Saturday, December 12, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Ukrainian Plague, Climategate, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Iran willing to exchange uranium for nuclear fuel - with conditions ~ link ~ Nothing is apt to make Bibi Netanyahu happy but an all out war with Iran.

Copenhagen Framework: Hugh amounts of spending, but allows Enron-style accounting tricks so that Carbon isn't actually reduced ~ link ~ This whole "global warming" thing is simply 'smoke and mirrors' bullcrap. It reminds me of the hype in the 70s that we were running out of gas. Wiser people said that as soon as the price of oil rose to where the oil companies wanted it, there would be plenty of oil, and of course, this is what happened.

Climate Change: What is the Hidden Agenda? ~ link ~ A 'back door' beginning to global government and global taxing power.

The Call from Obama: More Leverage and More Debt ~ link ~ Government by and for the global banking families.

House passes bill to audit the Fed ~ link ~ Good first step. Now lets kill the Fed and all like it and take back our world from the demonic criminals running things.

New World Order Monetary System - video ~ link ~ An excellent video, take the time to view it and think about it. Keep in mind the Australian example is not realistic as they have very little water.

Obama Does a Louis XVI ~ link ~ To carry the Louis XVI thing a little further, the Rothschild family and their allies, used the economic and political mess in Louis XVI's time (which they had a major hand in creating) to usher in the destruction of the French Kingdom, massive state terror, economic and political chaos, religious oppression, and near global war. History does repeat itself.

Let a Thousand Reactors Bloom ~ link ~ The Chinese have designed a SAFE and MASS PRODUCIBLE and LOW COST nuclear powerplant.
The industry has been focused on water-cooled reactors that require complicated safety systems," Kadak says. "The Chinese aren't constrained by that history. They're showing that there's another way that's simpler and safer.

Blair attacked over his Iraq War 'justification' ~ link ~ Phony Tony is a master bullshitter, who would rather lie than tell the truth anytime.

How police in the United Kingdom can treat you like a terrorist just for taking photographs on vacation ~ link ~ Generally tourists will not encounter such fascist police behavior, but the fact that is is possible is shocking and not the United Kingdom that I use to know.

Reflections in a Petri Dish: The Flaming Dumpsters at the End of the Line ~ link

Change Blindness: Research and history how Americans are as blind to US fascism as Nazi-era Germans ~ link

Prince William to share in some Royal Duties ~ link ~ This is a good example of how the London newspaper market distorts stories about the Royal Family. What is really happening is that, as he gets older, Prince William is learning the 'family trade'. This is not a negative reflection on his father, the Prince of Wales, or anything else. When I was Scottish Editor at Burke's Peerage, I saw this distortion up close and I often felt sorry for the royals as they were crapped on all the time and mostly just had to take it without fighting back.

Bacteria engineered to turn Carbon Dioxide into Liquid Fuel ~ link The biological consistences of women having sex with multiple partners - video ~ link


lucius said...

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I am writing some minor dialogues with your course but yet can I not comprehend your lineage? I can understand that your position in Canada is more than a pure academic one as you seem to have a lineage of a more of a Scottish one. Maybe did I not understand from which part of the Stuart line you happen to be. The Stuarts were as to my knowledge one of the late princess Diana or a more sinister one called the Scottish King having let the former Malta Knights to rule over the catholic branch of the Scottish kinsmen i.e. the clan of the formerly King of Scots! His daughter was sent to the Slavs or the formerly Vikings of later Russia being the only way for her and her mother to survive the English invasion. May I ask you if that line made into your lineage or am I totally off what really went on during the war between the catholic branch of Malta and the branch of the Catholics of the later Habsburgs?
As to my knowledge was Jeschuah's daughter integrated into a heritage of South France house of Alexanders. The male line does not count in the Jewish heritage- this is why I cannot tell what happened with Jesus genetic pool as names of Jewish heritage comes through females! Although I KNOW for a fact that the so-called 13th Illuminati line came into existence through Habsburg being then a breeding facility for the so-called high nobilities hidden from sight in Hungary. This is to my knowledge why the Nazis had been planning to kill off every Jewish Hungarian! Yet is this not what I wanted to ask- are you aware that your clan are descendants of the Jesus daughter or not?

Lord Stirling said...

I really don't know what in the hell you are talking about. I am Chief of Clan Alexander; I am not a Stuart.