Sunday, May 31, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Congressman Ron Paul speaks on North Korea - video ~ link ~ Dr. Ron Paul is one of the few good men in the US Congress.

On the 'lighter side' ~ link ~ Everything can't be about war and economic depression.

Pakistan has a 'Second Strike' nuclear capability ~ link ~ I am sure that India has the same. What that means is, after their nations have been mostly wiped off of the face of the Earth and are now a green glass radioactive rubble zone for a 100,000 or so years (fatal to all forms of life higher than a cockroach), their leaders (what's left of them) poke their heads out from their deep bunkers long enough to order more nuclear warheads fired at their now dead/destroyed enemies.

"North Korea - the dead land" ~ link ~ North Korea is the most insane and evil land on Earth. I am coming to the belief that there is a very reasonable chance that a new Korean War will be one of the key 'bundle' of events that will quickly flow into WWIII/Armageddon.

CSTO (Russia and some former USSR republics) military pack ~ link ~ Getting ready for the Third World War.

Family of Secrets - video - on the Bush Crime Family ~ link

State of Israel holding largest war/civil defense exercise in its history ~ link

Israel begins largest war drill in its history - Preparing for regional war ~ link ~ Israel, like the gambler on a winning streak, thinks it cannot lose but its enemies have seen this coming for years and have been getting ready with some surprises of their own. Bibi 666 Netanyahu will get his war and it will begin the Final Battle - Armageddon.

Six escalation Scenarios to Nuclear World War III [Re-link] - Scenario 3 - Israel Bombs Iranian Nuclear Plants ~ link ~ I expect that Israel will use low-yield nuclear penetrating bombs on some of the nuclear facilities and claim that the radiation is from the plants and that they did not use nukes; however, the depth and 'hardness' of some of the facilities will require nuclear devices.

Israel's 'Doomsday Scenario' military exercises - Begin today 31 May 2009 ~ link ~ 'Doomsday Scenario' is a good term for what will happen when Bibi lights the match in the power keg.

Israel threatening Iran with 'nukes' ~ link ~ And Iran is quietly threatening Israel/USA/Canada/EU with Strategic Advanced Biological Warfare with a kill level very similar to Strategic Nuclear War.

For all of us beer drinkers ~ link

Britain's Weapons' Exports - thriving and Lethal ~ link

Millvina Dean -97- The last survivor of the Titanic dies ~ link ~ The end of an era.

Legal 'battles' may 'delay' closing Guantanamo ~ link ~ Really sad....the 9/11 - 'War on Terrorism' - torture - etc. time period of American events (last seven years or so) is one of the worst periods in US history.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

US Secretary of Defense Gates: A Nuclear Armed North Korea is NOT ACCEPTABLE ~ link ~ WOW, the stakes in the current 'dispute' just got a lot bigger!

Mitch Daniels Blasts Democrats Climate Change Proposal ~ link ~ I look for Indiana's Governor Mitch Daniels to be a serious Presidential player in the future.

Lost confidence in US Dollar = Gold? ~ link

Susan Boyle takes 2nd place in TV show ~ link ~ Who cares what some stupid over-hyped television show 'awards' its contestants. She has great talent and she will do great just being herself.

The Incredible Shrinking Clintons ~ link ~ I wonder what role the Chief of Staff to Obama (a old Clinton enemy) had in this strategy.

Israel about to begin largest military exercise of its history ~ link ~ This is a war drill about fighting a regional all-out General Middle East War involving weapons-of-mass-destruction on all sides. Something that Bibi 666 Netanyahu intends to begin this summer.

Obama Out-Bushes Bush on Preventive Detention ~ link ~ Stripped of its supporters bullshit, this bill would create a dictatorship in America whereby the Administration can arrest and hold in prison indefinitely anyone they claim is a "terrorist", without the right to a trial or any other Constitutional right. That is NOT the nation of laws that our ancestors fought for over the last 200+ years! Just where is the opposition to this in Congress, especially among the Democrats????? Just because the President is from your party that does not mean you keep quite if he goes about tearing up the Constitution. Most of the American Congressmen are little more than worthless whores who have sold themselves so many times they have no morality left (if they ever had any to begin with).

North Korea appears to be preparing for an ICBM test firing ~ link ~ North Korea, the most insane and evil nation on Earth.

France defying EU rules on arms sales to Israel ~ link ~ Their NeoCon president tears up European Union rules if it is Israel that is involved, showing his true colors.

Can America be Fixed? ~ link

Secretary of Defense: America will 'respond' quickly if North Korean moves threaten America or Asian allies ~ link ~ The North Koreans have given the powers behind Obama an opportunity. If the crazy bastards in North Korea are provoked just a little bit, they will have to act or lose face in a major way. If they act/engage in any significant military way they open the door for a war that can demonstrate the 'necessity' to 'take out' crazy nations with WMD 'like Iran'.

Senior Chinese general calls on North Korea to denuclearize ~ link ~ The Chinese see the 'can of worms'/dangers involved here and are sending a message to the nuts in North Korea. However, the North Koreans no doubt see the coming general war in the Middle East as likely to begin WWIII and are desperate to force some agreement with America to ensure their survival. Barring that, they just may act on their own spurred on by their overall madness. Also see: North Korea puts China in a 'tight spot' ~ link

Dubai orders its gold held in London to return to Dubai ~ link ~ Another sign of nervousness in high places.

Gun rights supporters wary of Sotomayer ~ link ~ The 'right to bear arms' is a key right of a free people. One that the Founding Fathers in America saw as central to keeping the powers of government in check, if all else fails.

