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News, Links of the Day, Coming WWIII, Climategate, Global Depression

Are Americans a Broken People? Why we've stopped fighting back against the Forces of Oppression ~ link ~ Good article. Before you can 'fix it' you need to know that it is broken and how it got broken and how to fix it.

United Nations Secretary-General: We Will Impose Global Governance ~ link ~ As I and several others have been saying, this is the ultimate reason behind the 'global warming' scam. This is a 'backdoor' into the beginning of global governance and global taxation by the global banking families and their Illumunati organization.

In an October New York Times editorial entitled “We Can Do It,” Ki-moon wrote that efforts to impose restrictions on CO2 emissions “Must include an equitable global governance structure.”

Fellow globalist and environmentalist David De Mayer Rothschild also disclosed the agenda for global governance in a recent interview with Bloomberg news.

“It’s past the point of talking. We know historically that the global governance sort of agenda to these issues is very hard to… with all the best intentions it’s very hard to actually activate.” Rothschild noted.

UN Copenhagen Climate Conference President Resigns - Replaced with Danish Prime Minister ~ link ~ link ~ We are not being told WHY. There is an interesting story here, but the public is apt not to get the truth anytime soon.

UN 'climate chief' - Copenhagen progress 'too slow' ~ link ~ Good, I hope that this Conference dies on the vine. It is based on false science and lies and designed to 'backdoor' the beginnings of the Rothschild New World Order global government.

Climategate Goes Serial - Russians confirm that UK climate scientists manipulated Russian data to exaggerate global warming ~ link ~ How about some criminal charges of fraud for these 'scientists'?!!

Solar flare Effects On Weather ~ link ~ Good article.

Past Temperatures Debunk Global Warming Hysteria - with video ~ link ~ This whole 'global warming' scam is ample evidence of the mainstream news media serving as little more than propaganda mouthpieces for the promoters of the New World Order.

Greece, Iceland, and Latvia may lead the way towards revolt against EU and the IMF ~ link ~ Both the EU and the International Monetary Fund are the creation of and levers of power for the Rothschilds and their Ilk.

Yemen: Pentagon's War on the Arabian Peninsula ~ link ~ War and more war and even more war. That is what we are getting from the Bush and now Obama Administrations and the people behind them.

Yemen rebels accuse USAF of joining bombing raids against them - 120 killed ~ link

USAF jets continue air raids in north Yemen ~ link

Pakistan President rebuffs Obama's call for more war against 'militants' ~ link ~ The Obama Administration is turning the Afghan War into the Af-Pak War.

US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff in Pakistan for 'talks' ~ link ~ These jerks want to EXPAND the number and scope of the wars that America and her allies are fighting in. Why not just take all of our wealth, all of our young men's lives, and destroy the entire world while you are at it!

Mercenaries and Assassins: The real face of Obama's "Good War" ~ link ~ This war is not serving the interests of the American people. It is serving the interests of a tiny global elite that profit from war and war spending, and also the deluded Israeli warhawks (who seem to think that the more war they create in their 'backyard' the safer they are).

Russia blames UK for heroin rise - with video ~ link ~ The illegal drug trade is one important source of revenue for the Illumunati/global banking families.

Canada: Afghan Torture Scandal Deepens ~ link ~ At least the Canadians are very upset about what happened. Sadly, torture seems to have become almost accepted by Americans.

Military families petition Gordon Brown to Bring the Troops Home ~ link ~ Sadly, Gordon doesn't care. He does not work for the voters, but for the global banking families whose puppet he is. And they want the war, and want it to go on and on and on.

War Crime Case Against Blair Is Now Rock-Solid ~ link ~ Get some rope! However, I don't think that the British Establishment will allow Phony Tony to ever do time. That does not mean that he will not be arrested for war crimes outside of the United Kingdom and that could complicate his life. Also see: A Tidal Wave Will Sweep Away These War Criminals ~ link ~
It is now surely indisputable that he committed the "supreme international crime," a war of aggression, based on a pack of lies.

