Thursday, January 29, 2009

Special Notice

Lord Stirling lives in the Midwest America which was hit by a bad ice storm, his Internet service was cut off. This blog will be updated as soon as possible.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Special Link

A Bibi-Barack Collision? ~ link ~ Very likely. Additionally, the Clintons hate Bibi, blaming him for the events that led to Bill Clinton's Impeachment by the US House of Representatives.

Special Link

Uri Avneri: On The Wrong Side - Tikkun ~ link

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Russian Orthodox Church elects 16th Patriarch ~ link ~ For many of the years under Imperial rule (under the Tsars) there was no Patriarch, otherwise the number of Patriarchs would be much higher. Also see: Icon at the new Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow has started streaming myrrh very intensively ~ link

Is financial chaos all a big plot? ~ link ~ YES!

NFL fantasy files - great video ~ link

The UK House of Lords - the perks, pay & pomp ~ link ~ I have to admit the place has a nice feel to it (loved it when I sat there, on a visit to the UK, as Lord Stirling).

Argentina in drought crisis ~ link

Bibi positions himself for win in Israeli election ~ link ~ Very bad news for us all.

Clegg wants tougher rules for peers in House of Lords ~ link

American exporters making last-ditch efforts to stop trade barriers ~ link

Dividends being cut - fastest pace in half a century ~ link

Icelandic PM: world's first leader to step down over Great Depression 2.0 ~ link ~ We need many many leaders to get the ax over this disaster.

British pub beer sales down 10% ~ link ~ When the Brits cut back on beer in their local pubs, you know things are really getting bad - scary bad!

The looming food crisis ~ link

Russian Orthodox Church electing new Patriarch ~ link

Leaders of southern Africa press Zimbabwe for power-sharing deal ~ link

Cuba aims to become tourist magnet ~ link

Drug violence surges in Mexico ~ link

USA vows 'direct diplomacy' with Iran ~ link ~ About time.

Fighting between Sir Lanka troops and Tigers cause fear for civilian population ~ link

Drug gangs have Mexico on the ropes - severed head of police commander left in ice cooler in front of police state with Sinoloa drug cartel calling card latest outrage ~ link

Mexican President seeks to dispel talk of 'failing state' ~ link

US envoy former Senator George Mitchell kicks off Mideast tour in Egypt ~ link

Bombing and Israeli airstrike shake Gaza truce ~ link

Gordon Brown: 'New World Order' after crisis ~ link ~ When you hear a senior world leader using this term, he/she is catering to the Illuminati global banking families and their satanic plans for a global slave state.

Kadima kicks off Israeli campaign - threat to assassinate Hamas chiefs high on list of promises ~ link

Gaza War aids Likud and Bibi Netanyahu ~ link ~ Bibi - the man most likely to begin World War III

Sky TV and BBC condemned by UK lawmakers for Gaza aid appeal rejection ~ link

Sarkozy's handling of financial crisis results in mass strikes - will paralyze France this week ~ link

Iceland to have new government headed by center-left party after collapse of old government due to rioting over economy ~ link

UK bank mortgage approvals down 52% ~ link

Ancient British title of Baron for sale ~ link

Is Europe's state welfare system a model for the 21st Century? ~ link

CIA Director says Mexican violence a threat to USA ~ link

Sarkozy offers Obama French help with Guantanamo closure ~ link

Eight babies born to California couple ~ link
Also see ~ link

Russia is planning a naval base in Abkhazia ~ link

Banks may need more says VP Biden ~ link ~ Sure, why not just give the friendly bankers EVERYTHING! Actually, we should nationalize the banks needing taxpayer money.

US forecasters see historic drop in retail sales ~ link

Wave of layoffs in US and Europe show severity of economic crisis ~ link

Gaza War ended in utter failure for Israel ~ link

Obama: 'Rigid ideology has overruled sound science' ~ link

'Fannie Mae' and 'Freddie Mac' could tap US Treasury for $51 billion in coming weeks ~ link

Jimmy Carter: Israel to face 'catastrophe' without Palestinian state ~ link ~ Former President Carter can see it, hundreds of millions of well educated people in Europe, North America, etc., can see it, but not the NeoCons and Likud Party nuts.

Russia stops USA on road to Afghanistan ~ link

Monday, January 26, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Clues to Noah's Flood in prehistoric site ~ link

Bibi Netanyahu and Likud maintaining edge in Israeli election race ~ link ~ Bibi is a war hawk/nut that will get his people killed and a large part of the world destroyed.

