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News, Links of the Day, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

To my readers: On weekends I often do a reduced update of my news blog, especially this weekend as it is my late wife's birthday and I don't feel like sitting in the office for hours. However, the dangers of a General Middle East War breaking out are very high. I will update the blog with breaking news on the Middle East when I can. God bless you all. Stirling

On the Eve of WWIII? ~ link ~ Good article. The real issue here, as I have said before, is NOT the Iranian nuclear program. It is the fact that the Iranians are standing up to the Israelis, and have established a strategic MAD (mutually assured destruction) counter-force (based on their extensive Advanced Biowar program and a large rocket/guided missile force in Iran/Syria/Lebanon armed with advanced conventional and chemical and radiological warheads) against the Israeli nuclear strategic force. The Persians (Iranians) do not intend to allow to happen to them what Israel (and its surrogates in the West) did to Iraq. The current Israeli government is so arrogant and insane that even a strategic MAD counter-force will not stop them. Hence we are on the verge of a General Middle East War that will involve massive use of WMD (weapons of mass destruction) on all sides with resulting horrific deaths not only in the Middle East but throughout the World. This is highly likely to trigger the Third World War that the global banking families/Illumunati want to establish their New World Order/new high tech global police state (with a dramatically reduced world population).

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Goldstone Report on Gaza War paves the way for indictment of Israeli officials by international courts ~ link ~ Another reason to start a General Middle East War, to bury all of this behind the far more massive horrors of a new war based on weapons of mass destruction use by all sides.

Thousands turn out at Irish Shrine in Knock, Ireland - Site of previous apparitions of St. Mary, St. Joseph, and St. John - Over 1,500,000 pilgrims per year - Local Archbishop disapproves ~ link ~ Did the Mother of God just appear there? Is this a final warning of the coming Armageddon that she has warned of in the past at various Church approved apparitions?

Ultrasecret NSA: Major role in new Federal Cybersecurity Center ~ link ~ Never think that your phone/fax/email/web surfing is private, its not. ~ Also see: US intelligence agencies spending rises to $49.8 billion/year ~ link ~ I am all for our intelligence agencies working to keep us safe, but the reality is that those who control the world - the global banking families/Illumunati - use these agencies as a tool to enslave us all.

Do direct stimulus jobs in USA really cost $533,000 each? ~ link ~ Actually the real cost is higher as the number of jobs created is much less than reported see ~ link

Nine failed banks seized in one day in USA ~ link

Tony Blair's hopes to be President of the EU look 'dead in the water' ~ link ~ Too bad, it couldn't happen to a nicer war criminal.

EU 'chiefs' drop Blair for Miliband as 'EU foreign minister' ~ link ~ This is all a nice scam. Phony Tony was really just a stalking horse for the man they really wanted in the more important post of 'EU foreign minister'. Miliband is a 44-year old Neocon/Zionist who will do what the Rothschilds want him to as we enter their End Game for the New World Order (WWIII).

Common links in Swine Flu deaths ~ link ~ Many have a co-occuring bacterial infection by Staphylococcus Aureus.

Honduras rival 'presidents' resolve deadlock ~ link ~ The big change between this coup and the many in the past in Latin America is that most of the other Latin American nations were strongly against the coup and many were actively working for a legal restoration. Also see: Deal in Doubt ~ link

The Art of Attention - video ~ link ~ Where Quantum Physics and Spirituality meet.

Stunning Pumpkin Carvings - photos ~ link ~ Happy Halloween.

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War Warning - Middle East

There is a high probability of a General Middle East War breaking out in the next week, it may even begin this weekend. This war will quickly involve Weapons of Mass Destruction on all sides. The economic impact of war in the Persian Gulf will be deeply profound on the global economy already in a new Great Depression. There is a further significant probability of the regional Middle Eastern war becoming a truly global war, World War Three, in the weeks ahead.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Please forward this site to as many people as you can. Stirling

War Warning:
Lebanon's Ambassador to UN warns UN Secretary-General: Israeli exhibiting signs of an imminent attack on Lebanon ~ link ~ If you live in the Middle East, if you can, get on a plane today and go to the Southern Hemisphere.

Obama holding crisis meeting with Joint Chiefs of Staff in White House Situation Room Today ~ link ~ This article says the meeting is about the Afghan War, but it likely is a Eve-of-War meeting about the General Middle East War that is about to begin in Iran/Israel/Syria/Lebanon/Palestine/Gaza.

Mysterious Virus Hits Ukraine ~ link ~ 40,000 Ill in Ukraine - 40 dead ~ link ~ Epidemic of Pneumonic Plague in Ukraine? ~ link ~ Flu Tracker Map - Ukraine ~ link ~ Ukraine orders mobile military hospitals deployed ~ link ~ Ukraine out of hospital beds, orders people to stay home ~ link ~ Flashback: Mossad microbiologist says Swine Flu "vaccine" is a bioweapon linked to Baxter's Ukrainian lab ~ link ~ This could be a new genetically engineered biowar virus on the loose; this could be some nation/group jumping the gun (perhaps by accident) on a post-Iran strike Advanced Biowar release; this could be a purposely mutated form of A/H1N1 that has been released as the second wave and it may be sufficiently different that it does not register as Swine Flu. People NOW is the time to stock up on caned food, water, Rx, etc. for several months. Once true killing Advanced Biowar viruses are on the loose, the only sure defense is self-quarantine.

Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel - video with music ~ link ~ Powerful and totally appropriate NOW.

US-Israeli Missile Defense War Game Signals Israeli Attack On Iran - by Paul Craig Roberts (former US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Dept.) ~ link ~ I agree totally.

What a Nuclear War Would Look Like - video ~ link ~ This is where current events in the Middle East are taking us.

Senior US Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN): America better act before Israel strikes Iran ~ link ~ Based on the comments by General Jones, Obama's National Security Advisor, that "all options are on the table", I suspect that any attack on Iran will include USAF/USN aircraft and missiles and perhaps US Army Special Forces and USMC Long Range Recon and US Navy Seals.

