passed the largest military budget in U.S. history, the largest one-year war supplementals and fired the most drone attacks on the most countries. He began 2010 asking for another $30 billion war supplemental and with the White House indicating that the next military budget will be $708 billion, breaking Obama’s previous record.

While some commentators on MSNBC hailed Obama as the peace candidate, he has done more for war in a shorter time than many other commanders-in-chief. U.S. attacks on other countries are not challenged in any serious way even if they result in consistent loss of innocent civilian life. It is not healthy for American democracy to allow unquestioned militarism and put war budgets on a path of automatic growth despite the U.S. spending as much as the rest of the world combined on weapons and war.

American law professor requests arrest warrant for several persons involved in "extraordinary rendition" (forced disappearance of persons and subsequent torture): George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet, Condoleesa Rice, and Alberto Gonzales at the International Criminal Court ~ link ~ Hang the bastards! I will gladly supply the rope.

Peres: Iran seeks control of the Middle East ~ link ~ I have been saying for some time that the issues between Israel and Iran are not really about nuclear weapons, but about influence and control of the 'neighborhood' in the Middle East. Both nations' leaders are crazy, which does not bode well for the future.

Israel Please, No More Bin Laden Tapes - Nobody Is Buying It ~ link

Alex Jones - Addresses Zionist Control of America - video ~ link ~ This is a very good video. Alex Jones makes the same points that I make. It is not the Jews, or the Masons, or the Vatican, or this or that large group that is responsible for the evil that is happening in the world today. I feel that it is specific elites/small sub-groups in various larger groups that are responsible. I do NOT blame the Jews/etc. for what is happening. That is simplistic and quite frankly wrong. I do blame the Rothschilds (who are Jewish) and some others (who are also Jewish) and yet others (who are not Jewish) for the evil that they impose on the world. Ultimately it is the followers of Satan, the ultimate looser of all creation, that are at fault.

Egypt's Internet Crackdown ~ link ~
The crackdown on bloggers in Egypt is as ferocious as anything in Iran, and yet the United States has ignored it.

Standard & Poor's warns that it may downgrade Japan's credit rating ~ link ~ Remember the other day's article on Scalar War that quoted a former Finance Minister of Japan, who when asked why the Japanese were allowing the global banking cartel to dictate economic policy. His answer was that Japan had been threatened with an 'earthquake machine'.

World Economy IS Doomed - Faber on Alex Jones - audio ~ link

What Caused the Financial Collapse of America? ~ link ~ This article has some good points, but it fails to get to the heart of the matter. The Financial Collapse was (and 'IS being' as it is still on-going) caused by the super-elite global banking families as part of their End Game strategy to establish their global slave state/New World Order. If you know history, which few do anymore, you will know that the same families have cause many cycles of boom and bust including the last Depression in the 1930s.

The American Sucker - video ~ link ~ How the Federal Reserve System, and the banking cartel and the federal government, really works. Good video.

Bankers Plan to Enslave Humanity with Illusion of Money - video ~ link

Stalin's Complicity in Barbarossa ~ link ~ As usual Henry has a really good understanding of the global banking families and Illuminati.
Judging from their actions, both Hitler and Stalin were determined to extend the war and make it as costly as possible. I suspect the battle was not between the USSR and Nazi Germany. Communism and Fascism were evil twins, conceived in the same Illuminati womb, made from interchangeable parts, practically mirror images. Both were fronts for monopoly capital.

No, the real battle was between the Illuminati (which created both Hitler and Stalin) and the human race. The Illuminati bankers are a relatively small group. They need to divide and conquer, so humanity will destroy itself. They do this by putting their pawns in power and using the mass media to create the illusion of conflict.

Pakistani military tunnels worry India ~ link

Eyewitness report: In the Middle of the Baghdad Hotel Attacks ~ link ~ Why are we still in Iraq? The war was based on lies and was begun many years ago. So why are we still there? The answer is multi-fold: We are there because the owners of the Federal Reserve System, the Bank of England, and other central banks, that is the global banking families, make a large percentage of their money directly (through ownership of defense industries and related companies) and indirectly (war/defense spending is the number one driver of government spending that requires "loans" from the central banks - this is driver of the decades of interest on these "loans" to the owners of the central banks). We are also there because Israel wants the west to destroy and occupy any power in the Middle East that can compete with them for influence in the region. We are also there because many of the players involved are satanist and the blood orgy/hate/evil/horror/hurt of war feeds Satan.