Irish taxpayers face 7.5 billion Euro bill to 'bail out' Anglo Irish Bank ~ link ~ You know, it is interesting that there are no arrests for fraud involved in any of the many cases of western banks losing untold billions on activities that clearly were totally irresponsible; and no lawsuits against the personal assests of the bank officers and directors.

Tonight is the final night in TV contest involving Susan Boyle ~ link ~ Good luck Susan! I don't much care for TV contests in general but I hope that you do well.

Life in Vichy America ~ link

The Second Crash - On the way and unstoppable ~ link ~ The new Great Depression is about the small super-elite group of global banking families re-ordering the entire world so that they have total control in the New World Order....oh, did I mention, they think that there are far too many of us 'unnecessary eaters' so they plan to 'thin the herd' in another world war beginning very soon.

New Solar Cycle Prediction ~ link

Manipulation - How Markets Really Work ~ link

Congress should take back the power to create money from the private banking industry ~ link ~ 'Should' but it would take a revolution to make this happen in reality.

Friday, May 29, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Chinese ships are leaving the inter-Korean border area ~ link ~ Not a good sign.

North Korea fires new type of surface-to-air missile off of east coast - satellite spots activity at long-range missile site ~ link ~ Also see ~ link

Large numbers of foreign military/government officials will be in Israel to observe "Turning Point 3" war games next week ~ link

As the US Dollar Falls Inflation Rises ~ link ~ As does the price of gasoline - the correlation between the dollar and oil is very clear.

United Kingdom: The full depth of corruption ~ link

Many leading rabbis tell IDF soldiers to disobey any order to dismantle any outposts and settlements ~ link

Susan Boyle's talent show final - concerns she may just quit ~ link

Senior US military officers met in secret to discuss what really happened on 9/11 ~ link

Israeli site:
"World War III has started" ~ link

US Congressional report: Pakistan has 60 nuclear warheads ~ link ~ With a new plant coming on line that alone will produce enough material for 40 new warheads per year. Since the Saudis paid for a large part of this program, I strongly suspect that they have a handful of nukes for their long-range aircraft and Chinese built IRBMs (intermediate range ballistic missiles). India has similar sized programs.

PM Brown: 'Vicious circle' dragging the world economy down ~ link ~ What is dragging down the world economy is the strategic End Game plan of the Illuminati to bring about their long sought New World Order. The new Great Depression 2.0 and the coming (very soon) Third World War are two key parts of this strategy.

Super Size Me - the film ~ link

General Motors will file bankruptcy on 1st June ~ link ~ Remember the old saying, "As goes GM, so goes the nation".

Treasuries are headed for 2nd monthly loss due to Obama's record borrowing spree ~ link

Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi's many women - The top ten ~ link

Russia creating CSTO - Collective Security Treaty Organization - in Central Asia for WWIII ~ link

Bibi 666 Netanyahu: "What the hell do they want from me?" - Strong opposition to Bibi agenda from very pro-Israeli members of Congress ~ link ~ It is interesting that finally, after so many years of war and near-war in the Middle East, many key American supporters of Israel are saying enought is enought - make peace with the Arabs for American interests and for Israel's interests. I have been screeming this for years. Peace makes sense, not war with the horrific levels of 21st Century warfare. However, Bibi will get his war with Iran/Syria/Lebanon/etc. "come hell or high water" and soon.

700,000 South Korean and 30,000 American troops now on Watchcon 2 - Second highest level of alert ~ link

US Army Chief of Staff: America ready for war with North Korea ~ link ~ Make no mistake, if North Korea is crazy enough to go to war they are done for. For all their massive army and WMD, they are no match for the US Army/Navy/USAF/Marines. Any use of WMD by North Korea would open the door to a quick and total destruction of North Korea by American nuclear arms.

More mass anti-Saakashvili demonstrations in Georgia ~ link ~ The public wants this 'tie-eating'/drug addict NeoCon Puppet-President to go and go now, before he gets them all killed.

Jay Leno ends his 17-year reign on America's top late night show - The Tonight Show ~ link

7.3 Earthquake hits near Honduras, Belize and Guatemala ~ link

US Iraq torture photos show rape and sex abuse ~ link ~ There is no excuse for this evil. The guilty should face charges and serious punishment.

52 Labour MPs ask for Life Peerages (with seat in House of Lords) - as Gordon Brown's political crisis deepens ~ link ~ The House of Lords should be reserved for hereditary peers and persons who merit a life peerage for something other than political experience.

British title of Baron dating back over 500 years for sale by the Earl of Stirling ~ Offers over 500,000 UK pounds ~ link

US building out a $1 billion crash program to expand US diplomatic presence in Pakistan and Afghanistan ~ link ~ Things are going to get really hot in that part of the world soon....count on it.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Governor-General of Canada defends her support of Inuit people and culture by eating raw seal ~ link ~ I agree with her and support her actions. The Inuit take only what is necessary for their society to live; something the 'white man' does not do.

Pakistan is all chaos on its western front ~ link ~ As the Afghanistan War spreads into Pakistan, the strategic goal of "taking out" the only Muslin nation with a major nuclear weapons, and delivery systems, programs is right 'on-course'.

Is Obama heading USA towards war with Iran ~ link ~ Obama is just a front man and his masters intend to have a war with Iran and WWIII.

1 in 8 US homeowners either late in paying on mortgage or in foreclosure ~ link

Israel war exercise tests doomsday scenario response ~ link ~ Doomsday is a good word for what will happen if Bibi 666 Netanyahu lights the fire of a General Middle East War.

