Tuesday, June 30, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

The US is in Deep Doodoo ~ link

Israel attempts to stop S-300 Air Defense System supplies to Iran ~ link

The Earl of Stirling will be on Dr. Bill Deagle's NutriMedical Report global radio show this afternoon 4-5 pm Chicago time ~ link to the NutriMedical site, where the show can be heard anytime.

Russia's 'Caucasus 2009' war manoeuvres strokes tensions with Georgia - Russian armored forces, its powerful Black Sea Fleet, Air Force, and its elite airborne troops all involved ~ link ~ Russia is running the final war games for a coordinated attack on Georgia. Around the 10th of July and thereafter, they will be in a position to totally blockade Georgia from the sea, to take out its air bases and airports (both by bombing some and by airdropping airborne troops and seizing key facilities), to quickly take out all key governmental facilities, and to shut down all outside telecommunications at the outset of an invasion. It will take Russia less than a week to completely take control of Georgia and hang its madman President "by the balls" as Putin promised during last summer's war. Here is a video ~ link ~ to a story by a Russian publication.

Russia in massive war games near Georgia ~ link ~ These war games are positing Russia to be ready to roll into Georgia in the event of a general Middle East War (Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Palestine/Israel) in July. As the Middle East 'event' will involve weapons of mass destruction (WMD) it will have most of the world's attention and the Russian Bear will finish the job from nine months ago when it battled Georgia after Russian civilians were slaughtered by the Georgian Army.

South Korea says North is enriching uranium ~ link ~ The past North Korean nuclear weapons were plutonium based. By mastering the enrichment of uranium process it will allow North Korea to increase its total number of warheads and to better hide the process of manufacturing nuclear weapons.

South Korea obtaining US missiles to boost its defenses ~ link

Grim Chinese view of North Korea - Chinese strategic expert Zhang Liangui says he believes that a war will likely break out at sea and then spread to the 38th Parallel ~ link ~ North Korea has over seven million in its army including its reserves; it has nuclear weapons, chemical and biological weapons, and the largest concentration of tubed and tubeless artillery on earth in the area near the South Korean capital. It will require the use of 35-50 nuclear warheads to defeat North Korea. If war breaks out, it will be necessary to hit and hit very hard (neutron bombs and tactical nukes) the large number of long-range artillery positioned near Seoul. Seoul, the capital of South Korea, has over 10 million people in the city itself and 24.5 million in greater Seoul (the Seoul National Capital Area) making it the second largest metropolitan city on Earth. The use of binary chemical warheads by North Korea in the first hours of an attack on South Korea will result in 1,000 to 5,000 casualties PER MINUTE and will necessitate a very rapid counter-strike with nuclear weapons.

In Pyongyang's Crosshairs ~ link ~ The close connection in long-range missile development by North Korea and Iran.

Global systemic economic crisis in Summer 2009 - The cumulative impact of three 'rogue waves' ~ link ~ Bottom line, things are going to get a whole lot worse soon.

Russia apt to turn off natural gas pipeline to Europe through Ukraine any time - Ukraine cannot pay its bill to Russia due on the 7th of July ~ link

Sarkozy tells Netanyahu to get rid of Lieberman ~ link ~ When even a NeoCon like Sarkozy demands the replace of the racist Foreign Minister you know he is really bad. See Lieberman's response here ~ link

Doctors warn against deliberately infecting children with the weak current A/H1N1 - No Swine Flu parties they warn ~ link ~ There is a real concern that the second phase of Mexican Swine Flu will be a major killer.

Ousted President of Honduras may return ~ link

Madoff tied to intelligence agencies ~ link ~ This is an older story (16 June 2009) but it explains a lot, so I am linking it here. As I have said before, there is a lot to the Madoff story that we are not being told.

New York Times: 'Publish First - Ask Questions Later' rules applied to Iran just like in build-up to the War in Iraq ~ link ~ also see ~ link ~ The indicators are all there for a major war against Iran that will involve Syria, Lebanon and Palestine as well, this summer, most likely this July. This is not being reported in-depth by the main stream news media. What is much worse, however, is that the corporate media is not telling the world of the existing global strategic weapons of mass destruction already in the possession of Iran and how people in North America and Europe, as well as in Israel, are in grave danger from these WMD. Iran has one of the largest Advanced Biological Warfare programs on Earth and can deliver dozens of different man-made super-killer viruses anywhere on Earth as a very effective but low-cost global strategic MAD counter-strike doomsday weapon, one with an expected kill rate very similar to that of a global strategic nuclear counter-strike.

Red Alert: The Total Takeover of America Enters Its Final Phase ~ link

Deficit forces State of California to issue IOUs ~ link ~ What begins in California usually spreads to the rest of America.

Debt Deflation in America - What the jump in the US 'Savings Rate' really means ~ link ~ One clue: It is not good.

Burke's Peerage to list children in birth rank order and also list illegitimate children in their 'aristocrats bible' ~ link ~ link ~ also see ~ link ~ I am glad to see this being done. I am a former Scottish Editor at Burke's Peerage. I have pressed the Blair and now Brown Governments to recommend to the Queen that the succession to my titles be changed to allow succession to the first born regardless of gender, however this will not be granted without a large 'donation' and I will not pay any 'donation' to the crooks. You can see a book that I wrote on this and how I, an American from Indiana, obtained my hereditary peerage titles here.

Putin shutting down gambling in most of Russia ~ link ~ This is something that should be copied throughout the world.

