Thursday, December 3, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Ukrainian Plague, Climategate, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Copenhagen, Carbon and Control ~ link ~ It's all about setting up the beginnings of a one world government in all but name for the global banking families.

UN Ready To Lead Environmental World Government ~ link ~
United Nations delegates to the upcoming Climate Change Convention in Copenhagen are preparing to propose a UN-centered environmental world government with authority to override local, state, and national governments worldwide for the sake of environmental sustainability.

US Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) wants to criminally charge 'hackers' over Climategate but ignore Climategate information ~ link ~ This bought-and-paid-for Illumunati hack, is a prime example of what is seriously wrong with the American Congress. How dare the 'hackers' expose the lies about "global warming"; how dare they tell the sheeple the truth with their heads. The one thing that the demonic Illumunati forces just cannot stand is the truth, scares the hell out of them.

Climategate crooks recast themselves as the victims ~ link ~ Only in the current totally crazy/totally evil/totally based-on-lies global politics.

Obama science advisors grilled over Climategate emails ~ link ~ Notice the AP science reporter's slant towards "global warming".

US researcher: NASA is hiding Climategate type date ~ link ~ We are witnessing a grand battle between those fighting to use false science as a tool to drive the world into the global banking families New World Order/global slave state, and those fighting against such evil using the truth. Our future depends on the outcome.

"Commanding Obama Ditches Pelosi for Afghanistan" ~ link ~ I just love articles like this, when your analysis is limited to a childish "Democrats vs. Republicans" you write such nonsense. The truth is, Obama is simply a front man working for the global banking families and they want more war and more war profits and to hell with the rest of us.

The Political and Economic Establishment fears Congressman Ron Paul ~ link ~ I have a dislike of most politicians, most are totally corrupt, especially in this period of growing globalism and global banking family control of everything. Congressman Ron Paul is one of the good guys! By the way, typical British journalism: at the end of the article is a section titled "career". it has a major mistake - Ron Paul is still in office.

Prolonging the War is a threat to Our National Security ~ link ~ Of course it is, it is designed to be that.

Congressman Kucinich said today:

America is in the fight of its life and that fight is not in Afghanistan -- it's here ... We are deeply in debt. Our GDP is down. Our manufacturing is down. Our savings are down. The value of the dollar is down. Our trade deficit is up. Business failures are up. Bankruptcies are up.

The war is a threat to our national security. We’ll spend over $100 billion next year to bomb a nation of poor people while we reenergize the Taliban, destabilize Pakistan, deplete our army and put more of our soldiers’ lives on the line. Meanwhile, back here in the USA, 15 million people are out of work. People are losing their jobs, their health care, their savings, their investments, and their retirement security. $13 trillion in bailouts for Wall Street, trillions for war; when are we going to start taking care of things here at home?

Report: A major "pneumonic plague" outbreak in the Saratov oblast in southern Russia is taking place ~ link ~ [NOTE: I got a security warning when I tried the link (in red) given in the article (www.regnum......), so don't go there.]

Deaths and D225G H1N1 mutant strain spread ~ link ~ We are still not getting the full picture; but what we are able to see is not too good.

Maryland and Virginia with Tamiflu resistant H1N1 cluster ~ link

Transmission of D225G H1N1 in Sweden and Norway ~ link ~ However, we are not seeing the massive spike of very sick people as we did in the Ukraine with "Ukrainian Plague". So the question is WHY?

Pharm Times: Swine Flu labeled a conspiracy ~ link ~ No kidding, what a shocker NOT.
The swine flu pandemic has been named as the “most ambitious scam and corruption of our time” after pharma has been found to be in bed with the World Health Organisation.

Journalists from Denmark have reported links between the World Health Organisation and pharmaceutical companies where firms have been covertly paying top WHO scientists. In the meantime, pharma profits from flu drugs have soared.

