Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Special Post

The taking office today (31 March 2009) of Bibi Netanyahu will go down as a very dark day in history. This evil man, known as Mr. Iran in Israel, is determined to continue the NeoCon agenda and to attack Iran. This will trigger a major regional war - a general Middle Eastern war - involving weapons of mass destruction on both sides. The Iranians have spent billions and the last 18 years developing Advanced Biological Warfare. They have the ability to spread many dozens of man made viruses throughout Israel, Europe, and North America in the event of a massive attack against them by Israel and/or America. This is a MAD counter-force, that is a mutually assured destruction counter-force, that is a last ditch "you kill us we kill you" response to a all-out strike.

The Iranian counter-strike is apt to kill up to a third of mankind throughout the world. Of course, Iran will be totally destroyed in return. The effects of such a horrific war, with massive deaths in Russia and China as well as throughout the world is almost certain to trigger the Third World War that the Illuminati want to complete their End Game in the establishment of a global world government owned and ruled by their small "elite".

The world cannot survive the effects of Twenty-first Century warfare without the direct intervention of God. Therefore the advent of WWIII is apt to be the advent of the Biblical Armageddon. Future historians will see Netanyahu as the Anti-Christ if he continues with his strategy.

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Gordon Brown tells bankers to stop behaving recklessly ~ link ~ Senior fox tells foxes to stop behaving recklessly by raiding hen houses during raid on hen house. I do wonder if people, like Illuminati puppet Gordon, sits back at the end of the day, with drink in hand, and has a good laugh at the BS they dished out during the day.

Sarkozy threatens to walk out of G20 summit if "tougher financial regulations are not met" ~ link ~ Nice 'smoke and mirrors' Nicolas but we all know you are in serious trouble with the French people and we know that you have always been and will remain a NewCon Illuminati puppet.

Japan, US, and South Korea move warships into offensive positions ~ link ~ What concerns me about this missile test and the response of Japan/USA/SKorea is that it could trigger a massive regional war on the Korean peninsula that could kill millions there. Such a war could be brief (if America's weapons, including, classified ones, are quickly brought into use) or drawn out. The massive loss of life could be packaged in such a way that much of the public would feel it necessary to "go after Iran before it can launch another crazy war". This is a possible reason for Obama's Administration to take steps leading to war. The North Koreans may have designed a death trap for themselves. They have repeatedly said that any shoot-down of their missile means war. If it is shot down they will have to act or 'lose face', not something their crazy leadership is apt to allow. Also see: North Korea threatens war against Japan if North Korean missile is shot down ~ link

Stop arming Israel ~ link ~ This article makes a good point, but the chances of it happening are less than zero. The "bought and paid for" US Congress is totally bought off by Israel and its fund raising/lobbying arms in America. Every few years they demonstrate their power by defeating a Congressman/woman, who has opposed funding Israel, in their own district's primary as a warning to all others not to make the same mistake. Israel has sufficient military power to defeat all Iran and all Arab states and a large part of Europe as well. America has spent over twice as much on Israel as it has on the space program.

US home prices drop worst than expected - 19% in January ~ link

Why the End of America is Closer than You Think ~ link ~ Stories like this remind me of the comment one of Israel's top generals made to me about 21 years ago, that "America is a very rich nation and it will take a lot to bring her down".

China and Russia cooperate on new reserve currency proposal ~ link ~ When and if this comes about, the US Dollar will go into massive free fall and true hyperinflation will set in as the cost of almost everything Americans use dramatically increases in price.

China takes center stage ~ link ~ This reminds me of Napoleon's warning, "China is a sleeping giant, let it sleep for when it awakens the world will tremble."

Vice-Chairman of US Joint Chief of Staff: US will work hard to rebuild Georgia military ~ link ~ This is so insane. Georgia with funding by the Bush Administration, and using Israeli arms and commandos, began the recent Georgia-South Ossetia War by killing a large number of unarmed Russian civilians in their homes. Anyone that believes that Obama has brought "CHANGE" into American foreign and military policy is sadly mistaken. NeoCon puppet Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili (that crazy man who eats his tie in public) had better remember that Putin came close to doing what he threatened to during the last war - "hang Saakashvili by his balls" - and will certainly finish the job if there is another war. See also ~ link

Pentagon has spent $687.5 billion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and on the "war on terror" since the False Flag 9/11 events ~ link ~ There were several objectives to the False Flag attacks on 9/11. The 'war on terror' was the brainchild of Bibi Netanyahu, who today returns as Israeli Prime Minister. He wanted to get America and as much of the world as possible to fight any and all possible enemies of Israel (not necessarily real enemies of Israel's right to exist, but those that would oppose absolute Israeli domination of the Middle East). Another objective of the False Flag attacks was greed and profit by the NeoCons and the Military-Industrial Complex and they have succeeded with truly massive profits from the boondoggle of two long running wars. Another objective was setting America, and through America the world, up for a global economic meltdown (this also required much in the way of other efforts - see the 'Special Link' article today for a history of this) as a key step in the Illuminati long term goal of a one world currency and one world economic control organization (world government in all but name), further to which they also plan a new global/world war and the 'war on terror' will roll over into this soon.