Pakistan and India nuclear arms race worries USA ~ link ~ It should. At the rate of nuclear bomb production at present, with expected increases over the next couple of years, the two long-time enemies will have enough warheads to totally destroy each other and plunge the Northern Hemisphere into a Nuclear Winter.

US - South Korean military alert level raised ~ link

This report says US forces at DEFCON 2 ~ link ~ I doubt if this is true globally, but it might be the case in South Korea and Japan.

Obama to create 'Global Engagement Directorate' ~ link ~ Getting ready to "manage" the new coming global war.

Indian Air Force takes delivery of its first AWACS aircraft as arms expansion continues on Indian sub-continent ~ link

Children receiving flu vaccine have three times the hospitalization rate for flu ~ link

Straw says Brown will not be ousted ~ link ~

Public demanding 'revenge' before reform in UK MPs Expenses Scandal ~ link

California to eliminate welfare and close most state parks as Great Depression 2.0 hits hard ~ link ~ California has an economy that would be the 8th largest on Earth if it were a sovereign nation.

Israel begins its largest-ever military war drills over 5 days beginning on Sunday (31st May 2009) ~ link ~ Getting ready for 'the big one'!

South Korean armed forces on high alert ~ link

MPs plan constitutional reform outline by summer ~ link ~ Fox group plans hen house security outline by summer.

Governor-General of Canada eats raw seal heart in act of solidarity with Inuit people ~ link ~ You can count on the fact that the Hereditary Governor of Canada (me) will NOT be eating raw meat.

New tension added to Korean Crisis by threats of military action ~ link ~ This could cool off or get very hot, only God knows.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Private interview on how to survive WWIII

The Earl of Stirling is available to give private advice on how to survive the coming Third World War. Cost is US$100 per 30 minutes.

Lord Stirling
1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 03366212

Lord Stirling's Radio Interviews

The Earl of Stirling was interviewed this day on the NutriMedical Report, a national radio show in USA, by Dr. Bill Deagle. You can listen to this at Clay and Iron Ministries ~ link

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Bibi 666 Netanyahu cancels trips to Paris and Rome next week ~ link ~ Bad sign, very bad sign. Beginning Sunday 31st of May and lasting about one week will be the largest military 'exercise' in Israel's history. Many have worried that this is designed to 'go hot' right into a war on Iran and a general Middle Eastern War. This could happen; if not next week I expect it to happen the first half of this summer (June or early July).

Does Obama understand Israel's war goal in Iran? ~ link ~ Actually I think he does, he works for them after all.

Obama as the New Face of the Re-branded NeoCons ~ link

PM Brown given two weeks over MPs Expenses Scandal or risk Labour leadership challenge ~ link

Brown proposes constitutional changes in wake of MPs Expenses Scandal ~ link ~ Fox proposes to enlarge door to hen house in bid to increase hen house security.

Brown and Cameron in 'scramble' to 'clean up Parliament' ~ link ~ Top fox and top-fox-wantabe in scramble to improve hen house security.

LDP ruling party lawmaker says Japan should consider pre-emptive strikes on North Korea ~ link ~ Japan has the nuclear material to assemble many many nuclear weapons and the missiles and aircraft to deliver them.

The Bilderberg Plan for 2009 - Remaking the Global Political Economy ~ link

Eight nations have carried out 2,054 nuclear explosions from 1945-2009 ~ link

Russia taking military/security measures in light of Korean Crisis - Russia fears nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula ~ link ~ See also: North Korea will go to war if its ships are stopped and searched in international waters ~ link ~ Also see: If ships searched North will attack South ~ link ~ Also see: Russia fears Korean conflict would go nuclear ~ link ~ Also see: North Korea warns of attack - Says 1953 Truce no longer valid ~ link ~ Also see this ~ link

Georgia's opposition demonstrators block key Tbilisi rail station ~ link ~ The struggle between the Government and the opposition is more than simply a domestic dispute; it is a near-war struggle between Russian and the NeoCon 'West'. A near-war struggle that could go hot, again, quickly (the Georgian-Russian War took place only nine months ago).

Top ten most stunning Roman Catholic basilicas ~ link

Marc Faber: US hyperinflation to approach Zimbabwe levels ~ link

China considers its bond with North Korea ~ link

Indiana's Amish - laid off from their factory jobs - return to their plows ~ link ~ I have lots of respect for the Amish. They are hard working and live a old style of life. Their lack of electrical tools/equipment/etc. will mean that they alone will be able to operate 'normally' in the event of a EMP event in wartime

Vladimir Putin tells the West to keep its 'hands off' the Ukraine ~ link ~ The Russians are well into a deep struggle to bring Ukraine back into the Russian orbit. The Ukraine is the 'Crown Jewel' of the non-Russian part of the old Russian Empire and former USSR and Russia wants it back.

Ceremonial dress and official uniforms of Imperial Russia - On display at a new show at London's Victoria and Albert Museum - photos ~ link

Obama White House to create 'Global Engagement Directorate' combining 'homeland security' and national security staffs ~ link ~ Another 'Eve of the Third World War' maneuver to organize everything for the coming war.

China - Now in firm control of US debt markets ~ link

US Supreme Court rules that suspects can be interrogated without their lawyers present ~ link ~ One more coffin nail in traditional American freedoms and liberty.

Is North Korea About to Blow Up the World: No- but maybe a little corner of it, if we are not careful ~ link ~ Good article.

North Korea has stepped up combined military exercises close to South Korea - Increased its surveillance over inter-Korean border - North Korea combat readiness at its peak ~ link ~ I was born during the Korean War, I don't look forward to any Second Korean War.

