Thursday, December 17, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming WWIII, Climategate, Global Depression


A New World War for a New World Order - the Origins of WWIII - Part 3 ~ link ~ Interesting article.

Another Significant Step Toward A US War On Iran - by Congressman Ron Paul ~ link

Obama to China: I can't stop an Israeli strike on Iran indefinitely ~ link ~ Its coming and when it begins it will be, from day one, a general Middle East War and then World War III/Armageddon.

Iran to target Netanyahu if nuclear sites hit ~ link ~
Iranian opposition organizations in Paris told the newspaper that the Iranian intelligence apparatus has established a bank of targets including political leaders and others, who would be targeted if the Iranian sites are attacked.

According to the report, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is among those who would be targeted for assasination, as well as Defense Minister Ehud Barak and others from the UK, France, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Baroness Ashton - new EU foreign policy chief - Blasts Israeli occupation ~ link ~ Good for her.

Iran tests 'advanced' missile as deterrent against foreign attack ~ link ~ Actually the missile is an IRBM (intermediate range ballistic missile) and not a very 'advanced' one at that, mostly 1960s technology.

Israeli Officials at risk for civil lawsuits in USA and elsewhere ~ link ~ This is based on Universal Jurisdiction claimed by America and many nations in cases of human rights violations.

Austria: Genocide charges against Ehud Barak ~ link

Merkel attempts to bridge differences between America and China on Climate Treaty ~ link ~ I hope she fails, totally.

The Greek Crisis is a Euro Crisis ~ link ~ link ~
The crisis in Greece provides the evidence that the survival of the European Monetary Union is based on the extinction of nation-states. Once Fitch downrated Greece's sovereign debt, and the threat of a sovereign default became concrete, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, speaking Dec. 10 at the European Popular Party Congress in Bonn, said that the EU should go over the heads of the Greek parliamentarians and enforce "corrections," to avoid a default and save the euro. This was one day after Greek Prime Minister Papandreou stated that "the financial crisis threatens the sovereignty of the country," for the first time since 1974, when the military dictatorship was overthrown. The "Colonels" of today are the EU bureaucrats.

Greece sees few glimmers of hope ~ link ~
With Greece's budget deficit at record levels and the country's banks exposed to troubles both at home and abroad, doomsayers are predicting that Greek banks will go the way of Iceland's.

Commercial Real Estate Default Wave Is Here ~ link ~ Its already hitting, but just wait for January/February/March the 'worst' months for many retailers. We will see many retail companies close their doors early in the new year and this will have a profound effect on the commercial real estate market.

Officials and Experts Warn of Crash-Induced Unrest ~ link

Obama signs into law new $1.1 TRILLION spending bill ~ link ~ The more red ink, the more the global banking families - who own the Fed - make.

The Turd and the Punchbowl: The Theatric Death of the Public Option ~ link ~ This is about the US health care 'reform' process.

US Health Care Reform: Kill the Bill ~ link ~
During their secret meeting at the White House on the 9th of November, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened to use his influence to undermine Obama’s presidency because he resented the president’s meddling in Israeli relations with the Palestinians and the Arabic nations of the Middle East – in spite of the fact that America is Israel’s sponsor, arms manufacturer, diplomatic shield and sole advocate at the tables of the UN, EU, World Bank, IMF and other plenipotentiary bodies.

One victim of Netanyahu’s overarching hubris is now apparent: Obama’s vaunted health care reform legislation of 2009.

US House Passes Pro-Wall Street Banking Bill ~ link ~ Government for and by the Big Banks/Wall Street and the global banking families....and the rest of us can go to Hell.

The Baggage of American Extremism ~ link ~
Eight years of bizarre "Christian Zionism," a military run by religious fanatics and a government of drugstore cowboys and phony evangelists was unprepared to guide a superpower toward policies of responsible world leadership.

Father of Soldier Killed in Iraq Responds to Blair's BBC Interview - video ~ link ~ A very good interview. This man, who lost his son to Phony Tony's lies, really 'gives it to Blair'.

Zardari rebuffs Obama's call for more action against 'militants' ~ link ~ This is why the Supreme Court in Pakistan ruled against the President setting up a major political crisis for him and Pakistan. The long arm of Illumunati power.

Netherlands to cull 35,000 goats in Goat Flu/Q Fever battle ~ link ~
Q fever has been found in 55 Dutch farms so far, and six farm workers have died this year.

Putin and 'girlfriend' have child? ~ link

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Radioactive Longer Than Expected ~ link ~ The name Chernobyl translated into English means Wormwood (or Bitter wood). In the Book of Revelations, it speaks of one-third of the human race dying from plague in the Final Battle (which I take to be Advanced Biowar) and another one-third dying from Wormwood. For almost 2,000 years people wondered what "wormwood" meant in this context. Now we know, it refers to nuclear fallout.

Jerusalem tomb 'discovery' casts further doubt on Turin Shroud ~ link ~ What a bunch of anti-Christian lies. That the cloth found in a grave has a different weave than that of the Holy Shroud of Turin proves nothing! Are we suppose to believe that they only used one weave for all cloths in that time? The article lies about the weave used in the Shroud - according to some unnamed textile "experts" - as being first used 1,000 years after Christ. They have found this weave from the time period of Christ, which the article fails to mention. Some people go to great lengths to attack Christianity and anything associated with Jesus.

Jazz - Happy Birthday James Booker - video ~ link

Bizarre and unusual destinations around the world ~ link

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