The banks have stolen enough - it's time to take them over ~ link ~ YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Ice circle' mystery in Canada ~ link

Brown warns against 'pessimism' ~ link ~ Kind of like the captain of the Titanic warning of pessimism.

Lending drops at major US banks as billions and billions continue to pour in from US taxpayers ~ link

Is the NSA training its expensive US taxpayer paid for spy satellites on the American public? ~ link

Citigroup buying new $50 million corporate jet while burning through $45 billion 'rescue' from US taxpayers ~ link ~ If the public is so stupid as to allow this crap to happen they deserve it.

Israeli author: Israel screwed itself with Gaza war - the world sees it as a 'blood stained monster' ~ link

Gordon Brown calls for a 'new global order' ~ link ~ Illuminati mouthpiece!

Twenty-five people at the heart of the economic meltdown ~ link

Putin blames Bush for gas war - 'optimistic' on Obama ~ link

NATO will not admit Georgia or Ukraine ~ link

Nationalization of key US banks being considered ~ link

How to move a 700-year-old church - photos ~ link

World applauds departure of George Bush ~ link

Russian Orthodox Church selects top 3 contenders for new Patriarch ~ link

Ukraine drifting towards default ~ link

Major corporations cut 74,000 jobs today alone ~ link

Major new attack on the Internet and our right to use it ~ link

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Links of the Day

Why hyperinflation will begin in China (early this year) and how it will destroy the US Dollar ~ link

Mexican 'Stew Maker' dissolved 300 bodies in acid for drug lord ~ link

oogle wants to gather ALL power in the Internet to itself ~ link

Texas about to execute an innocent man according to four pathologists ~ link

Second Vatican Council began 50 years ago ~ link

Ford, GM, Chrysler lost almost 1000 dealers in 2008 ~ link

Four Labour Peers facing police probe over taking cash for House of Lords actions ~ link

Study finds troubling pattern of Southern California quakes ~ link

Canada's $75 billion dollar bank bailout ~ link ~ More free taxpayer money for the rich bankers. Someday people will look back at 2008/2009 and wonder how the public could have been so STUPID as to allow the politicians to loot the public treasuries for the corrupt bankers. When the bankers have spent all the money, we will still be in a new Great Depression, and in debt much much worse that before, and be in a far worse position economically. But the mainstream news media, bought and paid for by the Illuminati, is telling the sheeple that this makes good sense, and most people just go along with it - trained not to think for themselves, not to question, not to get outside of the box no matter what.

Rabbi Lerner at the Inauguration ~ link

Britain facing three-day work week as economic depression worsens ~ link

The Eiffel Tower that tourists never see ~ link

Israel switches to Iran after Gaza War ~ link ~ Iran is not some mostly helpless Gaza - Iran has spent 18 years building one of the most deadly Advanced BioWar programs on Earth. Attacking Iran will open the gates of Hell.

NeoCons to Obama: Give talks with Iran no more than three months ~ link ~ Then what - World War III?!!

Fight over bankruptcy judges redoing mortgages in US ~ link

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Links of the Day

Brown pawns Britain ~ link

Vatican criticizes Obama on abortion issue ~ link

Israel finds huge natural gas reserve ~ link

Greek police are again battling with rioters ~ link

Russia: New Georgian military deployments alarming ~ link

Pope move ignites Holocaust row ~ link ~ What arrogance! It is the Pope's business and Catholics business who is a bishop and no one else's. Also see: Pope lifts excommunications of four bishops ~ link

Cell phones are being used as bugs - video ~ link

The Second Most Powerful Man In Washington ~ link

Obama's 'Window of Opportunity' for improved Russian and EU ties ~ link

Overdue library book leads to woman's arrest ~ link ~ What Nazi assholes the cops and "criminal justice" system is in that community.

Obama signals that there will be tough new restrictions on banks in rescue package ~ link

Some in Europe eying troops and aid to cage Gaza even tighter than before ~ link ~ This is just more crazy NeoCon/Likuid Party strategy; strong on violence, weak on smarts.

Israel must stop fanning the flames that will consume us ~ link ~ Not likely if Bibi gets elected in three weeks time as PM.