Monday, June 29, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Russia holding MASSIVE WAR GAMES on the doorstep of Georgia - War games will run to July 6th the date of the beginning of Obama's visit to Moscow ~ link ~ Around July 10th, Obama will have left Russia and the massive Russian armed forces will be freshly trained and in-position to invade Georgia. Most likely when the new Middle East War (Israel/USA/etc. vs Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Palestine) begins. There could be a series of events happen at this time such as a Second Korean War, a war in Central America, a war between Pakistan and India. That there are several hot spots, many of which have been heating up as of late, is indicative of a broad Grand Strategic operational plan for World War Three by the Illuminati; this will dovetail with the engineered new Great Depression. All of which constitutes the End Game for the very long Grand Strategy of establishing a New World Order/global high tech police state/one-world government.

US General Petraeus in Pakistan ~ link

Bibi Netanyahu tells Vladimir Putin to stop any sale of the advanced S-300 Air Defense System to Iran - Contract to sell S-300 system to Iran already signed with some payments already made to Russia ~ link ~ This is major news that the mainstream news media has 'overlooked'. This will speed up any Israeli attack plans on Iran unless they can get a clear agreement with Russia to stop the sale.

America's Nuclear War Fortress: Cheyenne Mountain ~ link

False Flag Operation to trigger Iran War ~ link ~ This is a real possibility.

Israel is preparing its F-15 and F-15I fighters for long-range attack missions ~ link ~ Getting ready for the coming war on Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Palestine/WWIII/Armageddon.

Leftist Latin American leaders hold emergency meeting over Honduras coup ~ link ~ This could get interesting.

Growing pressure on new Honduras government to reverse course and re-install ousted President Zelaya ~ link

The Real Cost of the American 'Disease Care' System ~ link ~ America has the most expensive health care system on Earth, but far from the best. Over thirty years since the rise of PACs (political action committees) has turned America into a growing Third World nation.

Baroness Thatcher returns home from two-week hospital stay ~ link

British title of Baron/Baroness for sale - make an offer ~ link

Kim's son and hereditary successor - 'Bright Leader' - with senior military leaders visits China in secret trip ~ link

Pat Buchanan; Climate Bill is transfer of wealth to world government ~ link

Blair and Brown to blame for Iraq War failures says British Army report ~ link

Swiss banks shun American citizens as USA compels disclosure ~ link

Ahmadinejad orders investigation of suspicious death of Neda ~ link

Argentina on the verge of declaring a Mexican Swine Flu (A/H1N1) EMERGENCY - 26 deaths in Argentina ~ link ~ The dreaded second phase of this man-made A/H1N1 has not even begun yet.

The Next Major Financial Crisis ~ link

Cameron in blistering personal attack on Brown ~ link

Are French bribes stopping Pakistan government from buying German submarines ~ link

Total takeover of USA enters its final phase ~ link ~ And most of the American sheeple are asleep.

Ireland's EU Commissioner: 95% of EU voters would reject Lisbon Treaty ~ link ~ And this matters not to the the Rothschilds and the rest of the Illuminati, they intend to have their revamped EU in place as a key part of the coming New World Order/slave state.

Rudd says Australian Labor Party to take poll hit from the OzCar affair ~ link

Madoff: 150 years - maximum prison sentence ~ link ~ There is more to the Madoff rip-off than meets the eye. I would not be surprised if he "dies" in prison soon, and they bury a coffin with a 'sack of potatoes' in it and he retires and lives off of the billions he has off-shore.

Recent photo of Kim may be recycled ~ link

Criminal Rothschilds - video ~ link ~ Criminal and satanic!

Bone fragments in tomb belong to Saint Paul according to the Pope ~ link

Army coup ordered by Honduras Supreme Court ~ link

President of Honduras ousted by military coup - see the 'Coup in Honduras' with 4 photos and after this you can go onwards to see 'Turmoil in Honduras' with 268 photos ~ link

Venezuelan President Hugo Chaves threatens military action in Honduras - Supported by Ecuadorean President Rafael Correea who also threatens war - Presidents of Boliva (Evo Morales) and Nicaragua (Daniel Ortega) also giving support ~ link ~ This is not really likely to get into a shooting war, however, if America suddently - like in July - were blogged down in a general Middle East War and a Second Korean War, who knows. See also: Chaves threatens military invasion ~ link

Madoff was not main beneficiary of his scams ~ link ~ This is a very interesting article. It gives some information as to the outflow of billions to a small group of people. Many have linked Madoff to the Mossad or others; this is the first evidence that Madoff was not the head man but was working as part of something larger.

NeoCon Paul Wolfowitz calls for US interference in Iran ~ link ~ The NeoCons are getting themselves all worked up into a almost sexual frenzy over yet another Middle Eastern war/blood orgy, this time with Iran, Syria, Lebandon, and Palestine.

Life After Torture And Torment ~ link

UK MPs squirm as the spotlight aims at their 'second jobs' ~ link ~ In the United Kingdom, where Members of Parliament make six figure state salaries, you can outright hire a MP to work for you on a part time basis. Of course, no one abuses this - NOT.

Flashback (Sept. 23, 2007) Secret USAF team to prefect plan for Iran 'strike' ~ link ~ Interesting the team is headed by a top Jewish USAF general and a former Israeli military expert. Other reports indicate that the target list is from 3,000 to 3,500 sites in Iran! If anyone thinks that Iran, who is in possession of a massive Advanced Biological strategic MAD counter-force capable of killing a third of all human life on this planet, will not respond with everything they have if hit this hard is not dealing in reality.

