Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Special Post - Letter to PM Gordon Brown

Open Letter to Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Gordon Brown

Dear Prime Minister,

Royal Reform

I have read that you will be asking those Commonwealth Prime Ministers, whose nations are headed by Her Majesty as Queen, to agree to legislative changes, to 'reform' the rules appertaining to the Royal Family including their marriage to Catholics and also appertaining to the Royal Succession to the Crown.

I understand that you support joint legislation that will allow succession to the Crown 'to heirs general in birth rank order' thus eliminating the sexist rules of male primogeniture. I support you on this, and I have been promoting a plan whereby all dormant peerages, which have become dormant during the Reign of Her Majesty be resettled upon whoever would have succeeded to the title/s had the descent at the time of the last peer's demise been to "heirs general in birth rank order".

As a long time claimant-by-right-of-succession, under Scots Peerage Law rules, of the then-dormant Earldom of Stirling and related Scottish, Scots-Canadian and Canadian titles, honours, and hereditary offices-of-state, I used an Scots Peerage Law procedure known as a assumption-at-law in the summer of 1999 to call these honours out of dormancy. I was never challenged in any proper legal venue, over this succession. Under Scots Peerage Law I am the legal Earl of Stirling. Under the rules governing the Roll of the Peerage, and specifically following the actual wording of the Royal Warrant establishing this Roll of the Peerage, I am required to be so listed as Earl of Stirling on this Roll.

I have not, to this point in time been so listed, for two reasons that should be well known to you and several members of your Cabinet. Firstly, I refused to "donate" over a million pounds to the Labour Party under former Prime Minister Tony Blair; and secondly, I continue to insist on a resettlement-by-letters-patent of my family's titles/honours/offices-of-state to eliminate the sexist rules of male primogeniture with regards to the succession to our honours ~ a resettlement-by-letters-patent to "my heirs general in birth rank order".

Your government, and your Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice (Rt. Hon. Jack Straw), have refused to follow Scots Peerage Law, or the rules governing the Roll of the Peerage, or to allow me my rights as a Scottish Peer to have such a resettlement. I have even taken this matter, some years ago, to the European Court for Human Rights (who declined to hear the case as it was felt that I may not have eliminated all legal remedies). This case was covered in my book, 'Cash for Peerages: The Smoking Gun', published in 2007.

I have recently notified the Lord Chancellor that I shall seek very substantial claims against his private property based on Human Rights violations and that these claims may be filed in various nations claiming Universal Jurisdiction in matters of human rights (with the right to pierce any claim of governmental/Crown immunity for high office holders). I now make this same notification against you. Although the sum that I may seek from appropriate courts, is in the eight to nine figure range, I do not want your money! I simply want you to follow the law in my case and list me on the Roll of the Peerage and accordingly recognize my request for a resettlement-by-letters-patent to eliminate the rules of male primogeniture with regards to the succession to my family's honours. I see no reason why my sister, Mary Jill, should be prevented from succeeding based on her gender.

I find it a bit much that you are asking other Prime Ministers and their Parliaments to enact a joint Act of Succession, to eliminate the rules of male primogeniture to succession to the Crown, but have long stalled on my request for a similar change to my family's succession. While a change as I have requested (which is my right under Scots Peerage Law) would only effect my family directly, indirectly it would call the matter of noble succession into question and this will upset many powerful 'apple carts'.

If you are going to ask the other Prime Ministers to request their Parliaments to eliminate the sexist rules of male primogeniture for succession to the Crown, at the very least you should have the courage to honor my request to eliminate the rules of male primogeniture with regards to my honours.

Yours sincerely,



johna said...

Well written Lord Stirling, as Clan Chief of the 'Alexanders' it is absolutely right that you have your family line of descent correctly acknowledged, and why should anyone have to pay ANY sum of money, let alone a million bucks, to have what is rightfully theirs? good luck from a clansman.

Par mare par terre,

John Alexander, Otautahi New Zealand.

Lord Stirling said...

Thank you kinsman for your kind comments.

Par Mare Par Terras,