Friday, July 31, 2009

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Did Christ actually reveal the name of the 'Antichrist' - Barack Obama ~ link ~ There have been many who have claimed various world leaders as the actual Antichrist. What most forget is that the actual 'Antichrist' has to be a Israeli leader, a warlike Israeli leader who begins the Final War. Since Obama is not an Israeli leader he cannot be "The Antichrist". He might, however, be the False Prophet, named in the Bible in connection with the Antichrist. I often refer to Bibi Netanyahu as 666. This is not just me being a wise ass. IF dear old Bibi, already up to his eyeballs in the NeoCon false flag strategy/operations, begins a war on Iran that turns into World War III, he could well go down in history as the actual Biblical 'Antichrist'. So much has been hyped about the Antichrist, especially by Hollywood, that most people have no real concept of the meaning of the term. The real 'Antichrist' is an Israeli leader who begins a war that will kill 2/3 of the human race and that only with the return of Jesus Christ Himself will the remainder of the human population be spared. We are living in the first time in human history where this level of destruction/deaths can actually happen. The Bible says one-third will die of plague - which to me sounds like the modern day recombination DNA Advanced Biological Warfare (including the man-created A/H1N1 and the so-called 'vaccine' for same). The Bible also says another one-third of the human race will die of 'wormwood', that the "waters will turn bitter". We now know what this "wormwood" and waters turning bitter means. It refers to a village in the Ukraine where there was a nuclear reactor meltdown, that village is named Chernobyl. The word Chernobyl translates into "wormwood" and "bitterwood". This means that one-third of the world will die from a nuclear/radiological war, that the waters of the earth will themselves be radiologically contaminated.

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Burma's (Myanmar) military junta building secret nuclear reactor and plutonium extraction facilities with North Korean help ~ link ~ Remember the recent story about the North Korean ship - the Nam Kam 1, reportedly headed to Burma, that turned around rather than risk being boarded by allied naval warships.

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

The Truth about the Flu Shot ~ link

Plans for 'vaccine' bracelets to be forced on people at roadblocks ~ link ~ Sounds like the 'Mark of the Beast' to me. I would expect this to quickly become a RFID chip instead of a bracelet. WAKE UP PEOPLE THIS IS FOR REAL!

"Recession" twice as bad as 'previously estimated' ~ link ~ The worst is yet to come.

We all have a 'Destiny' and it's written in hearts and souls in God's secret imprint ~ link

Swine Flu infection rate may have reached plateau ~ link

Pet cat catches the daily bus for four years ~ link

How YOU finance Goldman Sach' profits ~ link

Did Christ actually reveal the name of the 'Antichrist' - Barack Obama ~ link ~ There have been many who have claimed various world leaders as the actual Antichrist. What most forget is that the actual 'Antichrist' has to be a Israeli leader, a warlike Israeli leader who begins the Final War. Since Obama is not an Israeli leader he cannot be "The Antichrist". He might, however, be the False Prophet, named in the Bible in connection with the Antichrist. I often refer to Bibi Netanyahu as 666. This is not just me being a wise ass. IF dear old Bibi, already up to his eyeballs in the NeoCon false flag strategy/operations, begins a war on Iran that turns into World War III, he could well go down in history as the actual Biblical 'Antichrist'. So much has been hyped about the Antichrist, especially by Hollywood, that most people have no real concept of the meaning of the term. The real 'Antichrist' is an Israeli leader who begins a war that will kill 2/3 of the human race and that only with the return of Jesus Christ Himself will the remainder of the human population be spared. We are living in the first time in human history where this level of destruction/deaths can actually happen. The Bible says one-third will die of plague - which to me sounds like the modern day recombination DNA Advanced Biological Warfare (including the man-created A/H1N1 and the so-called 'vaccine' for same). The Bible also says another one-third of the human race will die of 'wormwood', that the "waters will turn bitter". We now know what this "wormwood" and waters turning bitter means. It refers to a village in the Ukraine where there was a nuclear reactor meltdown, that village is named Chernobyl. The word Chernobyl translates into "wormwood" and "bitterwood". This means that one-third of the world will die from a nuclear/radiological war, that the waters of the earth will themselves be radiologically contaminated.

Congress will add billions more to the 'cash for clunkers' program ~ link ~ The program has been so wildly successful that instead of the money holding out till November, it is all gone at the end of July. Can you imagine what would have happened, if instead of spending TRILLIONS on saving the crooks in the investment banks and Wall Street, we had issued every American over 18 a special debit card with say $25,000 credit that could only be used on products made totally in America. Since most things that we purchase are in fact made in China, there would be a massive re-opening of our American factories, with American employees being hired, to take advantage of all that cash out there just waiting for something to spend it on. The same could be done in other developed nations. However, this would have actually ended the economic crisis/new Great Depression and the Illuminati would not have any of that. After all they spend a lot of time and effort setting this all up as part of their End Game strategy to revamp the world into a one-world high tech slave state government/New World Order.

The Pornographic Conspiracy ~ link

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: United Kingdom national security and the lives of its citizens will be placed at risk if Britain reveals what the CIA did to torture a detainee ~ link ~ You cannot make this kind of crap up. It is simply too insane.

Political writer for the New York Times on US Congressmen and Senators: "They're all emotional freaks" - video ~ link

Banks paid billions in bonuses amid crisis ~ link

Burma's military junta building secret nuclear reactor and plutonium extraction facilities with North Korean help ~ link ~ Remember the recent North Korean ship that was believed headed to Burma but turned back rather than face being stopped at sea by allied naval warships. This could also account for China's recent crackdown on North Korea.