China cautions US Secretary of State Clinton on currency row ~ link

Freddie Mac wants $35 billion more from US taxpayers ~ link

Lights go out across UK as recession hits home ~ link

'Hobbit skull' from Indonesia is not 'human' ~ link

Just how big is UK's toxic debt ~ link ~ More important question: Is not the whole financial crisis a planned event, made worse by the efforts of governments "to save the banks/etc.".

German chipmaker Qimonda goes bankrupt ~ link

Queen and Duke of Edinburgh 'take an interest' in crop circles ~ link ~ So, do I. I have corresponded with some of the researchers. Many crop circles are just man made, but not all and the human makers of most of the circles did not begin the process of circle creation. I am not sure, just who or what is behind the crop circles however.

A priest who serves the poor, visits the jails and cares for strangers ~ link

Pakistan urges Obama to halt missile attacks ~ link

City Minister in UK Government Lord Myners attacks bankers for arrogance and greed ~ link

Senior Mexico cops charged with favoring drug cartel ~ link

Baroness Tonge on Israel and the Gaza War ~ link
This is a video from the House of Lords

The World will not purchase unlimited US debt ~ link

Friday, January 23, 2009

Links of the Day

Home repossessed every ten minutes in United Kingdom ~ link

UN shocked by Gaza War's destruction ~ link

Growing concern over Israel's weapons use ~ link

Interesting reflections ~ link

Farmers blocking roads across Greece ~ link

North Korea's Kim meets Chinese official ~ link

Annular solar eclipse on January 26 ~ link

Vatican launches Pope's YouTube channel ~ link

Death agony of Thatcher deregulated finance model ~ link

Sarkozy's France sending frigate to support Israel in Gaza arms lock down ~ link

Rioting brings down Icelandic Government ~ link ~ Is this the beginning of something?

UN may prosecute Bush and Rumsfeld for torture and mistreatment of Guantanamo prisoners ~ link

Cameron warns UK will 'have to go begging to the IMF' ~ link ~ Dear old Gordon Brown, like his buddy George Bush, has spent hundreds of billions bailing out private bankers.

Jewish leaders interfere with Pope's control of bishops over a bishop's questioning of Holocaust numbers ~ link

Suspected US missile strikes kill at least 20 in Pakistan ~ link

Gordon Brown - The Premier in the Iron Mask that disguised a buffoon ~ link

Organized chaos - Turkey's dark history of assassinations ~ link

The British Pound: Not so Sterling ~ link ~ Note: My title, Earl of Stirling (as well as my title Viscount of Stirling), is linked to the ancient capital of Scotland, the City of Stirling not to 'pounds sterling'.

Saudi prince says US ties at risk over Gaza War ~ link

Three killed, including two infants, and ten injured in knife attack in Belgium day care center ~ link

New York Governor picks attractive blond upstate conservative Congresswoman as Clinton's replacement as US Senator ~ link

CellAdam: Remarkable new natural cancer drug ~ link

Australia concerned over China's growth collapse ~ link

Mystery prison buses in the desert ~ link

Former French President Chirac mauled by his pet dog ~ link

UK's Labour Government has unleased government bullies at all levels ~ link ~ 'Tell me about it' - I wrote a book about it ~ link to book.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Links of the Day

Europe lauds Obama's shutdown of secret CIA prisons ~ link

Israel: Determined to destroy the world? ~ link ~ I would say 'some' in Israel are determined to follow a course that could end up destroying the world.

Spook politics in Hollywood ~ link

Another level of the real estate meltdown crisis about to hit ~ link

Obama issues directive to shut down Gitmo ~ link ~ But why in 'one years time'? Why so long?

Obama re-takes his oath of office ~ link

The Revolution in Mexico has begun ~ link ~ This may be a possibility and could add a very dangerous mix to the next few months.

Obama urges Israel to open Gaza borders ~ link

India says Pakistan must be disciplined ~ link

What is the real story behind the Caroline Kennedy US Senate bid? ~ link ~ I don't know the family (only saw JFK, RFK, TK like millions of others; had lunch with one of her cousins, once; tried to hire her late brother to be my anchor for the 'fourth national evening television newscast' that I was setting up 11-13 years ago), but I don't believe the BS coming from the mainstream news media. Something big just happened, but we are not suppose to know anything about it.
The powerful Kennedy Clan just effectively lost its US Senate seat, as Senator Edward (Teddy) Kennedy is dying and in the near future there will be no Kennedy senator to protect the Clan's interests. Also see ~ link
Also see this very good ~ link

Tijuana, Mexico so dangerous it is 'off-limits' to battle hardened US Marines ~ link

New 'Age of Rebellion' and rioting stalk Europe ~ link ~ Question: 'Will this spread throughout the world'

23 Proofs of Israeli defeat in the Gaza War ~ link ~ Keep in mind that this is coming from an Iranian site, however the Israeli population does not seem to feel that any victory was won and Bibi Netanyahu is apt to win the election next month and that means a much worse war is coming.