North Korea has announced that it is no longer bound by the 1953 Armistice that ended the Korean War - Threatens War ~ link ~ Is this hype or is something more serious going on here. Will a new Korean War with WMD be one of the parts of the coming Third World War?

North Korea warns of war with USA and South Korea ~ link ~ My long time viewers know that I see North Korea as the most insane and evil nation on Earth, however, I see what the North Koreans are upset over. This Tuesday South Korea joined an American program to intercept 'suspected' ships of carrying weapons of mass destruction on the High Seas. America and most sea going nations regard unrestricted civilian access to the world's oceans as a vital matter of national importance sufficient to provoke a war if interfered with. The North Koreans will not allow their ships to be stopped and boarded on the High Seas as this is considered an Act of War.

Iran has sent six warships to Gulf of Aden and other international waters - link ~ On eve of General Middle East War and WWIII. Seemingly unrelated events in Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, China, Mexico, United Kingdom, America, etc. [including political, strategic, military, economic, medical, police related events] are all part of the 'Eve of the Third World War' events that are currently on-going.

IDF armored warfare senior officer: Israel's armor is preparing for 'classic war' ~ link ~ Maybe and maybe not.

UK establishes 'army' of 'snoopers' with police powers throughout Britain ~ link

Israel and Chemical/Biological Weapons: History, Deterrence, and Arms Control - pdf ~ link ~ The Syrian-Iranian joint program in Chemical Warfare is perhaps the largest on Earth today; the Iranians have a very well developed Advanced BioWar program. We have the two most dangerous hot spots, with multiple types of WMD, the Middle East and the Koreas on the eve of war (or so it appears).

Top Ten Papal Regalia Items ~ link

Man saved from fire by his dying dog ~ link

EU Parliament now involved with UK MPs Expenses Scandal ~ link

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

North Korea test fires more rockets - blames USA ~ link ~ Just because these North Koreans are crazy and out for attention does not mean that they are not truly dangerous.

North Korea announces that it is NO LONGER BOUND BY KOREAN ARMISTICE - North Korea says South Korea involvement in US program to intercept ships 'suspected' of spreading WMD IS A DECLARATION OF WAR against North Korea - WARNS OF IMMEDIATE WAR ~ link ~ North Korea has made such a history of threats and bombast comments that it may not be believed when it makes such profound official and legal statements. Like the 'Boy who cried wolf' story. What if this time they are serious??? Maybe they see what is coming and are taking sides and ready to strike early - unless a good deal is made with them.

Sonia Sotomayer picked for US Supreme Court by Obama ~ link

Buckingham Palace anger over Sarkozy's snub ~ link

Germany denies patent for RFID/GPS/Poison Microchip ~ link ~ NEVER take a RFID chip under your skin.

Where does the money go - cost of a gallon of gasoline ~ link

Breakfast Smoothie ~ link ~ OK....I get tired of just linking stories on war, economic depression, You might also like: Speed Painting - video ~ link

Ex-Military interrogator - torture has cost hundreds if not thousands of American lives ~ link ~ The real reason for torture is to get Americans ready for a police state that uses torture to terrorize the population into total submission ....just like in Hitler's Germany and Stalin's USSR. That and it is satanic as are the people in charge.

Bibi 666 Netanyahu to 'give up' outposts in return for American backing on coming Iran War ~ link ~ Bibi the man most likely to begin WWIII.

Requiem for the Last American Soldier to Die in Iraq ~ link

Iran dispatches war fleet in historically unprecedented move to establish defensive sea perimeter ~ link

Armenian's political impact in Lebanon ~ link

Tehran thinks defense - Israel exercises for war ~ link ~ Keep in mind that this is from an Iranian site.

Regime Change: Georgia's Rose Revolution Fades To Black ~ link

IDF Chief: Israel is preparing all options against Iran ~ link ~ And Iran is getting ready to return the favor. That is how WWIII will begin and this is part of the long term plan of the Illuminati to establish their New World Order/one-world high tech slave state, where they have total control of the entire planet and all upon it.

Indefinite Detention - video ~ link ~ Also see: America's Nightmare: The Obama Dystopia - Manipulation, propaganda, imagery & PR wizardry ~ link ~ Also see: Obama Betrays The Liberals ~ link ~ Americans and the rest of the World peoples are waking up to the fact that Barack Obama is just another 'face man' for the Illuminati, the hidden empire of a small super-elite group of global banking families. He will not stop Netanyahu from plunging the world into the Third World War and, in fact, he is assisting him under the cover of public 'disagreements'.

Koreans, Israelis and Nukes ~ link

Israel to ignite all-out Middle East regional war ~ link ~ This is from a Iranian site.

Bibi Netanyahu bringing Israel closer to war with Iran ~ link ~ This is from a Israeli site - an analysis from Haaretz the large mainstream Israeli national newspaper.

Deputy Defense Minister of Israel - Home Front massive war drill scenario very real and likely to happen, "not fiction" ~ link ~ This is also from an Israeli site - from the large mainstream newspaper The Jerusalem Post.

France to open new military base in Abu Dhabi ~ link ~ The Rothschild's have just recently taken over the financing and economic direction of this mini-state and now France sends in its troops - Interesting. France is also selling nuclear reactors and Rafale 5th generation fighters to the UAE.

Chinese flock to Taiwan's National Palace Museum with its treasure trove of Chinese art ~ link

Spanish judges hot on the trail of Israeli and American officials for torture, genocide, and crimes against humanity ~ link ~ Spain, like a number of nations, has universal jurisdiction laws which allows them to go after officials in human rights cases.