US banks operating without reserve requirements ~ link

Special Links

World Depression: Regional Wars and the Decline of US Empire by Professor James Petras ~ link ~ An excellent article. My only objections are the good professor dances around 'naming' the Anglo-American capitalist elite and giving any view of their long-term operations and end game. If you have any hope of the economy turning around this will dash any and all hopes.

Another article that should be read with the above is: Geithner's Dirty Little Secret ~ link

I always have a problem with people in charge who simply cannot see that which is right before their eyes. Usually it means that there is a hidden agenda. In the current case, the hidden agenda is the Illuminati End Game using the usual methodology: thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis.

The thesis was the off sourcing of the industrial base from America and Europe to China and other Third World nations, the ending of laws designed to protect us from another Great Depression and the lax enforcement of other laws, and specific governmental steps taken in America, Europe and elsewhere to encourage the 'paper economy' and False Flag attacks to create two long drawn out hyper expensive wars.

The anti-thesis is the current "economic/financial crisis"/new Great Depression and the counter-productive steps to "control" it being undertaken by the Obama Administration and others.

The synthesis will be the "solution" to the current problems that the Illuminati puppets will present to us. This will also come at a time of a regional war in the Middle East turning into a new global war - World War III. The intended end result will be a world that will have a fraction of the existing population, that will be controlled totally by very advanced high technology based police state methodology, and will be totally owned and controlled by the super-elite - the Illuminati.

Of course, the Illuminati, as Satan's agents are subject to his totally evil nature. He is "father of all lies" and his minions are being lied to. Instead of controlling the world they will end up in Hell because the technology of mass destruction of the early 21'st Century will not allow the human race to survive a Third World War without the direct intervention of God. This will take place by the Second Coming of Christ after the Illuminati gets its WWIII underway. Jesus Christ will usher in a new age, a New World, and a New Heaven and Satan will be bound and cast into the bottomless pit for a 'thousand years'.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Over 600 architects say 9/11 was an inside job ~ link ~ I have been saying for some time that any intelligent person, who has not closed his/her mind, no longer believes the official conspiracy theory about 9/11. The official conspiracy theory is a B Grade Hollywood movie level script.

USS McCain and USS Chafee - two very high tech guided missile destroyers - sail ahead of North Korean missile launch ~ link ~ My best estimate is still that the North Korean launch/s will not result in another war. However, there is a real probability - maybe 25% - that events will result in a very nasty regional war.

Economic Meltdown: The "Dollar Glut" is what finances America's global military build-up ~ link ~ Interesting article.

Khmer Rough prison commander faces survivors ~ link ~ Killing this evil bastard is way too good for him.

Obama "fires" CEO of GM ~ link ~ The really sad thing is that we have not allowed the existing US bankruptcy laws to be applied to the auto industry, to AIG, and to Wall Street. Instead we have taken on almost $10 TRILLION in debt with nothing to show for it. Who benefits from all this debt? Answer: the owners of the privately owned Federal Reserve System.

Banks are beginning to walk away from many real estate foreclosures in America ~ link ~ Some of the lower priced properties are not worth the legal fees/property taxes/insurance/etc. that the banks have to pay out for property that is unsellable on today's real estate market.

US Dept. of Health and Human Services approves an official but fictitious Medical Review Board headed by a dead dog with made up doctors names on the Board ~ link ~ You simply cannot make this stuff up. This is what happens when you have a Congress made up of whores for sale to the highest bidder. 'Big Pharma' wants a largely ineffective regulatory system and they got it. This is a prime example of America's fall to Third World status.

The Big Takeover ~ link ~ Rolling Stone makes the point that the global economic crisis is not about money but power - that Wall Street insiders are using the 'bailout' to stage a revolution.

The Quite Coup ~ link ~ The Atlantic magazine makes a case somewhat like Rolling Stone. They say the "recovery will fail unless we break the financial oligarchy that is blocking essential reform".

Russian court rejects imprisoned "tycoon's" plea ~ link ~ At least the Russian have put a few of their biggest crooks in prison. Too bad the West does not do the same.

Gordon Brown: New blow on eve of G20 Summit ~ link

Ukraine's Orange Revolution comes to a grim ending ~ link ~ Their so-called revolution was organized by the CIA and NeoCons and as such was based on lies.

Bibi vows 'every effort to reach viable peace' ~ link ~ Fox vows every effort to safeguard the hen house.

Obama traveling to London G20 meeting with staff of 500 etc. ~ link

Obama outlines plans for Chrysler and GM ~ link

Eight killed in North Carolina nursing home shooting ~ link

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Bishop disagrees with the Pope on condom use and AIDS ~ link ~ I have to say I agree with the Bishop.