On Day One: Obama overturns era of White House Secrecy ~ link

Antarctica's 15 million year old lake - A living bio lab ~ link

Pakistan's shift alarms US ~ link

India admits cruise missile test a failure ~ link

Astronomers find a super-Neptune planet ~ link

Gaza War widens lead of Netanyahu ~ link ~ Watch Bibi - he is highly apt to ignite a war with Iran that is likely to become WWIII.

Committee concerned over House of Lords reform ~ link

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Links of the Day

First 100 Days: Manufacturing a dream and a recovery - "Obama can lead the nation to a renaissance in American manufacturing" ~ link ~ There are many things that Obama should do; re-establishing the role of American manufacturing as the world's leader is near the top of the list.

Sell sterling - take cash out of UK says top financial adviser ~ link

Will candidates' DNA play a role in future elections ~ link ~ This article refers to Burke's Peerage's past claims that every US presidential election "has been won by the candidate with the most royal genes". When I was Scottish Editor at Burke's Peerage I felt that this claim was mostly 'BS'. An interesting bit of information is in the article: US Secret Service agents bag any glassware used by the president to keep his DNA secret. My guess would be that this has to do with designer drugs and viruses that could be used to attack the president but not those around him.

Obama meeting with top military officers on Iraq and Afghanistan ~ link

Turkey blackmailing EU over gas pipeline ~ link

Obama pledges new start with Muslins ~ link ~ The NeoCon idiots managed to empower the Iranians; lets hope Obama can do a lot better.

Dissident author reveals Ho Chi Minh's tragic love secret ~ link

Barack Obama's triple test ~ link

White House stops pending Bush regulations for review ~ link ~ More good news from the new Obama Administration.

Obama's Inaugural: Why the crowds? Why the joy? ~ link

Edmund de Rothschild dies at 93 ~ link ~ One of the senior members of the richest and most powerful family on Earth.

The threat of a global trade war ~ link

USMC: New gun ~ link

EU: Europe must invest in energy security ~ link

Judge grants Obama request to suspend Gitmo trial ~ link

Obama: Amaze us ~ link

Last Israeli troops leave Gaza ~ link

North Korea and Iran open to US efforts to defuse tensions ~ link

Brown insists on 'special relationship' between UK and USA ~ link

Roubini: US financial losses could reach $3.6 trillion ~ link

Pakistan warns US over drone strikes ~ link

Is Sarkozy the new Napoleon? ~ link

No confirmation vote - yet - for Clinton ~ link

India test-fires Mach 2.8 surface-to-surface BrahMos supersonic nuclear capable cruise missile - missile test-fired near Pakistan border ~ link

Russia OKs US use of routes into Afghanistan ~ link ~ An olive branch to the new Obama Administration?

President Obama wears bullet-resistant suit at Inaugural ~ link

Gordon Brown takes UK to edge of bankruptcy ~ link

Icelanders in angry demonstration demanding Government resign over economy ~ link ~ This is something we will be seeing a lot more of around the world in the months to come.

Obama calls for halt to Gitmo prosecutions ~ link ~ This is a good sign!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Links of the Day

Teddy Kennedy collapses in convulsions at luncheon for new President ~ link
Also Senator Byrd - President Pro Tem of the US Senate (third in line to the presidency) - also taken from room needing medical attention ~ link

Medvedev: Sanctions for nations arming Georgia ~ link

Obama's "beast" of a new limo revealed ~ link

Russia-Ukraine Gas War: Europe's winter of discontent ~ link

Kenyans toast Obama presidency with beer and parties ~ link

Worldwide hopes soar from Obama inauguration ~ link

US reaches deal on Afghan supply routes to troops ~ link

Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States of America ~ link
Also see ~ link
Also see ~ link

