Wednesday, September 30, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

One possible Israeli Air Force attack scenario on Iran ~ link ~ They could also use low yield nukes on their IRBM missiles and claim the fallout is from the reactor material.

Scott Ritter: 'Politically motivated hype' on Iran ~ link

Another War in the Works by Paul Craig Roberts (former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury) ~ link

Join Ta'anit Tzedek - Jewish Fast For Gaza ~ link ~ There are many many good people in Israel, as well as Israeli supporters around the world, who do NOT agree with the crazy Neocon/Lukid pro-war agenda. This is one such group.

Alex Jones round table discussion on US attacking Iran - video ~ link

The War on Language ~ link ~ This reminds me of the old saying, "Truth is the first causality of war".

Saudi Arabia says it did NOT offer safe flight paths for Israeli Air Force to bomb Iran ~ link ~ Maybe, maybe not, maybe the story was a plant to deepen suspicion between Iran and Saudi Arabia on the eve of war.

Iran's nuclear future ~ link ~ The other perspective.

China and American rift over Mideast could deepen ~ link

Oil and ideology keep China from joining the Iran war push - video on October 1st meeting in Switzerland between Iran and western powers ~ link ~ I believe that the Illumunati intend to create a new global war that will pit Russia and China and others vs NATO/Israel and others.

American concern over Chinese military modernization ~ link

What Obama will not say about the Afghan War ~ link

US Border: High tech tunnel detection coming ~ link

Veteran American intelligence officers write to Obama re: Accountability for Torture ~ link

What have we done to Democracy ~ link ~ We have been giving it a 'death from a thousand cuts' over the years: JFK's murder, MLK's murder, RFK's murder, PACs, Federal Reserve, computer voting, false flag operations, unnecessary wars, growing police state, unconstitutional laws and regulations, etc., etc.

Contrasting events around the late PM Yitzhak Rabin and Obama ~ link ~ I believe that the murder of Rabin was one of the greatest political wrongs of the 20th Century. It set Israel up for the pro-war governments that followed.

Gore Vidal says "We'll have a dictatorship soon in the U.S." ~ link

Male police strip woman victim who had been assaulted and sought police help - video ~ link ~ The woman and her husband are suing the police, as they should. They, and their community's citizens, should demand public criminal prosecution of the officers involved. One more example of a growing police state/fascist environment in America.

Prison - Industrial Complex takes over Montana town ~ link
~ Also see ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link

Cuba and USA hold high-level diplomatic talks ~ link

Illuminati: While move may be afoot for New World Order, when is far too far? ~ link ~ To understand where the truth is and where nonsense is requires a great deal of time and study. That is what I have done over the last almost 50 years and why I have this 'ministry' of warning my readers of what is coming.

EU - Georgia started the war with Russia - Attack 'unjustifiable in law' ~ link ~ That's what I said at the time.

Gordon Brown claims underdog status ~ link ~ The British people are so totally fed up with the socialist/police state/Neocon/pro-war Labour Party of Phony-Tony Blair and Gordon Brown they will vote for anyone but Labour in the next election.

Gordon Brown and Labour Party in Third Place - UK national election must be held by June at latest ~ link

Gordon Brown loses his cool on TV ~ link

People vaccinated for seasonal flu are twice as likely to get Swine Flu ~ link

Australia begins nationwide Swine Flu "Vaccination" program to "vaccinate" about 30% of entire population ~ link ~ Since A/H1N1 (Mexican Swine Flu) is less dangerous than normal seasonal flu, WHY this massive program? If the danger is a mutation of the existing Swine Flu, the "vaccine" for the present version is apt to have little or no effect on any mutated form. So WHY this 'largest vaccine program in human history'?

New York health care workers rally for 'No Forced Vaccines' at NY state capitol - video ~ link ~ Where is the Constitutional authority for any state or federal agency to force "vaccines" on the public???

New York health care workers revolt over Swine Flu "Vaccine" ~ link

Two French Navy Rafale jet fighters lost in collision ~ link

Over 100 feared dead in American Samoa and Western Samoa from Tsunami ~ link

Philippine flood survivors crowd air centers ~ link

Thousands trapped after Indonesia earthquake ~ link

Wall Street's New Halloween Trick ~ link ~ The latest scam from the crooks on Wall Street.

Britain and England - A case of split identity ~ link ~ The Lib Dems have the only chance of keeping the United Kingdom together.

Emperor Nero's rotating dining room found by archaeologists in Rome ~ link

The Great Archangel ~ link

Holy Face Association ~ link ~ Great relaxing music.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

CDC drafts 'Isolation Order' for A/H1N1 ~ link ~ With Swine Flu you have the following: Advanced Biowar Lab created virus; lots of official lying and scare tactics at all levels; lots of lies and scare tactics by the mainstream news media; the introduction of even more police state fascist laws and intimidation; soon the introduction of both wearable and sub-dermal RFID chips (the Biblical Mark of the Beast); coming martial law lock-down, significant probability of population thinning "vaccine"; cover for Israel and the Neocons when their coming war on Iran erupts into global Advanced Biowar (it's Swine Flu not the war).

The Great Culling: 1-2 Swine Flu Sucker Punch ~ link

Squalene: Be Very Afraid ~ link

WHO Admits: No deadly mutation of the Swine Flu virus ~ link ~ So why this global effort - the greatest medical program in human history - to vaccinate billions of people??? And by the way, any mutated flu may well be totally immune to the "vaccine" being given now.