Iran Deal on Brink of Collapse as West Condemns Compromise ~ link ~ See also: Iran accused of game playing on Vienna nuclear deal ~ link ~ We could see a General Middle East War begin this weekend. That war will be fought with Weapons of Mass Destruction on all sides with global deaths. That war will quickly lead into the Third World War, which because of the nature of the killing technology and the spiritual nature of what is happening, will become the Biblical Armageddon.

Senior Israeli IDF officer says Hizballah has weapons caches in almost every village in Southern Lebanon ~ link ~ See this contrasting story: Hizbullah losing control over Souther Lebanon ~ link

Haaretz Editorial: Israel should cede Golan for full peace with Syria ~ link ~ This would be an interesting strategy to separate Syria from Iran. However, it could have/should have been tried before now. At this point, I suspect it is simply too late. The General Middle East War is on the horizon and moving in fast. Also see: Syria ready to talk with Israel ~ link

Key US Senate panel passes sweeping Iran sanctions ~ link ~ I wonder if this would include a naval blockade and maybe even a air blockade of Iran? Actually, events may move faster than that.

Jerusalem clashes: Four wounded ~ link

Iran: A very offensive response ~ link ~ Keep in mind this is from the Iranian 'resist' crowd (with funding likely from sources deeply opposed to Iran).

Pope Benedict XVI urges 'greater opening' by Iran ~ link

UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon says South Lebanon incidents increase risk of conflict ~ link

Maronite Catholic Patriarch Sfeir: Hezbollah serving Iran's interests more than Lebanon ~ link

Karzai as Diem ~ link ~ Interesting comparison.

Save Christians and Pakistan from blasphemy law ~ link

AfPak: Illegal, Immoral, Fattening ~ link

Growing Tensions Apparent On Clinton's Pakistan Visit ~ link

Commuting to War ~ link ~ The armed UAV technology that is referred to in this article is 'like your father's armed UAV'.

A New Generation Rises at J Street ~ link ~ Jewish but pro-peace.

Does J Street's arrival signal a split in America's Israel lobby? ~ link ~

Impressive debut for the new 'kid on the block' ~ link

Central banks across the world cut liquidity - link ~ That's how you make a really bad situation truly world-class horrible!

Roubini: Global markets could soon crash ~ link ~ Just wait till a General Middle East War starts and the Persian Gulf is shut down, that will cause a REAL BIG CRASH.

Support for Tony Blair crumbles despite Brown's rescue mission ~ link ~ also link ~ My political bullshit detector is ringing like crazy! See: David Miliband shortlisted for 'foreign minister' of Europe ~ link ~ I think that this was the plan all along. Phony Tony as a secret stalking horse for Miliband. The position of President is more honorary; whereas the 'foreign minister' position has substantial power and independence. Miliband is a Zionist/Neocom close to the Rothschilds. As all of this is happening, Lord Mandelson will soon become the new British Prime Minister (remember his 'vacation' this summer with Rothschild), a World War III war-time PM.

EU near passage of Lisbon Treaty after Czech Republic wins exemption ~ link ~ This is a KEY STEP TOWARDS THE NEW WORLD ORDER and how EU will be organized for WWIII.

EU paving the way for a 'European empire' ~ link ~ The EU was shaped by Rothschild operatives at just about every step.

Gordon Brown: EU leaders in 'breakthrough' in climate talks strategy ~ link ~ Don't you feel so much better knowing that someone like Gordon Brown is taking of us. NOT!

The Volvo V70 plug-in hybrid estate van ~ link

Living with War ~ link

Dog helping dog - video ~ link ~ One smart dog.

Another interesting Bible Code found in the Old Testament ~ link

Argentina: Disappearing Farmers, Disappearing Food ~ link

Ecuador and Russia get close to one another ~ link ~ Blowback from the new American military bases in Columbia.

US feels threatened by Iran's Latin American relationships ~ link

Medvedev: Stalin's atrocities unjustifiable ~ link ~ Stalin was Illumunati, in fact there is a story that he (like Hitler) may have had Rothschild blood. During the USSR, somewhere between 80,000,000 and 100,000,000 people were killed by the communists, mostly during Stalin's time in office. This was pure satanism (ever notice the similarity in the name Satan and Stalin [an adopted name]).

News, Links of the Day, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Readers, please do me a favor and send this site to at least three people. Thanks, Tim Earl of Stirling

Iran proposes major changes to draft Vienna nuclear deal ~ link ~ Iran just shot itself in the foot - Actually in both feet and both arms/etc. This is the opening that Netanyahu needs to begin the General Middle East War, which will quickly involved WMD and become World War III and Armageddon.

US-Israeli Missile Defense War Game Signals Israeli Attack On Iran - by Paul Craig Roberts (former US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Dept.) ~ link ~ I agree totally.

What a Nuclear War Would Look Like - video ~ link ~ This is where current events in the Middle East are taking us.

Iranian Foreign Minister: Iran dismisses Israeli threats ~ link ~ Bad mistake, REALLY BAD MISTAKE!

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: Foreign agents behind recent bloody attacks ~ link ~ Future historians will likely see these attacks, over roughly the last three weeks, as the beginning of the General Middle East War. I guess this puts to rest the rumors of the Supreme Leader's demise.

After US threat to Iran, Russia says Iran sanctions unlikely ~ link

Iran's mixed response on the Vienna nuclear deal ~ link ~ The real driver for the Netanyahu government's opposition to Iran is that Iran has and continues to stand up to Israel; it is not primarily a fear of a nuclear Iran. Iran has created a MAD (mutually assured destruction) strategic counter-force to Israel's nuclear strategic force, that is a massive Advanced Biowar program. It has, along with its partner Syria, funded/trained/equipped Hamas with a massive number of rockets and guided missiles in Lebanon; it has, with Syria, developed a massive guided ground-to-ground missile force with the world's largest chemical warfare program. All of this is basically in response the the continuing Israeli Grand Strategy of continued expansion, development of weapons of mass destruction and the delivery systems for them, the use of excessive military force against Palestinians including unarmed women and children (like in the recent Gaza War), and the use of America and allied nations to destroy Iraq and Afghanistan based on lies and false flag operations. I do not like the Iranian hard liners but I do understand that much of what they are doing is in response to Israeli and Neocon/Illumunati aggression. If Israel is to survive in the 21st Century it must change its Grand Strategy and decide to live in peace with its neighbors. It has way more nuclear weapons that it could possibly use for self defense (600+ nuclear weapons). So many, in fact, that it is a threat to Europe and the world. It is the world's third largest nuclear nation after Russia and America. For such a small nation that is truly obscene.