Obama's New Cadillac Limousine Officially Unveiled ~ link

Obama steps to the door of the White House and history ~ link

King of Thailand receives UN award ~ link

25% of American retailers may go bankrupt ~

Experts: Mexico bigger threat than Iran and Iraq ~ link

Sustained H5N1 transmission in Shanxi China raises concerns ~ link

Bush's Legacy: Conservatives were betrayed ~ link

Royal Bank of Scotland's sharp drop in shares raises nationalization fears ~ link ~ Also see ~ link

"Obama can save us", says America as polls show wave of optimism sweeping the nation ~ link

Monday, January 19, 2009

Links of the Day

Militants in Pakistan bomb 5 girls schools, kill soldier ~ link

Indian Army lacked ammo for war with Pakistan ~ link

Royal Bank of Scotland loss a all-time record for a UK firm - shares in freefall ~ link

Georgia and Abkhazia trade border fire ~ link

'Civil war' and vigilantism gripping Mexico ~ link

Caroline Kennedy to get Hillary's US Senate seat ~

Historic Camelot Barony title for sale ~ link

Sarkozy's "reform" of French justice system causes outcry ~ link ~ His so-called "reform" is just an attempt to end the independent role of judges that can investigate HIM.

Pelosi open to prosecution of Bush Administration officials ~ link ~ So why did she kill all impeachment efforts regarding Bush and Cheney for years?!!

Britain faces bankruptcy ~ link

US Secret Service sigh of relief after 8 years of the Bushes and the Cheneys - Parody ~ link

Lindsey Williams - The Next 12 Months - Video ~ link ~ Most interesting.

Russia agrees to Afghan request for defense aid ~ link

Dispite warnings, Canadian PM touts fixes for short term ~ link

Most US airlines expect to report losses ~ link

Obama and top military officers to meet on first day ~ link

Marriage between two branches of Georgian Royal Family strengthens possible future Royal Restoration ~ link

Obama embodies America's hopes ~ link

Turkey's PM in Brussels as Turkey's EU ambitions face decisive year ~ link

Bush fails to pardon Lord Black ~ link

Global areas that will need Obama's attention ~ link

Obama must right the wrongs ~ link

Joe Biden has Lord Kinnock as quest for the inauguration ~ link

The Scot in America....Scottish-American Societies ~ link

Gaza War falls silent as foes pursue stable peace ~ link

US files WTO case against EU ban on American poultry ~ link

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Inauguration Gift To Barack Obama

My Inauguration Gift To Barack Obama

We are on the Eve of the Inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America. As an historian, I am both fascinated and proud of the fact that we will be placing a mixed race black man in the White House. As a political scientist, I could care less about his skin color, his background, his religion, his sex, his race, etc.; what I do care about is what will he do with his power.

I read more than the average bear - sorry about that - I read more than the average well-read person. I am familiar with most theories of politics, history, the economy, and that type of thing. Yet, I still do not know how the man Barack Obama will act during his presidency.

He can continue the failed NeoCon strategy and take us to a most dangerous place in history as we attack an Iran well prepared for asymmetrical warfare against the American population with advanced biowar. He can continue the policies of total economic destruction of our great nation. Or, he can help us all have more years of prosperity and a more peaceful future.

Since I cannot tell what Mr. Obama will do with the great power that will be draped on him this Tuesday, I elect to give the man, and those behind the throne, some benefit of the doubt.

God does work in strange ways. I am a former antiwar activist from the Vietnam War era. Yet, I have a gift in conceptualizing advanced warfare and in theoretical weaponry strategy and design. I have worked with three advanced aerospace companies with leading edge aviation designs, over the last 21 years. One of the things that I do, when I am not writing this blog and some articles, is consult. To tell CEOs of leading edge aerospace firms how to utilize their breakthrough technology to change the world we live in. Trouble is, it usually involves death and destruction on a massive scale, that is it involves 21st Century leading-edge military technology and strategy.

Over a year ago, I took another look at Jay Carter's CarterCopter and at where his design team was headed. I was truly impressed. These guys, operating on a tight budget, have taken American aerospace ingenuity to a new higher level. They have a compound gyrocopter/gyroplane/aircraft that has very long range, can take off and land vertically (VTOL), are all-composite/whole-airframe designs that can be mass produced. The CarterCopter has been flying for about three years as a proof-of-concept five-seat aircraft. A new improved four-seat version is almost totally complete and plans exist for a family of different-sized CarterCopters. The largest will be a 767 sized aircraft capable of airlifting a main battle tank (or two Stryker armored fighting vehicles or 200+ armed/equipped troops) thousands of miles and setting them down on a far-away foreign battlefield and/or re-supply deployed ground forces - all without the usage of airfields.