If your child is not "vaccinated" for Swine Flu they could be kicked out of school in some areas - video ~ link

New York State workers fighting mandatory Swine Flu "vaccinations" ~ link ~ Since when is it the government's role, or a employer's role, to tell a free people that they 'have to' receive something in their bodies?

Mandatory flu vaccination for New York health care workers ~ link ~ One more horrific example of growing fascism in America.

Fear the "Vaccine" - Not the Swine Flu itself ~ link

MI6: Saudis will let Israel bomb Iran nuclear site ~ link ~ Thanks to a kind reader for bringing this article to my attention. When the fully fueled Iranian nuclear plant is bombed, a massive amount of radiation will be released resulting in mass deaths. Dr. Bill Deagle of NutraMedical Report estimates that over 40 million deaths will result from the bombing of the Iranian nuclear plant! Nuclear fallout will spread over a massive area of the Northern Hemisphere. The Iranians will respond as we would if someone bombed one of our nuclear plants and killed tens of millions of Americans. They will respond with a MAD (mutually assured destruction) counter-force attack, using their massive Advanced Biological War collection of genetically engineered war viruses. They will hit Israel, North America and Europe. The deaths will be massive in number; they will exceed the total deaths from all past wars in human history.

Bibi 666 Netanyahu's United Nations Speech - The Pathology of Evil ~ link ~ Netanyahu is a real evil nut that is leading his nation and the world into the nightmare of Armageddon.

Fox News: Bill O'Reilly - "Obama should provoke a military incident with Iran" - video ~ link ~ I would call O'Reilly as crazy SOB but he is just a hired mouthpiece of Murdock. Murdock is a Neocon Illumunati agent; one of many who are doing their 'best' to take the entire world into war. Soon, when the war destroys them as well as 2/3 of the rest of us, they will have to face their Maker. I suspect that will not be a pleasant experience, nor will their time in Hell.

Analysis: Iran Debate Pretty Much Over - Is Iran's lack of nuclear weapons really beside the point? ~ link ~ Yes.

Key facts to keep in mind while opposing war against Iran ~ link

Is Iran Nearing a Bomb? ~ link ~ I would not be surprised if Iran has purchased one to several bombs. However, the real danger to Israel and to the world from Iran is from its massive Advanced Biological Warfare program and the mainstream news media does NOT touch upon this danger as it is a good reason NOT to go to war.

Iran reveals 'secret' enrichment site as China rules out sanctions ~ link ~ You see China is not ruled by the Illumunati.

Intelligence agencies say no new nukes in Iran ~ link ~ Bibi and his fellow nuts in his war cabinet see no reason to allow the truth or reality from stopping their drive to war. That they will largely destroy Israel is also a fact that will not stop them.

Russia may balk at any tough Iranian sanctions ~ link

Iran Armed Forces Chief of Staff sees Israel as 'paper tiger' ~ link ~ Mistake - really bad mistake!

Iran defiant as it prepares for crunch nuclear talks ~ link ~ They know that war is coming no matter what.

Iran opens ammunition production lines ~ link

Admadinejad meets with Pakistan President Zardari ~ link

France 'deeply concerned' over Iranian missile tests ~ link ~ Only because the President of France is more concerned with serving his true masters, the Illumunati and Israel, than he is about France.

Nuclear Debates Grows: Is Iran designing warheads ~ link ~ This 'debate' is really primarily pre-war psych ops. And we are hearing more and more as the time to begin the war nears.

Israeli settlers chainsaw-down Nablus olive grove trees on eve of harvest ~ link ~ It is crap like this that keeps the Middle East in a cycle of hate.

Congressman Ron Paul on the Iranian nuclear program - video ~ link ~ Excellent!

Prime Minister of Turkey: A military strike against Iran would be "madness" ~ link ~ I have been saying this for a long time now.

Iran is Still Not the Problem ~ link

The Great Archangel ~ link

Philippines death toll now 246 - Two new storms brewing ~ link ~ See also photos ~ link

'Great Recession' transforms the workplace ~ link ~ You can thank the global banking families, the Illumunati, and their bought-and-paid-for politicians for this deliberate economic nightmare.

Can you really extend your lifespan with this antioxidant? ~ link

The Beginning of the End of Nuclear Weapons by Queen Noor of Jordan ~ link ~ Her Majesty is a fine lady, but I fear that October may see the first use of nuclear weapons in war since 1945.

Fear of blame for defeat shadow Afghan War meetings ~ link ~ All I can say is: End the War NOW!

Obama 'at war' with his general in charge of Afghan War ~ link ~ The only way to really win the Afghan War is to kill most of the Afghan men and the American and world public will never allow that.

Afghan Collision Course between USA/NATO and Japan ~ link

Qaddafi, Havez and 28 other leaders from Africa and South America call for joint military/banking/mining efforts ~ link

Georgia negotiating with USA to take in Guantanamo prisoners ~ link ~ This really shows what Neocon puppets are running things in Georgia. The Afghan War was started on the False Flag lie over 9/11. Many of the poor SOBs in Guantanamo were 'sold' by tribal enemies/etc. to American forces hell-bent on "getting" some of 'the people that caused 9/11'.

Medvedev: Russia wants good relations with Georgia only without Saakashvilli ~ link

Medvedev jumps the gun on Iran - White House strategy of playing to Medvedev ~ link ~ Won't work, Putin is still 'the man'.

EU Report: Georgia started the 2008 war with Russia ~ link ~ What else is new.

The Coming Russia - Georgia Clash Over Abkhazia ~ link ~ This area is a short fuse for WWIII.

