Saturday, February 28, 2009

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Wounded Warrior Project ~ link ~ Regardless of your views of the on-going wars, please support those troops seriously injured.

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

The Secret Government ~ link ~ This article 'touches' on the subject matter but misses the point that this is really a spiritual battle and as such is much bigger in scope and involves God and the fallen angel satan.

Our planet's magnetic field is changing massively and the scientific experts don't know why and only just found out that the change is much larger than ever previously thought to be even possible ~ link
Some would say that this ties into a view of current events as being part of the Biblical END TIMES.

and Abstinence ~ link

The End of Days ~ link

Broadcasting pioneer Paul Harvey passes at 90 years of age ~ link

Last bid for broad coalition fails in Israel
~ link ~ That's bad news!

Mugabe: Last white farmer should go ~ link ~ This racist nut, who has control of everything still worth anything in the former 'Breadbasket of Africa', is just a nightmare.

USA anti-tax movement holds 'Tea Parties' (re: the famous 'Boston Tea Party' of the American Revolutionary War) in over THIRTY CITIES objecting to Obama's Great Depresssion 2.0 government spending plans ~ link

China warns of unemployment risk ~ link

Obama challenges lobbyists to legislative duel ~ link ~ We will see how this really plays out.

Russia not involved in EU Iran sanctions plan ~ link

US Economy plummets ~ link

Putin: Global economic crisis has not reached its peak - "far from over" ~ link

US ready to shoot down North Korean missile if Obama gives command ~ link

Putin condemns hunting of baby seals - "bloody business....should have been banned long ago" ~ link ~ I agree!

Russian Navy back in Syria ~ link

Russian bomber neared Canada on eve of Obama state visit ~ link

Friday, February 27, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

The militarisation of Israeli society - Israel's Mephistopheles ~ link

Respected medical professionals launch petition demanding new investigation into 9/11 ~ link ~ The truth is already out there. Those of us with a brain and the time to read already know that 9/11 was a false flag event.

The Scottish Lion ~ link ~ This is a link to a site that sells Scottish products in North America (linked free for any readers who might be interested in their products).

The Formula that killed Wall Street ~ link

The Return of the War Party - by Patrick J. Buchanan ~ link

Miliband calls for new focus in Iraq ~ link ~ Another Illuminati/NeoCon mouthpiece calling for WAR...WAR...More Spending....More Debt.........

Karl Case: US housing market bottom may be a year away ~ link

Canadian PM Harper demands MPs put rush on $3 billion stimulus spending bill ~ link

Payback Time Looms for George Bush and His Gang - public war crimes hearing and maybe criminal prosecutions ~ link ~ I will believe it when I see it happen.

World Bank to offer $31 Billion to ailing banks and businesses in Eastern Europe ~ link

Special Link

The Convention on Modern Liberty will be holding special meetings across the United Kingdom [London (event already sold out but you can view it via Live Stream on their site), Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Glasgow, and Manchester] on Saturday the 28th of February 2009. This is a 'Call to all concerned with Attacks On Our Fundamental Rights And Freedoms under pressure from counter terrorism, financial breakdown, and the database state'. ~ link

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Lord Stirling
1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 03366212

I have been asked by readers what they should do to prepare for a possible World War and for ever worsening economic conditions. I have a private direct one-on-one service for advice. The cost is US$100 for a half hour. 'ETHER' hosts the service and the contact information is above.

Rocky Mountain News to close ~ link ~ This is one of several newspapers that are either closing or very likely to cease publication this year. This reflects a combination of competition from the Internet as a source of news, the ever worsening Great Depression 2.0, and the fact that many people are disappointed in the level of truthfulness that they get from the main stream news media. [I should point out that an uncle of mine was a long time employee of E.W.Scripps, the owner of the Rocky Mountain News and other newspapers, and that the current Chairman of the Board of Directors is a close kinsman of mine (his aunt and uncle are my aunt and uncle).] See also ~ link

Great Depression Quotes 1929 and 2009 ~ link

Fans get even with police - video ~ link

The Real Message from the JFK assassination ~ link ~ The murder of the President, and the conspiracy behind it, and the cover up were among the most important events in history. It paved the way for the End Game of the Illuminati, something we are now deep into. We can only hope that if these evil satanic bastards succeed in bringing about WWIII that Christ will return to save what is left of the human race.

Miles of idled railroad boxcars ~ link

Obama cheerleader for banking elite ~ link

Iran - Israel endgame is now much closer ~ link ~ Notice how the mainstream news media NEVER mentions the Advanced Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction that Iran ALREADY HAS - that would be a Reason for Peace instead of a Reason for War! The reality is Iran has a MAD counter-force that it will use against Israel and North America/Europe if there is a massive attack against it. This counter-force will kill a third of mankind.

Rahm Emanuel: The Gatekeeper ~ link

UK: Civil liberties meeting this weekend in several British cities on the massive erosion of civil liberties in the United Kingdom ~ link

Mitchell and Netanyahu huddle on peace efforts ~ link ~ Right - like a chicken farmer huddleing with the fox over hen house security.

Obama wants a record $1.75 TRILLION DEFICIT ~ link ~ The global central bankers who own the Federal Reserve always want deficit spending - that is one way they maintain control over us all. End the Federal Reserve if you want to change things Mr. President!

Russia: Ukraine famine, under Stalin, that killed millions not genocide ~ link ~ The hell it wasn't! Although the Russian point is that it was not 'just' directed at the Ukrainians but at all Soviets has some merit, the famine was a deliberate Illuminati/communist genocide. One whose leaders were never punished (except after their deaths, and you can count on the fact that they have a most unpleasant afterlife).