Sorcha Faal: "Radio to God" project vandalized by top scientist ~ link ~ I rarely do links to Sarcha's writings as I feel they are usually unreliable (but do make for fun reading). However, every now and then there is enough material of worth in one of her articles that I will link to it. Use your own judgment, but down a bit in the article it has some interesting information.

The Swine Flu 'vaccine' will contain mercury! ~ link

Swine Flu shock - Is it a biological weapon? ~ link ~ If you think it is naturally occurring than you should also believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, etc.

Scientists describe how 1918 Spanish Flu virus sample was exhumed in Alaska ~ link ~ This is the age of DNA recombination genetically engineering. That is why we have had a number of new viruses (Aids, Ebola, Marberg, Bird Flu, Mexican Swine Flu, etc.). Now they want to force the entire world to take their secret new untested vaccine. Just trust them - sure! If you have even half a brain, do NOT take the vaccine!

Ancient British noble title of Baron for sale - reduced for quick sale to offers over GBP 30,000 ~ link

Disorderly Conduct: Conversation about Gates arrest precedes arrest ~ link ~ What is concerning many people is this march to fascism that such arrests indicate.

Lord Mandelson for Prime Minister ~ link ~ This gay Neo-Con is simply too hated to ever be elected in a fair election - but the key could be "fair election". By the way, despite the tone of the article, a Peer, who is a member of the House of Lords, can become the Prime Minister.

South Ossetia takes artillery fire from Georgian territory ~ link ~ The war in Georgia 11 months ago was about Israel wanting a air base for their coming air war on northern Iran and setting up a series of events to bring Russia into the coming global Third World War. There were over 1,000 Israel commando fighting for the Georgians, and Israeli generals were doing at least some of the actual commanding.

BBC: US manufacturing jobs go to China ~ link ~ The shift of the North American and European manufacturing base to the People's Republic of China has been the greatest mass transfer of wealth in human history. It is all part of the Illuminati End Game for breaking the back of the advanced First World Nations on the path towards a global New World Order/one-world high tech slave state.

Marc Faber: Recent rally is the result of excess liquidity - The worst is yet to come ~ link ~ That's what I think. I also think that the worse will be VERY BAD.

University of Alabama implements mandatory vaccination program ~ link ~ Sounds like good grounds for a lawsuit to me.

First World War bodies to be identified ~ link ~ This article is also a good reminder of the total evil insanity of the 'Great War'. A war organized by the ancestors of those pulling the strings and taking us into the Third World War.

DeBorchgrave on the fantasy of fighting the Afghan War ~ link ~ The Afghanistan War is not suppose to be 'won', no more than the Vietnam War was. It is a long term profit for the military-industrial complex, for the owners of the Federal Reserve, and a key part of the plan to take down America and the world's financial organization as part of the End Game of building the New World Order.

As the American People grow more desperate - a Constitution in Full Crisis ~ link

United Kingdom churches alters worship rituals over Swine Flu fears ~ link

Ireland to accept two Guantanamo detainees ~ link

French Air Force general to take over NATO command in Norfolk, Virginia ~ link

US may ask Australia for Afghan military help - situation in Afghanistan War serious ~ link ~ Just why in the hell are we still fighting in that dusty hellhole? We went in because we were lied to about who was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. The majority of people in America and a very large part of the world no longer believe the official conspiracy theory that some 6'6" Arab sat on his butt in a Afghan cave and organized it all (and caused the USAF to stand down and caused the laws of physics to change, etc.).

War Chief of the Crow Nation to receive US presidential metal ~ link ~ He earned it!

UK opens independent Iraq War probe ~ link ~ We will see if Sir John Chilcot and his fellow Privy Councilors do a right proper job of it and get at the real truth.

Tony Blair to be key 'star witness' as Iraq War probe launched ~ link ~ The truth could kill Phony Tony's hopes to be first President of Europe.

British Iraq War hearings to be shown on television ~ link ~ Good, this will allow many to question the hearings if they are just a 'put up job' to hide what really happened.

Swedes demand explanation from Venezuela government over how Swedish supplied arms ended up with Columbian rebels ~ link

Argentina and Brazil want patent rights lifted on A/H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine ~ link ~ Sounds like the leadership in these nations wants to control what goes into their citizens bodies and do not trust WHO and Big Pharma.

Royal funeral marks the end of India's Imperial era ~ link

Thursday, July 30, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Obama: More bad economic news coming ~ link

Gunmen kill Mexican police commander and his wife and four children in their home ~ link

Banks paid out $32.6 Billion in bonuses while receiving $175 Billion from the taxpayers ~ link ~ A few months ago, I ran an article of mine titled "Hang the Bastards, Or at least Bring Criminal Charges". This was about why none of the crooks in the major banks or Wall Street have even been called before a Grand Jury, much less actually charged with fraud for the loss of BILLIONS. If you rob a convenience store of a few dollars you get years in prison but if you rob the bank's stockholders and then the nation itself, you get massive cash bonuses! This is really telling as to where the real power is.

Obama relents to judge's order on releasing Guantanamo detainee ~ link ~ This detainee was a teenager who was accused of fighting American troops. Operative word is "accused". He was never tried and convicted. In fact, it is believed that many of the Guantanamo detainees were simple victims of rival tribal groups who "turned in" the names of various "terrorists" for sizable sums of money. Of course, under Bush, the detainees were seriously mistreated in direct violation of the Geneva Conventions and the Obama Administration has been desperate to keep them behind bars so that they cannot tell their story or file human rights lawsuits. In many nations (including America by the way), people can file lawsuits against current or past political leaders for human rights violations and obtain sizable judgments against their personal assets, regardless of governmental immunity laws. Many nations claim 'universal jurisdiction' in cases of human rights violations, so a former detainee can sue Bush and Obama and various top officials in say Europe or Canada and get a very large judgment against their personal property and assets and have this enforced.