Russian patrol boats expected in Abkhazia in Novermber ~ link

Russia to help Abkhazia with telecommunications and postal services ~ link

Andorra's model: Time for change ~ link

Red, White and Blue Storm Rising ~ link ~ Good article!

Attorney: Oklahoma City bombing tapes missing key portions ~ link ~ Most 'terrorists attacks' are false flag operations involving one or more intelligence agencies from one or more nations.

The Real Reasons Behind Fed Secrecy by Congressman Ron Paul ~ link ~ I wish most congressmen and senators had even half the courage and pro-America attitudes of Dr. Paul.

We're Number 37 (USA's ranking of health care among the nations of the world) - music video ~ link
~ Also see: Sixteen people arrested at Aetna for demanding health care ~ link ~ America ranks 37th in the World in the quality of its health care. This is reflective of the criminal element that has been in control of America for a long time. The first wave of criminal control began in the early 20th Century with the passing of the Federal Reserve System act; the second wave began with the killing of President Kennedy in broad daylight - one of several murders and attempted murders in the last half of the 20th Century. The criminal trash are running things and they are running them into the ground.

Panama to host two US Navy bases ~ link

Former high FBI agent says 9/11 was an inside job - Links CIA to many False Flag operations - video ~ link

Allegory Of The Cave: Meet your puppet-handlers ~ link

Labour Party falls to Third Place in Polls ~ link ~ If the election were held today the Liberal Democrats would become the Official Opposition Party and Labour would be a 'third party'. Too bad, they have earned it.

Gordon Brown makes crucial speech to Labour Party Conference ~ link

Using a 'gravity trick' to speed up trips to Mars and other planets ~ link

High-Fructose raises blood pressure in middle-aged men ~ link ~ The modern corporate driven diet is killing us.

Gold hoard pictures from the recent Anglo-Saxon treasure find in England ~ link

Hitachi develops new RFID chip with embedded antenna - with photos ~ link ~ RFID chips, both those used in products and in human beings and animals, are one of the keys to the planned satanic high tech police state/New World Order that the Illumunati/global banking families have dreamed up for the human race.

Key to subliminal messaging is to use negative messages ~ link

Egyptian coins found bearing name of Biblical Patriarch Joseph ~ link

Monday, September 28, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Iran test-fires Shahab-3 and Sajjil missiles ~ link ~ Iran had better have a large number of these if they plan using them. The combination of American and Israeli anti-missile air defense systems is very powerful. The Iranians will have to swarm attack with large numbers of rockets and missiles to ensure that some get through. They are apt to use Syrian missiles and the large number of rockets and guided missiles in Lebanon (effectively controlled by Iran and Syria) to overwhelm the Israeli and American air defense systems. The counter to this is the rapid use of tactical nuclear weapons and neutron bombs by Israel, as well as advanced conventional weapons (fuel air explosives/etc.). The real danger from Iran to Israel and the world is their Advanced Biowar program, and they do NOT need missiles to deliver this genetically engineered viral ordinance to Israel, North America and the EU.

How Israel's Nuclear Arsenal endangers us all ~ link ~ Just as the Iranian Advanced Biowar Arsenal also endangers us all.

Keeping Iran Honest by Scott Ritter ~ link ~ Good article. This new plant is not "a viable 'breakout' capability" according to Scott Ritter.

Everything you know about Iran is a myth ~ link

Obama 'calling out Iran' for Psych Ops impact ~ link ~ In many ways the psychological groundwork is being prepared for a war on Iran (which will actually be a General Middle East War and then WWIII/Armageddon).

The U.S. and Iran: A Manufactured Crisis ~ link ~ One leading to WAR.

Livni blasts Bibi for invoking Holocaust at UN ~ link ~ Not everyone in Israel is behind nutty Netanyahu.

German Chancellor Merkel wins election ~ link

'Fusion Centers' will have access to classified military intelligence ~ link ~ Fascism, more and more every day.

America creeps closer to a Police State ~ link ~ Brought to you by the creeps of the global banking families/Illumunati.

Deception over Lockerbie ~ link

More Lies - More Deception by Paul Craig Roberts ~ link

Street Report from the G-20 ~ link

US and NATO poised for most massive war in Afghanistan's history ~ link ~ Just how is this in the interest of the people who constitute the assorted nations of NATO?

Know the Enemy: Meet the people who educate your children about food choices - video ~ link

A/H1N1 Martial Law - video ~ link

Flu Vaccine Exposed ~ link

Immuno-Sterilization In Humans ~ link ~ Don't take the Swine Flu "vaccine".

Second wave of Swine Flu begins to hit ~ link

Lord Mandelson attacks "extreme right wing figures" for Brown attacks ~ link

US Missile shield - Moving towards a global shield ~ link

Where has the bailout money gone? ~ link

Warning: Metal water bottles dangerous ~ link

Sunday, September 27, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Brazil will not comply with Honduran ultimatum ~ link ~ This issue does not seem like it is going away.

Philippines battles massive flooding - with video ~ link ~ I have spoken with a good friend in greater Manila, the event is horrific.

At least 106 dead or missing from Tropical Storm Ketsana in the Philippines ~ link

Israel's Nuclear Weapons ~ link ~ Also see: Vanuna's Photos of Dimona from 1985 ~ link

Iran in test firing of missiles ~ link ~ You can always count on Admadinejad to pore gasoline on a fire. Also see ~ link

Iran: Will test fire Shahab 3 missile that can hit Israel ~ link

Iran test fires short-range missiles - The Fateh-110, Tondar-69, and Zelzal short-range surface-to-surface missiles - Will also fire the medium-range Shahab-1 and Shahab-2 missiles and the "long-range" (actually barely a IRBM) Shahab-3 missile ~ link ~ The Iranians are warning the World.