Congressman Ron Paul: Sanctions on Iran are an Act of War - video ~ link ~ I like Ron Paul. He is a rare bird in the US Congress: smart, honest, and pro-American.

US deploys Patriots in massive joint Israeli-US Juniper Cobra 10 war games ~ link ~ Actually the Patriots are the low-end of the missile technology that the US has deployed to Israel.

Iran is ready to cooperate on nuclear fuel but will not retreat on its nuclear rights ~ link ~ And that is all the opening that Bibi 666 Netanyahu needs to kick start WWIII. Also see: Iranian President says Iran and the West now cooperating on nuclear issue ~ link ~ Sure! ~ Also see: UN Sec.-Gen. Ban Ki-moon hails Iranian nuclear cooperation ~ link

Judge Richard Goldstone tells Bill Moyers that Israel is guilty of war crimes in Gaza War ~ link ~ Goldstone is both Jewish and a Zionist. He is NOT an anti-Semite nor a 'self-hating Jew'. There are some things that are so morally wrong that they have to be called for what they are. The Israelis went way over the top in the Gaza War killing unarmed civilians trapped in the Gaza. I said that at the time and knew that this would cause nothing but trouble for Israel. For a smart people, the people of the Jewish state of Israel are sure acting dumb. Israel better get its act together and soon, if it launches a war against the Persians (Iran) it will open a horrible 'can of worms' for itself and the world.

What Israel knocks down, the Palestinians raise up again - with video ~ link ~ This is a story of how to keep hatred going and bring danger to your small nation.

Israel's European Lobby ~ link ~ Israel is the victim of its own success. It so owns the American White House and Congress that it gets almost anything it wants. It does much the same in Europe, but not as totally successful. Like the kid with a key to the candy store, it can make itself sick with its success. Now Israel is on the verge of beginning a general Middle East War and America is right there with the largest amount of guided missile air defense equipment and high technology in a war setting in history (the current Jumpier Cobra war games in Israel). That the war will likely destroy Israel and take the world into WWIII/Armageddon is lost to the brilliant policy makers in Bibi Netanyahu's Cabinet.

Obama honors returning war dead ~ link ~ I am glad that he finally found the time to go out to the airport and honor a large group of dead US troops. It is a damn shame, however, that their brave deaths have not protected America or brought anything positive. They have been sacrificed for a hidden agenda based on evil intent and lies.

The Generals' Revolt ~ link ~ This is a Rolling Stone article on how the neocon war hawk generals are 'forcing' Obama to act to increase the war in Afghanistan. I have strong disagreements with some of what is said in this article. For one thing the article speaks of Al Qaeda, anyone with half a brain who studies what is going on in the world knows that Al Qaeda is the creation of the CIA and Mossad and does not exist as a terrorist force. Obama is the Commander-in-Chief. He alone has the power to bring our troops out of the two long-ongoing wars that they are in and the American people would support him in this. That he does not do this is reflective of the fact that he is simply a puppet to the global banking families and not to 'pressure' from a couple political puffed up four star generals.

Obama considering scaled-down Afghan War plan ~ link ~ Is he really? Or is this just the level of new troops that they always intended to have and all the rest was just sucker BS.

Twenty reasons America must stop both wars ~ link

India wants to purchase 50 more advanced Russian Su-30 multi-role fighters ~ link ~ These big Sukhoi fighters are a very good 4 1/2 Generation Jet Fighter. No comparison to the USAF F-22 but still damn good and the Indian Air Force has some very good pilots.

New US Military Bases on the Black Sea ~ link ~ Setting up a new Cold War. We could hardly afford the old one; now, with a new Great Depression, we definitely cannot afford the new one.

The Swine Flu Conspiracy - video ~ link

Mass Rejection of Swine Flu "Vaccine" Continues Throughout Europe - EXTREMELY LOW PERCENTAGES OF PEOPLE SAY THEY WILL TAKE IT ~ link ~ It looks like the power of information via bloggers is a really powerful force.

Massive Repudiation of American Government by Its Citizens: Very Low Flu 'Vaccination' Rate ~ link ~ Abe Lincoln said it best: "You can fool all of the people, some of the time. And some of the people, all of the time. But you cannot fool all of the people, all of the time." The Sheeple awake.

US Government launches deceptive Swine Flu propaganda blitz ~ link ~ Everything about this 'Swine Flu' and the soft kill "vaccine" is a lie and false flag operation. The virus could not have recombined the way it did in nature, it was lab created. The spread could have been controlled early on, but was not. The rush to "vaccinate" billions with a dangerous and mostly untested "vaccine" raises a sea of 'red flags' as to what really is going on here.

Attorney: CIA kept detainees alive to keep torturing them ~ link

Lord Stirling has a 600 year old Scottish title, in the grade of Baron, for sale at 50,000 British Pounds ~ link

Judge dismisses Obama eligibility challenge ~ link ~ Obama came out of nowhere and in no time became a US Senator and then President. When he was selected it was for political marketing reasons. But the global banking families and their Illumunati organization made sure that they 'had the goods on him'. They made him and they can break him, and he knows it! He is along for the ride, White House, Air Force One, USMC Marine One, etc., etc., but he is just a front man - Rahm is the 'real president'.