Obama Administration wants new assault weapons ban ~ link ~ The US Constitution was written to allow American citizens to possess weapons that can be used in war to overthrow any government that violates the basic rights of Americans. It is frighting that Obama thinks otherwise.

US Defense Secretary: Media photos of homecomings of war dead need families OK ~ link ~ The real reason for this is to continue the Bush policies on war dead coffin and funeral photos in all but name. They don't want the public seeing the terrible results of continuing the two long-term on-going wars.

US moves against top Mexican drug cartels ~ link

The Venezuelan - Russian Alliance and the American Superpower - a multipolar world emerging ~ link

Obama seeks over $200 billion for war spending ~ link ~ That is real change - NOT. There is NO REASON - at least not in terms of a moral reason or a reason relating to American interest - for continuing the two long-term wars.

The Bankers Manifesto ~ link

Raging against a government that spies on its citizens while ignoring the greedy bankers crimes ~ link

Medvedev - cautious champion of Russian reform ~ link

Who exactly is cleaning up? ~ link

Hungary on edge of state bankruptcy ~ link

Former Serb president cleared of Kosovo crimes ~ link ~ This article mentions former Yugoslav President Milosevic, who is said to have died of a 'heart attack'. It was a 'heart attack' that kept a whole lot of truth from coming out and served to protect many powerful people in the west.

The US Economy - Designed To Fail ~ link

Bangladesh mutiny ends with tanks entering capital ~ link

The Deep Politics of Hollywood ~ link ~ Hollywood has always been a key to the moral decay of the world. A powerful tool of the Illuminati as they move ever closer to their long-term goal of a New World Order/global slave state.

We watch now as (pension) funds get vaporized ~ link

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Scientists develop new rocket plasma thruster ~ link

Worst drought in half a century shrivels the wheat belt of China ~ link

Aerial view of an avalanche in Eisenerz, Austria ~ link

Mexican police losing ground in drug war ~ link

Israel's rightward shift ~ link

F-22s or more robots: Choices for Obama ~ link

Summer of Rage ~ link

NeoCon gets US State Department Iran Brief ~ link ~ Not a good sign. Any 'efforts' by the Obama Administration to stop a war with Iran are apt to be half way efforts, more for show.

Oil execs push US Congress for offshore drilling ~ link

Record volume of US bonds were downgraded in 2008 ~ link

Mexico drug war prompts US contingency plan for Army troops to border ~ link

Sarkozy calls on EU to protect European industry in face of American protectionism ~ link

Vatican's Chief Astronomer: Advanced extraterrestrial life not an accident ~ link

What the Vietnam anti-war movement stopped - Nixon wanted to nuke Vietnam video ~ link ~ One more reason for me to be proud of my anti-war activities during the Vietnam War.

How can the USA recover without manufacturing capacity ~ link ~ This entire 'economic/financial crisis' is planned by some very powerful interests to take down America and the major economic powers in order to create a New World Order slave-state. They are also planning a Third World War to 'thin the herd' and to eliminate those societies most likely to cause trouble in the future. The shipping of the American manufacturing base to China and elsewhere is NOT an accident; in fact the US government even gave/still gives tax breaks to companies sending their manufacturing operations overseas!

Bibi turns to the far right to form Israeli government coalition ~ link ~ Expect only the worst from this evil person. He is the man most likely to cause WWIII.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Bibi Netanyahu's three strategies against Obama ~ link

Barak and Livni avoided Netanyahu 'like the plague' ~ link ~ They 'know' dear old Bibi personally and are afraid of what he will cause to happen to Israel and the world.

Jupiter-sized Comet Lulin to streak past Earth tonight ~ link ~ Comets presage war historically in human events - but this is one very strange comet. What with super war hawk Bibi Netanyahu coming to power, it is fair to ask: "Does this comet presage Armageddon itself?!!"

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The Second Amendment to the United States of America Constitution - The Right To Bear Arms - video ~ link ~ Thanks to a kind reader who created this YouTube video and sent me a copy of it to share with my other readers. Tim Earl of Stirling

Majority of US States join sovereignty movement - assert 10th Amendment Rights of States to all powers not specifically appointed to the Federal Government in writing by the Constitution ~ link

Groups request special prosecutor for Bush & Cheney ~ link ~ Hang the murdering, thieving, traitorous bastards!

Questions raised about Rahm Emanuel's housing arrangements in DC ~ link ~ How about questions relating to his dual citizenship and membership in Israeli intelligence?

Papa Bush and JFK Assassination - Part 2 ~ link

Rumors: Netanyahu wants to by pass Levni ~ link

Our economy cannot sustain AIPAC's and Israel's influence over us ~ link

Thousands of UK police to lose jobs as police forces feel the pinch ~ link

Opening 9/11 Pandora's Box/Sibel Edmonds Video ~ link

Eurozone credit contractions raise alarms ~ link

Shanxi H5N1 Clade 7 changes raise pandemic concerns ~ link

Very brief video: We Got Your Money ~ link

Sir Allen Stanford had links to Fund run by Bidens ~ link

Paul Craig Roberts: HOW THE ECONOMY WAS LOST ~ link ~ Very good article.

The Obama Depression ~ link

"You've lost all my money, you #@^*&!+" ~ link

Iran Nukes - Weapons of Mass Deception ~ link

UK former cabinet minister opposed sale of part of Royal Mail ~ link

Jack Straw blocks release of Iraq UK cabinet minutes ~ link ~ I have personally had dealings with Jack, he has a problem with the truth!

Russians retrench as crisis evokes memories of 1998 ~ link

Sex, drugs and Islam ~ link ~ Thanks to a reader for suggesting this article.