New 'Food Control' Bill appears in US Congress - With almost no coverage this is really being FAST TRACKED - Bill would establish MARTIAL LAW via food control - Enslavement of farmers ~ link ~ You know, you simply cannot make this stuff up. The Illuminati and their bought and paid for political whores in Congress and the Administration and the Courts are bringing a fascist high tech police state to American and most of the developed world as fast as they can.

Husband of Argentina President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner - former President Nestor Kirchner - defeated in Congressional bid ~ link ~ This puts into serious question this couple's ability to hang onto the Presidency at the next national election.

Westminster Abbey: New crown shaped roof planned ~ link

Sunday, June 28, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Honduran president ousted in coup over his illegal actions ~ link

United Kingdom no longer Christian nation says Church of England bishop ~ link ~ Sad but true. The Church of England has much to do with this. They are so far out on dogma that no one knows what they stand for anymore. They have gay priests and bishops; women priests and bishops; they had a bishop who denied God's existence (his cathedral was hit by lighting shortly thereafter), etc.

Argentine president - mid-term elections will weaken her grip on power ~ link

CDC: New York City Mexican Swine Flu cases could be 500,000 ~ link

Soaring death rate in Buenos Aires raises pandemic concerns ~ link ~ Mexican Swine Flu (A/H1N1) is nowhere near done with the human race.

Depleted uranium children in Iraq - video ~ link ~ When you consider that the war was unnecessary and based on lies and false flag events, you cannot but say that there is a great evil at work here.

North Korean and Pakistani nuclear weapons stockpiles ~

USN won't forcibly board North Korean ship ~ link

1,500 year old Bible sections expected to bring $1 million in auction ~ link

Ark of the Covenant story was bad translating and hype ~ link

Badass of the Week ~ link

Ten of the coolest and most powerful supercomputers of all time ~ link

BuckyBalls - I do not generally link to advertisements but this is so cool - watch the video ~ link

Saturday, June 27, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

North Korea threatens Japanese Air Force recon aircraft ~ link ~ Nutty and evil Kim - playing with fire.

Obama Administration about to assert presidential "authority" to imprison "terrorism suspects" indefinitely ~ link ~ In a sane America this would result in Impeachment of the President and all involved. Of course, this will not happen. It did not happen to Bush II and will not happen to Obama, they are both - after all - just puppets for the Illuminati. The President of the United State DOES NOT have the authority to declare someone a "terrorist" and then imprison them without trial and conviction for any period of time including an 'indefinite' period. Obama, like Bush before him, is using the American Constitution as toilet paper. This is a grave danger to all Americans. It means that the Government can declare anyone to be a "terrorist" and there is no trial, no rights, etc. This is the same power that Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union claimed!

Canada to Vaccinate Entire Population ~ link ~ BAD MISTAKE! This rush to vaccinate is VERY DANGEROUS. It is bad medicine, far too little time is involved to test the vaccine to prove that it is safe. It could end up being worst than the disease itself. Any person receiving it should ask him/herself: "Do I really REALLY trust the Government...with my very life?" What comes next, a implanted RFID chip to prove that you have had your vaccine?

CDC wants 600 million doses of Mexican Swine Flu vaccine ~ link ~ Be afraid, be very afraid ... of the vaccine!

Understanding the bailouts - The Corporate Takeover of America - video ~ link

South Korea to boost military 'surgical strike capability' against North Korea - Speeding up efforts to be used in event of war ~ link ~ If there is a Second Korean War millions will die!

Lessons from the Humbling of General Motors ~ link ~ What about lessons from the humbling of America? What have we learned about WHAT is happening, WHO is responsible, WHY this is going down?

Climate bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions passes US House of Representatives by only 7 votes ~ link ~ Bad 'science' making bad laws. Also see this story ~ link

What the Big Banks Have Won - Regulatory Capture ~ link ~ The global banking families - working to make the world a better place NOT.

China is 'deeply committed' to sanctions on North Korea ~ link ~ Interesting.

Gun Control: What is the Agenda ~ link

European Heads of Government Bow to Banks ~ link

Talk show hosts may be accomplices under the 'hate bill' ~ link ~ The so-called 'hate bill' and all like it are UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Cybersecurity Act of 2009 - gives Obama the power to shut down the Internet and ignore laws ~ link ~ Get ready for a full high tech police state in America.

Top Chinese official: Buy gold and US land ~ link

Bill of Attainder Project ~ link

Friday, June 26, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Israel deploys tanks and troops along Lebanese border ~ link ~ Just the early stages of war time/invasion pre-positing. Getting ready for the 'really big one' coming this summer. Also see this article - unusual military activity and increased airspace violations ~ link

IDF Chief of General Staff: Ahmadinejad win 'requires primed IDF' ~ link ~ Get ready for WWIII this summer!

US Congress Eyes New Measures Against Iran and North Korea ~ link

General commanding US forces in South Korea warns his troops to prepare for war including terrorist type actions from North Korea ~ link ~ Sad to say, but with approximately 7 million troops, nuclear weapons, and a large arsenal of chemical and biological weapons, the only way to really fight North Korea is to nuke the hell out of them.

Obama to meet Pope Benedict XVI July 10th after G8 meeting in Italy ~ link ~ Is this meeting, and the G8 one, 'Eve of War' meetings?

Pakistan's President faces army 'rebellion' over India detente and new offensive against Taliban militants ~ link ~ Don't be shocked if the 'balloon goes up' between India and Pakistan in event of a general Middle East War. The Illuminati are apt to want to destroy Pakistan and and the Pak nuclear stockpile/technology.

Ukraine lacks cash to pay for this month's gas imports from Russia ~ link

Bernanke Threatens Economic Collapse if Federal Reserve is Audited ~ link ~ Now that is real arrogance!