Obama's involvement in setting up the Chicago Climate Exchange ~ link ~ There is always climate change. What is happening now is some political scumbags are setting up a carbon credit trading scam, where they sell nothing for lots of money on the premise that human activity is the sole force driving climate change. The ignore that thing that rises in the East every morning and sets in the West every evening. The Sun's level of energy is not constant and it, not man, is the main force for climate change. But why let a little thing like truth get in the way of a good scam....right, Al Gore.

Tikkun: The Ruse of Israel's New Government by Uri Avnery ~ link ~ I like Tukkun and their hopes/efforts for a real peace in the Middle East. I write and link articles about Israel so often, not out of any kind of hate for Israel (I do not believe in hate), but because it is one of the very hottest spots on Earth. A region that could very easily ignite the Third World War. There are voices in Israel, Jewish voices, that want their people to survive but in the process want a real peace with their neighbors. Sad to say, it is the voices of hate and extremism that are making the most noise and commanding the most attention. The new government of Netanyahu is apt to plunge the world into the worst nightmare of its history.

Total Meltdown and Civil Unrest: Wall Street's Manipulated Stock Market Rally ~ link ~ The global banking families and their Illuminati organization are in their End Game. They have worked for over 200 years to gather all power and wealth into their hands and the new Great Depression 2.0 (which is still fairly 'early stage' at this point in time) and the violence of war (regional war and the Third World War) are the key engines in this End Game. They organize bubbles, stock market crashes, recessions, depressions, the Cold War, and multiple wars including global/world wars to socially/economically/politically/militarily engineer the world in the direction that they want.

North Korea is preparing for a follow-on second new missile test - after the first one this coming week ~ link ~ This coming week will see the installment of Netanyahu in power and that will herald a new most horrible period of human history. It is possible that the North Korean launches might ignite a very nasty regional war. It really depends on wither or not the powers that be want a diversion from the Depression and Middle East, a diversion that they can spin in a way that will line up support for a "preventive war" against Iran using the horrors of the "Second Korean War" as the "engine" to drive public support their way. Who knows, time will tell soon.

Massive Cyber Spy network in China has hacked into private and government files in at least 103 nations ~ link ~ There is no real on-line security or any real security with phone conversations. Cell phones can be turned on without the knowledge of the owners and used as electronic bugs. The powers-that-be are doing their best to create a high tech police state for us all. However, their time is short and at the end of the day all their efforts will be for nothing.

British MP George Galloway was barred from Canada under the unknown Israeli - Canadian "Public Security" Agreement ~ link ~ So Canada, like America (and the UK, France, Germany, etc.), is suffering from a case of the "tail wagging the dog".

US Army says Israel has from 200 to 400 nuclear weapons ~ link ~ Actually I would put the total more like 600 to 700 nuclear weapons. Israel, and the United States and Germany, a number of years ago developed a laser enrichment process that means they can be making far more nuclear weapons grade material, and in secret, than most people suspect.

Incest Survivor Exposed Illuminati Satanists by Henry Makow, Ph.D. ~ link ~ I like Henry's writings. You have to understand his background and read his comments to get a real understanding of where he is coming from. His background is Jewish and he often writes about the Jewish side of the Illuminati but he makes it clear that the Illuminati are just a small but very powerful group that use Jewish connections at times. Many powerful Illuminati are NOT Jewish and the Illuminati are not about Jews, they are all about satanism and that is the key to understanding them and where they have led the world to in the past 200+ years and where they are taking us to now. However, they are about to overreach and that will end the Era with the Second Coming of Christ, and end their decay and involvement with the affairs of mankind for a very long time. When I look at George Bush II and the obvious psychological problems that he has and had in the past it appears to me that his childhood must have been VERY SICK - something like what the article describes.

The Race To Financial Safety Is Now On ~ link ~ Time is running short. You need to have some gold, silver, food, water, medicine, and everyday requirements stored up. Do NOT count on your political "leaders" to save you.

Do you remember when? ~ link ~ Something for old timers like me.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Spanish court may be opening a criminal investigation into several high level Bush Administration officials re: torture of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay ~ link ~
The laws of a number of nations (including America) claim universal jurisdiction in matters of human rights and allow for all governmental immunities to be pierced. This will make things interesting for George Bush, Dick Cheney and their merry gang of thieves and murders.

US Congressman Ron Paul: Is there any gold in Fort Knox and if there is, who owns it ~ link ~ I think Ron Paul is one of the few real Americans in Congress....most of the rest are simply whores.

Pictures of the North Korean launch pad ~ link

That's no angry mob - it's a movement ~ link ~ The creation of the 'corporate state' - where Obama and Geithner are taking America.

Jack Straw and Gordon Brown kill off bill to have ended rules of male primogeniture (male only or male first) with regards to succession to the throne and also No-Catholic rule ~ link ~ The article is clear that both say one thing on these issues and then do the opposite. I could have told them that. I have tried to get the succession rules to my titles changed so that male primogeniture would not be followed. In spite of official Labour Party policy and international treaty obligations, they will not allow the changes from a sexist rule based succession to a non-sexist rule based succession and I have been in direct and personal contact with Jack Straw on this issue.