Verizon and Yahoo: Our Spy capabilities would 'shock' and 'confuse' consumers ~ link ~ The evil fascist shits running things, behind the scenes, insist on being able to spy on all of us, all the time. Don't ever assume that your Internet viewing, emails, television, cell phone, land line phone calls, etc. are secure - they are NOT.

Gun toting Goldman execs prepare for the revolution ~ link

Goldman Sachs: Gold to rise above $1,400/oz. ~ link ~ Good in depth article.

Has America Suffered A PERMANENT Loss Of Jobs ~ link ~ Also see: Robert Reich (former US Secretary of Labor) Confirms Permanent Destruction Of Jobs In USA ~ link ~ The sheeple are so brain dead that they have allowed this to happen and a large percentage still do not know who/what/when/why this has happened. If they ever wake up, look out.

US repeating Soviet mistakes in Afghan War ~ link ~ No kidding!

Ahmadinejad: Israel can't do a "damn thing" to stop Iranian nuclear program ~ link ~ He needs to either cut way back on the meds or increase them.

Fool me twice ~ link

Ukraine Academic: Israel imported 25,000 children for their organs ~ link ~ True or vicious antisemitism? This is not the type of story that I normally link. But it is a good example of fears that come from knowing what some of the extremists have done in the past. Specifically, I am thinking about the large number of Sephardic Jewish children that were subject to radiation treatments in their heads, in the 1950s by Israeli health authorities, resulting in all kinds of horrible long term illnesses. Still, having said that, I don't think that 25,000 kids have been imported to Israel for organs. Extremists, like the Israeli Foreign Minister, and others in or close to the current rather crazy Israeli government simply feed these kinds of fears, with their racist comments.

Bibi will consider 'easing up' on settlers ~ link ~ Netanyahu is the most dangerous man on Earth. He wants a war with Iran no matter what it costs Israel, the Middle East, or the World in blood/deaths/etc.

Jewish historian: Jews have no claim to Palestine, Palestinians More Likely To Be Israelites ~ link ~ Its not really not that simple. Nor are things all black or white with regards to the Arab/Israel struggle. What I try to push, is reasonableness on all sides and avoiding war as 21st Century warfare is not really survivable if all hell breaks loose.

At midnight, last night, the United Kingdom ceased to be a sovereign state ~ link ~ The Rothschild organized and controlled EU is designed to be a super-state in all but name. It hides behind several lies, as is typical of anything this demonic family is involved with. Faceless and nameless bureaucrats make the "rules'/laws and the people are left with almost nothing that they can do about it...but it looks like a democracy.

Putin 'to think about' presidential run ~ link ~ Right!

October 3, 2010 is the date that Germany will finally pay off all World War I war reparations ~ link ~ Just another global banking families scam. Actually the Kaiser offered to end the war and to withdrawal to his old borders, when he had the upper hand, but the globalist would not accept this and the war went on for more horrific years.

Honduran Congress upholds coup ~ link

The Vatican and Russia now have full diplomatic ties ~ link

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Why Nordic peoples are not affected as Ukrainians lies in the genetic layout of the virus, which true layout is a closely kept secret, is that "yellow" peoples are more prone to that man-made virus than "Nordics"! Migration of man or "races" as known to history are not in any content an accurate history. History is a lie and nothing can be told than lies upon lies. As to my knowledge is history of man more than short- rather very short so to say. Man was made and everyone should know that to be a fact but as always are barbarians telling a lie. A lie called Darwinism- a carefully crafted one though! The truth will prevail and as known to many is time very short! The genetic layout of man was crafted to fit a non-existing event of ancient progression and by doing as such was man told that they would live for million of years. Nothing can be further from truth. As to my knowledge are we to witness the final sequence of man before the Judgement Cycle is being completed! The DNA structure was altered- that structure has been tampered with an array of genetic experiments called swine-flue shots. In recombination with chem-trail conjuncture is man to evolve into a state of non-redemptive animals before judgement is to occur! A last attempt to hinder man to be saved by their Creator.