Tuesday, December 22, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming WWIII, Climategate, Global Depression

Virgin Mary now appearing in broad daylight at Coptic Orthodox Church in Cairo - video ~ link ~ She appears to be a powerful light from within.

Iran Sanctions are Precursor to War by Congressman Ron Paul ~ link ~ Ron Paul speaks the truth, something rare in Congress.

Gaza Must Be Rebuilt Now by former President Jimmy Carter ~ link ~ He is right but don't hold your breath for this to happen with the extremists government of Netanyahu in power.

Russian expert calls for 'stick' approach to Israel ~ link ~ I really don't see that happening. The way it is now, every corrupt bum in Congress and key EU parliaments, are way too afraid of the Israeli money and power machine to even hint at opposing anything the Israelis chose to do.

Admiral Michael Mullen Insists Military Ready To Attack Iran ~ link ~ And when Iran hits back at America, Israel, and the EU/NATO with its Advanced Biological Warfare genetically engineered killer viruses just exactly HOW WILL YOU DEFEND THE CIVILIAN MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN THAT YOUR POLICIES ARE ENDANGERING. Do you have some magic up your sleeve, that will prevent their super-killer man-made viruses from killing hundreds of millions of us???

They're All Against Jobs by former US Senator Fritz Hollings ~ link ~ This is a really GREAT ARTICLE - do yourself a favor and take the time to read it.
Beginning in 1973, big banks made most of their profit outside of the United States. Industries off-shoring, investing, banks financing the investments, transfer fees, fees and interest on the loans made for bigger profits. Long since, the big banks under the leadership of David Rockefeller have led the way to off-shore and make a bigger profit. Goldman Sachs, AIG, Citicorp and Wall Street, conspiring for a bailout and now using it for bonuses, make more money from the off-shored operations.

Corporate America would fight any initiative by the President, the Congress, or the government to create jobs in the United States. That is, production that faces competition offshore. In globalization, U. S. production can't make a profit, can't survive. Its competition will off-shore the same article for a lesser price, putting you out of business. Moreover, Corporate America doesn't have to bother with labor in China. The China government controls labor and you don't have to worry about a work stoppage or minimum wage. All they have is a maximum wage.

The economy is in the hands of Summers, Bernanke and Geithner. Campaign contributions are in the hands of David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel. The poor President is smart, diligent and working his head off campaigning. But he is inexperienced and not governing, and the Congress is in a Mexican standoff over an archaic filibuster rule that reveres democracy by the minority.

Of course, the media, which knows this and keeps it top secret, is owned by big business.

If I don't meet you in the breadline, my children will.

The Long Decline of the American Economy ~ link

US Health Care Bill Is A Huge Tax Heist ~ link ~ Over twenty years ago, one of Israel's senior general said to me, "America is a very rich nation, it WILL TAKE a lot to bring it down". If you want to kill the greatest and richest nation in human history, America, you have to hit it from many directions at the same time. Such as: shipping the manufacturing base overseas; destroying the finance of the nation and the peoples ability to grow their business and lives; turn the Congress into a Third World type bought-and-paid-for den of thieves; destroy our Bill of Rights and Rule of Law and impose increasing levels of fascism; bleed us in long unnecessary never ending multiple wars; corrupt our morals; lower our education standards; destroy the ability/willingness of the news media to act as a real news media and have them act as simply a propaganda arm of the global banking families; corrupt the food supply; make medicine massively expensive then use the "reform" of this as one more step to add trillions in expenses at a time of a new Global Depression.

US Homeless Population Up 300% - video ~ link

Longer, Deeper 'Recession' Ahead - Forget the Happy Talk ~ link

US Social Security will go Bust in 2010 ~ link ~ I am not sure how true this is, but I turn 59 on Christmas Eve and I do not expect to have any Social Security income when I soon get to retirement age.

Bended Knees: Zionist Power in American Politics ~ link ~ I have long maintained that the AIPAC and related pro-Israeli groups are, in the long run, not good for Israel, for American Jews, and not good for America. They feed and empower an expansionist pro-war Israeli mini-state, and that, considering the nature of 21st Century military technology, is crazy.

US Supreme Court Guts Due Process Protection ~ link

Video: The Uprising redux ~ link

Is America Still a Nation of Laws? ~ link ~

The real reason newspapers are losing money, and why bailing out failing newspapers would create moral hazard in the media ~ link ~
It’s not the Internet that has killed newspapers ...

Instead, he said, it’s corporate greed. “These newspapers have slit their own throats,” he said. “Good riddance.”

Moore said that newspapers, bought up by corporations in the last generation, have pursued profits at the expense of news gathering. By basing their businesses on advertising over circulation, newspaper owners have neglected their true economic base and core constituency, he said...


Photos of dead children from the air raids in Yemen ~ link ~ This is what war is all about. No rational moral nation would ever enter into war lightly; however, sad to say America has entered the Yemeni civil war without any Congressional authorization or vote and without any public outcry.