Nature's Inspiration from MotiVation In A Minute ~ link

Corn and soybeans price drops due to Great Depression 2.0 ~ link

Stormy opening session in Knesset forecast ~ link

Eastern European bailout proposed ~ link

Putin faces rising anger from within Russian Army ~ link

Now two US Congressmen have had their homes and cars spray painted by fed up citizens ~ link ~ The modern day version of 'tar and feathering'

So many questions and so little time to answer ~ link

Number of Eastern European migrants in UK falls 40% as Great Depression 2.0 unfolds ~ link ~ Does this mean that I will have British citizens as taxi drivers, waiters, clerks, etc. now when I travel to London?

Scottish title of 'Baron' for sale - One Million Pounds Sterling ~ link

Monday, February 23, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Paradise lost as civil war looms in Guadeloupe ~ link

Russia: No money to buy beef on international market ~ link

120,000 Protest in a Ireland already hard hit by unfolding Great Depression 2.0 ~ link

UK Police bracing themselves for summer of rage against unfolding Great Depression 2.0 ~ link

Obama sets out high-risk financial agenda for USA ~ link

Brown: World needs 'global new deal' ~ link

Bibi's warmonger cabinet doomed from the start ~ link ~ That just means that he will push for war all the quicker in the limited time that he has.

Anxiety spreads across the US-Mexico border ~ link

Black Sea: Pentagon's gateway to three continents and the Middle East ~ link

Angry citizens spray paint Congressman's car and home ~ link ~ There are growing indications from around the world that people will take the issues from the new Great Depression 2.0 directly to those responsible. This could get interesting.

Milwaukee Archbishop named Archbishop of New York ~ link

Barak joins Livni in rejecting Bibi's offer to join unity government ~ link ~ They know Bibi and don't want anything to do with him and his new government.

Citigroup's clever plan to screw the taxpayers again ~ link

Comet Lulin - the strange green comet - will be visible to the naked eye over the next few days ~ link ~ Historically comets are said to presage wars. This is a really strange comet and it comes right when dear old super war hawk Netanyahu is forming his war cabinet. His attack on WMD-armed Iran will begin WWIII.

Monetize This: Resolving a spiraling public debt crisis ~ link

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

The 'Department of Folding Deckchairs' - UK Cabinet Minister's secret diary ~ link

Gordon Brown flies to meet Obama for economic crisis talks ~ link

Israeli government coalition bargaining picks up steam - Bibi nears return to power ~ link ~ The greatest 'train wreck' of human history nears.

NeoCon Sarkozy faces a storm at home after squalls in the Caribbean ~ link

Irish bank chairwoman is 'abused on the street' ~ link ~ The public is growing very angry - It will be interesting to see what happens if this spreads and senior bank officials are hounded wherever they go.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Blueprint for EU army to be agreed ~ link

Tens of thousands march in Ireland against cutbacks for people but massive bailouts for banks ~ link

Obama unconvinced by Bibi's desire for peace ~ link ~ Like the farmer who is unconvinced by the fox's desire for hen house security.

Soros sees no bottom for financial collapse - says turbalence more severe than Great Depression, more like demise of the Soviet Union ~ link

The Green Comet Cometh ~ link ~ Just at the time that Bibi is about to regain the leadership of Israel. Comets herald the coming of war and this green comet is really strange.

Gordon Brown's UK Government is criminalizing dissent ~ link

Carla Bruni-Sarkozi sees herself as new Princess Diana ~ link ~ Of course she does, and her husband 'walks on water' just ask him.

Special Links

Grave Danger to the Republic

UPDATE: National Guard drops plans to invade rural town in training exercise (re: article and link below) but training will continue in National Guard armories ~ link

US Troops begin training to search private homes in neighborhoods, and even entire cities, and to confiscate guns from American citizens on American soil ~ link ~ Before Lenin or Hitler could fully institute police state dictatorships, first they had to confiscate privately owned guns. In America, the Right to Bear Arms is guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution (part of the Bill of Rights - the first ten amendments). There is no constitutional authority for even training to take our guns away, much less for actually taking them away. This is a really bad sign!

US State Department under Obama and Hilary Clinton floating ammo import ban from our neighbor Canada and all other nations ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ It appears that the Right to Bear Arms will also be attacked by cutting off the flow of ammo. There is also the proposed law that would require special registration with absurd criminal penalties for being even a few days late on refiling/etc. One has to ask, just what in the hell are the political crooks planning. They are destroying our economy, looting our grandchildren's future as well as ours and our children, planning a war with a nation (Iran) that can spread advanced bioweapons through our nation with perhaps a hundred million dead Americans resulting from the new war - a third current war - and now they are moving to disarm us in direct violation of our basic constitutional rights!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Special Link

Indyk: Netanyahu may seek Syria deal to deflect US pressure ~ link ~ The Israelis want to seperate Syria and its missiles from their alliance with Iran before they attack Iran and there will be a big push to bribe Syria into a treaty in the next 2 to 3 months.

The article has some really interesting information in it that highlights just how far the Israeli control of the US government goes. For example, the former 'US Ambassador to Israel' - who served in this position twice - was "born to a Jewish family in England but grew up primarily in Australia". The article goes on to say he "has made a career of Middle East diplomacy and support for Israel". He has worked at AIPAC and he founded the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (two key pro-Israel lobbying groups/think tanks). A US Ambassador is suppose to represent the American government and people NOT the government and people that he is sent overseas to!

The article also refers to "one of Bill Clinton's biggest mistakes was to get too involved in Israeli politics". This is a coded reference to the events that directly caused the Impeachment trial of former President Bill Clinton. Clinton was seeking to overturn the government of Netanyahu. He intended to cause Bibi to return from a visit to Washington to a breakup of his government. However, the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke out 'just at the right time' and it was Bill Clinton not Bibi who ended up fighting to stay in office.