Democrats at long last roll out historic new US health care bill ~ link ~

GOP House Leader calls health bill, 1,990 pages of bureaucracy - video ~ link ~ I agree that 1,990 pages of a bill would likely create a massive new level of US government bureaucracy. However, I do not agree with him that Republicans are better for America than Democrats are. I think that both parties live in a Sea of Bullshit and Payoffs/Graft (that were legalized years ago as PACs) and are equally poisonous to America.

National wave of privatization scandals and disasters concealed from the public ~ link

Giant Australian cotton plantation going bankrupt ~ link

'Germany Inc.' on last breath as Deutsche Bank sells its ramining stake in Daimler ~ link ~ The globalists have brought us a global depression.

Ex-European Central Bank Chief Economist: Money multipliers have collapsed everywhere - confidence is missing ~ link ~ We are still in the fairly early stages of the new Great Depression 2.0.

What's still wrong with Wall Street? ~ link ~ Nothing that a good old fashioned 'neck tie party' could not solve.

USA Rich-Poor Income Gap is the World's Most Extreme ~ link ~ Damn!

Obama turns to the Financial Elite for Campaign Cash ~ link ~ And they willing give it because they own him.

Which way will Turkey turn - East or West? ~ link ~ I really disagree with the assumption that unless Turkey lines up with the neocon position on Iran, that it has turned away from the West.

Weird, rare and beautiful clouds and the physics behind them - photos ~ link

The Next Prime Minister - Lord Mandelson - First Peer as Prime Minister since Lord Salisbury took office in 1881 ~ link ~ I missed this one. The plan to allow Peers who are Cabinet officers to answers questions in the House of Commons, a profound change in Parliamentary policies, would allow a Prime Minister, who is a Peer and not a MP to answer questions at 'Prime Ministers Questions Time' in the House of Commons. Lord Mandelson, who is known for his brilliance and trickiness, must have personally come up with this one. If John Bercow, the House of Commons Speaker approves of the plan, Lord Mandelson could become the first Prime Minister who is a Peer, not an MP, since Lord Salisbury took office in 1881. It could also lead to a series of Prime Ministers who are not ever elected to office becoming Head of Government.

4 out of 5 Britons believe freedoms disappearing ~ link

Tony Blair as EU President Bad for United Kingdom ~ link ~ Tony doesn't care; Gordon doesn't care.

'Dwarf' Luxembourg attack threatens Tony Blair's EU Presidency dreams ~ link

PM Brown said ready to "buy off" France and Germany to get Blair the Presidency of the EU ~ link

As PM Gordon Brown assigns top officials to help Tony Blair, insiders warm Blair to begin active fight for the job or lost it ~ link ~

UK police use fascist law to raid thousands of private safety deposit boxes forcing owners to spend a fortune in legal fees to 'prove their innocence' - Now government will have to pay out a fortune in settlements ~ link ~ Labour is nothing but a bunch of want-a-be fascists, who are as much clowns as brownshirts.

Jack Straw Exposed: Labour plotted to change ethic make-up of UK without telling (much less getting consent from) the citizens ~ link ~ Jack Straw, the Lord Chancellor who just could not tell the difference between Scots Peerage Law and English Peerage Law in my peerage claim. Of course, I had refused to pay Labour one million pounds to get Cabinet members to follow the law. These jokers will do anything, they have no morals. See my book: CASH FOR PEERAGES: THE SMOKING GUN ~ link

UK local councils get 'Al Capone' type powers to seize assets over minor legal offenses ~ link ~ It is going to be very hard for the British people to get out from this growing fascism. They have to elect a government that is not owned by the Rothschilds and that Ilk and that excludes the Tories as well as corrupt Labour.

Congressman will kill US health care bill if it does not have provision to ban government funding of abortions ~ link ~ Good!

What if politicians told the truth - video - humor ~ link

Are the current apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Knock, Ireland, real? ~ link ~ There is a lot going on in this world at this time and that includes in the Spiritual arena. But that does not mean that the Knock, Ireland apparitions are real, nor does it mean that they are not.

Video of a massive day-time 10-meter wide asteroid hitting Indonesia on October 8th ~ link

Pope Benedict XVI plans trip to Turin in May to view Holy Shroud ~ link ~ Also see Holy Face Association site (information on the Holy Shroud and very relaxing music) ~ link

How was this woman healed? ~ link ~ Divine Mercy is something that we can all use in these dangerous times.

Prototype of biped walking human-like robot - video ~ link

Medvedev wants Russian nuclear spaceship ~ link

Somali man who is 112 years old marries girl of 17 ~ link

Jupiter's red storms may indicate massive climate change ~ link

European Robins can actually see the Earth's magnetic field ~ link

Ghost Mall: World's largest and loneliest shopping mall ~ link ~ Not a ghost story, just a story about really bad real estate strategy.

California Governor Schwarzenegger in hidden email message ~ link ~ Along the same lines, I once considered using a 'pen name' for a book, Upton Youssh Assahome (I forget the correct of the middle name, it was a Arab name, but you get the idea).

Baby Boomers Battle Hymn ~ link ~ LOVE IT. This really hits home.

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News, Links of the Day, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Lebanon discovers small rockets with timers aimed at Israel - with photo ~ link ~ This just screams 'false-flag operation'. Netanyahu wants his war on Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Palestine/Gaza NOW while the Jumpier Cobra war games are going on (most massive concentration of high tech anti-missile weaponry ever assembled in human history now in and off-shore of Israel thanks to Obama).

US National Security Advisor General Jim Jones (USMC-ret.): Iran will NOT be allowed to evade making a decision on the Vienna nuclear deal - NO OPTION IS OFF THE TABLE ~ link ~ The next few days could get very HOT!

Israel's nuclear capabilities - video ~ link ~ In reality the number of Israeli nukes is likely to be well over 600 making it the third largest nuclear power on Earth after USA and Russia and ahead of China, UK, France, India, Pakistan, and North Korea. I believe that the Israelis are using Laser Enrichment to manufacture weapons grade nuclear material. This is a process that was discovered at about the same time in America, the then West Germany and Israel, and something that you don't hear about anymore.

Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem calls on all Christian Churches to 'help defend' Al-Aqsa Mosque (Temple Mount) from Israeli raids ~ link ~ This Temple Mount thing is really scary - Right out of the Bible - End Times.

Jerusalem could pose a major new crisis ~ link ~ It really comes down to this: Bibi Netanyahu - the man most likely to start WWIII - will get his regional war with Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Gaza/Palestine one way or another. Also see: Some photos from Sunday's raid on the Temple Mount ~ link

Rocket and artillery fire traded across Lebanese/Israeli border - with video ~ link

Iran does not plan to ship all of the low grade enriched uranium - if it agrees to the basic Vienna nuclear deal - at once, but in installments - France says it must be shipped all at one time and by the end of this year - Iran to give its formal response on Friday ~ link ~ link ~ Iran's surrogates defeated Israel in the Second Lebanon War three years ago, and Iran's leadership feels that Israel is a 'paper tiger'. They drew the wrong conclusion from their victory in that war. Netanyahu and his war cabinet - regardless of the Iranian Advanced Biowar based MAD counter-force - intends to attack Iran because Iran is the only power that has effectively challenged Israel and they do not intend to allow this to continue to go unchecked. The chances of war are very high in the next few days as America has 17 of its most advanced guided missile warships defending Israel and its most advanced US Army air defense systems operating in Israel until Nov. 5 while the Jumpier Cobra war games are taking place.

Iran: The world cannot block our peaceful nuclear program while Israel has nuclear weapons ~ link ~ But Israel can, and that means Hell on Earth.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan pays tribute to his 'friend' Ahmadinejad ~ link

Saudi Arabian - Iranian hostility hits boiling point ~ link ~ This is a very good article; it speaks of the Saudi link to the killing of many of the most senior Revolutionary Guard commanders and how this effects the Iranian response to the Vienna nuclear proposal.

Syria's Power Play ~ link ~ I do not totally agree with this article; the visit of the Saudi King to Syria was mostly about trying to lure Syria away from its alliance with Iran. However, see this story: UK's neocon Foreign Minister says that a deal with Syria is 'worth waiting for' ~ link

Nuke Gaza: A World Gone Mad ~ link ~ Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman is an extremist in a cabinet of extremists. He is such a racist that even close 'friends' of Israel were shocked that Bibi Netanyahu made him the Foreign Minister.

US threats prompted Iran nuclear facility ~ link

Link to NutraMedical Report interview with Lord Stirling and Dr. Bill Deagle ~ link ~ I don't know how long this link will work but listen to it if you have the time/interest.

Afghan helicopter rumors refuse to die ~ link ~ This is a very important story. It concerns the reported transfer of Taliban fighters from the south to the north by ALLIED MILITARY HELICOPTERS. It reminds me of some of the crap that happened during the Vietnam War. Certain hidden forces want/profit from wars (like the private owners of the Federal Reserve System who profit from every dollar "loaned" to the US government for wars) and are not above doing things that are simply unbelievable to the average person. World War I and World War II have many such stories (like the Bush family connection to the German war machine in WWII).

Pakistan hit by massive car bomb explosion in busy market in Peshawar - Over 90 killed - Over 200 injured - with video ~ link ~ Who benefits from this evil; whose strategy benefits?

Taliban take over Afghan province ~ link ~ Thanks to a reader for sending me this story.

Several UN staff members in UN guest house in Kabul killed ~ link ~ link ~ More signs that the 8 year long Afghan War is a failure.

Brother of Afghan President said to be on CIA payroll ~ link ~ Also see: Karzai's brother linked to Heroin Trade ~ link ~ When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan they virtually eliminated the heroin trade.

The Rotten Fruits of War: US Drone Attacks over Pakistan ~ link

Secretary of State Clinton confronts rising hostility on visit to Pakistan ~ link ~ Spreading the Afghan War to Pakistan - a nuclear armed Pakistan with nuclear armed China as its 'big brother' and nuclear armed India as its enemy - is a crazy strategy.

11 Pakistani troops killed in last 24 hours ~ link

The Iraqi Time Bomb ~ link

China's Navy sails past India's dock ~ link ~ The Chinese Navy is being more 'visible' in India's 'backyard'. Over 300 border incursions this year on the China/India border. Remember that China is Pakistan's 'big brother' and is very concerned about the Afghan War spreading to Pakistan and the growing US/Israel/India axis.

George Soros: China must be a part of the New World Order- video ~ link ~ George is 'very close' to the Rothschilds.

Capitalist planning: We can't find a damn job! ~ link

Black Tuesday and a Return to Big Government - October 29th is the 80th Anniversary of Black Tuesday that began the Great Depression ~ link ~ As we head deeper and deeper every day into the Great Depression 2.0.

Fall of the US Dollar on G-20 Finance Ministers Scottish Meeting Agenda ~ link

Fifth death from the Swine Flu "Vaccine" in Sweden ~ link ~ Sweden is a good nation that seems to be open in reporting these deaths. I wonder if other deaths, in other nations, are not being reported as due to the "vaccine" but reported as due to other causes.

WHO memos of 1972 explains how to turn vaccines into a means of killing ~ link ~ Be smart, don't take any vaccine at the present time.

DHS surge shows a national security threat to USA posed by transnational street gangs ~ link ~ Like the Mexican gangs that are moving throughout America.

The Ideal Front Man for the Bush-Bama Regime - How to say absolutely nothing and make it sound good - video ~ link

Obama Administration: Pentagon prepares for HOMELAND (as in USA) military deployment ~ link

Lord Monckton: Obama posed to cede US sovereignty to create World Government over global warming - video ~ link ~ Most interesting!

Coalition Forms to Combat Cap and Trade ~ link ~ If the economy were really good, Cap and Trade would be insane. As it is, with a new Great Depression going on, Cap and Trade is beyond criminal, beyond crazy, it shows what the madness of "global warming" is about - THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

German party (junior partner in the new government) cool on Tony Blair for EU President - would prefer someone from a smaller nation ~ link ~ How about someone who is NOT a war criminal; who did NOT lie their nation into a unnecessary war for the Illumunati/Neocons/Israel.