Iran stages missile war games ~ link

Israel Foreign Minister: Israel wants an 'unequivocal' response to Iran ~ link ~ What his insane Cabinet wants is yet another war in the Middle East, only this time it will involve massive amounts of Weapons of Mass Destruction on all sides, with nuclear fallout and advanced biowar viruses spreading across the entire World.

Miliband will not rule out war on Iran ~ link ~ This Zionist agent-in-place is NOT doing what is in the interest of the United Kingdom! Of course, I would argue that he and his fellow Neocons are also not doing what is in the interests of Israel, but they are too blind to even see that.

Bibi 666 Netanyahu has spoken to top US Senators and Congressmen this weekend on Iran ~ link ~ Getting his "ducks all in a row" for the coming war. This war will destroy what is left of the global economy, it will cause the most massive deaths in the Middle East on all sides, it will spread nuclear fallout and advanced biowar viruses all over the globe, it will become World War III and Armageddon.

Netanyahu to American 'leaders': Now is the time to act against Iran ~ link ~ The psych ops are being played out like musicians play a piece that builds to a crescendo. The most horrific war in human history is coming and coming fast. Are you ready for it? First and foremost, get right with God!

US Secretary of Defense Gates: Iranians "have the intention of having nuclear weapons" ~ link ~ The Neocon war-hawk was appointed by Bush and continues to 'serve' under Obama. He is one of the Illumunati front men taking the world into the unspeakable horrors of global 21st Century war.

New Iranian uranium plant at center of crisis will NOT EVEN BE OPERATIONAL FOR TWO YEARS ~ Will be placed under IAEA supervision ~ link ~ That did not deter the three stooges (the Presidents of USA/France and the British Prime Minister) from going ballistic over it. Just corrupt puppets dancing for their masters and setting the world up for unspeakable horrors and disasters.

Black Sea Crisis Deepens As Threat To Iran Grows ~ link ~ Georgia is one of the keys to making the coming General Middle East War grow quickly into WWIII/Armageddon. This is not an accident, it is planned, all war gamed out by Illumunati brain trusts in their End Game drive for a satanic New World Order. Of course, satan knows that he will lose again but he is the great deceiver and his people are the most deceived of all.

Russia: Iran's enigmatic ally and key crisis player ~ link

Turkish Prime Minister to visit Iran - Warns that any military attack on Iran would be an act of "insanity" ~ link ~ That is what I have been saying for some time now.

China 'may' support United Nations Iranian sanctions ~ link ~ Meeting this week will be key. If China supports sanctions, then what will Israel use as an excuse to begin the war? They will come up with something, count on it.

Evidence of economic collapse martial law preparations - video ~ link

American credit shrinks at GREAT DEPRESSION RATE ~ Fears of a 'Double-Dip' ~ link ~ The global banking families/Illumunati always use the cutting-back of credit as the means to cause a recession/depression. This is history! That credit is still falling strongly indicates that the current depression has not hit bottom. Of course, when the new global war hits soon, 'all bets are off' as to just how terrible the global economy will get.

35 Million Americas now on Food Stamps - 12% of American population - Highest ever ~ link ~ This is what happens when the population is dumbed down, feed crap by the Illumunati controlled news media, and too gutless to put a stop the what the Illumunati satanic trash is doing to them.

Where did the H1N1 Late-2009 Flu Season Virus Come From? ~ link ~ My educated guess: This is a recombination genetically engineered virus that was created to fill a need discovered in war gaming out the coming Middle East War. This "Swine Flu pandemic" will be the cover to protect Israel and the Neocons when the war results in massive deaths from Iranian advanced biowar viruses, so they will not be blamed for starting the war that caused the biological nightmare ("Swine Flu did it" not anything from the war on Iran). It will also serve to introduce martial law, police state lock-downs, and the RFID chip (see Mark of the Beast in the Bible). The so-called "virus" may also be used for further population reduction, especially in targeted ethnic/national groups.

Most American parents will NOT have children "vaccinated" for Swine Flu ~ link ~ This is a really good sign. It shows that the public is beginning to show some sense and not believe the government or Illumunati controlled mainstream news media.

A Glimpse into the Scary World of Vaccine Adjuvants ~ link

The Israeli Connection to the Honduran Coup ~ link ~ Israel continues to show a lack of good sense in dealing with the rest of the world.

Obama Administration reaffirms 'Power of Indefinite Detention' ~ link ~ This is pure bullshit, there is NO SUCH POWER GIVEN TO THE PRESIDENT BY THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION. They also claim to be able to strip Americans of their citizenship and arrest them and subject them to this 'power of indefinite detention' without recourse to the Courts or the rights under the US Constitution. Pure fascism!

Obama at the Precipice over Afghan War ~ link ~ A war founded on lies (9/11 False Flag operation) that the American people have long wanted (and voted) to end. He can't get out because he is simply a front man for the real hidden rulers, the Illumunati global banking families, and they want war and more war because they serve satan and that pathetic looser wants blood orgies and the horrors of Hell upon this Earth.

Plan to boost US troops in Afghanistan splits Obama Advisers ~ link

Germans voting in national election ~ link ~ link ~

Did Hitler really die in his bunker? Fresh DNA tests on "his skull" shows it belongs to a woman ~ link ~ Hitler was an illegitimate Rothschild and was bankrolled by them in his rise to power. Some claim that he and his wife were flown out by the Illumunati for service well done. Who knows. Reality in the world of political and economic power is not what most people are led to believe.