Special Links

Netanyahu selected by Israeli President Shimon Peres to form new government ~ link ~ Dear old Bibi's fingerprints are all over the 9/11 and 7/7 false flag events. He is a super war hawk insisting on a war with Iran even though he knows that Iran possesses Advanced BioWar weapons that can kill a third of mankind. People it is time to recognize that the paradigm has seriously shifted; that we are headed for the most horrific event in human history yet this year, the Third World War. Also see ~ link ~ And also ~ link ~ Also see - Netanyahu urges key rivals to join national unity government ~ link

Binyamin Netanyahu targets Iran after he is appointed to put government together ~ link

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Lord Stirling
1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 03366212

I have been asked by readers what they should do to prepare for a possible World War and for ever worsening economic conditions. I have a private direct one-on-one service for advice. The cost is US$100 for a half hour. 'ETHER' hosts the service and the contact information is above.

Latvian government falls ~ link ~ Second European government to fall due to economic crisis - more to come relatively soon.

Gold rises over US$1000 ~ link

No TARP can mend the economy now ~ link

Livni would consider joining Bibi coalition if Lieberman is involved ~ link

White House says world can't delay on Iran ~ link ~ Oh yes, WWIII is coming soon.

The Long Retreat by Pat Buchanan ~ link

Kosovo and Serbia - one year after: A quite compromise ~ link

Ciudad Juarez's police chief resigns after gangs chilling demand: quit or we will kill more local officials ~ link ~ Mexico violence continues to get worse almost by the day.

Obama plans eclipsing the New Deal spending ~ link ~ However the New Deal put massive numbers of people to work. The Bush and Obama stimulus programs mainly put money in the hands of the banking crooks that caused the new Great Depression 2.0.

Drug violence spins Mexico towards a 'civil war' ~ link

Netanyahu's victory presents a number of political problems in Israel ~ link

Multinational companies still expanding operations in China ~ link ~ Why not, for these evil massive global corporations - The Chinese work at near slave labor wages compared to workers in the First World (where all the products made in China are sold). The globalists and their 'bought and paid for' political hacks are in bed together, but it is the rest of us that get screwed.

Israel headed for 'extreme right-wing' regime Livni says ~ link

Infrastructure left to rot may cripple Russia ~ link

Russia transfers jailed tycoon to Moscow for another trial ~ link ~ This scumbag was one of a small group of well connected persons who looted the industrial base of Russia away from its people. They deserve to HANG.

US tries a trillion-dollar key for locked lending ~ link

Jobless in America hit with bank fees on benefits ~ link ~ Government 'by and for the elite - screw the people'.

Putin: Post-US world blueprint ~ link

Is the contract for 28 new Italian built Marine One US Presidential helicopters a payoff to Italy for supplying the forged documents Bush used to justify the Iraq War ~ link ~ As someone who has been involved in the aerospace industry, on and off, for over 20 years I can tell you that the $11.2 billion price tag - $400 million per chopper - is totally insane, a ripoff of massive proportions.

Clinton opens North Korean 'can of worms' ~ link
Also see - North Korea's Kim picks war hawk for top military post ~ link
Also see - South Korean Defense Minister: South Korea will retaliate if North Korea attacks its naval ships in waters near their disputed maritime border ~

France to make new wage offer to Guadeloupe ~ link

Binyamin "Bibi" Netanyahu moves closer to becoming Israeli Prime Minister ~ link ~ And closer to beginning the Third World War by launching a major attack against WMD-armed Iran. Also see - Lieberman endorses Netanyahu for PM ~ link

Who's behind Madoff? ~ link

Rahm's rent is just the tip of the ethics iceberg ~ link

Majority of Ukrainians believe NeoCon Yushchendo should resign ~ link

FBI locates Sir Allen Stanford ~ link

Revealed: The full extent of UK Labour government's curbs on civil liberties ~ link

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

US Stock decline hits Great Depression levels - money invested 10 years ago in stocks have lost half their real value - matching the worst losses of the 1930s Great Depression ~ link ~ That's why I call it the Great Depression 2.0

Sarkozy fears island revolt could spread to France ~ link

Russia warns Ukraine on threat to expel Ambassador ~ link
Also see ~ link

China issues call to crush Tibetan separatists ~ link

Speculation grows that Gordon Brown will resign and be replaced with Harriet Harman ~ link

Wholesale US inflation takes biggest jump in 6 months ~ link

The Insolvency of the Fed ~ link ~ The 'Fed' (Federal Reserve System) is no more "federal" than FedEx (Federal Express). It is a privately owned central banking system controlled by the likes of the Rothschild and Rockefeller families - global banking families. It is at the root of the cause of every depression/recession and war since its creation in the early 20th Century.

Israel wants any US talks with Iran to be short - Barak: Iran raid 'difficult' during US talks ~ link ~ You know, any power that ignores a MAD (mutually assured destruction) counter-force directed at it by its enemies is simply not rational. It is a matter of fact that the Iranians hired, 18 years ago, many of the top former Soviet biological warfare scientists to create a world-class Advanced BioWar program in Iran. Iran has had almost two decades to develop many recombination DNA based viral diseases designed as a GLOBAL STRATEGIC WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Advanced BioWar is such a nasty evil WMD that its expected kill numbers are on a par with those from global strategic thermonuclear weaponry. Yet many in the Israeli government want a war with Iran!