Admiral Mullen praised US strikes on a "suspected Al-Qaeda cell" in Yemen ~ link ~ When these clowns start talking about "Al-Qaeda" you know they are feeding you pure Grade A bullshit. There is no "Al-Qaeda", never was. It is the 'Hollywood type' creation of the CIA, neocons and Mossad. Also see: US aided deadly Yemen raids - video ~ link

Taliban claims control over 80% of Afghanistan - Insurgents scramble to establish rival government ~ link ~ This war is being fought for profit (direct to the war profiteers and indirect to the Fed owners who profit from the war spending/debt). Secondly, the war is helping to bring down the greatest and richest nation in human history, which is a key part of the global banking families play-book for establishing their New World Order/global slave state.

US general backtracks over court-martial for pregnant solders ~ link ~ This general should be recalled and serve out his remaining time in service manning a desk somewhere. He only backtracked on this unconstitutional order under pressure.

Tony Blair, the Iraq War and the international league of war criminals ~ link ~
Blair’s statements are grounds for his arraignment on charges of war crimes. In a legal case, they could be held up as prima facie evidence that he and his allies in the Bush administration are guilty of planning and carrying out a war of aggression.

Mounting Political Tension as US, Russia and China Compete for the Control of the World's Oil and Gas Reserves ~ link ~ This is interesting in light of the fact that technologies that would end the world's dependence on carbon based/oil based resources have existed for years but have been suppressed by the global banking families. The reason for this is that the existing mix of energy needs/resources benefits their hold on power and wealth and no one, not even China or Russia, will contest this.

EU/IMF Revolt: Greece, Iceland, Latvia May Lead The Way ~ link ~

Europe’s small, debt-strapped countries could follow the lead of Argentina and simply walk away from their debts. That would shift the burden to the creditor countries, which could solve the problem merely by a change in accounting rules.

Total financial collapse, once a problem only for developing countries, has now come to Europe. The International Monetary Fund is imposing its “austerity measures” on the outer circle of the European Union, with Greece, Iceland and Latvia the hardest hit. But these are not your ordinary third world debtor supplicants. Historically, the Vikings of Iceland successfully invaded Britain; Latvia n tribes repulsed the Vikings; and the Greeks conquered the whole Persian empire. If anyone can stand up to the IMF, these stalwart European warriors can.

Turkish government to up Middle East diplomacy efforts ~ link ~ Turkey wants to regain the role that the Ottoman Empire had as first among equals of all Muslin nations.

Angered Turkey demands visa-free travel to EU ~ link ~ Which would flood Europe with poor Turks looking for a better lifestyle.

Copenhagen Climate Summit: Gordon Brown's Plan for the EU to Police Other Nations Emissions - with video ~ link ~ This corrupt bum, about to be kicked out of office by the British electorate, is attempting to suck up to the global banking families as much as possible while still living at Number 10 Downing Street, in order to make his 'retirement' more profitable.

Alex Jones: Copenhagen births World Government framework despite fallout over science fraud - with video ~ link

"Global Warming": Earth's Upper Atmosphere Cooling Dramatically ~ link ~ Paging Al Gore.

European Parliament to Investigate WHO in January 2010 ~ link

The Link Between Sugar and Mental Health ~ link

Health Care Profiteers: A Billion-Dollar Lobby ~ link ~ The US Congress, the best Congress that money can buy.
The 338 health care corporations and associations hired at least 166 former staffers and 13 former members of the nine congressional leadership offices and five committees with a role in shaping health care legislation. Another 112 former staffers worked as lobbyists on health care legislation for non-health care companies.

Could This Forbidden Medicine Eliminate the Need for Drugs? ~ link ~ This article is on Homeopathy. While some studies have lately tried to kill off the science behind Homeopathy, there are ample studies and historical evidence that it works.

Pizza Hut using unapproved silicone based chemical in its cheese ~ link

A New Era Has Begun ~ link ~ However I fear that before we get out of this current Era we will face World War III/Armageddon.
A new era for the human race has clearly begun. When I compare the state of people’s awareness today with what it was just a few years ago, remarkable changes are taking place. People are finally waking up to the fact that the world of big money, big media, and big business is taking them absolutely nowhere except into degradation, alienation, and slavery. People are finally becoming cognizant that their destiny lies in their own hands and within their own consciousness.

Jazz: 'Every time we say goodbye' with John Coltrane ~ link

Cryptic signatures indicate that Shakespeare was a secret Catholic ~ link

Christmastime Message: Christians of Palestine Decry 'Absence of All Hope' ~ link


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

Women in the army???

Women should raise their children - at home.
And above all: they should teach their boys to be good soldiers for God's only land, America.

They should not serve in an army. A woman's, or should I say, a mother's only purpose is to serve her husband and not an army.

In a theater situation they will refuse to kill because they know that they would kill the child of another mother.

Women want to get pregnant, as we all can see in the American army.

Mothers to the oven.

Germans to the front.

Joaquim, the Hun

Yael said...


Thanks for the brilliant work on this site.

There is a great video I think you will like -


Furthermore, alarming news - Now the psychiatrists want to put Lithium in our drinking water.


Psychiatry should be outlawed at once and all its heads and practicioners trialed and prisoned for crimes against humanity.

Pierre said...

Cher Lord Stirling,

Un grand merci pour vos commentaires éclairés. Vous rendriez un grand service aux peuples européens si vous preniez la tête d'un mouvement politique.
Bien cordialement

Yael said...

I agree with Pierre. Merry chrismas and happy birthday.