Gordon Brown faces gloomy Labour Party Conference as coming national election looms in 2010 ~ link

After Chechuya is new Caucasus war looming? ~ link

New Japanese Government launches probe into four secret packs with America ~ link ~ Japan wants no part in the coming Third World War.

Japan abandons America ~ link

Satan's Network ~ link

Exhausted - How to get 'willpower' back ~ link

Ten lies that lead to divorce ~ link

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weekend - Collection of Interesting Sites

It's the weekend, and sometimes I like to post interesting or unusual sites for my viewers.

World's hairiest man - photos ~ link

Seven most bizarre skin conditions - photos ~ link

The truth behind the Mongolian Death Worm ~ link

Amazing hybrid animals - photos ~ link

Albino Animals - photos ~ link

Incredible natural phenomena ~ link

Amazing photos taken at just the right moment ~ link

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Ontario Premier: Swine Flu "vaccine" not mandatory ~ link ~ Lets hope this stays the policy. Time will tell if it does.

"Admadinejad has enought uranium to go whole way" ~ link ~ Sure he does. Remember the bullcrap about Saddam being able to hit the UK with a chemical armed missile in a half hour. The new 'secret' site, according to reports, is NOT YET EVEN IN OPERATION. This is all pre-war psych ops to prepare the public to go to war against Iran. The war against will become a General Middle East war involving Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Palestine and Israel/USA/UK/France from day one and will become nuclear/chemical/advanced biological on or about day one also. The war will become the Third World War in short order as radiation and biowar viruses spread throughout the world.

Obama: Iran - A "disturbing pattern" of evasion ~ link ~ Pre-war Psych Ops

Miliband: Won't rule out force against Iran ~ link ~ Miliband the best British Foreign Secretary that Israel ever had.

Obama: Won't rule out military action against Iran ~ link ~ The Illumunati Neocon puppets are all singing the same song in the lead-in to the War on Iran/WWIII/Armageddon.

US Director of National Intelligence: Iran has NOT re-started its nuclear weapons program ~ link ~ That won't stop the coming war.

Range of Iranian missiles: Reality and plans ~ link

Scottish general who resigned over government's Afghan war policy was in line for key job ~ link ~ The man had the courage and strength of his convictions to stand up to Gordon Brown, regardless of his personal loss.

Police and military savagely attack peaceful protesters in park at G-20 ~ link ~ Hitler and Stalin would be proud.

Police overreacted at G-20 say civil liberties groups ~ link

Obama health care: Buy insurance or go to jail ~ link ~ Using the power of the Federal government to sell insurance.

Anger as new Scottish law graduates can't get work ~ link ~ I don't have a lot of respect for the Scottish and English legal professions, but I do feel sorry for young people who have studied, earned a degree, and due to the economy simply cannot obtain a job.

Dangers of a nuclear war between India and Pakistan ~ link

Various 4.5 generation fighter aircraft ~ link

Friday, September 25, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

It Is Going To Be A Rocky Road by Chuck Baldwin ~ link ~ Excellent article, a 'must read'.

Sarkoxy says 'immediate steps' must be taken against Iran ~ link ~ This Neocon Illumunati puppet is showing the true colors of his puppet masters here,WAR!

USA/UK/France warns Iran over 'nuclear deception' ~ link ~ Pre-war psych ops.

British Chief of Defense Staff in visit to Israeli IDF Chief of General Staff ~ link ~ Lots of things to talk about as we near the start of the 'Big One'/WWIII.

Bibi 666 Netanyahu: "Iranian bomb" is the greatest threat to the World ~ link ~ Actually it is Netanyahu - the man most likely to begin WWIII - who is the greatest threat to the World.

Netanyahu condemns UN for allowing Ahmadinejad to deliver address ~ link ~ That kind of sums up the arrogance of Netanyahu, he can say anything to the UN but anyone he dislikes should never be allowed to raise his voice and the UN should be condemned for allowing it. Actually, I think both Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad are nut jobs.

Israeli Defense Minister Barak informs US Sec. of Defense Gates: War option on Iran is on the table ~ link ~ Of course it is, always has been. The war begins soon and when it begins the world' economy will totally collapse, advanced biowar viruses will spread throughout the world as well radioactive fallout.

Netanyahu pulling Obama's strings in UN General Assembly ~ link ~ Rahm (senior Mossad operative; dual national US-Israeli citizen and Chief of Staff to the President) is the de facto President of the USA, Obama is the front man President of the USA.

Perfect storm approaches as Israeli leaders plan next false flag event to force USA into attacking Iran ~ link ~ I am not so sure that they will actually use a false flag attack this time. But the "Swine Flu" will be used to cover up the Iranian biowar counter-attack, so that Israel will not be blamed for beginning a war that brought billions of deaths to the world.

Russian President: Sanctions against Iran's nuclear program 'may be inevitable' ~ link ~ Oh yes, there was a deal cut over ending the US missile program in Eastern Europe and the coming war against Iran.

Medvedev hints he might swap positions with Putin ~ link

US debt crisis: May cause the 'Fall of Rome' scenario ~ link

Economic Armageddon if Japan and China stop purchasing US debt ~ link

EU project to arrest us for what they think we will do ~ link ~ While the sheeple are asleep, fascism grows by leaps and bounds in the European Union.

Police using intimidation techniques and military weapons to break up peaceful protests at G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh ~ link ~ Growing fascism in America and the world.

