Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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United Kingdom facing return to Victorian levels of poverty ~ link ~ The United States, followed by the United Kingdom are the number one and number two main targets of the Illumunati in this Global Depression. Not that the rest of the world will be shown any mercy, it's just that 'its our turn'. Never forget that the spiritual side of what the Illumunati are doing and about is the most important. They are the agents of satan and he is a fallen loser determined to spread hate, fear, and great unhappiness (plus a little thing called eternal damnation) to as many souls as possible.

One in four UK 13-year-olds admit to 'sexting' - Sending and receiving explicit pictures of themselves and friends ~ link ~ A society first suffers a moral collapse and then a total economic/political collapse.

"My generation created the sexual revolution and it has been wrecking the lives of women ever since" ~ link ~ That's precisely what it was intended to do. (The on-line newspaper that carries this article is itself a prime example of moral trash.)

Illuminati Use 'Magick' Against Us ~ link ~ Very good article, makes the case that the Illuminati use satanic knowledge against us as a key part of their 'method of operation'.

Half of all US debt owed to the privately-owned Federal Reserve System ~ link ~ To the greatest and most evil robber barons of all time: Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Warburgs, Schiff, etc. families.

Obama's "Christian" grandmother has arrived in Mecca for the 'Hajj' ~ link ~ Obama is the most fake 'front man' that the Illumunati have ever placed in the White House. He was not born in America and had/has Indonesian citizenship, making him constitutionally ineligible to be president. That is just one of the things that they have on him to make sure he stays in line. The Illumunati have nothing but contempt for most of the human race. They laugh at our basic honesty, using it against us by serving up the most atrociously outrageous public lies.

EU's first President takes office as the Treaty of Lisbon takes effect ~ link ~ link ~ A great day for the Rothschilds and fellow Illumunati.

Western nations to begin drawing up sanctions against Iran ~ link

Hezbollah Secretary-General: Israel is permanent threat to Lebanon ~ link

Bibi Netanyahu approves 25 new settler houses despite ban ~ link ~ What, Bibi Actually, if you want to know when Netanyahu is lying, watch his mouth. If it is moving, he is lying.

Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, imprisoned in America for spying against the United States, demands executing of Palestinian detainees ~ link ~ link ~ In my opinion, Pollard should have been executed for his crimes.

Australian Senate rejects Rudd's Climate Bill ~ link ~ Good!

Climategate claims its first big political scalp ~ link

Climategate outrage explodes as Carbon Tax agenda collapses ~ link ~ Those people who 'don't believe in conspiracy theories' should re-think their position in light of the Climategate scandal.

Pseudoscience Cesspool ~ link ~
As frigid Copenhagen prepares for the latest five-star global-warming conference, newly released e-mails by crisis-promoting scientists have exposed a cesspool of intimidation, data alteration and fraud.

Climategate: It's all unraveling now ~ link ~ Good, about time.

Baby bottles have chemical linked to cancer ~ link

China sentences five Protestant church leaders to labor camp ~ link ~ The Christian churches should be leading demands for boycotts of Chinese made goods until the Chinese reform themselves.

In the 1960s and 1970s a French scientist, Antoine Priore, built and tested electromagnetic healing machines of startling effectiveness ~ link ~ This is but one of many suppressed technologies that would have had great positive effects on our lives.

Former Managing Director of Goldman Sachs: Accounting fraud of the 'Too Big to Fail' may be WORSE THAN ENRON ~ link ~ Get a rope; actually get lots of ropes. Time for an old fashion 'neck tie' party.

Europe's Secret Nuclear Weapons ~ link

Obama, 'Al-Qaeda plotting as I speak' ~ link ~ What total lying bullshit! Al-Qaeda is nothing but a CIA/Mossad creation on a cheap Hollywood B Grade movie level. Come to think of it, so is Obama.

The Obama Puppet - The World's least powerful man ~ link ~ America elected a black man as president, thinking it had done a service for race relations and a positive step for the terrible way that blacks were treated, historically, in America. But Obama is simply a 'puppet' or 'front man', and puppets/front men are little more than a type of 'slave' - not free to act for themselves but totally controlled by others. Think about it.

Jessie Ventura explains 9/11 on 'Larry King Live' - video ~ link ~ I like former Governor Jessie Ventura, he is well outside of the box.

Cops 'R' The Greatest Threat to Life and Limb in the USA Today ~ link ~ I would not go so far as to say that, but the trend is not good as fascism is imposed on us bit by bit.

Brotherhood of Plunder ~ link ~ An interesting story that goes along with my warning, yesterday, that Americans and Europeans are going to be shocked at the levels of official corruption that will begin exploding as the Global Depression gets really bad in the months ahead.

Lakewood quadruple police murder: Have the Neocons struck again? ~ link ~ Far out, but then so was 9/11, 7/7, etc.

The Photographer's Right ~ link

Photographer questioned by UK police under anti-terror laws. Crime: Taking 'too many' photographs of town center Christmas lights ~ link ~ The photographer should have told the cop to go to hell and let himself be arrested and then hired a really good shark/lawyer in a EU nation that has Universal Jurisdiction in human rights matters. We do not have to put up with fascist jerks.

UK Digital Economy Bill: To kill open Wi-Fi ~ link ~ That people can use open Wi-Fi networks, and laptops without ownership information, to serf the web and/or communicate without the government knowing who they are, freaks the fascist bastards out. You see, they intend to OWN US. To them, we are not free people under God, no we are just unnecessary eaters who can be killed or owned at their will.

Saudi jets are pounding Yemen's northern villages ~ link ~ There are reports that chemical warfare and phosphorus bombs are being used. Also see: Honthi fighters say they are dealing a 'heavy blow' to the Royal Saudi Army ~ link ~ Also see: Saudi jets using unconventional weapons on civilians in residential areas ~ link ~ Keep in mind, this comes from a very pro-Iranian site and the Iranians and Saudis are fighting a proxy war.

Google to limit free news access ~ link

US Federal Trade Commission to consider public funding for mainstream news organizations ~ link ~ One of the reasons, that the news media is not making the money that they want, is more and more people are becoming aware that they are more in the propaganda business than in the news business. Also see: Murdoch sees Mobile TV as key to the future ~ link ~ Also see: Free is not free ~ link

The Military-Medical Complex - video on HIV virus ~ link

Children with respiratory ailments crowd Winnipeg emergency rooms ~ link ~ link ~ Eight are on ventilators; not all related to H1N1.

America's Biowarfare Alliance ~ link

China asks India to stop construction along border ~ link

PM Brown rejects early UK troop withdrawal from Afghan War ~ link ~ EARLY? This war, based on lies, has gone on for EIGHT YEARS now! It is long past time to get the hell out of there.

Germany and France consider US plea for more Afghan War troops ~ link ~ The German and French publics do NOT want more war, but that factor will not be taken into account.

Canada slams Obama with reaffirmed Afghan War withdrawal plans ~ link ~ Good, too bad American Congressmen and Senators don't have the balls to say NO to Obama's surge plans.

Canadian Government rocked by accusations of abuse, torture of Afghan Prisoners ~ link ~ Damn!

Honduran congressmen debate ousted president's future ~ link

An average of 68 young men die violently in Brazil every day ~ link

Some scientists believe your cell phone is a death trap ~ link ~ It is also a great tool to track you and to 'bug' your private conversations with or without the phone being 'on'.

Catholic perspective of 2012 and End-Times prophecy ~ link

Near-Death Insights ~ link


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Military Hardware Movements into California_ Whats going on??_.

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