Saturday, December 19, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming WWIII, Climategate, Global Depression

Copenhagen Accord Establishes Global Government Framework ~ link ~ Although the final Copenhagen agreement is largely being dismissed as a failure by both the mainstream media and climate skeptics, it does establish the framework for a global government which will control climate finances via taxes on CO2 emissions, as Lord Monckton warned on The Alex Jones Show this week.

Climate Summit in Copenhagen ends with a deal ~ link ~ Obama did it to us again. Washington is getting 2 feet of snow, London has a massive snow storm, and Copenhagen was also hit with snow. Maybe God is sending us a message about the lies behind "global warming". See: Hundreds trapped by snow in southern Russia ~ link ~ Snow brings chaos to London and southeast England - with video ~ link ~ Transport chaos in Europe ~ link ~ East Coast and Washington hammered by winter storm ~ link ~

The Next Trillion Dollar Scam - video ~ link ~ Good video!

World Bank's Carbon Trade Fiasco ~ link

Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant has only 3 final tests to pass before it becomes operational ~ link ~ This is important as the Israelis would most likely wish to attack the plant before it is fully fueled and operational. That means the time left for Israel to attack is limited!

Israeli War Criminals Caught In The Web ~ link ~ The Israeli actions in the Gaza War were military unnecessary. It was hardheartedness and evil that drove the policy.

Iran: Opposition prisoners were beaten to death ~ link ~ Horrible. That a religious based government would allow this is inexcusable.

'Weapons of Mass Destruction' used in Gaza ~ link ~ The Israelis went 'way over the top' in attacking civilians using such weapons. Now they act offended that the world is still upset about it.

Netanyahu reluctant to approve Shalit Deal ~ link

Hariri asks Assad to improve relations to 'better defend Lebanon from Israel' ~ link

Obama is Preparing for War in South America ~ link ~ I hope that this is not true.

A visual comparison: Russia vs USA and China vs USA ~ link

Swine Flu "Pandemic" waning in America ~ link

The 'Inevitable' War: Blair and Iraq ~ link ~ Phony Tony is a war criminal, as is Bush/Cheney/etc. and they should be criminally charged as such.

Iron Curtain of the 21st Century: More foreign military bases in Europe than at the peak of the Cold War ~ link ~ Profit and the hidden agenda driving us towards a Third World War and the New World Order are the drivers here.

The Global Economic Crisis will experience a Tipping Point in Spring 2010 ~ link ~ Sad to say, but this is a real possibility.

USA gives $2.775 billion to Israel ~ link ~ This flow of American taxpayers money, in a time of economic depression, should be stopped unless and until Israel gets out of the Occupied Territories.

Seven additional banks seized by US regulators - Total for 2009 is 140 ~ link

The Greatest outpouring of money and credit from central banks and governments in history ~ link ~ And the greatest ripoff in history. The 'bailouts' were designed not to rescue the global economy but to destroy it as part of the strategy to bring in the New World Order using the old Hegelian Dialectic approach.

US Army General in Iraq Issues Pregnancy BAN ~ link ~ Who does this clown think he is, God? He is treating his troops as slaves!
Anyone who becomes pregnant or impregnates another servicemember, including married couples assigned to the same unit, could face a court-martial and jail time, according to an order issued by Maj. Gen. Anthony Cucolo.

USAF fighter jets pound Yemen - 120 killed ~ link ~ Also See: Obama orders cruise missile strike on Yemen ~ link ~ You know, I read a great deal and keep up with the news far more than most people, but I seem to have missed the US Declaration of War against Yemen or the specific US Congressional authorization allowing Obama to commit American forces into combat.

Second Elite US Brigade (from the 101st Airborne/Air Assault Div.) to Join Canadian Troops in Kandahar ~ link

Financial problems delay new US bunker buster bomb ~ link

Pakistan political crisis: Allies unite behind Zardari ~ link ~ Interior Minister faces arrest ~ link ~ You can count on the fact that we are not being told even half of the truth here.

US Creates Its Antithesis in Iraq ~ link ~
Could this be the hidden agenda of the United States in Iraq: i.e. to create pretexts for a permanent military presence in Iraq?

Why Russia still pursues banished oil tycoon Khodorkovsky ~ link ~ As far as I am concerned, they should hang the bastard and all the rests of the tycoons who stoled everything they could as the old Soviet Union fell and left the people in a massive mess.

Ukraine opinion polls: Yanukovich in lead over PM Yulia Tymoshenko ~ link ~ Both are pro-Russian, especially Yanukovich. This will change the dimensions of geo-politics in that part of the world.

Why No One Invades Switzerland - video ~ link ~ If you do not have the right to have private arms, how free are you - Really?

Jazz: Happy Birthday Professor Longhair ~ link

MonoTracer ~ link ~ Interesting enclosed motorcycle with high performance.

Faster Than Light ~ link ~
How did these twists and turns in ideas, as well as the warping of time and space come about? They are the direct result of the assumption that redshift correlates with distance. Modern cosmological systems are all built, without exception, on that assumption. What if Hubble's original premise was flawed? What if redshift is really a red herring? Where then shall we turn for an explanation of what we observe? We turn to the work of Halton Arp, an astronomer whose reputation should be at least the equal of Edwin Hubble's.

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