USA promises to relax its restrictions on hi-tech exports to China ~ link ~ Giving away the 'crown jewels' to your biggest creditor.

China cracks down on human rights lawyers ~ link ~ The heavy handed power of the Communist Party; America says nothing about this as China is buying a large part of our debt.

Vitamin D - A true wonder drug - video ~ link ~ Take Vitamin D not the Swine Flu vaccine.

GMO Scandal: The Long Term Effects of Genetically Modified Food on Humans ~ link ~ Sad to say that there are many powerful persons in the various governments around the world, and in corporate boardrooms, that do not care who they kill or how many they kill as long as they get something out of it. With the current level of immorality at such very high levels, coupled with our high technology, the human race will not survive for long without the direct intervention of God.

The Zionist Plan for World Depopulation ~ link ~ I don't agree with the Zionist part, but this article has some good information in it. I feel that the plan is Illuminati based (centered on the handful of global banking families) not Jewish or Zionist based.

Obama's secret emergency escape plan leaked on-line ~ link ~ Something about this story is not right. I cannot help but think that this is a setup to get the proposed legislation on file sharing passed.

US Homeland Security Secretary urges Americans to join a "collective fight against terrorism" ~ link ~ I totally agree with her. Let's begin by bringing the true terrorists involved in 9/11 to criminal trial....that would include Bush/Cheney and other senior administration officials, senior Israeli governmental officials, etc.

The Ultimate October Surprise - The close of the financial year on September 30 will result in a full-scale financial crash no later than mid-October ~ link ~ Could be. Could be that is why American Embassies around the world have been told to have large amounts of local cash on hand by this coming September.

New tensions as North Korea Navy seizes South Korean fishing boat ~ link

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Israel ups the tempo in another attempt to kick start a fight with Lebanon ~ link ~ I long ago said (please see the archives) that Israel would want to 'take-out' the rockets/missiles in Lebanon before starting a war with Iran - that was what the Second Lebanon War was all about but Israel lost that war. If Israel were to begin a war in Lebanon and this time really go after the Iranian/Syrian rocket/missile force there, Iran would in effect 'have to' intervene or lose one of the most important aspects of its military force against Israel. That would allow Israel to claim that 'Iran started the war'.

Britain's propaganda offensive on behalf of Afghan War ~ link ~ The reason for the war was the false-flag attack of 9/11, which most people in the UK/EU/USA/etc. now no longer believe in. So why are we still there, waisting billions and countless lives?

Traces of Aramaic language on the Holy Shroud of Turin ~ link ~ More evidence that this is the real burial cloth of Jesus Christ.

Russia and Iran Join Hands ~ link

Obama's military is spying on US peace groups ~ link ~ This reminds me of Nixon and the Vietnam War. Real 'change' here Obama!

Prof. Gates Unconstitutional Arrest ~ link ~ This is an excellent article. It points out the real issue, the growing fascist unconstitutional behavior of police departments in America.

The Death of Liberty: The Final Scene Unfolds ~ link ~ This article is about the growing fascist behavior by police departments in the USA.

Spitzer: Federal Reserve is 'a Panzi scheme, an inside job' ~ link

Helen Thomas: Obama Ignores Torture ~ link ~ Obama is simply a 'front man' doing the bidding of the same people who have been running America for a long time.

British title of Baron/Baroness for sale ~ link

Top 6 ways to identify genetically modified foods - video ~ link

Origins of the American Empire: Revolution, World Wars and World Order ~ link ~ Good article from an broad overview perspective, but leaves lots of specifics out.

A collection of links on Swine Flu vaccine:
Kids used to test flu vaccine - video ~ link
What you can do to prevent forced mandatory Swine Flu vaccinations ~ link
Australia: Kids' swine flu vaccine trials to start ~ link
Cincinnati Children's Hospital to test swine flu vaccine ~ link
Abu Dhabi: All pupils to get swine flu vaccine ~ link
Children needed for Australian swine flu trail ~ link
Reactions to the Threat of Pandemic Vaccine Panic: Don't Jab Us! ~ link
Canada: Vaccine will not be mandatory ~ link
Government Lies and Vaccine Danger Cover-ups ~ link
Fast-tracked Swine Flu Vaccine under Fire ~ link
Health officials admit fast-tracked H1N1 vaccines will not be tested for SAFETY ~ link
WHO recommends MANDATORY injections to almost 200 nations ~ link
US military to be deeply involved in A/H1N1 outbreak/vaccines ~ link
Swine Flu shot may rely on emergency use of EXPERIMENTAL ADDITIVES ~ link
US and Canada may use EXPERIMENTAL ADDITIVES in Swine Flu shots ~ link

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Earl of Stirling's Public Speaking Fees

The Earl of Stirling is available for public speaking events. Fees are US$5,000 per event in North America and US$7,000 elsewhere, plus travel expenses. Contact Lord Stirling at

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Federal Reserve System Chairman Ben Bernanke: This may be worst than the Great Depression ~ link ~ He should know, the Fed created this new Great Depression 2.0 just like it created the 1930s one.

Gordon Brown rewrites history (WWI) ~ link ~ The writer's comments about the horrific and evil nature of the First World War are right on the button. WWI was set up by the global banking families who made vast sums of profit from all sides in the orgy of mass murder called WWI and used the events to reshape the world to set up even more blood orgies for later years. These same people's descendants are in power and doing the same thing today, only with far greater and more horrific technologies of mass murder involved.