The British public is deeply upset with its political class ~ link ~ They could force the issue by demanding that the Queen dissolve Parliament now and call new elections.

Company hopes to bring air-powered cars to America ~ link

Nuke tested by North Korea was as powerful as that used on Hiroshima ~ link ~ Also see North Korean nuclear tests ~ link ~ Also see: Defying world powers....~ link ~ North Korea is a very sick nation and society....ruled by a family that is nuts and evil to the very core. That this nation, which cannot really even feed its people properly has nuclear weapons is very upsetting and not a good sign for the survival of the human race.

New light on Hitler's bomb ~ link ~ In light of the craziness of destitute North Korea having the bomb, I am linking this story about Hitler almost getting a nuclear bomb. There are other sources that claim both Japan and Germany were close to acquiring the bomb. Some even say that the Germans had used a very low-yield device on the battlefield in the war against the Soviets and that a large part of the nuclear material used by America to make the bombs dropped on Japan actually came from Germany at the end of the war with Germany. Who knows?

Top British virologist says real Mexican Swine Flu in UK toll is 30,000 - that is 300 times over what the Government and WHO claim ~ link ~ This dovetails with credible scientific reports of 100,000 cases in USA. I am no longer reporting the daily WHO 'official' number of cases as it is just so much bull crap.

China very concerned by the Federal Reserve's direct purchase of US Treasury bonds ~ link ~ This is a bad sign, when the nation with the largest amount of US Treasury bonds begins to freak out about the Fed's printing presses operating 24/7 at max speed.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Happy Memorial Day Holiday Weekend to my American viewers. Due to the 3-day holiday the posts will be limited.

"The Bravest Man in America" - Major General Lord Stirling of the American Revolutionary War ~ link ~ I am running this link to a kinsman and his wife, Lady Stirling, in honor of Memorial Day, a day in America where we honor those who have fallen in service to America. I do not claim my title on the basis of this hero's claim but on common ancestry to the first Earl; however, I am proud to call Maj.Gen. Lord Stirling a kinsman.

Rachel Maddow: Indefinite detention. Shame on you...President Obama ~ link ~ Very good video! Rachel tears Obama a new.....

Apa Sherpa - A Nepalese Sherpa has climbed Mount Everest for a record 19th time ~ link

'Everything you know about Iran is wrong' - 'They may not want The Bomb' ~ link

Israel is preparing for a all-out multiple front war with Iran, Syria and Lebanon ~ link ~ See also: Six Escalation Scenarios to Nuclear World War III ~ link ~ See also: Israeli Air Force holds all-out war simulation - Tensions with Iran grows ~ link ~ See also: (from March 23, 2009) Israel Plans for war on multiple fronts ~ link ~ Also see: (from Jan. 16, 2009) Trend Alert: Israel War to ignite World War III ~ link ~ Also see: Israel completes air war drill ~ link ~ For those who think I am the only one warning about the coming nightmare of WWIII when Israel attacks Iran.

Liquid War across Eurasia and the Asia-Pacific: Postcard from Pipelineistan ~ link

UN nuclear watchdog chief - ElBaradei (Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency) - says Iranian know-how cannot be bombed - "there is no military solution" ~ link ~ Don't expect a minor thing like facts to stop Bibi 666 Netanyahu and his Cabinet of Nuts from going to war in the first half of this summer.

Why Mexican Swine Flu (A/H1N1) is still a deadly threat ~ link

The Pentagon's Alarming Project: Avian Flu Biowar Vaccine ~ link ~ There are three different types of global strategic weapons-of-mass-destruction based warfare: Nuclear; Advanced Biowar; Scalar. All have similar kill levels and are not really survivalable if used in a full-intensity way.

USS George H.W. Bush (CVN77) lands first aircraft ~ link

Pakistan in nuclear arms program expansion ~ link ~ The Paks have a production factory just now coming on line that can produce 40 H-Bombs a year! The Indians have similar capacities.

Bibi's resistance front to Peace Diplomacy ~ link

Benjamin 666 Netanyahu is just itching to find an excuse to attack Iran ~ link

Iran retired general - running for President of Iran - says Iran could stop Israel in 'one strike' ~ link ~ And Israel can do the same to Iran. That is called MAD - Mutually Assured Destruction. Only satanic idiots go to war with both sides having a MAD with the other side.

Approximately 325 MPs expected to lose seats at next UK election ~ link ~ This could come soon if the public puts pressure on the Palace to dissolve Parliament.

Royal chauffeur suspended - alleged to have allowed undercover reporters into Buckingham Palace ~ link

Senator: "We're talking about rape and murder here. We're not just talking about giving people a humiliating experience." ~ link ~ The people that empowered torture in US prison camps should be brought before the courts for the high crimes that they committed, and that includes Bush, Cheney, and other senior officials.

France denounces Bibi's Jerusalem vow ~ link

NeoCon Sarkozy invites Bibi 666 Netanyahu to Paris for talks on June 3 ~ link ~ This will be during the massive - largest in Israel's history - war games in June, as Israel prepares for a General Middle East War this summer. The war could very easily turn into the Third World War.

President Obama: "We are out of money" ~ link ~ After spending and committing $12.8 TRILLION to the bankers and to Wall Street for the so-called 'bailout'. None of which helped the American people or economy.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Happy Memorial Day Holiday weekend to my viewers in America.

Due to holiday there will be a reduced level of lined stories.