OK, so what does this have to do with an inauguration gift to Barack Obama?

My gift is the release of the GLOBAL REACH WARFARE Concept. I gave General Jones (Obams's National Security Adviser) a brief heads up a little while back. But now I am releasing the Concept to the American public and your Administration at large. If used properly, it can maintain America as the world's sole superpower and let us power down on some defense expenditures (even as we expand out capabilities). Mr. President, if you misuse the Concept, it will increase the rate of our fall as a great nation. You are the one that got elected, I just hope and pray that you will make the right choice.

Global Reach Warfare technology will give America a warfighting capability that no other nation, or group of nations, will have for many years to come. The ability to move a massive army (with extensive close air support, air cover, and full logistics supply chain) anywhere on earth in 48 hours. A hyper-mobile army that would have an organic level of firepower greater than any non-nuclear force before it in human history.

Such a GRW force could actually allow for long term reduction in American defense expendatures as many foreign bases are closed. Such a force, could be used for desaster reflief on a truly massive scale. Such a force, could allow America to quickly replace rogue or insane leaders under UN mandates. Helping to restore the image of American military power being used for good moral reasons.

Link to video.
Link to CarterCopter site.

Global Reach Warfare

In the 1930s an obscure French Army colonel, Col. Charles De Gaulle, began writing and lecturing on where advances in technology were taking the art and science of warfare. He foresaw that improvements in aircraft, ground transportation, armored warfare, radio telecommunications, and related technologies would dictate that the next major war, what became World War II, would be fought very differently than World War I. He conceptualized maneuver warfare.

The French High Command, as well as the French Government, was locked into static defense with massive amounts being spent to build and maintain/staff the Maginot Line. Col. De Gaulle was largely ignored by most of the senior political and military leadership; however the German High Command took his theories very seriously. His contemporaries, in accepting that the nature of warfare had changed included Britain’s J.F.C. Fuller, Germany’s Heinz Guderian, America’s Dwight D. Eisenhower and George S. Paton, Poland’s Wladyslaw Sikorski, and Russia’s Mikhail Tukhachevsky.

De Gaulle’s books included ‘Vers l’armee de matier’ (‘The Army of the Future’), 1934 and ‘La France et son armee’ (‘France and Her Army’), 1938. The Germans built the concept of Lighting War, or Blitzkrieg, partially on De Gaulle’s theories, and used these concepts of modern warfare to sweep across Europe faster than any military force in history in the early days of the Second World War. Eventually, Allied Forces, fighting a modern maneuver war with both strategic and tactical massive air support totally destroyed the German Armed Forces (and De Gaulle became the leader of the Free French and later President of France).

Following the early French defeat in World War II and other events, military leaders have accepted and embraced the need to adapt to changing technology as a basic necessity.

The CarterCopters family of VTOL all-composite aircraft will take the world, and the American Armed Forces, into the next major generational change in the nature of the art and science of war. While there have been massive changes in technology and warfare since the end of World War II, and the introduction of nuclear warfare, there has not been a generational change; rather there has been an on-going evolutionary change. The long range near-stealth VTOL capabilities of the CarterCopter family of aircraft will allow the American Armed Forces to deploy troops and equipment anywhere, quickly and with sufficient firepower and mobility to engage and destroy all enemies. Equipment carried can include heavy items up to and including the M1A2 Abrams MBT. This capability, in and of itself, is a profound change for it allows combat forces to deploy with heavy equipment anywhere on Earth and to do so using reduced signature technology. But the real story of the changes that the CarterCopter technology makes is far, far more important and profound in scope.

General De Gaulle, and others, saw that the changes that technology and transportation were making were much greater than the sum total of their individual impact. The changes of the time allowed for, and in fact compelled, a major new generational change in the art and science of war. The CarterCopter family of aircraft will do the same in the early 21st Century.

The CarterCopter family is based on all-composite/whole airframe technology. This all-composite technology has many positive attributes, among which is the ability to be manufactured using low-cost mass production techniques. This allows the United States to build out, and build out quickly, an air-land force with very large World War levels. While also allowing this same air-land force to have a global range with self-deployment, with a almost unbelievable level of ground forces maneuver warfare based on a level of air mobility that has never been attempted before.