Obama places Monsanto lobbyist in charge of food safety ~ link ~ Obama places fox in charge of hen house security. Maybe this is what he meant by 'CHANGE'.

Foreign journalists receive rare tour of China's People's Liberation Army ~ link

Fear that Swine Flu (A/H1N1) can infect the brains of unborn babies ~

12,000 US children to be swine flu vaccine guinea pigs ~ link

The real US unemployment rate at 68-year high - Worst since the end of the Great Depression ~ link ~ While the sheeple watch 'reality television' their real world is being destroyed.

Afghanistan: Training Ground for War on Russia - NATO Trains Finland and Sweden for conflict with Russia ~ link ~ Swedish troops in combat for the first time in almost 200 years. As the sheeple sleep, their 'leaders' drag them ever closer to total global war.

Touched by Padre Pio's guardian angels ~ link

Hawaii: Obama born in Hawaii ~ link

VP Joe Biden's comments hits a nerve in Russia ~ link ~ Before we let these clowns drag the world into a war with Russia (with its tens of thousands of nuclear weapons) maybe we should ask WHY?

Pakistan vs. India - In humor, truth - video ~ link

Do drug companies secretly favor a world flu pandemic? ~ link ~ Do bears shit in the woods?

Congressman John Conyers says 'no point in congressmen reading proposed health care bill' - It's 1,000 pages long and they would need two lawyers and a couple of days to understand it ~ link ~ My oh my, what can you hide in legal bs that is 1,000 pages long?!! When any congress, parliament or other legislative body passes such a bill they should be voted out of office. Laws should be clear and understandable by a person of average intelligence. Also see: You're (Probably) a Federal Criminal ~ link ~ Federal criminal laws are now written so complex and all encompassing that most of us are felons in our own land without any real criminal acts or any intent.

Ancient Barony of Greenan for sale at GBP 50,000 ~ link

Israel's menacing rhetoric toward Lebanon and threats toward Iran are intrinsically linked ~ link ~ I have said before (please see archives) that war on Iran means war on Lebanon and war on Syria and war on Palestine.

Bibi 666 Netanyahu: Israel wants 'understanding' with USA ~ link ~ An understanding like in they 'will make us an offer that we cannot refuse'. War is coming and soon.

US Secretary of Defense Gates (SecDef to both Bush and Obama): Iran is a threat to Israel and America ~ link ~ His 'threat' is based on the supposed Iranian nuclear weapons program. No official sources go into any detail concerning the MAD counter-force that Iran has with Israel, America, NATO and EU based on their Advanced Biological warfare program.

Israel - Anything it takes to stop Iranian nukes ~ link ~ The world is slipping into total evil and madness as we plunge headfirst into the Third World War/Armageddon.

Burak warns Iran over Israeli strike on nuclear facilities ~ link ~ The strike alone, even without the Isreali use of nukes, would release a cloud of radiation that would kill one to several millions of human beings.

How Constant War Became the American Way of Life ~ link ~ War is a three letter word that is opposite of another three letter word 'God'.

British voters turn against Afghanistan War ~ link ~ 20 Brits killed in the last month in a unnecessary war based on lies.

Former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin reveals existence of Monolith on Mars Moon - video ~ link ~ If this is real, I would say he was 'talking outside of class' and disclosing information that he is not suppose to.

Massive FEMA/DHS Terrorism Simulation - Is up and running for 5 days - No mainstream news media coverage ~ link ~ Interesting, very interesting.

Martial Law and the Militarization of Public Health: The Worldwide H1N1 Flu Vaccination Program ~ link ~ Very good article with lots of interrelated stuff like war and economic crisis mixed in.

US Bailout could be as high as $23.7 TRILLION (or even higher) ~ link ~ This is a 'stealing orgy' for the Illuminati (the greatest one in history) - they are the thieves and we are the victims.

Obscene health care costs has Americans going to India for surgery ~ link ~ America has the world's most expensive health care system but it ranks way down the list in terms of quality.

Archbishop of Canterbury warns about ordination of gay clergy ~ link ~ The Christian teachings on homosexual sex are clearly opposed to it. Having officially gay clergy (unlike the large number of secret gay Catholic priests, monks, and nuns) presents serious problems with sticking to the Bible regarding sex.

Lucifer's Playground - The Illuminati New World Order gay agenda test zone that is Denmark ~ link

Profiles in Illuminati mind-slaves II ~ link

Sinister Sites - British National Memorial and Arboretum ~ link ~ Illuminati architecture hidden in plain sight. Most people never stop to think what the architecture means in symbolism.

Conditioning by Music ~ link ~ Illuminati/Luciferian music. Most people don't think of the hidden messages in things like music and the culture that is created by 'popular' singers/actors/etc. The Illuminati treat the public like mushrooms - kept in the dark and fed crap.

Monday, July 27, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak: War with Iran NOT off the table ~ link ~ The Israeli Grand Strategy is so deeply messed up, it makes no sense to continue the near-war levels with their Arab neighbors and with Iran. That the leaders of Israel continue to rush headlong into a nuclear-chemical-advanced biological nightmare with Iran is beyond crazy.

The 'When Pigs Fly' Flu - Common Cinnamon may kill the flu ~ link ~ Good article.

British Cabinet Minister Douglas Alexander: It is becoming increasingly difficult for politicians to explain to the British public the 'tough message' of the high death toll in Afghanistan ~ link ~ Douglas Alexander is one of the sharpest ministers in Brown's Cabinet.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich: The Federal Reserve is paying banks NOT to make loans to struggling Americans - video ~ link ~ This is one Democratic congressman that I really like. The new Great Depression 2.0 (current 'financial crisis') is a scam, organized/created/controlled by the Illuminati owned Federal Reserve System.