How the Markets Really Work - video - Two comedians in 2007 saw the crash coming ~ link ~ They could see it but all the experts in the G8 nations could not?!!

US District Court Judge resigns in prison after House of Representatives votes a Bill of Impeachment ~ link

Calls for Pentagon Audit Growing ~ link

US Secretary of Defense faces battle over F-22 Fighter budget ~ link ~ Gates feels that the high tech F-22 is not needed in numbers sufficient to protect the American homeland but funding for unnecessary, very long-running, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is required. The F-22 is a great aircraft that is grossly overpriced, but it has real value for the defense of America. The horrific wars in the Middle East, fought for a Greater Israel, add nothing to the real defense of America and in fact, increase the economic and military dangers to the USA dramatically.

Caduceus - Secret symbols reveal dark agenda of western medicine ~ link ~ Symbols or not, much of western medicine, especially America medicine, is corrupt and totally centered on making money - lots and lots of money and damn the poor patient.

Gordon Brown says he intends to stay as Prime Minister as well as fight and win next election ~ link

The Right to Torture Americans ~ link ~ What the Illuminati trash is doing to America.

Survivalism becoming popular in America ~ link ~ At least some people are not Sheeple and don't plan to go down without fighting for their lives.

Japanese Prime Minister Aso, a Catholic, will meet with Pope on July 7th ~ link

Honda's Hovering Concept Car ~ link

Blair claims clear conscience ~ link ~ So does Lucifer!

Bloodthirsty Demons in Human Form ~ link

Iran Elections: Myths and Lies ~ link

Senator Mitch McConnell - Minority Leader of the US Senate - US needs to board and search North Korean ships ~ link ~ Interesting, so at least part of the American power structure likely wants war with North Korea.

Michael Jackson dies of a heart attack ~ link ~ Jackson was a prime example of a truly sick image hyped and presented to the kids of the world by the mainstream media.

The Economic Crime of Our Time ~ link

The Need for an Urban Agricultural Policy ~ link

Imperial House of Romanov announces that members of the Russian Imperial Family desire to live in Russia again - After an absence of 90 years ~ link ~ See also this related story ~ link ~ The Romanov Imperial Family (the last Tsar and his wife and children) were killed by the Illuminati because they would not allow them to control the finances of the Russian Empire.

"The Pokemon Cubs" - baby Fennec fox cubs ~ link ~ Cute - very cute.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Journalist files charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder ~ link ~ The 'charges' will go nowhere but her argument about what is happening is most interesting.

War-weary Americans should not take the bait on Iran ~ link ~ Amen to that!

Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman criticizes USA on Iran ~ link ~ Lieberman is a racist in the extreme. He wants America to continue to shed its blood and wealth so that his small state can lord it over all others in the Middle East. That this might bring on the Third World War appears to be of no concern to this man.

Climate change bill in the US Congress - Cap and Tax Fiction ~ link ~ You know in almost every article on 'global warming' that I have read, the role of that 'big thing that rises in the East every morning and sets in the West every night' is overlooked. The Sun does not put out the same amount of energy year after year and THAT is what accounts for almost all of the 'global warming' going on ~ except that now it appears that we are going into a period of possible 'global cooling'. Of course, 'little things' like the truth should not get in the way of Al Gore and the Wall Street bunch who want to make billions and billions trading 'carbon credits', which is a way to create money from 'thin air'; of course the public will indirectly pay dearly for this. Also see: Al Gore not coming to D.C. ~ link

Iran, North Korea Confrontations: World War III at Our Doorstep ~ link ~ This summer is going to get very HOT. We are seeing Iran and North Korea demonized before our eyes. That they are nations with crappy governments makes the psyops process easier but we should remember that this process was used before both Gulf Wars and the Afghanistan War. This time there are WMD involved, especially the massive Iranian Advanced Biological warfare program that could end up killing a third of mankind.

The NeoCon mindset on Iran ~ link ~ Brought to you by the people that have cost the American (and British and other nations) public hundreds of billions of dollars (actually over a trillion now and still counting) in unnecessary war expenditures, and killed 1 1/2 million civilians, and thousands of our troops. All based on lies and false-flag events.

NeoCons Salivate Over the Chance for Another Middle East War ~ link ~ They are very capable of causing a false-flag event to trigger it ~ After all they have done this before.

Ethiopian Patriarch: We will unveil the Ark of the Covenant to the World ~ link ~ This is a major religious announcement. The World has wanted to see just what the Ark, that the Ethiopians have preserved, looks like for centuries.

As Aso Government teeters Japan's bonds look for a fall ~ link

WWIII - UK government releases secret doomsday planning material from 1970 ~ link

How Brown has been humiliated by....~ link ~ I am far from certain that this article has it right. The unveiling of the plan for a Iraq War Inquiry with it being a secret inquiry, than a political war of words over the secret aspect, followed by the government flipping to a non-secret inquiry may have went the way the article suggests. However, I suspect that it was really a strategy to end the then hot and heavy talk about Labour forcing Gordon Brown from office - and it worked. It also has the effect of doing great harm to Tony Blair's efforts to become the first President of Europe by bringing out his lies that led to war; and that cannot make Brown too unhappy.

Cuba's spy program in USA ~ link

Government officials in California: Financial Doom Near ~ link ~ Obama can bail out the superbanks but not American states!

North Korea says it will expand its nuclear arsenal as long as America is enemy ~ link ~ They want a peace deal before the Middle East goes up in flames beginning WWIII.