Obama pledges to maintain American military global dominance ~ link

President Obama's Detention Plan in violation of US Constitution and American legal tradition ~ link ~ It is 'damn shameful'.

UK economy at weakest in 30 years ~ link ~ What New Labour has brought the British people.

Video showing 53 dangerous inmates escaping from Mexico prison while guards stand by ~ link ~ Mexico is a third world nation with horrific levels of corruption.

WHO: 42 nations - 11,168 official cases of Mexican Swine Flu ~ link ~ According to the CDC this is only 10% or less of the number just for USA.

Friday, May 22, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War

Israeli Air Force in large scale war drill over last four days - Practicing all -out war on all fronts ~ link ~ The IDF is getting ready for a General Middle Eastern War this summer. This is a war that will dovetail with events in Georgia/Russia and India/Pakistan/China and will expand into the Third World War/Armageddon. UPDATES ~ See also: Israel Air Force conducts drill simulating regional war ~ link ~ See also: USA war plans for Iran War re-emerge ~ link

Obama to Keep Israel's Nuclear 'Secrets' ~ link ~ It is symptomatic of Israel's approach to the rest of the world that they feel they alone have the right to nuclear arms in the Middle East and they have a absolute right to insist that the rest of the world, including the superpower America, officially deny the existence of their massive nuclear weapons program.

Bibi 666 Netanyahu takes hard line on Jerusalem ~ link ~ This joker takes a line that always supports war and aggression. He will bring death and destruction on his people and the world very soon.

United States Senate approves $91 billion in additional war funding for Iraq War and Afghanistan War ~ link ~ Real change here NOT.

US Treasury Secretary vows to trim US Deficit on global concerns over US creditworthiness ~ link ~ How about stopping the two unnecessary long on-going wars.

Russia dumps US Dollar as Reserve Currency - adopts Euro ~ link

China - Taiwan business/investment ties rapidly expanding ~ link ~ Sounds like these two Chinese nations have decided to get closer to one another and not let the coming global nightmare cause them to destroy one another.

Russia and Ukraine are on the verge of a new natural gas row ~ link ~
Also see: Medvedev says EU should lend Ukraine money to pay for Russian natural gas ~ link ~

US Senate keeps $108 billion in IMF funding in war funding legislation ~ link ~ Another Illuminati scripted act by the US Congress.

Six ways the Afghanistan-Pakistan War is expanding ~ link ~ There is a strategy at work to expand the Afghanistan War into Pakistan....eventually this will involve India and China.

North Korea may be preparing for a missile test - Warns ships near missile base ~ link

Struggle over pro-secular and pro-Islamic future continues in Turkey ~ link ~ The pro-Islamic forces have been strengthened by the response of the Turkish public to Israel's hard line treatment of Muslims in Gaza and Palestine; one more unintended 'blowback' from the crazy Israeli perpetual war strategy.

When God does not answer, it could be because He wants you to be who you really are ~ link

Nadine Dorries, MP warns that one or more Members of Parliament are at risk of suicide from MPs Expenses Scandal ~ link ~ also see ~ link ~ I wonder how many members of the public are at risk due to the new Great Depression?!! The UK political class are a bunch of self-absorbed hogs who feel entitled to feed at the public trough and damn the sheeple whose taxes pay for everything.

MPs Expenses Scandal: Some MPs could face prison ~ link ~ 'Hang the bastards'! What have they done for the people as the economy explodes and two unnecessary wars continue?

WHO head warns world should prepare for more serious versions of A/H1N1 Mexican Swine Flu ~ link

Two high school is Rome ordered closed due to Mexican Swine Flu ~ link

Some UK Labour Ministers are backing October elections - Feel new efforts to get Britain out of 'recession' will re-elect them ~ link ~ The trouble with living in a sea of bullshit is that you eventually begin to believe in your own bullshit and don't remember the difference between bullshit and truth anymore.

MPs Expenses Scandal claims more high profile 'victims' - Those forced to 'retire' have huge taxpayer funded payouts coming to them ~ link

MPs Expenses Scandal - The Public Is Out For Blood ~ link ~ Good!

New grouping of Independent candidates for Parliament may change the political map in the UK ~ link

Bibi 666 to USA: We reserve the 'right' to bomb Iran ~ link

Thursday, May 21, 2009

UK Parliament Scandal, Mexican Swine Flu, Great Depression 2.0, News, Links of the Day

Gordon Brown's authority in total tatters as he fails to discipline two Cabinet ministers as another dares him to fire her ~ link ~ This has got to stop...the Queen needs to act and dissolve Parliament while there is at least a little authority and respect left.

Apologies for Evil - The state of Netanyahu's thinking ~ link ~ Bibi, the man intending to begin the Third World War this summer.

Modern Survivalism ~ link

Torture made possible by 13 people ~ link ~ Hang the bastards!

USA promises to fully fund Israeli missile defense system, while cutting its own ~ link ~ Now if the American public would just take up a collection to bribe our Congressmen and Senators maybe they would care about us - The US Congress - The best Congress that money can buy.

New York "Terror Plot" just another government provocateured set-up ~ link

State of Tennessee may fingerprint speeders ~ link ~ You can't make stuff like this up. The rush to a high tech fascist police state knows no bounds.

USSR - Illuminati Experiment Was 'Social Catastrophe' ~ link

Obama considers 'Preventive Detention Plan' ~ link ~ No American should stand for this evil. We fought a Revolution in the late 1700s over crap like this. We have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights and Obama and the evil bastards behind him have no business tearing up our Constitution.