Who is arming the Mexican Drug Cartels ~ link ~ This is a good article. It points out that many in the news media are trying to blame the law abiding gun owning American public for the drug monsters in Mexico having firearms. This is totally bogus. It is always a matter of concern that some powerful forces so desperately want to disarm the citizens. Makes you wonder just what they have planned.

Secret Bush memos: Possible massive military takeover of USA was planned ~ link

Sarkozy threatens Andorra to quit as Co-Prince of Andorra ~ link ~ It is interesting how the NeoCons have jumped on the no bank secrecy bandwagon. It is part of the growing all knowing global police state that they are working to establish.

The Dance of the Trillions ~ link ~ The current "crisis" is all planned.

Japan ready to blast North Korean missile ~ link ~ North Korea says this would mean war. I don't think this will lead to war but it could.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Thanks to Dr. Bill Deagle of NutriMedical Report for another most interesting interview on his national radio talk show. I will be interviewed new Friday on his show ~ link

Japan has ordered its military forces to shoot down any North Korean missile ~ link ~ Most likely, events will NOT result in a new Korean War, however, with the insane satanic North Korean government anything is possible.

Israel expects a 'blank check' from President Obama ~ link ~ And why not - they were behind him from the 'get-go' and their dual nationals are his closest advisers (handlers). The world had better wake up to the fact that a General Middle East war is coming this summer and it is highly likely to become the Third World War/Armageddon.

Israeli Prime Minister: Israel operates globally against "terror" ~ link ~ This tiny little nation, that requires billions of US taxpayer money every year to survive, "operates globally"! And we all know that "terror" is just so much BS for empowering multiple wars to further the goals of the NeoCons/Illuminati and Israeli extremists

Gordon Brown's Cabinet expected to approve another 2,000 British troops for Afghanistan War ~ link ~ The NeoCon puppets just love war. Their Illuminati masters see war as a great income generator and social/political/economic engineering tool. That many people die and others are horribly injured is a 'side benefit' for these satanic monsters.

Ukraine Prime Minister Tymoshenko vows no foreign debt default ~ link ~ Europe is in increasing trouble. The Eastern European nations, still fighting their way out of the long lasting effects of communism are economically weak and several are in very bad shape. In Western Europe, Iceland and Ireland are the worse off but the United Kingdom also shows signs of coming collapse.

US Navy destroyers - capable of shooting down ballistic missiles - are on the move in and near the Sea of Japan as North Korea readies missile launch ~ link ~ The North Koreans are a totally insane satanic society ruled by a sick hereditary dictator. They crave the world's attention and economic support for a system that simply does not and cannot work. The question is: what will America and Japan really do about the coming launch, and if action is taken, will the North Koreans go ballistic and begin a new Korean War? Also see: Obama Administration warns North Korea on coming missile launch ~ link

US Intelligence Chief: No global recovery yet ~ link ~ We are still 'early stage' into the Great Depression 2.0/global nightmare.

Obama: New strategic goal for Afghanistan War - Defeat 'al Queda' ~ link ~ This is so sad. It shows just what a lying puppet President Obama really is. There is no "al Queda". In Arabic slang it means "little toilet", not a name that anyone would use for their political/military organization. The "al Queda" that we know is totally the creation of NeoCons/CIA/Mossad; just as the 9/11 Attacks were false-flag operations as well as the British 7/7 Attack, etc. The persons controlling Obama (he has several dual nationals with Israeli citizenship as his closest "advisers"/handlers) will not let him stop the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq and they will make sure that he supports Netanyahu's coming war with Iran/Syria/Lebanon/etc., which almost certainly will cause the Third World War and the deaths of most people reading this.

Vermont's independent US Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced a single-payer health care reform bill ~
link ~ The American health care system is a corrupt bloated ripoff that is the laughing stock of the developed world. Things began to go seriously wrong under President Johnson and have gotten nothing but worse. The introduction of legalized bribery in Congress, with PACs, and no spending limits or effective public funding of elections along with totally insecure computerized voting, has meant that the major pharmaceutical firms and others in the health care industry have had a field day in ripping off the American public (and killing many who might otherwise have been saved if we had a effective health care system). The public has almost no input into what Congress does or does not do, but the health care industry has effective total control over Federal legislation over health matters.

UN and IMF back agenda for new global currency and global financial dictatorship ~ link ~ This is a key goal of the Illuminati and one of the real reasons that we are in a new Great Depression. They primarily use the Hellenic Dialectic: Thesis - Anti-thesis - Synthesis to social/economically/politically engineer the world. The Thesis is the greed and uncontrolled excesses of the past couple of decades; Anti-thesis is the current Great Depression 2.0; Synthesis is one world currency and economic "government" (a global government in all but name) established and controlled by the Illuminati global banking families.

Banks will be allowed to make up values for their assets under new rule ~ link ~ This is a rather large platinum coffin nail for the American and global economies.