Hate Bill protest overwhelms US Senate ~ link ~ If you are an American, call your two US Senators' offices and tell them to vote against the so-called Hate Bill.

US EPA tells its own researcher to 'shut up' on climate change ~ link ~ The 'global warming' scam is so weak and such a joke; only in a 'sheeple' media brainwashing environment like we have would such nonsense last more than a day or two.

Saturnian moon Encaladus may have life ~ link

Farrah Fawcett dies of cancer ~ link ~ She used her cancer to try to educate people what it was like battening cancer. She was a nice lady, say a prayer for her and her partner Ryan O'Neal.

North Korea vows nuclear war if America attacks - or intercepts its ships (like the Kang Nam 1 currently being followed by a US Navy destroyer) ~ link ~ North Korea, ruled by thugs, always try to use extortion to get whatever it wants from America and the West. I suspect that it strongly wants a peace agreement directly with America, which it is not apt to get. Like 'the boy who cried wolf' there is real danger to its repeated warnings of war to the West. It may well work out that a Second Korean War is added to the mix of a general Middle East War (what will happen when Israel attacks Iran this summer) to really jump start WWIII. Look for trouble in Georgia at that time as well and possibly a war between Pakistan and India as well, perhaps with involvement by China.

Dethroned King of Nepal's royal palace is now a tourist attraction ~ link ~ I have always found the official story of what happened to the Royal Family in 2001 'less than believable'.

World's Oldest Flute shows first Europeans were a musical bunch ~ link

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Warren Buffett: American Economy in 'shambles' - No sign of recovery ~ link ~ What a difference it makes to hear from a billionaire instead of a mainstream news media talking head or a politician or bankster.

Bankster 'Holiday' Planned for September? ~ link ~ The global economy has a long way to fall yet.

Netanyahu has extended the tenure of Mossad chief Maj. Gen. Meir Dagan (IDF ret.) for another year ~ link ~ The eve of the largest war in Israel's history is no time to be changing intelligence chiefs.

9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public ~ link

Lt. General Keith B. Alexander - current Director of the US National Security Agency - expected to become the first Commanding General (with 4-star rank) of the new Defense Department Cyber-Defense Command ~ link ~ I don't know this general, but my congratulations to a member of Clan Alexander on his selection for this important post.

China openly airs worries about North Korea ~ link ~ There must be some real concern here for China to be so open in their criticism of the North Koreans. This crisis could go away but could also become something large and horrible and end up being tied into other military 'events' elsewhere.

South Korean senior official says Kim Jong Il close to ceding power to his youngest son ~ link ~ If this is true, it just makes the current events more dangerous. Kim looks very ill and a transition of power in such a nut house is ripe with danger. Also see: North Korea makes more military threats to USA ~ link

North Korea closes a vast area of the Sea of Japan for military exercises ~ link

Fear of Mexican Swine Flu mutating grows as New York City's death toll rises to 32 ~ link ~ A/H1N1 is not yet done with the human race.

Canada's death toll now 20 from Mexican Swine Flu ~ link

CBS and ABC evening newscasts set new all-time lows ~ link ~ I was setting up the fourth national evening newscast in 1998 (to compete with CBS, ABC, and NBC evening newscasts) but canceled the program when my late wife was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. So I know a little something of this business. The mainstream newscasts are such propaganda mouthpieces anymore that they have lost a very large part of their viewership. The only way to get it back is to start telling the truth but that will never happen.

Violence level has grown so large in Chicago that it endangers vital blood supply ~ link ~ The mix of economic depression, illegal enslaving drugs, lack of a God based culture, etc. is very dangerous.

Soros, the Mossad, the CIA, and the media destabilization of Iran ~ link
~ Psyops prepping the way for a war with the demonized Iran.

Obama has condemned the state violence against protesters in Iran ~ link ~ This violence is nothing to the violence that will come from the attack on Iran (which I am expecting in July).

California Collapsing ~ link ~ What starts in California traditionally moves East to cover the entire nation and often the World.

A Red Hot Electric Car - video ~ link

US Justice Department issues legal opinion that Hillary Clinton and Kenneth Salazar are NOT constitutionally disqualified to serve as Secretaries of State and Interior ~ link

Obama's Financial Reform Proposal: A Stealth Scheme for Global Monetary Control ~ link ~ 'Dancing to the tune' of the Illuminati.

Air Flights 'cheaper than a carton of beer' on Australian Tiger Airways ~ link

Boost in West Bank Jewish settlers due to Israelis moving in NOT to natural growth ~ link ~ As long as the Israeli Grand Strategy calls for continued expansion into Arab lands there will be continued trouble; with time and the spread of technology this results in a growing strategic danger to Israel.

Public grilling coming for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown in the Iraq War Inquiry ~ link ~ That should be most interesting.

NeoCon Berlusconi denies he paid hookers for sex ~ link ~ Right, all those beautiful young girls want to have sex with 70+ year old men like you Berlusconi - only in your dreams.

Mexican drug gangs using American teens as hired killers ~ link

We have created a monster - banks with access to public funds ~ link

Will Obama stand up to North Korea ~ link

Congressman Ron Paul: Obama's goal is economic collapse ~ link ~ Obama is just a 'front man' for the global banking families/Illuminati and a economic collapse is what they have/are engineering, along with a new global war this summer. This is all a part of their End Game to create a high tech police state global government in all but name/New World Order.