The looming collapse of European banking ~ link

French government offers aid to restive Guadeloupe ~ link

Netanyahu gets endorsement from Lieberman for new government - this assures that Bibi will be the next PM of Israel ~ link ~ This is very bad news for all on this planet. Bibi will start a war with Iran, most likely this summer, and it will involve the global use/counter-use of WMD and that will trigger a even greater all-out Third World War. Most of the people reading this will die in this coming war.
Also see - Key hawk endorses Netanyahu for Israeli PM ~ link

Clinton says North Korean leadership uncertain ~ link

Global Systemic Crisis - Geopolitical Dislocation ~ link

Following meeting with Pope - news of secret meeting between Speaker Pelosi and her archbishop on abortion ~ link

Rumsfeld prosecution could set precedent - UN official says there is now sufficient evidence to try Rumsfeld for war crimes ~ link ~ Hang that evil bastard and Bush and Cheney and a few others as well.

Credit-crunched Russian billionaire asks for deposit back on world's most expensive house (Villa Leopolda at 500 million UK pounds sterling) ~ link ~ I use to sell, on the international market, 'trophy properties'. I can tell you, as an expert, that I do not see any way that this fine property is worth anywhere near that amount of money.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Lord Stirling
1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 03366212

I have been asked by readers what they should do to prepare for a possible World War and for ever worsening economic conditions. I have a private direct one-on-one service for advice. The cost is US$100 for a half hour. 'ETHER' hosts the service and the contact information is above.

Strange Green Comet passing by Earth next week ~ link ~ Comets are traditionally thought of as harbingers of war. This strange, odd, backwards flying, green comet is coming as Bibi is putting together his cabinet, a cabinet that will begin a war with Iran and thus begin the Third World War.

Pope tells Pelosi life must be protected ~ link

2% in loss of value and the FED becomes insolvent ~ link

Zimbabwe to pay troops and teachers in US currency ~ link ~ And when the American dollar goes into hyperinflation, then what?

One killed in rioting on Guadeloupe ~ link

Former US Ambassador Kurtzer: Netanyahu-Lieberman is 'bad combination' for USA ~ link

Next wave of banking crisis to come from Eastern Europe ~ link

Australia's child survivors struggle to cope ~ link

Over 6 million illegals hold jobs in America ~ link

Sarkozy takes on France's 'School of Power' ~ link ~ The little NeoCon Napoleon wannabe is mad that someone of his 'greatness' did not get into the school.

Russia and Japan agree to resolve territorial issues from WWII and prior to WWII ~ link

Texas billionaire banker Sir Allen Stanford's whereabouts unknown after charges ~ link
Also see - Fraud charges trigger panic and run on his banks ~ link
Also see - Manhunt ~ link
Also see - Bank customers cannot get their money out ~ link
NOTE: Sir Allen Stanford received a knighthood under a Antigua law and this was awarded without the Queen's consent. This posed a real problem for Buckingham Palace. The Queen is Queen of many nations but the style of 'Sir' and 'Dame' has (with one other exception, Australia) been limited to knighthoods granted by the Queen using United Kingdom orders and UK 'knight bachelors' with special limitations for each overseas realm at the Queen's Birthday Honours List and the Queen's New Year's Honours List. The Palace is not happy about this at all. See article relating to this ~ link

Pope: Catholic politicians must protect life ~ link

Obama opposes broadcasters 'fairness doctrine' ~ link

Tax troubles for Rahm Emanuel - Obama's Chief of Staff ~ link

Gunfights leave 10 dead in Reynosa, Mexico ~ link

Iran seeking Russian S-300 missiles to repel Israeli assault ~ link

Iceland at brink of failure ~ link

US Jewish professors launch petition urging Netanyahu and Livni not to form a government with Lieberman ~ link

UK's surveillance state will cost over 34 billion pounds sterling ~ link ~ Plus a little thing called FREEDOM.

Germany and France may face bailouts of entire nations in EU ~ link

UK could experience 'a crash similar to Iceland' ~ link

Pope to visit Jordan at start of Middle Eastern trip ~ link

Susan Hibbert - witness to historic German WWII surrender passes ~ link

Austrian Catholicism in turmoil ~ link

Pentagon - The building that runs rings around the wiliest generals ~ link ~ The Pentagon sits on former Alexander plantation land (like in Alexandria, Virginia and as in Earl of Stirling - Chief of Clan Alexander).

Pope's meeting with Pelosi a classic Vatican 'both/and' ~ link

Video: 'The Worst Economic Collapse Ever' ~ link ~ Good one!

USAF says fewer F-22s needed ~ link

Vacations in the Scottish city of Stirling ~ link ~ Can't resist publishing something on Stirling from time to time.

Iceland urged to rethink whaling quota ~ link

Emissions trading - Asian airlines ~ link ~ This whole concept of offset emissions trading is pure bullshit designed by Al Gore and investment bankers - selling/trading something that is created from nothing for nice fat profits.

Hulu pulls content from ~ link

Great Depression 2.0 brings dangers to development in Third World ~ link

Obama stimulus packed with clean energy provisions ~ link

Lord Hurd of Westwell: No clinging to old certainties ~ link

Plans underway to sell Nova Scotia in Scotland - Nova Scotia Week in Stirling, Scotland ~ link

Brown looks to G20 meeting for new 'Grand Bargain' - a 'global deal' - a 'global solution' ~ link ~ Illuminati mouthpiece Gordon Brown doing his song and dance number on the road to the New World Order slave state.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Private advice on how to survive WWIII and the new Great Depression

Lord Stirling
1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 03366212

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Drug gangs kill/drive off police and terrorize Mexican town ~ link

Kissinger's Recovery Plan - NWO or chaos ~ link ~ The 'economic crisis'/new Great Depression (or as I call it the Great Depression 2.0) is a planned event. It is a part of a long term plan of the Illuminati to finish their over two hundred year conquest of the Earth. They are planning a high tech slave state with most of us to be killed off in the coming World War III.