GRW, that is Global Reach Warfare concept, will allow for the movement into combat, from anywhere on Earth with short notice and self-deployment, the combat elements of a highly armed Army-level force of two Corps. The first Corps would likely have three US Army divisions (which could include armored divisions); the second Corps would likely include two USMC divisions. The entire GRW air element would have reduced signature (radar, IR, visual) and have a massive organic ground attack capability. Most importantly, it would have its own air mobile logistics supply chain.

The ability to project a well armed ground fighting force anywhere on Earth with strong organic weapons systems and self-deployment, with the size of the force ranging from the combat elements of a Brigade to a Army-level force of five divisions will greatly complicate the war plans of any potential enemy. American forces could literally set down on the outskirts of the enemy nation’s capital city or any key strategic target and do so using reduced signature aircraft. This eliminates all the traditional problems associated with driving across enemy territory after first engaging in a protracted build up of ground forces in the area. Further, that American Global Reach Warfare (GRW) force could engage in maneuver warfare using the GRW air mobility and close air support assets; fire and movement that could encompass very large land masses ~ fire and movement laterally and in great depth across the width of any sizeable enemy’s territory.

A GRW division sized force would utilize approximately 2,400 CGT-150s, 100 CGT-100s, 500 CG-45s (the military variants of the 6-9 place BAV), and 300 CG-34s (the military variants of the PAV 2+2). All military CarterCopter variants would have mid-air refueling capabilities (using the “probe and drogue” system instead of the usual USAF “flying boom” system due to the rotor) and would have low radar cross section, low IR signature, reduced acoustic signature, with adoptive optical camouflage. (The first few CGT-24s and CGT-36s might not have the reduced signature option.)

The 2,400 CGT-150s would primarily be utilized as utility transports but would have limited self-defense with two AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles (carried internally). Some CGT-150s would be the CGT-150R model and have “probe and drogue” based refueling equipment. A limited number (50 per division) of CGT-150s would be the Fire Storm variant, the CGT-150FS. This variant would carry and launch a large number of FAE (fuel-air explosive) armed air-to-ground missiles with GPS terminal guidance and interlinked grid coordinated targeting. This would allow the CGT-150FS variant to carry/launch approximately 250 missiles (in the 550 pound range). Each FAE armed missile would hit a target zone that would be part of a larger grid that could be interlinked with other CGT-150FS target grids to allow a massive footprint/high PSI level blast or series of blasts over the target area. Tactical nuclear level damage could occur without crossing the nuclear threshold.

The GRW division’s 100 CGT-100s would be mainly utility transport aircraft with a number of specialized variants possible such as air ambulance, EW, AEW/C3, etc. The CGT-150s and CGT-100s would be USAF aircraft with the possible exception of some limited numbers of USMC aircraft for Harrier and F-35STOVL in-field support. If the USAF were to elect to use some F-35STOVL variants for GRW global support, then additional CGT-100s/CGT-150s would be used by the USAF.

The 500 CG-45 models would include utility variants as well as specialized aircraft. The specialized models would include the two-place CG-45FB Firebird with a four-barrel 25mm Gatling gun-style rotary cannon, the light weight GAU-22/A developed for the F-35. The Firebird would also carry two AGM-114 Hellfire II missiles or the new Joint Common Missile (JCM), and could carry AIM-9 Sidewinders or the ATAL air-to-air missile, or Hydra Rockets. Approximately 450 of the 500 divisional CG-45s would be the Firebird variant.

The 300 divisional CG-34s would include 250 Scout/Light Attack variants, the CG-34S/LA model. This normally single seat aircraft would have similar weapons systems/loads compared to the Kiowa Warrior version of the OH-58D. These could include a GECAL .50 cal. Gatling-gun, the GAU-19/A; the ATAL air-to-air missile (an upgraded air-to-air Stinger) would be carried on some of the CG-34S/LA aircraft; one or two Hellfire anti-tank missiles; several 2.75” (70mm) Hydra-70 rockets.

The use of large numbers of armed VTOL stealth CarterCopters of various sizes with a heavy firepower to weight mix allows the GRW force, be it brigade/division/corps or Army-level size, to dramatically increase its offensive mobile firepower.