Plans by Brown and Straw to 'reform' the House of Lords - would eliminate Bishops and the remaining hereditary peers and have mostly or all elected Lords ~ link ~ You know in the current British scandal over Parliamentary Expenses, it was ONLY the Bishops and hereditary peers who were scandal free.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Barony of Greenan in Scotland price lowered to 100,000 UK Pounds ~ link ~ This is a several hundred year old Scottish noble title for sale. One of only a handful or so of real British titles that can be legally purchased and have been offered for sale this century.

North Korean crisis talks held by USA and China ~ link

US District Court judge orders Guantanamo prisoner freed ~ link

Israel to build 300 new homes in occupied West Bank ~ link ~ Another case of Israel telling America and the world to go to Hell. The Grand Strategy of continued expansion by Israel continues. The trouble for Israel is that this is an increasingly high risk grand strategy with time and technology as two important aspects of the risk. See also: Bibi 666 Netanyahu says debate over settlements is just a waste of time ~ link

Gordon Brown: In the future MPs who brake the rules will face the police ~ link

US has world's biggest oil reserves ~ link

North Korean ship, the Kang Nam I - Testing the UN sanctions ~ link

Computerized election fraud ~ link ~ America has had over a decade of mass election fraud based on computerized voting and computerized vote counting. So where do we get off criticizing Iran. (This is an older video but a good one.)

Coming to America: Pickup trucks from India ~ link

The 50 Worst Cars of All Time ~ link ~ I actually had one of these, #19 the AMC Gremlin. Mine was green and I called it "The Green Goose".

The Chickenhawks Are Back ~ link ~ This refers to the 'great pro-war leaders' who have never served in war but want to send your kids into the nightmare of yet another war.

No Matter Who Is President of Iran, They Would Stone Me ~ link ~ As I have said many times, I have no respect for the nuts who run Iran. This article is a good example of why I feel this way.

Obama's latest surrender to Wall Street ~ link ~ Good article, I especially liked the comment about Larry Summers.

United Kingdom evacuating families of its Embassy staff in Iran ~ link ~ Is this about the demonstrations or the coming war?!!

Iran begins three-day air war games in Gulf and Sea of Oman ~ link ~ Getting ready for the big one.

China cautions USA over Iran ~ link ~ The closing of the Gulf would cripple the Chinese economy to such an extent that those in power might lose control. 'They' take this very seriously and it brings China into the WWIII mix. This is a good article to read.

The waning power of truth - by Paul Craig Roberts ~ link ~ Another good article by Roberts. The truth is very dangerous to those scum in power and they will do whatever they can to eliminate it.

Iranian Unrest: Evidence of Western Intelligence Meddling ~ link

Man destroys his re-possessed home after bank seized it ~ link

Exiled son of the late Shah of Iran, Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, warns of nuclear war ~ link

Monday, June 22, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

UK Conservative MP John Bercow elected 157th Speaker of the House of Commons ~ link

33 of the Healthiest Foods on Earth ~ link

PM Brown vows to lead Labour in next general election ~ link ~ Also see this contrasting story ~ link

Ukraine seeks diplomatic solution to free its weapons transport airplane held in Nigeria ~ link ~ Global trade in arms is among the most profitable industries on Earth. Far too many third world nations waste untold billions on arms when their people have far more pressing issues not being handled.

40 Banks have collapsed in USA this year ~ link ~ Just wait till things get really bad, like when the Gulf is closed due to the coming general Middle East War/attack on Iran.

North Korea says it is a 'proud nuclear power' that will hit back if attacked ~ link ~ The world is growing tired of hearing threats from the sick sociopaths in the North Korean leadership. Also see: North Korean showdown coming ~ link ~ We appear to be headed to a place where either the United States or North Korea will 'lose face' big time and that could be dangerous.

Bush-Blair secret memo set Iraq on fire ~ link ~ Interesting question: Was the Brown plan to host a Inquiry on the Iraq War really a brilliant two-fold strategy: (1) First announce it as a 'secret' Inquiry and cause a lot of political fuss - thus taking attention away from the issue of Brown being forced from office by his own party; (2) Kill the ambitions of Tony Blair to be the first President of Europe by bringing the lies that led Britain into the war in the first place out in the open in the now not-secret soon to be Inquiry.

Saudi Arabia denies plan to allow Israeli warplanes to use its airspace for attack on Iran ~ link ~ Interesting story, sometimes stories like this are planted to expose/prevent an operation from taking place by showing the 'light of day' to planned secret operations.

Pushing drugs by distorting the data - Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety - video ~ link ~ Big Pharma one of the largest and most corrupt industries on Earth.

From Mossadegh to Ahmadinejad: The CIA and the Iranian Experiment ~ link ~ This is a good article but its premise is that the foreign involvement in creating an 'election crisis' in Iran is designed to overthrow the theocratic regime in Iran. Even the article questions if this could work. I believe that the hidden-powers-that-be know that it will not accomplish any revolution to overthrow the ayatollahs in general and the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in specific. What it is suppose to do is lay the groundworks - obtain support from the western public - for the coming attack on Iran.

Obama will visit Moscow July 6 - 8 ~ link ~ Important question (not covered by the article): Is this a 'Eve of War' visit just prior to the attack on Iran/general Middle East War that is highly apt to become WWIII?

Sarkozy: Burqus are a sign of the debasement of women and are not welcome in France ~ link ~ I don't agree with this NeoCon midget Napoleon-want-a-be very often, but I have to agree with this. While it is true that many western women go overboard in their suggestive dress standards, the burgus and veils are a Dark Ages double standard of extreme sexism that have no place in a educated civilization.

UK House of Commons Speaker candidate would have a 2 million UK Pounds retirement pension fund ~ link ~ Not something apt to make the British public very happy as they struggle through the worst economic times since the Great Depression.