FDR chickened out from making real economic reform ~ link ~ That is because he was a Illuminati front man, like so many others. They just do their evil masters bidding and to hell with the rest of us.

Startling New Evidence That The 'Swine Flu' Pandemic Is Man-Made ~ link

Unconstitutional 'Hate' Bill passes the US Senate ~ link ~ Hardly a month goes past without some further major eroding of Americans rights.

The Honduran Coup and the Clinton connection ~ link

911 Call and police audio in Gates arrest released by police ~ link ~ I think that the real issue here is not so much racial but of police overstepping the constitutional bounds. Once Gates clearly established, by showing photo ID, that he was the resident/owner of the house, the police had no business there and should have left at once. Gates did not have to "kiss their butts", he had every right to tell them to get the hell off of his property. They had NO BUSINESS in arresting him. He should sue them for a large amount of money to remind them that they are not 'gods' above us but law officers operating under the US Constitution. Obama was right to criticize the police, too bad he was forced to backtrack for speaking the truth.

Czeck President in bid to derail controversial EU Lisbon Treaty ~ link ~ Good for him!

North Korea shifts tactics - Ready to talk about nuclear weapons ~ link ~China is the key here. If China uses pressure to force an agreement on the North there will be an agreement.

PM Brown signals an end to bloody Afghanistan offensive ~ link

Get Vitamin D NOT the 'flu shot' - video ~ link

Obama - where have all his records gone? ~ link ~ It is strange that he has not produced the key definitive records that would end the issue of his citizenship.

Obama's new war - He didn't start it but he's going to escalate it - video ~ link

America's new-old military thinking ~ link ~ The trouble with 'American' strategy is that it is not American. It is dominated by globalist forces and Israeli-first supporters who are simply using America for their own ends at America's expense.

Four top American officials to caution Israel on settlements and war on Iran ~ link ~ Don't expect Bibi to cave in, he still holds the trump cards on any showdown with Obama (if in fact the public disagreements are real).

Group of eminent British economists send apology to the Queen for failing to have predicted the current financial crisis ~ link ~ The signs of coming trouble were there in plain sight for several years.

WWI veteran Harry Patch dies at 111 years ~ link ~ The WWI vets are from my grandparents generation. They were a tough breed, who generally had high morals, and saw vast technology based changes in their lifetimes. They are sadly almost all gone now.

US military and Cuban military quietly hold joint exercise at Guantanamo Bay ~ link

New harsh criticism from VP Biden surprises Russia ~ link ~ What is shocking is that Biden and Obama are digging up old Cold War bs to make Russia into an enemy of America, when it does not want to be such an enemy. You have to ask yourself WHY do this? Russia has a super-power's level of nuclear weapons, why 'want' such a nation to be your enemy??? The USSR and the Cold War are long dead, why dig all this up for the 21st Century? Why does the mainstream news media go along with all of this? Sounds like a well co-ordinated Grand Strategy from some evil people to me.

Indian Prime Minister to launch first Indian developed/built nuclear submarine ~ link ~ The growing level of WMD based military technology on the Indian sub-continent is getting scary.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

USA escalates War Plans In Latin America ~ link

Fasting to Protest Israel's Blockade of Gaza ~ link ~ The Blockade is morally wrong; it is also really stupid strategy/grand strategy.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. - Vaccinations: Deadly Immunity ~ link

Global Warming or Global Cooling? ~ link ~ Our savior Al Gore will save us either way NOT.

The Big New Jersey Bust: What they are not telling us ~ link

Looking at the Swine Flu vaccine with a skeptical eye ~ link

Saturday, July 25, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Iran vows to hit Israel's nuclear sites if attacked ~ link ~ These sites are very well protected from missile attack. Maybe Iran could pull this off but it is far from a sure thing.

Department of Homeland Security plans massive, five day, 'terrorism prevention' exercise ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Only fools still believe in the official conspiracy theory about what happened on 9/11, 7/7, etc. So why do those in the Obama Administration still feel the strong need to reinforce the lies of the Bush Administration.

Ousted President of Honduras makes brief return ~ link ~ Also see ~ link

Recalling the Downing Street Minutes - the lies that led to war ~ link

Searching for the Ark of the Covenant ~ link

Our American Train Wreck - By Accident or Design? ~ link ~ That's easy, by design!

Ion space engine: Could result in 39-day trips to Mars ~ link ~ One small problem, at the present America and most other nations are 'out of cash' to pay for this.

Friday, July 24, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Ousted President of Honduras returns to his nation ~ link

CDC: All American children should get seasonal flu shot ~ link ~ Before you allow your children or yourself to be vaccinated, ask yourself, "do you really trust your government with your very life or the life of your child". I strongly oppose these vaccines because: (1)They are mostly untested; (2)The manufactures have total immunity from lawsuits; (3)Mexican Swine Flu (A/H1N1) is clearly a man-created recombination DNA genetically engineered virus and the governments of the world have NOT acknowledged this (if they cannot be truthful about this what makes you think that they can be trusted on the vaccine); (4)The Illuminati, who have such a horrific history of causing massive deaths, are now in their End Game to establish a New World Order and it is highly likely that this virus and 'vaccine' fit into a population reduction scheme.

Catherine Austin Fitt - Swine Flu: What I Believe ~ link

Silver & Swine Flu - What Is The Truth? - You Decide ~ link

Swine Flu, the CIA and Fidel Castro ~ link ~ Story about the spread of an old form of Swine Flu in Cuba by the CIA.

Return of the Wall Street 'gravy train' sparks concern ~ link ~ So who is going to stop this, Obama or Congress? Obama and Congress are 'bought and paid for', they have sold their souls and America for wealth and power.