Curry kills throat cancer cells ~ link ~ The curry spice tumeric (curcumin) is a great anti-viral/anti-fungal/anti-bacterial natural 'drug' that the drug companies would rather you not know about.

Tokyo starting to drift away from USA - 9,000 US Marines to move out of Japan - No F-22s for Japan ~ link ~ Blowback from the Neocon aggression of Bush/Obama and fears of a coming WWIII are key factors here, I believe.

Honduras - 100 Days of Resistance ~ link

Columbia - USA will sign a defense pack this week ~ link

Ecuador seeking Russian arms fearing US military buildup in Columbia ~ link

Russia's Hidden War - with video ~ link ~ A very good video.

99% pure water ice on Mars ~ link

Chinese general tells Gates that China will never seek military expansion ~ link ~ I wonder if this makes the people on Taiwan feel any better?

US Senator says experimental Russian ICBM would violate START ~ link

Rising star of German politics is the 37-year-old new Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg ~ link ~ His full name/title is Reichsfreiherr (Baron) Karl-theodor van und zu Guttenberg. Just to show that the United Kingdom is not the only European nation with titled cabinet ministers.

Mind Your Tweets: The CIA Social Networking Surveillance System ~ link ~ The reality in todays world is that the global banking families use the state security organizations to spy on as many people as possible and use mainframe super-computers to process the data. The are moving rapidly towards a high tech global police state/New World Order.

The Scientific Impossibility of Evolution??? ~ link ~ I personally believe in evolution but directed by God.

J Street thrilled by good turnout at first national conference ~ link ~ I like J Street!

News, Links of the Day, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Rare and historically important 600+ year old Scottish title of Baron for sale - GBP 50,000 ~ link

Iran to 'accept' nuclear fuel deal but wants key changes ~ first link is Iranian site ~ link ~ link (second link is BBC) ~ I believe this to be a major mistake on the part of the nuts in Iran's government. They are giving the nuts in Israel's government a window of opportunity to kill any deal and begin the war.

Iranian Oil Bourse Inaugurated ~ link ~ Global oil bourse operations have been the exclusive preserve of the Rothschild family in London. This has a "little" something to do with the support that the nuts in Netanyahu's government are getting from the North American and European political class, for their coming war on Iran.

French Foreign Minister warns that Israel will attack Iran unless it gets what it wants ~ link

Are you middle class? - Maybe not for long ~ link ~ What is happening is not only destroying the middle class but will force a lasting economic status change upon us all and a great deal of suffering. Remember, this is all deliberate and brought to you by the tiny super-elite of the trillionaire global banking families and their Illumunati organization and their bought-and-paid-for political class.

Big banks aim fees at those who avoid debt and pay their bills on time ~ link ~ Few things could prove the criminal nature of these banking institutions as this. They are extortionists and robber barons, their day in the sun needs to end before they destroy us all.

What's Behind The False Flag Swine Flu Emergency? ~ link ~ This entire Swine Flu experience is a classic false flag operation, based on lies, not telling the truth, bioengineered viruses, and Illumunati operations.

Vaccine - Induced Epidemics Outbreaks: The Engineering of 'Pandemics' by Dr. True Ott ~ link ~ What 'Big Pharma' does not want you to know.

Ontario Province of Canada has a civilian 'Special Investigations Unit' that can and does bring charges agsinst police officers for abuse of citizens/etc. - 13 police officers charged so far this year ~ link ~ Good program. We need this in the UK and USA and throughout the EU and the rest of the world.

October has become the deadliest month in Afghanistan War since the invasion of 2001 ~ link ~ Well we have to get "what's his name .... you know that 6'6" tall Arab guy"; or bring democracy to the Afghans; or "stop terrorism"; or whatever. No one even knows WHY we are fighting there and our great leader, Mr. Obama, continues to expand this war at great cost (in lives lost, bodies injured, and our Depression economy trashed even further); and the American bought-and-paid-for Congress goes right on authorizing the checks for all of this as our entire economy is collapsing before our very eyes.

US Foreign Service official - a USMC combat vet - resigns over the Afghan War - Says he no longer knows why his nation is fighting there ~ link ~ The man has courage and is a real American, something few in the Administration or Congress (or the political class as a whole) knows little about.

Lord Stern of Brentford wants people to stop eating meat to fight global warming ~ link ~ You can count on the fact that Lord Stirling does not feel this way. I LOVE a good thick juicy steak and I don't believe in global warming.

Unstoppable Solar Cycles - video ~ link ~ How that 'big thing' up in the sky, that comes up every morning in the East and sets every evening in the West, controls the Earth's climate. And it is NOT the same year after year, it has cycles. Al Gore and all the rest, who are hawking this false science of 'global warming' are just trying to sell the world's public a false 'bill of goods' to tax us all into poverty.

The Big Chill - video from the EU Parliament ~ link ~ A short but very powerful statement by Mr. Godfrey Blue, MEP (UKIP) on the false science of 'global warming'.

Bishop fined 12,000 Euros for 'denying the Holocaust' ~ link ~ Why does this one aspect of history require criminal laws to force people not to express unapproved views?

Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) - We are "trying on every front to increase the role of government" - video ~ link ~ Ralph Nader really blasts dear old Barney on this video.

Something really scary for Obama's Democrats ~ link

Tony Blair's errors will curse Britain for decades ~ link

President Tony Blair would be a great travesty ~ link ~ Blair is a war criminal, a master lier, and the worst type of political scum. Other than that, I have no opinion about him.

Monday, October 26, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Turkey's Prime Minister: Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman threatened to nuke Gaza ~ link ~ This is apt to be true. Lieberman is a fascist/racist who would not be above killing millions of men/women/children; he is an extremist in a Cabinet of extremists.

Iran voices doubts about nuclear deal ~ link ~ It takes two to fight, and these nuts are giving the nuts in the Netanyahu Government all the 'cover' that they need to launch the war! Also see: Iran 'may' ship 'part' of its low enriched uranium abroad ~ link

Russia: World powers should use 'maximum patience' on Iran ~ link ~ The alternative is likely to include WWIII.