Watching Obama Morph Into Dick Cheney ~ link ~ This is happening because Obama is simply a front man for the same global bankers/Illuminati that have been running things for years. It is them against us; satan against God.

Exposure to past virus may protect adults - over 52 - from Mexican Swine Flu ~ link ~ This is what a friend of mine, a MD/pathologist told me, about a week ago.

Top Israeli Official - aide to Bibi 666 Netanyahu - Mocks Two-State Plan as 'Childish and Stupid' ~ link ~ I will tell you what is childish and stupid. The West, and especially America, allowing Israeli supporters to buy off most western politicians to the extent that they will allow the nuts in the Netanyahu Administration to lead the world into a nuclear/advanced biological global nightmare.

United Kingdom's debt outlook lowered to negative ~ link

Day of reckoning looms for the American dollar ~ link ~ And the American economy and global economy.....the economic nightmare is NOT OVER and the WORST IS YET TO COME.

Mexican jailbreak proves the drug cartels can do whatever they want ~ link

India's 'odd couple' retain (and expand their hold on) the reins of power ~ link

PM Brown rejects early election call ~ link ~ Of course he does, the Labour Party would be kicked into minor party status if an election were held today. In fact, the Tories, in spite of what David Cameron says, also are deadly afraid of an election now. The public is so mad, what with a new global Great Depression, and this across the board corruption in Parliament, that they are apt to elect a group of minor parties to power.

Westminster MP Expenses Scandal Continues Unabated ~ link ~ The British public is mad as hell. They have had it with bankers fleecing the nation, with a new Great Depression, and with the political class waging a new type of 'class war' against them. This scandal is not over, no matter how much the political class strongly wants it to be. It will take some petitions, and some marches and picketing, but with sufficient public demands for a new Parliament the Queen will act and dissolve Parliament and call for new national elections. It is up to the British public to force the issue.

Speaker Michael Martin faces backlash over possible life peerage ~ link ~ It is the norm for a retiring House of Commons Speaker to receive a life peerage (title of Baron for life) and membership in the Upper Chamber (House of Lords) of the UK Parliament. In Martin's case a number of Peers are raising objections to his possible ennoblement, as well they should. It is, however, important to note that he should not become the main 'fall guy'. The political class in Britain is rotten to the core and needs wide and total reform. [Just a note: The hereditary members of the House of Lords have been free from this scandal, even though they have an Parliamentary expenses system also.]

British title of Baron with right to pass it onwards to your heirs for sale at offers over 800,000 UK pounds ~ link

World Health Organization reports 'official confirmed' 11,034 cases in 41 nations of Mexican Swine Flu ~ link ~ Keep in mind the US CDC says that there are over 100,000 cases in the USA alone; but based on their methodology some scientists feel that the true number of cases in America is between 1 million and 1 1/2 million at present and expanding every day. This would mean that there are several million people in the world infected at present from a disease that was unknown a month ago.

Mexican Swine Flu reaches Tokyo ~ link

Bibi 666 Netanyahu (known as "Mr. Iran" in Israel for his determination to start a war with Iran) says Israel ready for talks without preconditions with Syria ~ link ~ Bibi would love to con the Syrians into dropping their military alliance with Iran, that would take a large number of Syrian missiles (aimed at Israel) out of the coming war equation. However, the Syrians know that they would be next in line, if the Iranians are finished off, so they are not too apt to accept his 'kind offer'.

British political parties are shaken-up by toxic politics arising from economic/banking crisis and MPs Expenses Scandal ~ link

San Marino and Japan have highest life expectancy rates ~ link ~ San Marino is one of the smallest nations on earth. It is a European nation located in the mountains of northern Italy.

British Home Secretary now says Gurkha veterans can stay in UK ~ link ~ Of course, this was only after the shameful Brown Government was forced into this position by a rebellion among its backbenchers. Those bastards will not do the right thing unless they are paid to do so or forced to do so, as I know from personal experience with my peerage claim (see my book, CASH FOR PEERAGES: THE SMOKING GUN ~ link).

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

UK Parliament Scandal, Mexican Swine Flu, Great Depression 2.0, News, Links of the Day

Obama's pragmatism will backfire ~ link

Secret meeting of the world's richest people held in New York ~ link ~ Actually the people mentioned in the article, except for Rockefeller, are second string.

Ex-AIPAC Iran expert: There is no military option in Iran ~ link ~ Tell that to Bibi 666 Netanyahu ("Mr. Iran") - please!

Chile: The birds are dying - No one knows why ~ link

Survey: 29% loss of managed bee colonies ~ link

Israel's June military exercise seen by its enemies as a possible cover for launching a new Middle East regional war - This will be the largest military exercise in Israel's history - Larger than any 'exercise' just prior to any and all of its past wars ~ link ~ I strongly believe that a General Middle East War will begin in June or early July!

UK Parliament loses its historic right to run its own affairs ~ link ~ The rule of the NeoCon Labour Party has been horrific on Britain and its ancient institutions and traditions.

Irish report on abuse of children in Catholic institutions will have seismic impact ~ link ~ Also see: Thousands raped and attacked... ~ link ~ The Popes have known of this problem since the 60s, when a large number of gay priests/brothers/nuns were allowed into religious life. The problem existed before then but grew significantly at that time. There is no dogmatic reason for having non-married clergy in the Catholic Church and there is a direct relationship between single clergy and sex attacks on children and gays in the religious life. That the last several popes, especially John Paul II and the current pope have not allowed married priests raises the question, 'who are they really answering to'. It does not appear to be God! In Ireland today, there is a growing shortage of priests, this is a direct result of the scandal of gays taking over the priesthood to a large extent.