The CGT-150FSs, the CG-45FBs, and the CG-34S/LA models (and all CarterCopter military variants) would be self deployable and re-supplied via the same VTOL logistics chain as the traditional ground based assets of the GRW force. The logistics chain would include a fleet of CGT-150 utility aircraft ferrying in combat expendables (fuel, missile/rocket rounds, ammo, MRE, etc.) and would use TRAs (temporary re-supply areas) for re-fueling, re-supply, medical treatment, crew rest, etc. A TRA could be quickly established in an open field and just as quickly de-established and moved to another site. This can be very important if fighting an enemy with advanced conventional weapon systems and/or WMD. At 7:00 a.m. a given area is a wheat field (or desert/etc.); at 8:00 a.m. it is a very busy VTOL airbase (re-supply can include traditional low-level air-drops from USAF strategic airlift aircraft); at 1:00 p.m. the field is vacant. While such hyper mobility of a TRA would not normally be necessary, in some operational environments it could be very useful.

TRAs could be used for in-field re-supply of ground forces and/or for highly mobile air attack assets (CGT-150FSs, CG-45FBs, CG-34S/LAs, Harrier and F-35 STOVL aircraft, and any traditional attack or utility helicopters being employed).

In addition to the usage of CarterCopters in the GRW force, the CG-34A, CG-34S/LA, CG-45A, and CG-45FB could be utilized throughout the US Army and USMC and mass production prices would make the aircraft very attractive. The CG-34A and CG-45A could be used by all four main services as utility transports; the Coast Guard might have an interest in the CHT models.

While this brief paper is not the place to cover the full range of military uses for the CarterCopter family of revolutionary aircraft there are two additional variants that should be mentioned. The CHT-150 could be used by the United State Navy as a Flying Frigate variant, the CHT-150FF. This model would have advanced radar, carry long and short range air-to-air missiles, ASW equipment including torpedoes, and anti-shipping missiles, and air-launched ground-attack cruise missiles, as well as two GAU-22/A cannons. The CHT-150FF could be used to increase offensive and defensive firepower for naval surface units and to increase the ASW defenses of USN supercarrier task forces ~ especially useful against the deadly Russian underwater rocket, the VA-111 Shkval (Squall) with its underwater speed of 360 kph (230 mph).

Additionally the CH-45 model could be used as a flying point defense system, the CH-45FPD variant. The CH-45FPD could be used to increase the defensive firepower of USN supercarrier task forces against the latest Russian anti-shipping missiles, the 3M82 Moskit sea-skimming missile (NATO code name SS-N-22 Sunburn) and the even more lethal P-800 Oniks (also named Yakhents; NATO code name SS-N-26 Onyx). Both are designed to kill our supercarriers by getting past the cruiser/destroyer screen and the USN point-defense Phalanx system by using high supersonic speeds, violent end maneuvers, and swarm attacks. The CH-45FPD variant would be a two person aircraft and would utilize one or two light weight 25mm or 20mm Gatling-gun type rotary cannons with a good load of ammo. A number of such aircraft, on the order of 30 or more at a time, could be used in high threat areas for relatively short periods to increase the defensive firepower around the carrier task force and to widen the task force defensive cone against sea-skimming missiles.

The long range and mid-air refueling capabilities of the CH-45FPD and the CHT-150FF would allow land based deployment over significant distances; the VTOL capabilities would allow the aircraft to use navy carriers and other ships for refueling.

Rough cost estimates for the various CarterCopter aircraft in a GRW division is as follows:

2,400 CGT-150 @ $30m each in mass production $72 billion

100 CGT-100 @ $15m each in mass production $1.5 billion

500 CG-45 @ $6m each in mass production $3 billion

300 CG-34 @ $600k each in mass production $180 m

Total division level cost (including USAF aircraft) $76.68 b

Total Global Reach Warfare Army-level force (5 divisions) $383.4 b

(Plus: weapon systems; specialized electronics, etc.)

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

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I have been saying this for some time as my readers know so well.

Friday, January 16, 2009

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Special Comments

Pitched battles as Israeli tanks rumble deeper into Gaza cities ~ link ~ Something is not right with the very low death and injury figures being reported by the Israeli armed forces (IDF). If the IDF is really battling armed forces, not just little more than civilians armed with AK-47 rifles, there should be much higher numbers of Israeli troops killed and wounded. Either the Israeli Government is keeping the truth of much higher casualties from its citizens, or they are "fighting" mostly unarmed civilians.

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NOTE: Thanks to Dr. Bill and for another interesting national radio talk show interview this afternoon with Lord Stirling.

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