Beyond the rainbow bridge - Near Death and God's little creatures ~ link ~ Interesting article on what happens to our pets when they die.

Deposed Honduran President prepares risky return ~ link

Obama appoints person, who may be responsible for more food related deaths in history, as US food czar ~ link

Thursday, July 23, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

China and Russia in War Games ~ link ~ It is necessary to have two sides to fight the Third World War; China and Russia are working on their cooperative agreement to make it a full military alliance. These are also the two nations, that many feel will wage war on Israel in the coming Armageddon.

Hundreds of Israeli extremists planning Temple Mount ascent ~ link ~ That most sensitive of all real estate - the ancient Holy Temple of God.

Global Power and Global Government: Evolution and Revolution of the Central Banking System ~ link ~ Good article.

WHAT THE HECK IS THIS STUFF - Trinitite - - "If Iran needs to be invaded and occupied, to prevent them from ever developing and possibly using a nuclear weapon against the USA, then our parents and grandparents wasted untold trillions in producing nuclear weapons and subs to defend against just such a threat." ~ link ~ The real reason is satanic. There is no real logic or sense to what is about to happen in the coming war with Iran/WWIII/Armageddon.

The "Cold War" - $5 Trillion Illuminati Boondoggle ~ link ~ Ultimately, the same people were running both sides. Owning both horses in a two-horse horse race is an old Rothschild trick.

The Heart of the Israel/Gaza Conflict: What Does Gaza Have That Israel Desperately Needs? ~ link

What are Obama's investments in biotech companies apparently developing the "bird" and "swine" flu vaccine? ~ link

Scams And Bailouts: The Cause of World Depression ~ link

Summary of new set of criminal charges to be filed in Austria on Wednesday ~ link

Haaretz - Analysis: Iran can rejoice as Israel fails missile defense test ~ link ~ So the Iran War is canceled...or at least postponed? Maybe and maybe not. Also, to consider, is this just a psyop/decoy like some used before D-Day.

Israeli Arrow II anti-missile missile system fails in Pacific test ~ link ~ This could delay the Israeli attack on Iran....maybe.

Russia: Georgia plotting to stage 'provocative' incidents on border ~ link ~ This is a hot spot that will not go away as long as the USA and Israel keep stroking the fires.

Russia warns against 'rearming Georgia' - Deputy Foreign Minister says Russia "will continue TO PREVENT the rearming of Saakashvili's regime and WILL TAKE CONCRETE MEASURES AGAINST THIS" ~ link ~ The American and Israeli equipped and led Georgian Army (with over 1,000 Israeli commandos) killed over 1,000 Russian civilians in their homes in a unannounced and unprovoked attack 11 months ago. This deliberate involvement in Georgia, continued by the Obama Administration, is simply a laying of the groundwork's for the Third World War.

US Vice-President Biden: USA stand with Georgia ~ link ~ Nobody in the bought-and-paid-for US Congress or the mainstream news media even raises the question of the moral correctness of this position or the grave danger it places on the lives of 320 million Americans (and billions of others in the world).

Gordon Brown braced for defeat in key MP by-election ~ link

Senior UK Army Afghanistan commander: Brown is wrong ~ link

Title of Baron/Baroness in Scotland for sale at 50,000 UK Pounds! ~ link

Middle East atomic conflict would kill tens of millions ~ link ~ In reality, the numbers here are VERY LOW. This Canadian 'National Post' article assumes that Iran would somehow not use the global reach strategic weapon of mass destruction - Advanced Biological Warfare - that it has invested almost two decades and billions of dollars to develop. And that the use of WMD resulting in massive deaths around the globe would not result in all out WWIII.

Italy blocks purchase of two luxury yachts by North Korean dictator Kim ~ link ~ Good! His people have lost large numbers to starvation and may lose even more in the year to come but this evil bastard wants not one but two luxury yachts. The sad thing is that Kim is just a small time want-a-be compared to the global banking families.

Government by Goldman Sachs - video ~ link ~ And who do you think controls Goldman Sachs!

Journalist accuses World Health Organization of plan to commit mass murder - series of videos including one with audio from the Nutrimedical Report ~ link

Florida Congressman Alan Grayson laughs in Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's face over the half a Trillion that was lent to foreign banks - but Benanke doesn't know where it went ~ link ~ At least this Congressman has some balls.

Now Legal Immunity for Swine Flu Vaccine Makers ~ link ~ Even if you trust your government and the WHO and 'big pharma', does it not strike you as a bit much that they cannot be sued for anything they do or do not do with regard to making the Swine Flu vaccine?????

Sotomayor's confirmation vote rescheduled - Here's Why ~ link
Also see: Evidence that Sotomayor withheld self-incriminating financial information from the Senators ~ link

Adrian Salbuchi - How world government will come about - video ~ link ~ Interesting!

The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order - book review ~ link ~ You know it is interesting how the sheeple of the world just allow their elected representatives to empower the destruction of all that they hold dear. If the people just had the guts and the knowledge and the spiritual power to make life as unpleasant for the political class as it is becoming for the masses, the tiny group of globalists (Illuminati/criminal global banking families) would be gutted and their evil reign of wars and booms/recessions/depressions would be a thing of the past.

How California could turn its IOUs into dollars ~ link ~ There are many solutions to the current financial 'crisis', flu 'crisis', Middle East 'crisis', etc., but the reality is these problems are all man-created by the most powerful forces on the planet and they intend for the 'crisis ' to effect the final outcome that they have planned. The Hegelian Dialectic is the standard method that the Illuminati uses: Thesis - Anti-Thesis - Synthesis.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Is Aborted Fetal DNA in Vaccines Linked to Autism ~ link ~ Children receive up to 20 different vaccines before their third year in America and in many 'advanced' nations. The Amish, who do not vaccinate their children, do NOT have any autism cases (except for children adopted from outside their community).