Iran helped Syria acquire WMD and missile technology ~ link ~ Syria has also acquired some North Korean mini-subs, that are very useful for laying high tech mines (the type that hide on the ocean floor and listen for the right ship sounds and fire underwater missiles.

Muslims riot atop Jerusalem's Temple Mount ~ link ~ I am trying to use Israeli and Muslin and outside sources for links to this story. The real issue here, is not who is to blame, but the fact that the Israeli/Arab (Muslin) conflict has now moved part of its center to the holy site of the first two ancient Jewish Temples. A location most holy to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. This is End Times right-out-of-the-Bible territory!

Israeli Police battle Arab rioters on the Temple Mount - Senior Palestinian Authority advisor arrested ~ link

Jews Lobby 'to Remove Al-Aqsa Mosque' ~ link

Arrests at Temple Mount in Jerusalem - with video ~ link

Russia, Iran and the Biden Speech ~ link ~ Tie-in between ending the Poland/Czech - US BMD program and Russian policies toward Iran.

Death toll from twin bombings in the heart of Baghdad now 155 ~ link ~ After thousands of allied deaths, and over a million Iraqi deaths, and spending America into a new Great Depression we still cannot control even the capitol of Iraq!

14 Americans killed as three helicopters go down in Afghanistan ~ link ~ It could be that the enemy is using anti-aircraft missiles. However, increased fighting also means more accidents.

Nine people file 'poisoning attempt' charges against the French H1N1 campaign ~ link ~ Good.

Nurses get sick from Swine Flu "Vaccine" in Sweden - Now 190 adverse reactions and 1 suspected death ~ link ~ If you are considering taking the "vaccine" DON'T. If you already have taken the "vaccine" PRAY.

Capmark - one of the largest US commercial real estate finance companies - files for bankruptcy with $21 Billion in Debt ~ link ~ This is the beginning of the Commercial Real Estate Meltdown! The next stage in the still unfolding Great Depression 2.0.

A desert for jobs and no end in sight ~ link ~ Never forget, this Depression (like all before it) has been systemically planned and put into operation. The global banking families intend to destroy the world's middle class and even a large part of the upper class. They and they alone will be allowed to have great power and great wealth and any effective influence in their satanic high tech New World Order police state, following the coming global war.

Detroit house auction flops for urban wasteland ~ link ~ Total vacant land in Detroit now occupies an area about the size of Boston!

Great Depression 2.0 ~ link ~ Good article.

Are you ready for the Next Crisis? - with video - by Paul Craig Roberts (former Assistant US Secretary of the Treasury) ~ link ~ He argues that, based on the state of the American economy and the way the government treats its people, the USA has entered the ranks of failed states.

American Preeminence Is Disappearing Fifteen Years Early ~ link

The US Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex - video ~ link

The History of the House of Rothschild ~ link ~ Pure distilled evil.

The Real Climate Change Catastrophe - How a handful of scientists have pushed flawed global warming theories for years, now threaten to take mankind back to the Dark Ages ~ link

UK Tories: No cash bonus for bankers over 2,000 pounds ~ link ~ It is a small step, but still a good step in the right direction.

New German government wants withdrawal of all US nuclear weapons on German soil ~ link ~ This is a major step. It will mean that there are no American nukes in Germany, for the first time since the late 1940s.

North Korean ICBM launch base finished ~ link

Sunday, October 25, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

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Very rare Scottish title of Baron for sale at GPB 50,000 ~ link

Israel SHARPLY increasing large military buildup near Lebanon - Israel puts troops on alert - Lebanon readies its army for war - Massive US-Israeli "war games" continue ~ link ~ Folks, this is a most dangerous sign. This is the type of event that military intelligence officers are most on alert for. The sudden and rapid build up of a military expeditionary force on an enemy's border.

Extremist Israeli Jewish organizations demanding that the 'Al-Aqsa Mosque' and the 'Dome of the Rock' be moved to Mecca ~ link ~ Talk about starting WWIII and making it religious in nature ... as in "Armageddon"!

Rabbis calling for a JEWISH ASCENT TO THE TEMPLE MOUNT ~ link ~ The END is coming.

ONLY Force Will Determine Jerusalem's Fate ~ link ~ I think that we are turning a corner. Going into really strange, very Biblical territory here!

Violent fighting at Temple Mount - One of the World's holiest sites ~ link

Arabs and Israeli police clash near Temple Mount ~ link ~ Not a good sign, and I don't just mean in the short term/localized sense of the term "not a good sign". This area is key to the End Times.

Israeli police storm Temple Mount ~ link ~ Of all the hottest 'hot spots' on Earth, this is the most sensitive area - Sacred to three religion groups (Christian, Jewish, and Muslin), See also: Hamas: War will settle Jerusalem dispute - not talks ~ link ~ Also see: Israeli troops attack Al-Aqsa worshipers ~ link ~ From the other perspective.

Clashes at the Temple Mount - 'Jewish conquest' rumors ~ link

Iran misses nuclear deadline for deal in western defiance ~ link ~ Maybe the killing of the senior Revolutionary Guards officers pissed them off; maybe the Supreme Leader really is dead and poisoned and that pissed them off; maybe the explosions in Lebanon pissed them off; maybe the "accidental" crash of the sole Iranian AWACS aircraft pissed them off; maybe the non-delivery of the Russian S-300 air defense system pissed them off; maybe the largest American-Israeli 'war games' in history pissed them off; maybe they are a 'whole lot' NUTS also, and the extremists in Iran need to hate the extremists in Israel and vice versa; maybe we're all screwed if this 'deal' blows up.

War now more likely after Iran has missed the nuclear deal deadline ~ link ~ This is now becoming more and more like a slow motion train wreck that you see happening but cannot stop it. Only this is far, far, far worst than any train wreck in history....In fact it could be the end of history as we know it if it ends up starting World War III.