'Christian' Crusaders and Failure of Intelligence in the US Military - with video ~ link ~
“Starting in 1987, Protestant denominations were lumped together simply as “Protestant”; moreover, the Pentagon began accrediting hundreds of evangelical and Pentecostal “endorsing agencies,” allowing graduates of fundamentalist Bible colleges—which often train clergy to view those from other faiths as enemies of Christ—to fill up nearly the entire allotment for Protestant chaplains. Today, more than two thirds of the military’s 2,900 active-duty chaplains are affiliated with evangelical or Pentecostal denominations.”

Russia, Turkey and the Great Game: Changing Teams ~ link ~
For all intents and purposes, Turkey has given up on the European Union, recognising it as a bastion of Islamophobia and captive to US diktat. As Switzerland bans minarets and France moves to outlaw the niqab, the popular Islamist government in Istanbul moves in the opposite direction -- supporting the freedom to wear headscarfs, boldly criticising Israel and building bridges with Syria. This is nothing less than a fundamental realignment of Turkish politics towards Turkey’s natural allies -- the Arabs ... and the Russians.

Energy 'Wars': Russia's Neighbors Get Even ~ link ~ What the article does not go into is that the 'energy wars' are reflective of a geopolitical strategic struggle that is being feed by the 'usual players' for their benefits at the expense of 99.999% of the human race.

Dutch court rules McDonalds wrong to sack worker over free slice of cheese ~ link ~ Corporations have no soul and the corporate culture is often inductive to fascist type rules and top-down behavior. We should be asking ourselves why we allow large multinational corporations and stock markets to take over so much of normal day to day local business activity and run off/destroy locally owned businesses (such as local restaurants). This is not really good for local economies, and last time I checked we are all 'local' in that we live and work in a given area.

E-book (free download): "America's Secret Establishment" ~ link

AIDS: The Greatest Lie in the History of Medicine ~ link

High Fructose Corn Syrup Has Only Been Around One Generation: Yet this ingredient is the driver for a host of illnesses - with video ~ link ~ This is a classic example of the real dangers from the rise of the large multinational food industry companies. They push corporate profits without any regard to the health and very lives of billions of people. Corporations have no souls and tend to be run by those persons who are ruthless and amoral and have successfully made the climb to the top of the corporate structure. Overall the corporate culture tends to be at best amoral and at times very immoral. There are those powerful forces who specialize in the direct and indirect control of large percentages of the world's corporations and they are almost exclusively immoral.

Can the Human Race Outgrow War? ~ link ~ Good question and good article.

European Parliament acknowledged existence of HAARP in 1996 ~ link ~
It will be interesting to see whether the Council of Europe considers the evidence that HAARP or another hi tech weapon was used to destroy Haiti by initiating an earthquake.

Torture Never Stopped Under Obama ~ link ~ Torture has placed 21st Century America in the leagues with Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. It has also done the same, to a lessor extent, to those nations who have in one way or another supported the torture, by being involved in the Afghan and Iraq Wars and by allowing transport of prisoners to secret prisons/etc. Additionally, allied states (all NATO members and others) have a moral duty to object in the most serious way about such behavior by a partner nation.

How much more "debt recovery" can the US economy take? State of the Union Junk Economics 2010 ~ link

State of the Union Rhetoric 2010 ~ link ~
We are not really emerging from a “recession.” The word means literally a falling below a trend line. The economy cannot “recover” its past exponential growth, because it was not really normal. GDP is rising mainly for the FIRE sector – finance, insurance and real estate – not the “real economy.” Financial and corporate managers are paying themselves more for their success in paying their employees less.

This is the antithesis of recovery for Main Street. That is what makes the FIRE sector so self-destructive, and what has ended America’s great post-1945 upswing.