Beijing's credibility crisis ~ link

Protester shot dead in Honduras clashes ~ link

Honduras President: Coup leaders using gas and radiation against Embassy - Israeli mercenaries are planning to assassinate him ~ link

Amnesty International: Honduras has rise in police beatings, mass arbitrary arrests, closing of media outlets, harassment of activists since coup ~ link

US State of Washington lifts limit on mercury preservation in Swine Flu "vaccine" ~ link ~ That is a totally immoral thing to do!

IV Vitamin C used to recover terminal Swine Flu case ~ link ~ Remember this!

UK Swine Flu document lists sports arena as mass "vaccination" center ~ link ~ The public has not been told the WHY behind this historic global medical emergency vaccination effort. Why this effort if the existing A/H1N1 virus is no where near as deadly as normal seasonal flu? Why this effort if the fear is a future mutation, when the "vaccination" will not likely effect (or have little effect) on a mutated flu?

Very important vaccine question for parents ~ link

VeriChip (implantable RFID chip manufacturer) has exclusive license for implantable RFID chip with virus detection biosensor ~ link ~ This is so 'Mark of the Beast'. They will force people to have a RFID chip with a "virus detection biosensor" implanted. No chip, no food, no job, no nothing. Right out of the Book of Revelations in the Bible. If you take the chip you will condemn your soul for eternity!

Seasonal flu vaccine may increase risk of A/H1N1 infection ~ link ~ At this point in time, it is best NOT to take any vaccine.

Mandatory Swine Flu shots for firefighters ~ link ~ Tell those jerks demanding employees take 'mandatory' shots to go to hell. Bring personal lawsuits against any and all corporate and public officials who seek to force so-called "vaccines" on people. It is a most basic human right to decide for ourselves what we allow into our bodies.

Helena Kennedy on UK political corruption ~ link

US will CUT Border Patrol on Mexican border ~ link ~ All the money in the world for unnecessary wars but little to actually defend America.

One simple question about Obama ~ link ~ Good one!

Obama wins one for Big Pharma ~ link ~ Shows where his heart really is.

Outfoxing the 9/11 Cover-up ~ link

US Dept. of Justice official blows cover off Patriot Act ~ link

Bullet manufactures can't keep pace with demand ~ link

McChrystal Report: Half a million troops required over five years in Afghan War ~ link ~ WHY should we pay this price in blood and money for that horrific place?

Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi turns his media guns on Pope Benedict XVI ~ link ~ Berlusconi is a Neocon/Illumunati front man.

A Perfect Storm gathering against Vatican ~ link ~ The forces of evil always attack God and His Church.

Vatican spokesman: Media is creating confusion ~ link

Pope planning visit to United Kingdom ~ link

Moon water creates an atmosphere problem ~ link ~ Yes, the story of water on the Moon struck me as very strange indeed.

School lunch scam - Corporate pigs at the trough - video ~ link

What happens when schools care - Healthy school lunches - video ~link

Thursday, September 24, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Lord Stirling will be on the NutraMedical Report today from 4 pm to 5 pm CST.

China unmoved on Iran sanctions ~ link

Bibi 666 Netanyahu: Iran could 'bring terrorism beyond our wildest dreams' if it gets nuclear weapons ~ link ~ Dear old Bibi, the man most likely to start WWIII, is the best lier that I have ever seen. The Iranian nuclear program, according to all the independent experts, is NOT a weapons grade program, just a civilian power-plant program. However, they ALREADY have a STRATEGIC MAD (mutually assured destruction) COUNTER-FORCE AGAINST ISRAEL, NORTH AMERICA, AND THE EUROPEAN UNION in their Advanced Biological program. Bibi does NOT mention this because it is a cause to AVOID WAR not a reason for war with Iran.

During current US visit Netanyahu refuses to rule out military strike on Iran ~ link ~ Bibi the ultimate war-hawk; he cares not if his nation is destroyed or the entire world for that matter, just so he gets his war. Total evil!

Russia completes automatic control system for Bushehr nuclear power plant ~ link ~ The nuclear fuel rods were delivered in January by Russia. This makes the site extremely dangerous if bombed. Nuclear radiation would spread over a large area, killing a million or so people directly and spreading all over the Northern Hemisphere, thereby causing many cancers/illnesses/deaths over the next several decades.

Ahmadinejad: Iran not a threat to USA but an opportunity ~ link ~ Unfortunately the Illumunati and the Lukid/Neocon hard liners/war hawks see it as a different type of 'opportunity'. They will get their war very soon now and it will begin the greatest killing blood orgy in human history, making WWII, WWI, and all the rest of humanity's bloody wars look like 'Sunday school picnics' by comparison.

The Waldorf-Astoria Summit - First round: Binyamin Netanyahu vs. Barak Obama - Bibi wins ~ link ~ Sorry, but I disagree with the whole premise of this article. I think that the 'dispute' between the Netanyahu and Obama governments is all 'smoke and mirrors'. The real telling thing is the arrival of US Navy anti-missile destroyers and cruisers this week off shore of Israel and the coming air defense joint 'exercise' between USA and Israel. We are dramatically spiking up their air defense capabilities just prior to an attack on Iran.

Escalation Scenarios: The Third World War and Its Aftermath ~ link

Iran loses its sole AEW/AWACS aircraft in air crash during annual parade ~ link ~ Not good for Iran at this time. I wonder how the Mossad managed to pull this one off?

The Great Fed-Financed Dollar Decline and Stock Market Rally of 2009 ~ link ~ Good article!

Interview with Marc Faber - video - Calls Fed chief a criminal ~ link ~ Very Interesting!