PM Gordon Brown condemns test firing of Iranian missile capable of hitting Israel ~ link ~ Think about it, just why is the UK Prime Minister 'condemning' some Iranian missile test firing. Did he condemn the test firings of the various Israeli missiles capable of hitting Iran and part of the EU? Did he condemn the massive number of Israeli nukes? Gordon is a puppet-on-a-string for the global banking families and the Israeli war hawks. Also see - Iran confirms test firing of upgraded Sajjil-2 IRBM ~ link

Bibi Netanyahu condemns UK for issuing arrest warrant for Livni ~ link ~ The world is beginning to demand that Israel conduct itself in a far more reasonable way towards the Arabs. Israel is not the only nation of human beings in the Middle East, with the rest being two-legged animals as some of the more extreme Israeli religious leaders claim. That type of extreme racism has no place in the 21st Century.

Gordon Brown to Livni: 'You're always welcome in the United Kingdom' ~ link ~ Dear old Gordon forgets that he is elected by the British people not the Israeli people.

UK Foreign Minister David Milliband apologizes to Livni and Lieberman for UK laws and arrest warrant lawfully issued under these laws ~ link ~ The very pro-Israeli Foreign Minister forgets that he is a Member of Parliament and the Foreign Minister for and from the United Kingdom, not Israel. This young jerk is being groomed by the Rothschilds to take over the Labour Party after its coming defeat in the 2010 national elections.

Get the War Criminals Arrested Now ~ link ~ The Israelis think that they can do anything to the almost totally defenseless Arabs in the Occupied Territories that they want to do.

Israel's Leaders On The Run ~ link ~ The Israelis brought this on themselves. The world expects Israel to abide by the same rules that every other nation has to. When the Israelis kill children by the hundreds in a unnecessary war, the world rightly condemns their actions. And NO Mr. Lieberman, this is not antisemitism, it is a matter of common human decency.

Sanhedrin: Kill the Arab prisoners if single Israeli prisoner is not released ~ link ~ You can't make this stuff up.

Foreign Minister Lieberman: New Antisemitism is directed at Israel ~ link ~ I have a message for this racist clown, "It is not the Jews that most people are upset with but the racist pro-war policies of your government. How dare you to paint any criticism of your political, economic, and military governmental policies as antisemitism. You do your nation and the Jewish people a great disservice by such clownish statements, shame on you."

UK: Young mother commits suicide and kills her son after months of dire poverty ~ link ~ Billions for war for Israel and the global banking families but nothing for the people of Britain.

Growing Up Empty: The Hunger Epidemic in America ~ link ~ Trillions of dollars for war, trillions for the bankers, trillions for health care "reform", etc., but to Hell with the people.

Secret Reports, Secret Budgets, Secret Operations, Secret Courts - A SECRET GOVERNMENT! ~ link ~ Just about all of which is unconstitutional.

Blair, Obama and the Narcissist's Defense ~ link ~ Narcissist or just plain EVIL?

Is Senator Joe Lieberman using Health Care 'Reform' to 'protect' Israel? ~ link ~ Could be, he seems to think that his electorate is in Israel not America.

2010: The Year of Severe Economic Contraction ~ link ~ If you thought 2009 was bad, hang on, 2010 is apt to be MUCH WORSE.

Citigroup gains massive tax break in IRS deal ~ link ~ Government by and for the Big Banks and the global banking families (and the rest of us can go to Hell). Get even folks, stop using credit and debit cards - use CASH and tell the bankers to Go To Hell.

Ukraine H1N1 Cases Explode ~ link ~ The 1,000 pound gorilla in the living room is the spraying of a biowar agent/s over western Ukrainian cities that began the Ukrainian Flu and the massive spike in H1N1 cases at the same time. This has never been officially examined or explained.

Food Inc. (part 1 of 6) - video ~

Q-Fever (Goat Flu) outbreaks in Netherlands kill 6 ~ link

Intruder overpowered by police outside of Berlusconi's hospital room ~ link ~ This may be a false-flag case designed to gain the PM some public support.

Jazz: Besame Macho with Cesaria Evora - video ~ link

Jazz: Blues For Sale with Pat Lango - video ~ link

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Well, Tim ... I was never going to darken your ethernet door again, but I followed your link to Cesaria Evora's exquisite performance of "Besame Mucho," and as a result I have had a marvelously emotional experience, and a really good cry, while listening to her (two times, so far).

It is astounding to me that I have never heard of Cesaria Evora before. This was a great, very moving Chris'mas gift that you've given to your readers. Thank you very, very much ... and I hope that your Chris'mas will be filled with love.