Financial oligarchy is antithetical to democracy. That is what the political fight in Washington is all about today. The Corporate Democrats are trying to get elected in a democratic manner to bring about oligarchy. I hope that this is a political oxymoron, but I worry about how many people but into the idea that “wealth creation” requires debt creation. While wealth gushes upward through the Wall Street financial siphon, trickle-down economic ideology applauds this as wealth creation: fueling a Bubble Economy via debt-leveraged asset-price inflation.

Democracy in America Is a Useful Fiction ~ link ~
Corporate forces, long before the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, carried out a coup d'├ętat in slow motion. The coup is over. We lost. The ruling is one more judicial effort to streamline mechanisms for corporate control. It exposes the myth of a functioning democracy and the triumph of corporate power. But it does not significantly alter the political landscape. The corporate state is firmly cemented in place.

The fiction of democracy remains useful, not only for corporations, but for our bankrupt liberal class. If the fiction is seriously challenged, liberals will be forced to consider actual resistance, which will be neither pleasant nor easy. As long as a democratic facade exists, liberals can engage in an empty moral posturing that requires little sacrifice or commitment.

Stupid Question: If Corporations Are People, the Same Election Contributions Limits Apply? ~ link ~ I love it! This author has 'hit the mark right on' with this question. What the US Supreme Court has done is ruled that corporations are legal people but the laws that apply to people don't apply to them in the case of contributions limits but do apply in the sense that they (the corporations) can make donations. This makes no sense. But it is not about logic or sense and certainly not about the US Constitution. It is about following an agenda to take down America and to firmly entrench fascism (corporatism) in what use to be "the Land of the Free". This simply shows that at the very top of the American Government, in all three branches, the bought-and-paid-for whores are killing our freedoms, our liberty, our economy, and our very future.

Congressman Ron Paul: Legalize Competing Currencies - audio ~ link

South Carolina's Lieutenant Governor's remarks called "immoral" ~ link ~ link ~
At a town hall meeting Thursday, Bauer, who is running for governor in his own right now that Sanford is term-limited, said: "My grandmother was not a highly educated woman, but she told me as a small child to quit feeding stray animals. You know why? Because they breed! You're facilitating the problem if you give an animal or a person ample food supply. They will reproduce, especially ones that don't think too much further than that."

The Forfeiture Racket: Police and prosecutors won't give up their license to steal ~ link ~ This is a classic example of how fascist and unconstitutional laws and enforcement have become in America.

UK Foreign Office Officials Thought War Illegal ~ link ~ Even though Phony Tony Blair and others should be in prison for war crimes, don't expect it to really happen.

Doctors accuse Lord Hutton of concealing vital information ~ link ~
Vital evidence which could solve the mystery of the death of Government weapons inspector Dr David Kelly will be kept under wraps for up to 70 years.

In a draconian – and highly unusual – order, Lord Hutton, the peer who chaired the controversial inquiry into the Dr Kelly scandal, has secretly barred the release of all medical records, including the results of the post mortem, and unpublished evidence.

Middle Eastern and Latin American Media: A Thorn in the Side of the US Military in Haiti - with video ~ link ~ There are real serious questions about the source of the Haiti earthquake, and about the massive military presence of America in Haiti, and the low level of help actually making it to the people, and the role of American military in controlling who gets to land at the airports in Haiti. The non-American media, and the Internet based news media, are asking real questions, whereas the corporate/Illuminati controlled America mainstream news media are simply engaged in the usual propaganda efforts.

Italian official calls US relief efforts in Haiti 'pathetic' ~ link ~ The American effort in Haiti makes sense if you understand the links to the massive oil fields in and near Haiti and the importance of the natural ports in Haiti to the global oil business. And further understand the links to the coming General Middle East War that will destroy a good part of the oil infrastructure in the Middle East.

Great television/bad journalism: Media failures in Haiti coverage ~ link ~
The US installation of military control over the main airport led tothe TURNING AWAY of FIVE potential instantly-installed field hospitals, compliments of the Doctors Without Borders, which omission most likely contributed to over 20,000 unnecessary DEATHS per day, and countless other instances of mayhem and injury.

Global Warming: More Lives Claimed By Cold Weather In Europe ~ link

Why Kids Don't Do Well in School ~ link

Jazz: Saying Good-Bye New Orleans Style ~ link

Jazz: Danny Boy with Keith Jarret ~ link

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