NYU Economist Nouriel Roubini (who successfully predicted current economic collapse): Stocks will drop and major banks will go belly-up ~ link

US Senator Arlen Specter leading the way for a Republican Party resurrection ~ link ~ This evil bastard should be in prison for being a after-the-fact co-conspirator in the assassination of President Kennedy. He came up with the totally unreal 'magic bullet' theory when he was working for the Warren Commission. The murder of President Kennedy was one of the key events of the 20th Century that allowed much of the evil that has come afterwards to happen.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

The Feasibility of Closing the US Border with Mexico ~ link ~ The flow of illegal drugs is a key source of income to the Illuminati and a key part of their social re-engineering plan. They intend to allow this flow to continue - of course, there are always drug busts to show that we are fighting the "War on Drugs".

Iridium has replaced the operational Iridium satellite lost in a collision 3 weeks ago without any system down time ~
link ~ I use to know a very senior person at Iridium back when it was being established; I do not believe that this collision was an accident.

Don't Mention The War - Australian PM Rudd and American President Obama ~ link ~ Notice how the 'front men' change but the wars just keep on going.

The new Great Game or the Long War across Europe and Asia ~ link ~ The Rothschilds and allied families are the ones making the most off of the energy business. The Illuminati forces make sure that zero-point energy, H2O powered engines, etc., never see the light of day and remain suppressed technologies so that they can keep the flow of money/power from the global energy business coming in. The deaths of large numbers of people in unnecessary wars mean nothing to them.

Paul Craig Roberts - former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury: Is the Bailout Plan Breeding a Greater Crisis? ~ link

Top Canadian soldier's farewell cost Canadian taxpayers C$270,000 ~ link ~
A couple of Christmas's ago, when the Canadians were running the war in Afghanistan, they would not allow the Governor-General to visit Canadian troops at Christmas as they felt it was simply too dangerous. I offered to go in her place but General Hillier would not let me either, feeling it was too dangerous. He went instead and served Christmas dinner to the troops on the front line. So let the man have his send off.

Is a global super-currency on the agenda? ~ link ~ This is a major goal of the Illuminati.

North Korea readies a Taepo-dong 2 long range missile for launch ~ link ~ The nuts in North Korea want more attention.

Israeli Air Force in January bombed Sudan - took out a arms smugglers convoy ~ link ~ Also see: Israel send a message to Iran in bombing Sudan ~ link

Let us Prey - Wall Street's corruption has toppled the most exalted occupation in the land - CEO ~ link

Tim Geithner to propose large expansion of US oversight of financial system ~ link

Vatican official chides US bishops on abortion - on allowing politicians who support abortion to receive Holy Communion ~ link

Obama and the neocon Middle East war agenda ~ link

US Congress approves landmark conservation bill ~ link

Collection of videos and information on WMD protection bunkers ~ link

Gordon Brown's position 'terribly fragile' after British bond auction failure ~ link

Brown forced to back off tax cuts due to mountain of debt ~ link

Bibi's gambit: 'economic peace' with the Palestinians ~ link

Labor Party joins Bibi coalition as evidence of war crimes in Gaza War mounts ~ link

Japan: US policy on India threatens to ignite nuclear arms race ~ link ~ The US policy on India is a policy imposed on America by Israel (because Pakistan has nuclear weapons and is Muslin) and makes little good strategic sense.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Some granite countertops release significant amounts of cancer causing radon gas ~ link

80 Year old man to be ordained a Catholic priest ~ link

Steve Vaus re-records anthem "We Must Take America Back" ~ link

Why the End of America Is Closer Than You Think ~ link

Daniel Hannan, MEP, guts Gordon Brown at EU Parliament - video ~ link ~ Wow, this is a great public gutting of that NeoCon crook Gordon Brown; great video.

Darfur: Over one million people at risk ~ link

Central America nations becoming more violent that Mexico ~ link

US Congress reaffirms American commitment to Taiwan ~ link

Obama says NO to single world currency ~ link

Home of Sir Fred Goodwin (ex-chief of Royal Bank of Scotland) vandalized by group called 'Bank Bosses Are Criminals' ~ link ~ This shows just how really pissed off the public is over these crooks.

Australia's Prime Minister Rudd: American dollar will remain as international reserve currency ~ link

Bibi and Lieberman 'struck secret deal' for massive West Bank construction ~ link

How Netanyahu struck deal with Labor Party ~ link

Boost for Bibi Netanyahu - Labor Party votes to join his government ~ link

Bibi to present his government next week ~ link ~ A government made up of warhawks and nuts. Ehud Barak, who just brought his Labor Party into the government, will remain as Defense Minister. He is the Defense Minister that presided over the Gaza War with all of its war crimes.

European Central Bank will not join rush to print money ~ link

Governor of the Bank of England warns Brown UK cannot afford a second economic stimulus ~ link

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Israeli Labor Party to join Netanyahu Government ~ link ~ Barak is strongly in favor of 'action to handle Iran'.