Holocaust Fundamentalism' And The War On Dissent ~ link

Economic news is disastrous worldwide ~ link

Study: Europe blames Jews for crisis ~ link

Bank nationalization gaining ground with Republicans and Democratic Administration in USA ~ link

Eastern European economies are about to explode in a chain reaction of debt defaults ~ link

California budget stalemate sets up fiscal calamity ~ link ~ The troubles in California may be headed to the rest of America soon. Americans have for over a half century seen most things move from California to the rest of America.

US, UK, Eurozone banks face collapse: Global banking system insolvent ~ link

Obama OKs about 17,000 more troops for War in Afghanistan ~ link ~ Well it is a type of Change. Actually, the question needs to be asked WHY THE HELL we are in a war in Afghanistan!!!! We were lied into the war by the "official conspiracy theory of 9/11" - which anyone with a brain has long since rejected. So why are we still there? The economy has tanked but we can continue to spend untold billions of dollars on this unnecessary war?!!

Repost from May 2008: The Battle for America has begun - Strategic Forecasts ~ link

Gideon Levy: Israel should forget about bombing Iran ~ link

Honda and Toyota face off with new hybrids ~ link

Senior Khmer Rouge leader faces some of his victims 34 years later in trial for crimes against humanity ~
link ~ The then King of Cambodia (now King-Father) several years ago, sent me a book on his family. I was shocked at how many close relatives of his the Khmer Rough murders managed to kill.

Despite stimulus markets tumble - Dow nears decade lows ~ link ~ That is really bad because, taking past inflation into account, you have to double values every 10 years.

It's Getting Ugly: Economist says to hoard gold and Scotch ~ link

Where to put some of your wealth to protect it from coming hyperinflation - consider a very rare Scottish barony title ~

Will there be another Russian Revolution? ~ link

The Oligarchy's bailout ball ~ link

Missing Iraq billions could be 'greatest fraud in US history' - $125 billion involved ~ link

US Federal agents raid Stanford Financial Group's office in Houston ~ link
Also see - Sir Allen Stanford ~ link Also see Texas billionaire Sir Allen ~ link
Also see US regulators accuse firm of fraud ~ link

The New Depression ~ link

Pro-Lifers at greater risk from hate laws ~ link ~ A free people do not need laws restricting Freedom of Speech with the 'bought and paid for' political class defining what is "hate speech".

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Monday, February 16, 2009

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Re-posting - Global Reach Warfare

[First posted on EUROPE on 18 January 2009]

My Inauguration Gift To Barack Obama

We are on the Eve of the Inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America. As an historian, I am both fascinated and proud of the fact that we will be placing a mixed race black man in the White House. As a political scientist, I could care less about his skin color, his background, his religion, his sex, his race, etc.; what I do care about is what will he do with his power.

I read more than the average bear - sorry about that - I read more than the average well-read person. I am familiar with most theories of politics, history, the economy, and that type of thing. Yet, I still do not know how the man Barack Obama will act during his presidency.

He can continue the failed NeoCon strategy and take us to a most dangerous place in history as we attack an Iran well prepared for asymmetrical warfare against the American population with advanced biowar. He can continue the policies of total economic destruction of our great nation. Or, he can help us all have more years of prosperity and a more peaceful future.

Since I cannot tell what Mr. Obama will do with the great power that will be draped on him this Tuesday, I elect to give the man, and those behind the throne, some benefit of the doubt.

God does work in strange ways. I am a former antiwar activist from the Vietnam War era. Yet, I have a gift in conceptualizing advanced warfare and in theoretical weaponry strategy and design. I have worked with three advanced aerospace companies with leading edge aviation designs, over the last 21 years. One of the things that I do, when I am not writing this blog and some articles, is consult. To tell CEOs of leading edge aerospace firms how to utilize their breakthrough technology to change the world we live in. Trouble is, it usually involves death and destruction on a massive scale, that is it involves 21st Century leading-edge military technology and strategy.

Over a year ago, I took another look at Jay Carter's CarterCopter and at where his design team was headed. I was truly impressed. These guys, operating on a tight budget, have taken American aerospace ingenuity to a new higher level. They have a compound gyrocopter/gyroplane/aircraft that has very long range, can take off and land vertically (VTOL), are all-composite/whole-airframe designs that can be mass produced. The CarterCopter has been flying for about three years as a proof-of-concept five-seat aircraft. A new improved four-seat version is almost totally complete and plans exist for a family of different-sized CarterCopters. The largest will be a 767 sized aircraft capable of airlifting a main battle tank (or two Stryker armored fighting vehicles or 200+ armed/equipped troops) thousands of miles and setting them down on a far-away foreign battlefield and/or re-supply deployed ground forces - all without the usage of airfields.

OK, so what does this have to do with an inauguration gift to Barack Obama?

My gift is the release of the GLOBAL REACH WARFARE Concept. I gave General Jones (Obams's National Security Adviser) a brief heads up a little while back. But now I am releasing the Concept to the American public and your Administration at large. If used properly, it can maintain America as the world's sole superpower and let us power down on some defense expenditures (even as we expand out capabilities). Mr. President, if you misuse the Concept, it will increase the rate of our fall as a great nation. You are the one that got elected, I just hope and pray that you will make the right choice.

Global Reach Warfare technology will give America a warfighting capability that no other nation, or group of nations, will have for many years to come. The ability to move a massive army (with extensive close air support, air cover, and full logistics supply chain) anywhere on earth in 48 hours. A hyper-mobile army that would have an organic level of firepower greater than any non-nuclear force before it in human history.