China is mobilizing its dollar-reserves by buying an enormous amount of real/hard assets while the US/Federal Reserve is accumulating vast amounts of debt of insolvent institutions ~ link ~ The powers that be in China see what is happening and about to happen and they want real assets in place.

Iran has test launched a medium-range surface-to-surface (IRBM - intermediate range ballistic missile) missile - the Sajjil-2 ~ link ~ The Sajjil-2 is solid fuel and this is a major advantage as it is ready to fire at any time; there is no signature given off by the fueling of the missile to overhead spy satellites that can indicate a possible attack or alert. It is also easier to hide and transport. The Iranians are likely to mass produce this missile as much as possible, as the way to overcome anti-missile defenses like Israel's is to swarm attack them with overwhelming numbers of incoming warheads.

New York Times falsifies Obama-Netanyahu meeting story ~ link ~ The most important reason that people have turned to alternative news media sources on the Internet is that the mainstream news media lies most of the time. It is simply a propaganda arm of the hidden Illuminati empire.

Israel lobby commits a major blunder in France - tries to silence a comedian ~ link ~ This is an interesting story, one with serious implications in many western nations. It is a story of a strategic overreach by Israel and its supporters and a growing backlash at a time of economic depression.

Could Weimar Republic type Hyperinflation happen in America? ~ link ~ Also see: The Weimar Hyperinflation: Could It Happen Again? ~ link ~ The answer is yes it could. What happened in Germany, during the Weimar Republic, was a deliberate gutting of the economy by the Illuminati for a variety of political/economic/strategic reasons. What is happening now, with this new Great Depression 2.0 along with growing police state laws and illegal actions and on-going wars and the rush into a new global war, is another great reordering of society by the Illuminati for their own goals at the horrific expense of 99% of the population. Hang on folks, it is about to get very rough very soon.

What can you buy with a Trillion Dollars ~ link ~ The United States has committed to a $12.8 Trillion bailout of the banking elite; all for them, nothing for us.

Elliot Wave Expert: A possible Dow at 2,000 ~ link ~ Everybody wants the economic crisis to be over. Sorry, but it simply will not work out that way.

Michael Martin resigns as Speaker (effective 21 June) - End of 'gentleman's club' rules - First Speaker forced out in over 300 years ~ link ~ Also see: Peerage title and 1.4 million UK pounds pension for ousted Speaker ~ link ~

Bibi 666 Netanyahu "stands firm against demands from Obama" ~ link ~ This is all a 'smoke and mirrors' play. Obama will not really do anything to stop Bibi from causing WWIII.

What is Netanyahu really afraid of? ~ link

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mexican Swine Flu, News, Great Depression 2.0 - links of the day

House of Commons Speaker announces he will step down in June - PMs Expenses Scandal claims first important victim ~ link ~ Also see ~ link

China's coming struggle for power ~ link

Rothschild's roadmap for Dubai's economic recovery ~ link

"It's not like before" - Fooled by globalization - video ~ link

World Health Organization says no A/H1N1 vaccine for months ~ link ~ If you are smart you will not take any vaccine at present.

US Government has pledged $12.8 TRILLION on bailouts - Every household on the hook for $109,887 ~ link ~ If they had just given every household a credit card with this much (or a fraction of this amount) for the purchase of non-food/non-housing products made-in-America-only it would have created a massive boom in the economy with tens of thousands of new American factories being created and millions of new jobs. Instead they robbed the American sheeple.

The Disease of Permanent War ~ link ~ Currently America has two wars on-going that should never have been started and never have been allowed to continue. Soon we will have a global war. War is a three letter word opposite another three letter word: God.

War is a Racket - video ~ link

Guantanamo Prisoners STILL Being Tortured Under Obama ~ link

Israeli racist Foreign Minister Lieberman named to joint US/Israel post as head of Israeli's strategic dialogue with USA ~ link ~ I believe that it was this joker that threatened to bomb the Egyptian Aswan Dam, which would kill millions.

House of Commons Speaker Martin expected to be first Speaker forced out of office since 1695 ~ link ~ Also see: Speaker told 'he has signed his political death warrant' over his handling of the MPs Expenses Scandal ~ link ~ Also see: Senior Labour MPs warn Gordon Brown not to stand in the way of a no-confidence vote to oust Speaker ~ link ~ Also see: Does Prime Minister Brown have the backbone to ditch Commons Speaker ~ link ~

Chinese spice 'Star Anise' may be a defense against Mexican Swine Flu ~ link ~ Remember, the way to not die from a mutated form of Mexican Swine Flu (which could happen at any time or not) or from a more serious Advanced Biowar viruses is self-quarantine.

American Capitalism Gone With A Whimper ~ link ~ Just as the Illuminati created and eliminated communism on the road to their New World Order, so they have created and are now eliminating capitalism.

American health officials are troubled by new Mexican Swine Flu (A/H1N1) pattern ~ link ~ This virus is still 'just warming up'.

Coalition of progressive groups seek disbarment for 12 senior Bush Administration lawyers ~ link ~ Good. Too bad they, and Bush/Cheney are not being criminally tried but disbarment is a beginning.

Missing H-Bomb Case ~ link

Palin was asked to consider Clinton alliance ~ link

Trial of Aung Sun Suu Kyi - diplomats not allowed in ~ link

Bibi 666 Netanyahu: No red - green - or yellow lights from Obama on Iran ~ link ~ Do not expect Obama to oppose madman Bibi's rush into a Third World War.