Doctors Warn: Avoid Generically Modified Food ~ link

RT video: Operation in Afghanistan is rooted in Israel ~ link ~ Maybe someday America and the leading nations will be able to run their own foreign policy/economic policy/etc.....maybe.

Barack Obama's ratings fall as polls show 'honeymoon' is likely over ~ link ~ also see this site for interesting grafts ~ link ~ Obama is just a front man for some very evil bastards and while not all people understand this in detail, they do know that they don't like what they see and hear coming from the 'Obama White House'.

Drug traffickers issue death threats against three Mexican bishops ~ link

This is a stick-up: Spaniards take revenge on banks for credit crunch ~ link ~ It is well known that the way to create a recession or depression is to cut back on the flow of credit. That is what the world's central banks have done. They are following orders from the small super-elite criminal global banking families. The world's political leaders know all of this, as do the editors of the mainstream news media, but they go along with the scam. They are causing great hurt to billions now and intend to greatly compound the problems in the months ahead.

Obama has the "right" to lock up any US citizen forever without a trial - video ~ link ~ Not according to the US Constitution! However, there is a very clear line of BS that was started under Bush II and continues under Obama that as Commander-in-Chief he has such powers. Strange but one of the very reasons that we fought the Revolutionary War (which my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather and his father-in-law fought in) was to put a stop to such evil.

Schwarzenegger in deal to save California from bankruptcy - Deal requires most painful cuts in the state's history ~ link ~ Generally, what starts in California works it way across the rest of America.

Gordon Brown braces for a new poll test - Labour expected to lose by-election in 'safe' MP district ~ link

Ancient British title of Baron/Baroness for sale at 50,000 UK pounds ~ link

Imminent Erosion of US Dollar Seawall ~ link

German mass Swine Flu vaccinations start in September - Health and public workers and chronically ill to get first shots ~ link ~ Don't take the shots people.

David Icke Talks on Upcoming Swine Flu Vaccine - video ~ link ~ Good one to watch.

Netanyahu: Israel won't dismantle West Bank fence ~ link ~ I have good reason to believe that I originated the concept of the high tech security wall for Israel in my proposal for a just and lasting peace between Israel and the Arabs in Palestine and Syria, called the 'Stirling Proposal for Peace in the Middle East'. This was written at a time of repeated suicide bombings of buses and public places in Israel. The proposal went to the then Prime Minister of Israel and various Arab Heads of State. Besides a overall financial settlement to the displaced Arabs, going back to the founding of Israel, and other issues, it recommended a high tech wall to prevent terrorists from entering Israel. I was contacted by the then National Security Adviser to the Israeli PM and was told that my plan was being considered. In the end, they used ONLY the high tech wall aspect and used it in a way that it was never intended - to increase the hurt factor and hate factor in Palestine and to grab more land. Reminds me of the old saying 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions'.

Federal Reserve System Chairman Ben Bernanke: "I don't know" which foreign banks were given HALF A TRILLION in American taxpayer's money ~ link ~ The American people need to end this global banking family owned unconstitutional rip-off called the Federal Reserve System and the people in the UK need to end the Bank of England, and most central banks need to be in the control of the nations they rule over. It is the Fed that caused the current new Great Depression 2.0 and the old one in the 1930s.

Towards a Global Currency? ~ link ~ One of the key long-term goals of the Illuminati/global banking families is a global currency that they control through the IMF/etc.

Fiscal ruin of the Western world beckons - For a look at what awaits UK/EU/USA as budget deficits reach war-time levels, look at what is happening in Ireland today ~ link ~ Not a pretty picture!

Look Back Article: The AIDS virus - Made in the USA ~ link ~ It is no accident that all these new viruses just happen to be coming about in the same time period that mankind can now use recombination DNA genetic engineering to create new viruses.

The Military-Medical Complex - video ~ link

Billions of People Expected to Die Under Current CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Guidelines ~ link ~ This Codex is really bad news and the mainstream news media prints almost nothing about it.

Cheney's Inferno ~ link ~ Dick Cheney - the first arch villain of the 21st Century. He should have to pay for his crimes - big time.

White House declines to disclose visits by health industry executives ~ link

Canada and Brazil pull money out of US Treasurys ~ link ~ Not a good sign.

Who really runs Russia? ~ link

Israel and the Nutbar Factor - American public is undergoing a significant shift in its historically pro-Israel views ~ link

Vice-President Biden backs NATO membership for Ukraine - VP travels to Georgia as Saakashvili seeks more weapons ~ link ~ The Obama Administration's policies in the Ukraine and Georgia mimic the Bush Administration. NeoCon Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has as little as 2% of the population supporting him! NeoCon Georgian President Saakashvili is a drug addict nut job who killed over a 1,000 Russian civilians 11 months ago in a unnecessary/undeclared war. The reason that America is supporting these evil people has to do with an agenda that is imposed on America by hidden foreign sources and nothing to do with legitimate American national interests.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Special Link

WHO moves forward in secrecy to accomplish forced vaccination and population agenda - The World Health Organization has the existing authority to force everyone in 194 nations to take a vaccine this autumn at gunpoint, impose quarantines and restrict travel ~ link ~ There have been, for many years, emergency reserve powers in matters of pandemics with normally unheard of powers for governments. It appears that the Illuminati are intent on exploiting these reserve powers to begin its population reduction operations.