Such a GRW force could actually allow for long term reduction in American defense expendatures as many foreign bases are closed. Such a force, could be used for desaster reflief on a truly massive scale. Such a force, could allow America to quickly replace rogue or insane leaders under UN mandates. Helping to restore the image of American military power being used for good moral reasons.

Link to video.
Link to CarterCopter site.

Global Reach Warfare

In the 1930s an obscure French Army colonel, Col. Charles De Gaulle, began writing and lecturing on where advances in technology were taking the art and science of warfare. He foresaw that improvements in aircraft, ground transportation, armored warfare, radio telecommunications, and related technologies would dictate that the next major war, what became World War II, would be fought very differently than World War I. He conceptualized maneuver warfare.

The French High Command, as well as the French Government, was locked into static defense with massive amounts being spent to build and maintain/staff the Maginot Line. Col. De Gaulle was largely ignored by most of the senior political and military leadership; however the German High Command took his theories very seriously. His contemporaries, in accepting that the nature of warfare had changed included Britain’s J.F.C. Fuller, Germany’s Heinz Guderian, America’s Dwight D. Eisenhower and George S. Paton, Poland’s Wladyslaw Sikorski, and Russia’s Mikhail Tukhachevsky.

De Gaulle’s books included ‘Vers l’armee de matier’ (‘The Army of the Future’), 1934 and ‘La France et son armee’ (‘France and Her Army’), 1938. The Germans built the concept of Lighting War, or Blitzkrieg, partially on De Gaulle’s theories, and used these concepts of modern warfare to sweep across Europe faster than any military force in history in the early days of the Second World War. Eventually, Allied Forces, fighting a modern maneuver war with both strategic and tactical massive air support totally destroyed the German Armed Forces (and De Gaulle became the leader of the Free French and later President of France).

Following the early French defeat in World War II and other events, military leaders have accepted and embraced the need to adapt to changing technology as a basic necessity.

The CarterCopters family of VTOL all-composite aircraft will take the world, and the American Armed Forces, into the next major generational change in the nature of the art and science of war. While there have been massive changes in technology and warfare since the end of World War II, and the introduction of nuclear warfare, there has not been a generational change; rather there has been an on-going evolutionary change. The long range near-stealth VTOL capabilities of the CarterCopter family of aircraft will allow the American Armed Forces to deploy troops and equipment anywhere, quickly and with sufficient firepower and mobility to engage and destroy all enemies. Equipment carried can include heavy items up to and including the M1A2 Abrams MBT. This capability, in and of itself, is a profound change for it allows combat forces to deploy with heavy equipment anywhere on Earth and to do so using reduced signature technology. But the real story of the changes that the CarterCopter technology makes is far, far more important and profound in scope.

General De Gaulle, and others, saw that the changes that technology and transportation were making were much greater than the sum total of their individual impact. The changes of the time allowed for, and in fact compelled, a major new generational change in the art and science of war. The CarterCopter family of aircraft will do the same in the early 21st Century.

The CarterCopter family is based on all-composite/whole airframe technology. This all-composite technology has many positive attributes, among which is the ability to be manufactured using low-cost mass production techniques. This allows the United States to build out, and build out quickly, an air-land force with very large World War levels. While also allowing this same air-land force to have a global range with self-deployment, with a almost unbelievable level of ground forces maneuver warfare based on a level of air mobility that has never been attempted before.

GRW, that is Global Reach Warfare concept, will allow for the movement into combat, from anywhere on Earth with short notice and self-deployment, the combat elements of a highly armed Army-level force of two Corps. The first Corps would likely have three US Army divisions (which could include armored divisions); the second Corps would likely include two USMC divisions. The entire GRW air element would have reduced signature (radar, IR, visual) and have a massive organic ground attack capability. Most importantly, it would have its own air mobile logistics supply chain.

The ability to project a well armed ground fighting force anywhere on Earth with strong organic weapons systems and self-deployment, with the size of the force ranging from the combat elements of a Brigade to a Army-level force of five divisions will greatly complicate the war plans of any potential enemy. American forces could literally set down on the outskirts of the enemy nation’s capital city or any key strategic target and do so using reduced signature aircraft. This eliminates all the traditional problems associated with driving across enemy territory after first engaging in a protracted build up of ground forces in the area. Further, that American Global Reach Warfare (GRW) force could engage in maneuver warfare using the GRW air mobility and close air support assets; fire and movement that could encompass very large land masses ~ fire and movement laterally and in great depth across the width of any sizeable enemy’s territory.

A GRW division sized force would utilize approximately 2,400 CGT-150s, 100 CGT-100s, 500 CG-45s (the military variants of the 6-9 place BAV), and 300 CG-34s (the military variants of the PAV 2+2). All military CarterCopter variants would have mid-air refueling capabilities (using the “probe and drogue” system instead of the usual USAF “flying boom” system due to the rotor) and would have low radar cross section, low IR signature, reduced acoustic signature, with adoptive optical camouflage. (The first few CGT-24s and CGT-36s might not have the reduced signature option.)

The 2,400 CGT-150s would primarily be utilized as utility transports but would have limited self-defense with two AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles (carried internally). Some CGT-150s would be the CGT-150R model and have “probe and drogue” based refueling equipment. A limited number (50 per division) of CGT-150s would be the Fire Storm variant, the CGT-150FS. This variant would carry and launch a large number of FAE (fuel-air explosive) armed air-to-ground missiles with GPS terminal guidance and interlinked grid coordinated targeting. This would allow the CGT-150FS variant to carry/launch approximately 250 missiles (in the 550 pound range). Each FAE armed missile would hit a target zone that would be part of a larger grid that could be interlinked with other CGT-150FS target grids to allow a massive footprint/high PSI level blast or series of blasts over the target area. Tactical nuclear level damage could occur without crossing the nuclear threshold.