Crude Oil prices falling as economic fears expand ~ link

Palace of Versailles speech to joint setting of the French Parliament will be the first speech by a President of France to Parliament in 136 years ~ link

Goldman Sachs staff to receive biggest bonuses in the bank's 140-year history ~ link ~ Oh the public will just love this.

Police use teargas - fire weapons - as Iranian protests continue ~ link ~ See also this story ~ link ~

Mexico sends more troops to border city Cindad Juarez as drug war murders rise in spite of large numbers of troops already there ~ link

California is Collapsing ~ link

Deadly Pandemic H1N1 Mexican Swine Flu cluster in Buffalo, NY raises concerns ~ link ~ A man-created virus just waiting to be come a super-killer.

Living in a Shell - Nautilus House ~ link ~ I am a fan of architecture and while generally I go for classical styles, I do think free form concrete homes are interesting (would not necessarily want one for my main home however).

Teens take picture of space with balloon ~ link ~ An interesting low-cost way to launch your photo package into near space. These kids are cool.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

21 Ways To Be A Gentleman ~ link

USS John S. McCain - an advanced guided missile destroyer - is tailing a North Korean cargo ship believed to be carrying illegal missiles to Myanmar ~ link ~ Also see this link for more detailed information ~ link ~ This could get interesting!

Possible North Korean missile launch has Hawaii citizens concerned ~ link ~ The US Navy has a significant number of guided missile cruisers and destroyers in the area that can shoot down anything the North Koreans might launch our way.

UK health authorities: Mexican Swine Flu (A/H1N1) 'could infect up to half the population' this autumn ~ link

Down the Cosmic Toilet into the Fires of Hell ~ link ~ Cool post.

Putting the North Korean missile test in perspective ~ link

North Korea - Hunger rules - but money for new tanks/missiles/guns ~ link ~ North Korea the most evil and insane nation on Earth; 20 million people with a standing army of about 1.6 million and reserves of about 6 million.

North Korea says Obama is plotting a nuclear war ~ link ~ If they really believe that they should surrender at once, because America can take out all North Korean cities and military sites within 30 minutes without even 'working up a sweat'.

How to Win the battle over unsafe GM food - video ~ link

Iran is relatively Clam - daughter of top cleric arrested ~ link

Lord Stirling has an ancient Scottish noble title, Baron of Greenan, in the Baronage of the Isles, for sale at 250,000 UK Pounds ~ link

World's oldest man ~ link

Iran 'crisis' much more complex ~ link

US Treasuries = Sub-Prime Debt ~ link ~ Scary article.

Is this the Death of the US Dollar? ~ link ~ Interesting and scary.

Illuminati master Dr. Kissinger threatens regime change in Iran if "coup" fails - video ~ link ~ This is what it is all about in the CIA funded rioting over the Iranian election. Now don't get me wrong, I have no respect for the Iranian government and my long time readers know this. However, make no mistake we are witnessing the planned demonizing of Iran in direct preparation for the coming war with Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Palestine, which will become WWIII/Armageddon.

BBC Caught In Mass Public Deception With Iran Propaganda ~ link ~ They were caught red-handed using photos of large pro-Ahmadinejad rally and claiming that the photos were from large anti-Ahmadinejad rally. Simple little mistake anyone could make NOT. See also BBC's pathetic apology ~ link ~ We are so being set up for the coming war on Iran/etc. The same psyops teams are at work, just as we were set up with the false flag attacks on 9/11 and 7/7 etc., and the lead into the first and second Gulf Wars and the lead into the Afghanistan War. LOOK OUT FOLKS WE HAVE A MAJOR NEW WAR COMING OUR WAY VERY VERY SOON, MOST LIKELY IN EARLY JULY.

Police force Iran protests off street ~ link ~ Note that the numbers, 3,000, given for the 'hard core' protesters is very very small in a city of about 8 million people.

Bibi's Cold Peace ~ link ~ Bibi 666 Netanyahu, the man most apt to begin WWIII.

Congressman Ron Paul exposed Obama's Regulatory Federal Reserve Plan granting the privately owned central bank dictatorial powers ~ link ~ Obama would sign a leaf if it blew in the Oval Office and his handlers told him to.

Greenland assuming self-rule from Denmark ~ link

Ireland will have another vote on the EU Lisbon Treaty ~ link ~ The Irish voters clearly rejected the treaty in a fair and open vote. But the Illuminati will not let it end there. The Rothschild family set up the EU and its law making by bureaucrats as a key part of their drive towards a one-world slave government/New World Order. They intend to have the treaty pass come hell or high water. Expect to see dear old criminal Tony Blair as the first President of Europe.

How sick is Kim Jong Il ~ link ~ He looks to be dying to me. In any case, he is a mentally and spiritually very sick 'puppy'.

'Lynch mob mentality' putting the 'fear of the Lord' into British politicians ~ link ~ Good - just what they need.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Are You Ready For War With Demonized Iran? ~ link ~ Good article!

Obama credibility on line over Israel ~ link ~ The real vital question is: Will Obama stop Netanyahu from beginning WWIII?

Israel's deployments in Lebanon raising tensions ~ link

The Risks of Genetically Modified Food - video ~ link

Germans flocking to gold vending machines ~ link ~ Gold, a nice thing to have in these times.

Iranian Elections: The 'Stolen Elections' Hoax ~ link ~ A hoax that is important in the lead-in to the coming general Middle East War this summer.

USA considering life imprisonment on ships for tortured detainees ~ link ~ They do not want these people free to talk to the world about what really happened to them.