Czech Parliament oust Government ~ link

Two paintings of a nude Irish Prime Minister (Taoiseach) involved in police inquiry ~ link

Our Long War Generals ~ link

Japanese 93-year old man certified as double A-bomb victim ~ link

Labor could join Bibi coalition ~ link
Also see: Labor Party deal reached ~ link
Also see: Bibi make Barak an offer he couldn't refuse ~ link

Sweden says no to saving auto manufacture Saab ~ link

Jewish extremist march provokes clash with Arabs in Israel ~ link ~ We always hear about Arab extremists, and there are plenty of these, but the mainstream news media says little about the Israel Jewish extremists. Since the Israeli extremists have a large impact on the government, and in the new Netanyahu government will hold key positions they are very dangerous. The Middle East is the power keg that can start the Third World War.

Putin: Russia will start reviewing its relations with EU if Moscow's interests are ignored ~ link

Obama Administration to ask Congress for broad new powers to seize non-bank financial companies ~ link

Obama and Biden met with Gorbechev in secret last week ~ link

UK Government warns of nuclear-chemical-biological terror threat ~ link ~ These NeoCons just love to scare the public about non-existent terror threats. Almost all terror attacks involved false flag operations by governmental intelligence agencies. The real nuclear-chemical-biological threat comes from a General Middle Eastern War, especially if that war turns into World War III (as it is highly likely to).

French Prime Minister warns against creating a public debt bubble (like the USA has created) ~ link

PM Gordon Brown continues to push for a worldwide deal on the economy ~ link ~ You can count on the fact that this Illuminati mouthpiece will not be working for the interests of 99.9999% of the human race; he is a puppet working for the global banking families.

China confirms plans to build its own aircraft carrier ~ link

Are the Jacobins at the gates of Wall Street? ~ link

German Chancellor: It will take ten years to rebuild Germany's unique economy ~ link

Nicolas Sarkozy ridiculed for his poor French ~ link

Obama Administration lays out US-Mexican border strategy ~ link

Japan may spend 10 trillion Yen (US$ 104 billion) on next stimulus package as Japan heads for worst economic crisis since WWII ~ link

80 dolphins and whales stranded in Australia ~ link

Toyota global auto production plunged by almost 50% in February ~ link

Fighting in Kashmir between Indian troops and separatists takes 19 lives ~ link

Key US Congresswoman: Iran "threat" has been exaggerated ~ link

China calls for new world reserve currency ~ link

Cold fusion breakthrough ~ link

Monday, March 23, 2009

Special Post

The Secret: Astonishing coincidences are anything but coincidences

Roland Michel Tremblay

There are two types of coincidences I would like to review here. First of all, the most astonishing ones, you are travelling in a different country and suddenly you meet someone you know. Second, you just discussed something, or were thinking about something, you turn on the TV or open a magazine, or meet someone, and the very topic being discussed is the very subject that was on your mind. These are examples of coincidences, and we certainly notice them when they happen in our life. But should we be surprised, or is it just natural, following a basic law of nature, by which you create the very universe you live in?

In light of the law of attraction, meaning the action of thinking brings into your life more of what you are thinking about, astonishing coincidences are no longer astonishing, they cannot even be called coincidences anymore. When you start paying attention to coincidences, you suddenly start seeing them everywhere. It is not surprising, because then you are inviting into your life what you are thinking about, and so coincidences multiply. This is a good thing, you should invite coincidences into your life, it tells you that you are successful at creating your own reality.

I was sitting one night in a bar with my friend in my hometown in the North of Quebec. I had just mentioned to my friend that I was thinking of moving to France , that I would love to, but I had no idea how it could be achieved. I told her that I used to know a friend with whom I studied when I was young, who lived in France for a while. Her name was Rose-Marie. Less than five minutes later Rose-Marie entered the bar.

It is perhaps not so much a coincidence, after all we both come from that same region, that same town, not very large, and of course we were meant to end up in that bar one day at the same time. However, I no longer lived in that region at that time, I was already living in Ottawa . She too was living elsewhere, in France with her French husband. We rarely came back to our region to visit our family, unless of course it was for some sort of holiday, though it was then just summer.

Still, it was already quite a coincidence, because she told me exactly what I needed to do to study in France , visit the French Consulate in Ottawa . I did, and the rest is history. Within a few months I was studying in Paris . And this is when this coincidence became astonishing.

Whilst running around La Sorbonne in Paris many months later, in order to get registered and confirm the topic of my thesis, I met a perfect stranger outside the door of one professor. After talking to him, I explained I had nowhere to live yet, he offered me his apartment for a few days, because he was not living there anymore. I only stayed there a few days, less than a week, and yet out of the blue one night Rose-Marie and her husband showed up at my door, in Paris .