After 30 years of peace, Israel still makes Egyptians uneasy ~ link ~ Uneasy maybe, but alive and safe. What is so wrong with 30 years of peace?

Obama, Medvedev and Sarkozy in telephone talks over Iranian nuclear issues ~ link

Bibi to Obama: When Hell freezes we will discuss a Settlements freeze ~ link ~ A rational strategy for Israel would be to disengage from expansion and to build a groundwork for real peace, one that would dis-empower nations like Iran instead of empowering them, while maintaining a strong defense.

Israeli push to change the 'Law of War' ~ link ~ More evil from that master of evil, Bibi Netanyahu.

From Haaretz: As occupier Israel must face up to Goldstone report ~ link ~ How dare they publish such anti-Semitic stuff ... oh, hold it, 'they' are the largest newspaper in Israel and pro-Israel. When I, or others, say the same thing, many want to use the label anti-Semitic but that is simply bullshit used to hid bad policy/bad strategy/and evil actions.

Mass disruption of former Israeli PM Olmert speaking in San Francisco - video ~ link ~ Even with the total support of the six mega-media companies now controlling most news and information/entertainment media in America, the Israeli war hawks simply cannot get full support for their, increasingly insane. strategic war policies from the American public.

Upcoming 65th anniversary of the D-Day Normandy invasion may be the last - with video ~ link ~ My parents generation is now mostly gone; my grandparents generation is almost totally gone to the Ages.

The "Throne Clones" - Striking photo comparisons between current British royalty and ancestors ~ link

British growing weary of living in 'the surveillance society' ~ link ~ Almost 65 years after the United Kingdom and allies defeated fascism, it is becoming more and more a high tech fascist nation.

Dishonest Tony Blair and Jack Straw were hiding secret plan to force multiculturalism in bid to end the "Britishness" of the modern United Kingdom ~ link ~ I can show in court that Tony Blair and others, including Jack Straw, violated Human Rights laws by not following Scots Peerage Law and authorizing a Royal Resettlement-by-Letters Patent of my titles (to end sexist male only succession rules). Under the laws of a number of nations, I can sue these persons and go after their personal assets for human rights violations as government officials under 'universal human rights jurisdiction' laws.

Neocon Miliban supports neocon Blair for EU President ~ link

Impact of Pope's decree begins to dawn on Anglican Church members ~ link

Asylum seekers in Europe from war-torn Iraq and Afghanistan being sent home ~ link ~ Back to the killing fields.

Britons (84%) believe War in Afghanistan is failing - with video ~ link ~ The cost in blood, maiming of people, is massive; the cost to British, American, NATO, etc. economies is also massive at a time of global Depression, yet this senseless war - founded on the 9/11 False Flag lies - continues regardless of how the public feels or votes. The public has allowed evil bastards to usurp their democracy and to impose this moral and economic destruction upon the public and the people in Afghanistan and now Pakistan.

British "right-wing" party, the British National Party, now has over 20% support from UK citizens ~ link ~ The British are beginning to wake up to the fact that the Conservative and Labour parties are simply 'flip sides of the same coin', serving not the public but the globalist bankers. The Liberal Democrats could be the lead party but they are simply still too like the two major parties. They could change this, if they had the moral courage and balls to do so, but so far they don't seem to have what it takes. Remember however, what Lenin said shortly after the Communists revolution, "I must busy myself and organize the opposition". See also this view from an American mainstream news media organization (Time) ~ link

The American Self Immolation, Truly a Sight to See ~ link

A few good kids? How the 'No Child Left Behind Act' allows US military recruiters to collect information on millions of unsuspecting teens ~ link ~ You know, I am a supporter of America and allied nations maintaining armed forces to defend themselves and their people. But, like in the Vietnam War, the two on-going wars are not about American defense or American interests. The kids being recruited into the armed forces today are simply going into a meat grander to serve the evil intentions of the hidden forces controlling America and much of the World.

State of Tennessee leading fight by states to boycott unconstitutional federal laws ~ link ~ The amount of laws and regulations by the Federal Government that are unconstitutional is staggering both in its scope and in its overall number.

Former FBI Director Freeh granted Iralian citizenship ~ link ~ There is no bar to Americans receiving one or more dual citizenships. I was considered for dual British citizenship; but I was a 'bad boy', I would not pay Blair and company a million pounds for a life peerage and for a Resettlement-by-Letters Patent to end the sexist rules of male only succession to my titles ~ See my book, CASH FOR PEERAGES: THE SMOKING GUN ~ link

The WALL STREET ECONOMIC DEATH SQUAD ~ link ~ WOW - Read this one!
the financial elite who control the economy have robbed us all. They have launched a war on us and declared us the enemy. We are a population of people that they have been focused on eliminating. This is a deadly serious issue we are facing here.

The consequences of default - What happens when a nation goes broke? - video ~ link ~ Good video, give it a little time, it has some interesting comments.

'First Daughters' have NOT been vaccinated against (A/H1N1) Swine Flu ~ link ~ Just like in Germany, the people at the top are NOT TAKING the Swine Flu "Vaccination". That should be a really MASSIVE RED FLAG to everyone!

Obama declares National Emergency over Swine Flu ~ link ~ The powers assumed by such a declaration may be worse that the Flu itself.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko formally enters tight Presidential race ~ link ~ Yulia (Julia) is running against Viktor Yanukovich, a strongly pro-Moscow candidate and the current President Neocon Viktor Yushchenko. Yulia, like so many of her nation's women, is beautiful. But the election is not about beauty but serious choices about the future for the people of the Ukraine. She is popular as is Yanukovich; Yushchenko however is widely disliked.

Expert: UN Resolutions would create 'global blasphemy law' ~ link ~ I always have a problem with so-called 'hate speech' laws and the like. All want to control Freedom of Speech, which is something I, and most rational intelligent people, support.

Whatever happened to Russian judicial reform? ~ link

China's most senior general on official visit to USA - with video ~ link

'Ditch Tony Blair' sets off the EU presidency job steeplechase ~ link