The GRW division’s 100 CGT-100s would be mainly utility transport aircraft with a number of specialized variants possible such as air ambulance, EW, AEW/C3, etc. The CGT-150s and CGT-100s would be USAF aircraft with the possible exception of some limited numbers of USMC aircraft for Harrier and F-35STOVL in-field support. If the USAF were to elect to use some F-35STOVL variants for GRW global support, then additional CGT-100s/CGT-150s would be used by the USAF.

The 500 CG-45 models would include utility variants as well as specialized aircraft. The specialized models would include the two-place CG-45FB Firebird with a four-barrel 25mm Gatling gun-style rotary cannon, the light weight GAU-22/A developed for the F-35. The Firebird would also carry two AGM-114 Hellfire II missiles or the new Joint Common Missile (JCM), and could carry AIM-9 Sidewinders or the ATAL air-to-air missile, or Hydra Rockets. Approximately 450 of the 500 divisional CG-45s would be the Firebird variant.

The 300 divisional CG-34s would include 250 Scout/Light Attack variants, the CG-34S/LA model. This normally single seat aircraft would have similar weapons systems/loads compared to the Kiowa Warrior version of the OH-58D. These could include a GECAL .50 cal. Gatling-gun, the GAU-19/A; the ATAL air-to-air missile (an upgraded air-to-air Stinger) would be carried on some of the CG-34S/LA aircraft; one or two Hellfire anti-tank missiles; several 2.75” (70mm) Hydra-70 rockets.

The use of large numbers of armed VTOL stealth CarterCopters of various sizes with a heavy firepower to weight mix allows the GRW force, be it brigade/division/corps or Army-level size, to dramatically increase its offensive mobile firepower.

The CGT-150FSs, the CG-45FBs, and the CG-34S/LA models (and all CarterCopter military variants) would be self deployable and re-supplied via the same VTOL logistics chain as the traditional ground based assets of the GRW force. The logistics chain would include a fleet of CGT-150 utility aircraft ferrying in combat expendables (fuel, missile/rocket rounds, ammo, MRE, etc.) and would use TRAs (temporary re-supply areas) for re-fueling, re-supply, medical treatment, crew rest, etc. A TRA could be quickly established in an open field and just as quickly de-established and moved to another site. This can be very important if fighting an enemy with advanced conventional weapon systems and/or WMD. At 7:00 a.m. a given area is a wheat field (or desert/etc.); at 8:00 a.m. it is a very busy VTOL airbase (re-supply can include traditional low-level air-drops from USAF strategic airlift aircraft); at 1:00 p.m. the field is vacant. While such hyper mobility of a TRA would not normally be necessary, in some operational environments it could be very useful.

TRAs could be used for in-field re-supply of ground forces and/or for highly mobile air attack assets (CGT-150FSs, CG-45FBs, CG-34S/LAs, Harrier and F-35 STOVL aircraft, and any traditional attack or utility helicopters being employed).

In addition to the usage of CarterCopters in the GRW force, the CG-34A, CG-34S/LA, CG-45A, and CG-45FB could be utilized throughout the US Army and USMC and mass production prices would make the aircraft very attractive. The CG-34A and CG-45A could be used by all four main services as utility transports; the Coast Guard might have an interest in the CHT models.

While this brief paper is not the place to cover the full range of military uses for the CarterCopter family of revolutionary aircraft there are two additional variants that should be mentioned. The CHT-150 could be used by the United State Navy as a Flying Frigate variant, the CHT-150FF. This model would have advanced radar, carry long and short range air-to-air missiles, ASW equipment including torpedoes, and anti-shipping missiles, and air-launched ground-attack cruise missiles, as well as two GAU-22/A cannons. The CHT-150FF could be used to increase offensive and defensive firepower for naval surface units and to increase the ASW defenses of USN supercarrier task forces ~ especially useful against the deadly Russian underwater rocket, the VA-111 Shkval (Squall) with its underwater speed of 360 kph (230 mph).

Additionally the CH-45 model could be used as a flying point defense system, the CH-45FPD variant. The CH-45FPD could be used to increase the defensive firepower of USN supercarrier task forces against the latest Russian anti-shipping missiles, the 3M82 Moskit sea-skimming missile (NATO code name SS-N-22 Sunburn) and the even more lethal P-800 Oniks (also named Yakhents; NATO code name SS-N-26 Onyx). Both are designed to kill our supercarriers by getting past the cruiser/destroyer screen and the USN point-defense Phalanx system by using high supersonic speeds, violent end maneuvers, and swarm attacks. The CH-45FPD variant would be a two person aircraft and would utilize one or two light weight 25mm or 20mm Gatling-gun type rotary cannons with a good load of ammo. A number of such aircraft, on the order of 30 or more at a time, could be used in high threat areas for relatively short periods to increase the defensive firepower around the carrier task force and to widen the task force defensive cone against sea-skimming missiles.

The long range and mid-air refueling capabilities of the CH-45FPD and the CHT-150FF would allow land based deployment over significant distances; the VTOL capabilities would allow the aircraft to use navy carriers and other ships for refueling.

Rough cost estimates for the various CarterCopter aircraft in a GRW division is as follows:

2,400 CGT-150 @ $30m each in mass production $72 billion

100 CGT-100 @ $15m each in mass production $1.5 billion

500 CG-45 @ $6m each in mass production $3 billion

300 CG-34 @ $600k each in mass production $180 m

Total division level cost (including USAF aircraft) $76.68 b

Total Global Reach Warfare Army-level force (5 divisions) $383.4 b

(Plus: weapon systems; specialized electronics, etc.)