Now that was beyond the coincidence. Her husband was friend with the friend of that guy who invited me to share his apartment. Rose-Marie did not even live in Paris , they lived somewhere in the South of France. And many months later a third astonishing coincidence happened. One day after a class, my friend invited me to his apartment. It was the first time since I arrived in Paris that I went back there, and it was also the first time Rose-Marie and her husband showed up back there since that famous day. They were only there for a quarter of an hour, and yet, we caught each other, once again without knowing the other might be there. We seriously wondered then why we kept meeting like this in the most extraordinary circumstances, and we agreed that at some point in the future we would get to understand. Perhaps it was all leading to what I am saying now.

Meeting Rose-Marie that first night in the North of Québec changed my destiny. As a result I made my dream to move to France come true, and after all this time I am still living in Europe . I cannot see how without having met her for 15 minutes in that pub, right after speaking about her, I would be living in London right now.

Many people go on a trip around the world and end up meeting someone they know, around a lost corner of a large city, often just after thinking about them or even speaking about them. The probability of such an event happening cannot even be calculated, because it is simply impossible, inexistent. And yet, they happen more often than you would care to admit, it happened to me more than once, with other friends I have.

What sort of mysterious force or law of nature could permit such travesty of life, such unlikely occurrences? It depends. How powerful are you at bringing into reality your own desires, your own dreams? How convince are you that whatever you think of, whatever you want from life, will actually happen? The stronger you are at creating your own reality, the more you will witness these coincidences.

Rose-Maris was such an inspiration to me, because she was the only person I knew who actually lived in France . In the end she was not that important. What was important was the thoughts she brought me, the fact that it was possible for us, lost in the North of Québec, to go and live in France or anywhere else in the world. At that time, I would not even have dreamt of leaving for Québec City or Montreal . The thought was so frightening. I was 11 or 12 years old.

And so, she inspired me, she dictated my life, to the point that one day she showed up once again out of the blue to show me the way to my absolute freedom, the only thing that could prevent me from utter boredom, getting out of Canada and moving to Europe. And once there, the coincidences continued, I met her twice in extraordinary and unexpected circumstances. She must truly have been on my mind, throughout all that, for me to make her reappear like that into my life, like a ghost or an angel.

The second type of coincidence I feel the need to discuss is equally important, and not so obvious. It could easily be dismissed, or even ignored, but once you start paying attention, it hits you in the face. It is that whatever is on your mind, you end up watching something similar on TV, or reading all about it in a book. Suddenly it is all about exactly what you were thinking about. Or meeting someone who will unexpectedly talk exactly about what was on your mind.

It is not so easy to see the link between these events, it is not obvious that it is actually quite a coincidence, that whatever is worrying you, or takes a lot of your thoughts at this moment in time, seems to suddenly show up everywhere around you. Because you could easily dismiss it as normal that such a topic should be discussed elsewhere, since you were yourself wondering about it. Also, maybe you could have forgotten how just recently these themes occupied a large amount of your thoughts.

Well, I don’t forget, because I write everything down, I write fiction over it, and I put it all online as I write it. And when suddenly I see it all on TV in the following months, I wonder, have I inspired all this? Or is it that I do influence my existence, and whatever occupies my mind for a while, suddenly the same comes into my life, as if I attracted more of these topics into my life?

I’m not talking about the top ten most likely things that obsess most human beings. I go beyond all that now, what I write about is really out of the way, and yet, it is pouring into my life as if they were the most likely topics. Perhaps you experienced the same? That unusual event in your life, or unusual thoughts, suddenly being high profiled in a random film you decided to watch one night? Or people you meet suddenly mentioning something so specific that occupied or still occupies your thoughts?

This cannot be that unusual, a bestseller talked about this in the 90’s. It was called The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. If you managed to survive the 90’s without reading this book, and if you managed to read it without being amazed about how true it was, well, you are totally disconnected from this reality, and you will never see one coincidence within your lifetime.

In the end, there was nothing magical, spiritual, or New Age about it all, it is just that this reality is totally predictable, it is absolutely virtual, you create it as you go along. And the way you go about creating it, is all about what you most think about, your thoughts create more of the same. You create the world you live in.

Just like when you surf the Internet. Your computer, through cookies, ends up learning what your interests are, through all the searches you do, through all the links you click, and then well targeted marketing makes its great entrance. Whenever you visit a new page on the Internet, you get suggestions related to what you clicked on and searched on in the past. All the ads on those pages, are things they know you are interested in. You visit Wikipedia, and the homepage shows you exactly all that you researched previously, clicked on previously. And then, well, you click some more, the niche market marketing that you are the victim of, worked to perfection.

Life is just the same. It learns exactly like Google does, what you like in life, what you think about, and so, in order to prevent you from dying of boredom, or committing suicide through being inundated with irrelevant stuff you care nothing about, suddenly all that you are truly interested in floods into your life. You might not realise this yet, because this is pretty new. The way certain marketing software work nowadays, shows you exactly how logic and reason dictate how life is, the very laws governing everything.

The analogy between the CPU or artificial intelligence of the computer, and the human brain, was already evident, even before computers were invented. But the analogy of the workings of the Internet and the workings of our existence, is something less easily foreseen. Even less evident is how marketing software came to emulate the content of our existence. You go through life exactly like you surf the Internet. And the way everything reaches you obey the very same laws.