PM Brown says he 'could walk away tomorrow' ~ link ~ But don't count on this happening.

Between the lines of Netanyahu's speech ~ link ~ Bibi 666 Netanyahu - the man most likely to start WWIII and SOON.

Friday, June 19, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Japan: North Korea may test fire ICBM towards Hawaii on the 4th of July ~ link ~

US increases Hawaiian anti-missile defenses fearing North Korean missiles ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ We can 'park' a Burke-class Destroyer or a Ticonderoga-class Cruiser off-shore and take down about anything the North Koreans send our way.

CDC: New strain of H1N1 flu causing 'something different' to happen in USA ~ link ~ Mexican Swine Flu (A/H1N1) is a man-created virus and is unstable. There are already reports of a major mutation; and we can expect more to come. This is possibly a major nightmare just waiting to happen.

Russia warns that Georgia is preparing aggression - Large Russian military exercise in North Caucasus [code name: Kavkaz -2009] from June 29 to July 6 - War could unfold on July 10 or later ~ link ~ I expect that the timing here is linked to the expected attack on Iran and the outbreak of a general Middle East War. This will quickly and seriously raise the overall global dangers of World War III/Armageddon happening.

PM Brown approves new EU financial powers in UK ~ link

Iran's Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Ali Khameuei will crack down on protests - Says election was fair ~ link ~ And the western mainstream news media pre-war efforts to demonetize Iran will continue.

Scotland Yard will conduct criminal investigations involving a small number of MPs and life peers in Expenses Scandal ~ link

US Treasury Department warns banks of North Korean efforts to evade UN sanctions ~ link

North Korea using insurance scams to earn hard currency ~ link

USAF F-22 Raptor 'stealth fighter' funding battle on in Congress and Pentagon ~ link ~ The Raptor is a really great jet, however, by having small parts made in most key congressional districts, they made the price per aircraft so insane as to be unaffordable. Rather than cancel the program they should totally revamp the mode of production to decrease the costs.

Premier of Bermuda will not resign over taking 4 Guantanamo prisoners - May be linked to deal for US not to impose new restrictions on Bermuda's offshore financial business ~ link

Next week US treasury to auction a record $104 billion in debt ~ link ~ Get ready America for some serious inflation.

Does Bibi 666 Netanyahu want to rebuild the Temple ~ link

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scottish Clan Chiefs

Please follow this link to see a list of Scottish Clan Chiefs.

Scottish barony title for sale ~ link.

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Senator Lieberman: Iranians should keep demanding rights ~ link ~ Suddenly Joe Lieberman is deeply concerned about the Iranian people NOT. Lieberman, who often acts more as a Senator from Israel than from America is playing just one part in the well orchestrated effort to demonetize Iran in the lead in to the coming Middle East War against Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine by Israel and its supporters.

French President Sarkozy: Iran 'vote fraud' ~ link ~ Another example of a NeoCon 'leader' who is suddenly deeply concerned about the Iranian people NOT. Before every war, we are prepped by the Illuminati controlled mainstream news media. The same is happening now with Iran.

Ahmadinejad won - get over it ~ link ~ My long time readers know that I have little respect for Ahmadinejad, but there is evidence that he was way ahead in the polls before the election and that he likely scored a landslide re-election.

CIA has Distributed $400 million Inside Iran to Evoke a 'Revolution' ~ link

The Elephant in the Room: Israel's Nuclear Weapons ~ link ~ Why should the World have ever allowed this tiny nation to have 600+ nuclear weapons? The top three reasons why President Kennedy was killed was (1) He was going after the Federal Reserve; (2) He was determined to stop the Israeli nuclear weapons program; (3) He was going to break up the CIA.

Global cooling is putting world crops under stress ~ link ~ And proving the lie about 'Global Warming'.

UK: Unexpected retail sales decline in May ~ link ~ I understand that some retailers in America feel that the 'bottom has fallen out' during this June in retail sales.

Another example of growing fascist police state type actions in America ~ link ~ Americans - once upon a time - a free people.

Agent Orange Continues to Poison Vietnam ~ link ~ A war 'gift' that keeps on giving.

The American Empire Is Bankrupt ~ link ~ Make no mistake about it, the Illuminati have deliberately caused the decline and destruction of the American economy.

North Korea may test fire a ICBM towards Hawaii in July ~ link

Entertainer Louise Mandrell joins Morgellons Research Foundation ~ link ~ This is a disease that some powerful forces want to keep off the public 'radar'.

General Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank - former UK Chief of Defense Staff - dismisses PM Brown's new Iraq War Inquiry ~ link ~ See also: General Sir Mike Jackson - former UK Chief of Defense Staff - criticizes PM Brown's SECRET Iraq War Inquiry ~ link ~ Also see: Air Marshal Sir John Walker - former head of British Defense Intelligence - and Major General Julian Thompson - Royal Marines - and others speak out against SECRET Iraq War Inquiry ~ link ~ These retired flag officers do not plan to allow the politicians to sweep things under the rug.

Israeli Foreign Minister Liberman: Israel will NOT freeze settlements ~ link ~ In other words, America and the rest of the World should go to hell.

Air France Flight 447 autopsies - jet likely broke up in air ~ link

The Illuminati War on Humankind ~ link ~ Very good article.

Iran: USA behind unrest - as another day of demonstrations expected ~ link ~ What we are seeing is the groundwork being laid for the attack on Iran which will immediately cause a general Middle East War with WMD and will turn into WWIII/Armageddon.

University of Colorado: Definitive evidence of ancient lake on Mars ~ link ~ I believe that the Universe is loaded with life forms.