Sunday, December 6, 2009

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Gordon Brown snubbed by badly injured Afghan veterans during hospital visit ~ link ~ More than half the soldiers being treated at the Selly Oak hospital ward in Birmingham either asked for the curtains to be closed or deliberately avoided the prime minister.......Sapper Matthew Weston, 20, is one of the most seriously injured soldiers to have survived. He lost both legs and his right arm ......He said: “I didn’t want to speak to him, I didn’t want to waste my time talking to someone who was just trying to make themselves look good.....“I met Prince Charles and Sir Richard Dannatt [when they visited Selly Oak]. I have respect for them. Prince Charles spoke to me for two hours. I really didn’t want to speak to Gordon Brown.”

Neocons Get Warm And Fuzzy Over 'War President' ~ link ~
But a small group of hawkish foreign policy experts – who have lobbied the White House since August to escalate U.S. involvement in Afghanistan – are christening Obama the new "War President."

O = W ~ link

Blackwater black ops behind Pakistan terror wave? ~ link ~ The Afghan War is being mutated into the Afghan-Pak War!

US Sec. of Defense Gates: No new Bin Laden information in years ~ link ~ The man died of kidney disease years ago. This whole bit about Bin Laden is so lame. He was the reason we had to invade Afghanistan EIGHT YEARS AGO and we are still there. This is not even a B Grade Hollywood movie script! The sheeple are so dumb to sit back and allow the crooks at the top to bleed off TRILLIONS for unnecessary wars, to kill thousands of American and allied troops based on lies, yet most sheeple are still asleep.

The Great Game: US & NATO War in Afghanistan - Fifty or more countries in a single war theater ~ link ~ And all based on the 9/11 False Flag operation.

Study: Elite papers marginalize public opposition to war ~ link ~ The mainstream news media is really all about propaganda not truth and news.

Will the Third Temple be built next year? ~ link ~ Another powerful Christian End Times sign!

Six top British doctors believe government scientist Dr. David Kelly was murdered - Call for new Inquest ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ Two people that gave me a hard time - wanted me to 'donate' a massive sum to get them to follow the law on my claiming my Clan's titles/honours - Lord Falconer and Tony Blair have a LOT TO ANSWER FOR IN THE DR. KELLY CASE.

Is Tony Blair a war criminal? ~ link ~ Yes! The article is a mainstream media rag and it paints a very distorted view of what Blair is and what he did.

Climate change brainwashing - video ~ link

Dilbert on Global Warming ~ link

UN sees world closing in on greenhouse targets ~ link ~ I am linking this AP article as an example of the lying mainstream news media's push for "global warming/greenhouse gases" efforts. They are really just pressitutes selling lies to allow the global banking families to 'back-door' the beginnings of a global government on us, to fight this non-existent problem.

'Greenhouse gas' carbon dioxide ramps up Aspen growth ~ link ~ Calling Al Gore, Inventor of the Internet and savor of the planet.

Obama's involvement in Chicago Climate Exchange - the rest of the story ~ link ~ Follow the money!

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd challenged to climate debate by opposition leader Tony Abbott - Will NOT debate the issue ~ link ~ link ~ The truth is coming out about Climategate and the global banking families/Illumunati's goal of using "global warming" lies to begin a new global government by stealth.

Copenhagen climate summit: 140 private aircraft, 1,200 limos....~ link ~
Copenhagen is preparing for the climate change summit that will produce as much carbon dioxide as a town the size of Middlesbrough.

Climategate: Science corrupted - video ~ link

Britain's inflationary debt spiral as the Bank of England keeps expanding quantitative easing ~ link ~ The Bank of England, like the US Federal Reserve System is a privately owned central bank. It has official powers and exists to serve the interests of its largely secret owners. It, like the Fed, should be abolished.

The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class - video ~ link ~ If a thief were to break into your house and attempt to take everything that you have, and you could do something to stop this, would you? Bet your ass you would. So why are you letting the global banking families rob you of everything you have?

US Bankruptcy filings up 100% since 2007 ~ link ~ But...but, the Obama Administration and the Fed experts say this is just a recession and its getting better. NOT.

17 Million Americas have no bank account ~ link ~ The richest nation on Earth is being 'taken down' by the global banking families.

Who Really Are The Rothschilds - video - part 6 ~ link
~ Estimated family wealth: $500 Trillion - Over half the wealth of the planet Earth.

Ex-congressman John Hostettler - Republican and AIPAC and War Critic - to run for US Senate against Senator Evan Bayh ~ link ~ I know John, he is a good man.

The US Constitution: A Deist or Christian document? ~ link ~ Christian. That's why the Illumunati hate it so.

Great chastisement during Middle Ages was ferocious spread of 'Black Death' ~ link ~ Something like this is coming soon; of course, the new 'Black Death' will be man-made and man-spread.

Breakthrough in cancer prevention - Vitamin D - video ~ link ~ Please take the time to listen to this.

Another gay bishop elected by US Episcopal Church reigniting deep divisions in US Episcopal Church and worldwide Anglican Community ~ link ~ link ~ It is far more important for many in the Episcopal Church to be "politically correct" (and super liberal) than to follow God. The end result is that they are losing church members by large numbers and many deacons/priests/bishops are going to the Catholic Church or Eastern Orthodox Churches.

India: The Largest Democracy? ~ link

The Queen gets tough with paparazzi in royal privacy row ~ link ~ I have long felt that the media, especially the London newspapers, have made live miserable for members of the Royal Family and grossly overstepped the bounds of decency.

Thailand's King marks 82nd birthday ~ link

Guinea Vice-President in charge after assassination attempt on President ~ link ~ This was a machete attack by a senior aide/member of the junta. The government is made up of thugs who seized power in a coup; there is far too much of this in Africa. It shows that most African nations are not prepared to govern themselves. Then again, one has to ask if many First World nations are really fit to govern themselves also.

Smoking Mirrors: From Bondage to Rothschild to Freedom Within ~ link


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