Tehran dumps Dollar for Euro ~ link

Police harassment greets G-20 protesters ~ link ~ More growing fascism in USA.

A Novel Idea - World's 'second richest man' says 'tax the rich' - by Ralph Nader ~ link

Honduran military attempts to starve Manuel Zelaya out ~ link ~ This could blow over, or become a major event in Central America, or even become tied into the coming Third World War. Time will tell.

Thousands defy curfew in Honduras to support their President ~ link

Brazil urges action on Honduras ~ link

De facto President of Honduras denies power cutoff to Brazil Embassy ~ link

Swine Flu "vaccine" recipients could be tracked by RFID bracelet ~ link ~ RFID bracelet or under the skin in the hand or forehead, this is the 'Mark of the Beast' from the Book of Revelations in the Bible.

Evidence of Thimerosal, H1N1 in Seasonal Flu Vaccine ~ link ~ At this point in time it is best to avoid ALL vaccines.

Swine Flu "Vaccine" is a Bioweapon ~ link ~ Yes it is.

French scientist: The French military has been ordered to prepare for forced vaccinations and arrests of demonstrators ~ link ~ That little Napoleon-want-a-be President is going to kill off a large part of the French Nation for his Illumunati masters. Consider this: At the present, Swine Flu is NOT near as dangerous as normal seasonal flu. So why this global emergency to "vaccinate" billions of people with some untested "vaccine" for a disease not really dangerous. If the A/H1N1 virus mutates into a much more dangerous version, the existing "vaccine" WILL NOT work - the protein coating of the mutated virus will be changed and the "vaccine" will either provide NO PROTECTION or limited protection at best. So why the "vaccine"??? The answer is that it is NOT a Vaccine but a biowar agent designed to kill us off when the time is right.

List of USA states which have implemented legal actions to the A/H1N1 Swine Flu virus ~ link

Charles Clark tells Brown to quit to save Labour ~ link

Obama to bypass Congress to detain suspects indefinitely ~ link ~ Unconstitutional and totally wrong.

'Non-Lethal Weapons': An instrument of Social Control ~ link ~ Yes, 'social control' like the type that Hitler and Stalin were so good at!

Northeast Passage poses new problems for US Coast Guard ~ link

Daycare worker told that she will be fired for refusing mandatory Swine Flu "Vaccine" ~ link ~ Just one damn minute! Our bodies do NOT belong to our employers or the government. Talk about basic human rights, the right to control what goes into your body is just about as basic as it gets. Anyone threatened should seek a protective order from a local or federal court as soon as possible. Tell the bastards to go to hell where they belong!

Khadafy's 'gun girls' women bodyguards ~ link ~ You cannot make this stuff up.

Illuminati sabotage patriot communication ~ link

Questioning Chemotherapy ~ link ~ My wife died of ovarian cancer after the horrors of chemo. I can relate to this article. Check into a Rife machine if you have cancer!

Was the Arctic Sea really hijacked by pirates ~ link ~ Yet another story about what 'really' happened.

Three spacecraft spot evidence of water on Moon ~ link ~ link ~ link

Scottish Government wants to replace BBC with SBC (Scottish Broadcasting Corp.) ~ link

Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg: I have a real chance of becoming the next Prime Minister ~ link ~ But only if the LibDems show a real and very substantial difference between them and the Tories and Labour. Also see: Clegg: Why I want to be PM - video ~ link ~

Gordon Brown snubbed by Obama ~ link ~ link

Massive hoard of Dark Ages Anglo-Saxon gold found in Staffordshire ~ link ~ link ~ link

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

David Rockefeller and Larry Silverstein (owner of 9/11 World Trade Towers) implicated in new pandemic charges filed by Dr. Leonard Horowitz ~ link ~ Illumunati members; Rockefeller is at the very high second string level - second only to the Rothschilds.

Joseph Moshe - Mossad Microbiologist: Swine Flu "Vaccine" is a bioweapon ~ link ~ Interesting story.

Long Island, NY nurses to rally against mandatory Swine Flu "vaccines" ~ link ~ The power of freedom at work.

Albany, NY nurses plan rally to protest mandatory Swine Flu shots ~ link ~ This needs to spread throughout the world. Don't let the evil bastards take us down without a whimper!

Antichristian elite intends to herd people in 'electronic death camp' to gain absolute power over them ~ link ~ Using RFID chips and advanced police state technology to create a virtual slave state for the human race.

Black Sea Wars by Patrick J. Buchanan ~ link

Vince Cable faces tax policy based mutiny at LibDem Conference ~ link ~ The Liberal Democrats in the UK could end up as the Official Opposition Party after the next election. If they really stood out as different from the normal political class operatives, they could even capture Parliament.

Bill Clinton on Al Gore: "I thought he was in Neverland" ~ link

Obama science czar John Holdren: Constitution backs compulsory abortion ~ link ~ What a evil crackpot.

US-NATO using military might to control world energy resources ~ link ~ I really don't fully agree with this article. For one thing, a great deal of money and effort goes into keeping very low cost energy technology suppressed. I have personally known the inventors of two break-through technologies that were/are suppressed. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers and some other Illumunati families control the oil business and the oil trading centers. This is one of the sources of their great wealth but there is no real need for oil/gasoline in the 21st Century, except for the fact that key technologies are being suppressed.

Former CIA Inspector General confirms BBC torture report with politically and legally explosive information ~ link ~ Have no fear, the coming General Middle East War will bury this story and the legal implications.

Federal Reserve System: Tight Lending and Underemployment may slow recovery ~ link ~ Fox pack: Hen house raids may effect chicken's lives.