You are interested in something very specific, an author for example. You do a few searches on the Internet, and forget all about it. A few days later you visit a few websites, and suddenly here are before you many different links inviting you to see more of that author. It recorded, you see, that you were at some point interested in that author. In life it is the same, you thought about this author, and suddenly you go to work and one of your colleagues mentions to you that author. But what a coincidence? Not really. This is proof, this is the proof that not only we are living in a virtual world that we can create freely by thought alone, but also that life is just but a marketing software. It brings you what you are interested in, what you think about, what you speak about, what you write about. And the more determined you are in your thinking processes, your soul searching, the more astonishing the coincidences.

This is the law of attraction, a marketing software on a scale we cannot even imagine yet, because we have not accepted at this time that we are living in a Matrix, a PC adventure game, the software of life. With its very own limitations, which bring all the evidence we need, to realise that none of this is actually real.

When you concentrate real hard for some event to happen in your life, and you convince yourself that it will happen, and that it happens out of all proportions, astonishingly, there is no mystery about it all. You do control your reality, everything which happens in your own bubble universe. Now, it is possible that this is still within a larger bubble universe enclosing everyone, and that collectively when we want something, by thought alone we can all make it happen. And so, the more we all think about something, the more it will happen (usually the worst disaster we can imagine).

But individually, from my own experience, we are very powerful, we can change the world on such a scale, that perhaps no one else is required in our own game play. We can very well play alone if we want to, each of us, within our own existence. And we can make of life whatever we want, as long as we believe we can, and that there is no limit to our imagination, and to what this imagination can bring about to change our future. Astonishing coincidences are not only natural, they are a law of nature. They should happen far more often than they actually do, because we can make them come true any day of the week.

So there is no need to be so astonished. Next time you meet the next person asking you: have you seen the film The Secret? Have you read the book of the same title by Rhonda Byrne? You asked for it, you were thinking about it, and the marketing software of life took over, and brought more of it to you, so you would be reminded of the freedom you could truly enjoy in life.

None of this needs to be related or connected to religion (prayers) or New Age movements (spiritual stuff). It can easily be what The Secret claims it is, a law of physics as yet unidentified. It does exist, because as soon as you start wishing for things to happen, and be convinced they will happen, well, they do happen. It is undeniable, you can try it at any time, and you will see for yourself that it works.

However there is no need to be that surprised that it works, once you make the analogy with the Internet and marketing software, or how PCs go about creating virtual worlds. You can see right there how the law of attraction is just some programming, about how in life you follow very narrow software not so sophisticated after all.

Because in many ways, life is very limited. What you can possibly think about, hope for, see becoming reality, experienced, statistically speaking it is so common to so many millions. As if we were all living the same existence, going through the very same events and experiences, and in the end, none of us are different from a large portion of any population anywhere in the world.

I’m afraid, you are not that different from anyone else, you are exactly like everyone else, which is why statistics are so reliable in predicting just about everything about you, what you think and what you will do next in life. It is the result of the limitation of the programme which is our life.

And yet, you have all the power in the world to make of your life whatever you want, to invent it to new heights through thinking and creating new worlds to evolve in. You have two ways at your disposal. Through action, through sheer determination, or through using a shortcut, thinking hard about it, and by will alone making it all happen, creating it as if you could influence, rather easily, the virtual reality within which you exist.

Both ways are measurable, completely taken into account in the statistics. You rarely deviate from what you were destined to be, studies about twins separated at birth tell us that much. They end up doing and living exactly the same, as if somehow they had no choice but to follow a certain destiny, because in certain circumstances, they cannot fail but to follow a certain path. There must be a way to break out, to go further, to imagine and invent beyond everything that exists, and create a unique existence in which to live in. Or are we to believe we are the prisoners of such fatalism and determinism?

There is more to life than you have ever imagined. There is much more you could live and experience than you ever thought possible. And the sooner you realise that by thought and will alone you can re-organise this reality like a computer creates instantly new virtual worlds, the better you will feel, the more you will see of the real potential of this existence. And this is something computable, measurable, it can easily be turned into mathematical equations. It is already a science, human sciences, and a huge part of philosophy, finally answered.

Just don’t fall victim to the people who understand all too well these laws of nature and who will use it to take advantage of you, to exploit you. It includes religious leaders, secret societies, men’s clubs, spiritualists, psychologists, motivators, psychic mediums and therapists. See for yourself how simple it is, independently from all of them, and explore it on your own.

Avoid the trap, avoid the ones who know it works and who will exploit you through it. There is nothing mysterious, nothing religious, nothing spiritual about The Secret. After all, it all started in one book by James Allen about simple human psychology, over 100 years ago. Read more about it here (a book on the subject that I am still writing):

Changing your future. Just wish it, be convinced, and it happens



“Without irony, this life would hardly be worth living.”

Roland Michel Tremblay



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