Thursday, December 31, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Global Depression

Happy New Year

New Year 2010 celebrations take place around the world - with video ~ link

CIA confirms 7 CIA officers killed and 6 wounded in Afghanistan bombing attack ~ link

UN moving 60 foreign staff out of Pakistan for their safety ~ link ~ Not what you would call a good sign for the coming year in this part of the world.

Indian Army Ready For War Against China And Pakistan Simultaneously ~ link ~ Such a war, even if it stays 'local' but goes nuclear would spread so much radiation in the northern hemisphere that at least hundreds of millions and more likely one to two billion human beings would die.

Just because Zardari sound paranoid does not mean they are not out to get him ~ link

India reels from horrible police sex assault case ~ link

India monitoring Pak-China weapons deal ~ link

Iran opposition leaders are fleeing Tehran as government mobs threaten death ~ link ~ I told you that the theocratic government has powerful groups that it can call on and that they are willing to fight very dirty, to the end. I don't expect to see the Iranian government fall and that will end the Obama bid to overturn them and open things up for the "military option" in Iran. I expect a war sometime in the next few months.

Israel poised to strike Iran? ~ link ~ YES.

Breaking: Iran anti-riot police forces (are not local) and artillery moving into Tehran ~ link ~
Heavy artillery also moving into Tehran now. People on the ground say that Tehran looks like a war zone ahead of the actual war.

Netanyahu the Pretender ~ link ~ Old Bibi is still the Most Dangerous Man On Earth in my opinion. If he starts a war with Iran, ALL HELL will break lose on earth.

In Biowar Attack US Post Office Could Distribute Aid ~ link ~ Whoever wrote this has absolutely no concept of Advanced Biowar or its effects. This article is fantasy on the level of Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

Will Americans Reclaim Our Nation In 2010 From The Thugs And Con Artists? ~ link ~ I am sorry to say, but I doubt it.

Armed TSA Agents Threaten Travel Journalist ~ link

The Decade of Tyranny ~ link ~ We let it happen, now we are going to pay a very dear price.

Obama Number Seven on Ten Most Corrupt Politicians List of 2009 ~ link

Flight 253 passenger Kurt Haskell: 'I was visited by the FBI' ~ link ~ This sad excuse for a False Flag "attack" is indicative that some serious things are headed our way very soon.

US Navy's Deadly New Trimaran ~ link ~ Great ship!

Congressman Dennis Kucinich: The biggest threat to National Security are the criminals in Washington, DC - video ~ link ~ I like Dennis, he tells it like it is.

Fighting Back: Ridding America of the Warmongers ~ link ~ This would be a very difficult task. These bastards are well dug in and would blow up the entire world rather than give up their power and money.

Ukraine Fatalities Spike to 727 - One day total 29 ~ link ~
The above totals are from the Ukraine Ministry of Health website, indicating the spike in deaths is incrasing. The 727 dead are 29 higher than yesterday's report and brings the total deaths in the past 96 hours to 94. The rate of one death per dour for the past four days is similar to the rate at the beginning of the outbreak in October. 3,753,896 Influenza/ARI 212,349 Hospitalized 727 Dead

H1N1 D225G in Lungs of Patients Across Russia ~ link ~ So the biowar that was released a couple of months ago in the Ukraine is now spreading throughout Russia!

Fatal D225G/D225N H1N1 Co-Infections Raise Concerns ~ link ~ 2010 is going to be a most interesting year (as in the old Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times").

European Parliament to Investigate WHO and "Pandemic" Scandal ~ link ~ This should include who organized the spraying of western Ukraine with biowar weapons; who mutated A/H1N1 in the Ukraine; what was the 'other' disease (the Ukrainian Plague) that killed hundreds with black lungs/etc.; who created A/H1N1 in the first place???

Putin calls for more weapons to stop America from doing 'whatever it wants' ~ link

Murder of nuclear physicist in the Netherlands raises questions ~ link

China may build a Middle East naval base ~ link

Predictions for 2010 ~ link

All currencies will continue to fall vs. gold ~ link

Welcome to Orwell's World 2010 ~ link

New Years Honours ~ link

National Security Establishment killed JFK in 1963 Coup d'Etat ~ link ~ Understanding what happened to JFK, MLK, RFK, Wallace, Teddy Kennedy, John Paul I, JFK, Jr. and many others is useful to seeing the bigger picture of what is really happening globally.

Tracking the Sound of Revolution ~ link ~ Political jazz.

Jazz: New Year Jazz Party ~ link

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