Venture capital funding takes big plunge ~ link ~ Bad indicator!

The Rise of Israel's Rabbis - with videos ~ link ~
The growing power of rabbis in the military is very controversial in Israel, and for good reason. One problem is that some rabbis are into the Talmudic belief that only Jews have souls, that the rest of humanity are simply two legged soulless animals. This racist thinking leads to war crimes.

Netanyahu - known as "Mr. Iran" in Israel: Iran regime is 'weaker than people think' ~ link ~ Bibi is a evil/slick/crazy nut-job that cannot wait to begin WWIII.

President Zelaya is Back in Honduras w/photos ~ link ~ The Obama Administration could force Honduras to end the coup, but they won't. In fact it is highly likely that the US organized or at least assisted in the coup.

Record breaking Granny: 1,400 relatives ~ link

The Soviets had a nuclear Doomsday 'Machine' ~ link ~ A 'doomsday plan/device/etc.' is a MAD (mutually assured destruction) policy. I maintain that the Iranians have such a policy and capacity based on their known Advanced Biological Warfare program. I seem to be about the only one warning of this. Nevertheless the danger is massive and very real.

Catholic Legionaries' future in balance as Rome investigates order ~ link

Massive red dust haze covers Sydney ~ link

Taliban now targeting descendants of Alexander the Great ~ link

Drunk Russian President Boris Yeltsin tried to hail taxi outside White House in his underpants ~ link ~ You cannot make this stuff up.

Some individuals in vegetative states can learn ~ link

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

International Atomic Energy Agency denies news report that it is sure that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons ~ link ~ Another Psych Ops false story bites the dust. Of course, the procedure is to throw a vast amount of false stories on the wall, some will 'stick', and often times the retraction or correction gets very little coverage. By the time the war actually breaks out, many people will believe that Iran has some massive nuclear weapons program along with a truly massive ICBM program designed to kill all of America/Europe/Israel. That this is all lies does not matter to those creating it, 'truth is the first causality of war'.

Afghanistan: Caution Deja Vu - America Has Been Here Before - Vietnam ~ link ~ War is very profitable. This war ties in with the Greater Israel plan to reshape the Middle East. The Illumunati are satanists and satan demands blood sacrifices.

General Stanley A. McChrystal: More Forces in Afghanistan or 'Mission Failure' ~ link ~ More blood, more money, more hell on earth.

Gordon Brown seeks fewer British troops in Afghanistan ~ link ~ By and large the British people want NO troops in Afghanistan.

Yushchenko Unrepentant as his fellow Ukrainians sour on his Orange Revolution ~ link ~ They 'have his number', he is simply a Neocon and Illumunati front man and they want no part of him anymore.

Landmark Decision: Massive relief for homeowners and trouble for the banks ~ link ~ Trouble for the banks only because of their basic corruption.

Children under 10 need 2 doses of Swine Flu "Vaccine" ~ link ~ For God's sake DON'T ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN/GRANDCHILDREN TO TAKE THIS VACCINE.

Despite anti-vitamin D bias, CDC stumbles on H1N1 deficiency link ~ link ~ Take vitamin D not the "Vaccine".

Accidental prescription drug deaths spike upwards ~ link ~ Take as few prescription drugs as you can. In about 25% of the time, they don't work as advertised but the dangers remain.

Seven steps to start lucid dreaming ~ link

Derivatives and Debt are the needles of finance ~ link

The Economy Is A Lie, Too by Paul Craig Roberts former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury ~ link ~ This is a great article, a 'must read'.

If Credit is NOT Created Out of Excess Reserves - What Does That Mean? ~ link

Is THIS How the Bank Bailout Money is Being Used? - with video ~ link

G-20: Globalization Goes Bankrupt ~ link

Idea of a weakened Fed gaining traction in Washington ~ link ~ The privately owned (Rothschild, Rockefeller, etc.) Federal Reserve System is unconstitutional and one of the greatest all-time rip-offs in history. It should be abolished and the debt owed it repudiated for constitutional reasons.

Americans HIT HARD by Depression ~ link

Homeowners, with good credit, who 'strategically default' on loans a growing problem for banks ~ link

Many young Americans are going to China for jobs as US job market dries up ~ link

Dear President Obama: Blogs fact-check and put stories in context much better than the corporate media ~ link ~ The flow of communications via the mainstream media is controlled by six companies in America. What passes for news is mostly propaganda. Many people are wise to this BS and turn to the Internet/alternative news sources. Other people are simply too dumb and/or too scared to think for themselves and question authority and they still take the propaganda 'hook line and sinker'.

'Rural Brain Drain' turns small towns into Ghost Towns ~ link

Obama supports CIA torture probe ~ link ~ Good! Now lets see if anyone of importance is actually criminally charged and convicted and sentenced to prison.

Georgia says Russian patrols off Abkhazia's coast show 'military aims' ~ link ~ This is a Georgian site. The Russian Coast Guard is there in RESPONSE to Georgia engaging in a blockade of Abkhazia; blockades are an act of war under international law.

EU to blame Georgia for the South Ossetian War - with video ~ link

US counsels Georgia to use 'Strategic Patience' ~ link ~ Whatever that means.

China compares its military might to West's ~ link

Ousted President Zelaya returns to Honduras ~ link

Brazil urges Zelaya not to provoke Honduras coup leaders - Manuel Zelaya holed up in Brazilian Embassy in Honduras - with video ~ link

Chancellor Merkel's lead in polls is narrowing as election grows near ~ link

Pakistan in raid on US Embassy's security firm ~ link