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Giant Chinese dustball circles the Earth ~ link ~ The same process will cause the radiation from a strike upon the Iranian nuclear reactor to spread all over the Northern Hemisphere, and even more so in the event of nuclear weapons being used in the coming Middle East War (which may happen any day now).

Inside France's secret war in Africa ~ link

A way to kill the US 'Hate Bill' ~ link

Harry Young case - How the USDA stole a 80+ year old black farmer's land - video update ~ link ~ I understand that the case has been personally presented to the new Attorney-General of the United States; it will be interesting to see if he does anything about it.

University researchers are putting flu vaccines into the genetic makeup of corn ~ link ~ Mankind will not make it out of this time period without the direct intervention of God Himself. Way too much insane stuff like this happening.

Asia watches longest solar eclipse of the 21st Century ~ link ~ also see ~ link ~

Afghanistan: Over 150 British casualties in one week ~ link ~ Please tell us Gordon Brown, just how does the wounding (in many cases horrific wounding) of over 150 Brits in just one week in Afghanistan protect the United Kingdom???

European Court of Justice ruling ends water fluoridation ~ link

Congressman Ron Paul: Establishment Can No Longer Ignore Calls To Audit The Fed ~ link

The Federal Reserve Caused the Economic Crash and Bailout - video ~ link ~ Of course it did, and every crash in the 20th Century as well. This new Great Depression 2.0 is a key part of the End Game towards the establishment of a one-world government/New World Order by the global banking families. They are also looting America and the EU of everything possible in the process.

The UK school with 100 spy cameras ~ link ~ The United Kingdom is the 'beta test' for the Illuminati's high tech police state technology.

Bohemian Grove: Illuminati Meet This Week for Satanic Rituals - The ritual sacrifice of Jesus Christ takes place Wednesday July 22 ~ link ~ Some of this article is far out, but some of it is 'right on the money'. These are very powerful but very evil people who have sold their very souls for power and wealth and serve the darkest entity there is, the loser satan.

Civil War fears in Honduras - Political talks have failed ~ link ~ More to this than just two groups fighting for power in a small Central American country.

What Netanyahu wants from Obama's "self-hating" Jews ~ link ~ Dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu, the man most likely to begin WWIII/Armageddon.

Bibi 666 Netanyahu Activates 'Ticking Time Bomb' ~ link ~ Bibi working overtime to create war, death, destruction on a scale never seen before.

Lebanese Army on High Alert ~ link ~ The article says this is due to an 'escalation of tensions' on the border due to a new Israeli post, however, I cannot but wonder if it is also related to the Israel Navy battle fleet near the Persian Gulf. Those ships have nuclear armed long-range cruise missiles but the ships themselves have a limited at-sea capability, if they are going to be used to help launch a war on Iran the 'clock is ticking'.

Largest mass-immunization campaign - coming this fall - since the polio vaccine was introduced over 50 years ago ~ link ~ One thing that the Illuminati always do, when the communists or fascists would take over a nation, would be to select out those who they would take right to the firing squad. The rest of the population would either be marked for later killing, or special observation, or imprisonment, or normal handling. This 'vaccine' could be a new high-tech form of the old wall and firing squad. If you step back from the trees and look at the forest, there are a number of really profound things going down now (new Great Depression, global war threat, new high tech police state technology and fascist laws, new man-created diseases, new mandatory 'vaccines'). This is all part of the End Game of instituting the New World Order/high-tech global police state. This is a very very dangerous time period, either get right with God and use some sense or die (or worse).

Dick Cheney's 'Executive Assassination Ring' - Was British weapons expert Dr. David Kelly a target? ~ link

UK woman 'detained' for filming police search launches High Court challenge ~ link ~ The United Kingdom is the 'Beta test' of many of the high tech police state technology and over-the-top laws that the Illuminati intend to take world-wide.

Rupert Murdoch's control of Gordon Brown and both leading political parties in the United Kingdom ~ link ~ Murdoch is just another arm of the 'hidden powers', the global banking families who control the economy, the established news media, and the mainstream politicians in most of the world.

Russian tycoon Lebedev says he has mercury poisoning ~ link

Israeli newspaper: Accuses Israeli Foreign Ministry diplomats of 'orgies, bribery' etc. ~ link

The Global Warming Hoax ~ link

Ben Bernanke to set out Federal Reserve's vision for US economy ~ link ~ The role that this mostly foreign owned institution has is totally unconstitutional. Why the hell should the American people let these global banking families control the economy and bring recession/depression after recession/depression to us?

US annual deficit for current year will be four times the size of last year - White House putting off budget update to get 'health care' and 'global warming' proposals through Congress ~ link ~ The Illuminati own the privately-owned Federal Reserve System and every dollar of deficit spending is profit to them. Obama is simply a 'front man' serving the Illuminati global banking families.

The National Debt

Monday, July 20, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Video: Neil Armstrong on the end of the space race ~ link ~ Fourty years ago we landed on the Moon for the first time. I sat in my parents family room and watched the landing. One of my grandmothers was with us watching this. She was born in the late 1800s, before cars, airplanes, radio, television, telephone, electric power, etc., and she watched Neil Armstrong step on the surface of the Moon live!

A Swine Flu cure used - successfully - during the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic ~ link ~ The powers that be don't want you to know about this.

British troops depending on Russian supply helicopters ~ link ~ Brown would not spend the money for sufficient military helicopters when he was in charge of the Treasury.

Dr. Bill Deagle and others lawsuit to stop forced vaccinations for 'Swine Flu' - You can also file such a suit ~ link ~ The Earl of Stirling will be on Dr. Deagle's NurtiMedical Report national radio show on Tuesday afternoon.

Conservative Party in UK wants to give full power without checks to privately owned Bank of England ~ link ~ The power of the Illuminati talking.