Sunday, December 27, 2009

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Virgin Mary apparitions a glimpse of hope for Christians in Egypt ~ link

US asks Israel to clarify deadly West Bank raid ~ link ~
Netanyahu praises Israeli operation that killed three Fatah members who did not resist arrest.

The Joys of Airstrikes and Anonymity ~ link ~
Each time the U.S. bombs a new location in the Muslim world, the same pattern emerges. First, officials from the U.S. or allied governments run to their favorite media outlet to claim -- anonymously -- that some big, bad, notorious, "top" Al Qaeda leader "may have been" or "likely was" killed in the strike, and this constitutes a "stinging" or "devastating" blow against the Terrorist group. These compliant media outlets then sensationalistically trumpet that claim as the dominant theme of their "reporting" on the attack, drowning out every other issue. As a result, and by design, there is never any debate or discussion over the propriety or wisdom of these strikes.

Gaza marks one year since the start of deadly Israeli war ~ link ~
On Saturday, December 27, 2008, Israeli warplanes launched simultaneous strikes on numerous targets throughout the territory of 1.5 million people, raids that killed at least 225 people in what was one of the bloodiest single days in the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The war ended 22 days later with mutual ceasefires by Israel and Hamas, with some 1,400 Palestinians (mainly civilians) and 13 Israelis left dead and entire neighbourhoods of Gaza flattened in the onslaught.

Gaza Today - The Children Remember - with videos ~ link ~ What is so amazing is that many in Israel just 'don't get it' when it comes to the world's shock and anger at Israel's behavior towards the civilians of Gaza in the Gaza War that took place just a year ago. They see themselves as the victims 'because the world is against us' instead of seeing the wrong and horror of attacking a large civilian population that was/is trapped in one of the most densely populated areas on earth.

Welcome to Gaza's Killing Fields where Palestinian children live ~ link ~
It is sad that what seems so obvious to rest of the world escapes the minds of apologists for Israeli state terror.

Children make up more than half of crowded Gaza’s 1.4 million people and are the most defenseless victims of Israeli siege of Gaza. Israel's harsh security measures come at an enormous humanitarian cost and the stark reality is that under Israeli occupation, an entire generation of Palestinian children and youth have suffered a litany of horrific, traumatizing events for thirty years. In addition to almost-daily home demolitions, they have witnessed intimidation, humiliation, fear, insecurity, poverty, closures, and the menacing presence of armed settlers.

"Terrorist" allowed on Flight 250 WITHOUT A PASSPORT ~ link ~ As someone who has done my share of international traveling, I can tell you that this simply DOES NOT HAPPEN. Whatever really happened with regards to this "terrorist incident" we are not getting the whole picture and are not apt to. This looks and smells like one more False Flag fake "terrorist" event to scare all of us into supporting the bullshit wars that have been going on for over 8 years.

Bomb Plot Oddities ~ link ~ The powers that be have nothing but contempt for the masses, that is why they expect to get by with such a fake story.

Terrorist airliner explosion: Maybe just a battery exploding ~ link ~ This is also what Mike Rivero at thinks may have happened. See Also: Potential for In-Flight Fires Due to Lithium Battery Failure ~ link

Key Neocon Senators eye Yemen War in wake of 'lap bombing' ~ link ~ These two scumbags just can't wait to get us into more wars for Israel.
Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT), the head of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, was the first to declare Yemen “tomorrow’s war,” urging a preemptive attack on the nation now. Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA) concurred, saying an attack should be considered.

The 'Lap Bomber' Mystery ~ link

Terrorist Plane Threat Seems Hokey ~ link ~ B-Grade Movie hokey.

We're Screwed! ~ link ~ founder John Williams explains the risk of hyperinflation. Worst-case scenario? Rioting in the streets and devolution to a bartering system.

Worst decade in history for US stocks ~ link ~
Barring a last-minute miracle, the broad U.S. stock market will end its worst decade in history this week, underperforming almost every other asset class including most foreign stock markets, U.S. bonds, gold, oil, other commodities and even real estate.

Obama's troubles are at their most desperate in Afghanistan ~ link ~

My lazy American students ~ link ~
The American population has been really dumbed down over the past several decades. As a college professor, I see the results of this all the time. I have some students who are well educated, but so many lack a good basic world view, or understanding of American history or culture (other than that on TV/ Facebook/ etc.). The Internet is the world's greatest library and information source in human history and those that use it well end up well educated. Trouble is too many do not use it well and they lack quality education at the elementary and secondary level. Most high school graduates are two to three years behind students from 40 to 50 years ago in many life skill sets and basic knowledge. This is, I believe, part of a deliberate policy by the same people who largely control our economy and society. They treat the masses like a mushroom farmer treats his mushrooms, 'keeps them in the dark and feeds them manure'. See also: High school may cut science labs ~ link

States can nullify unconstitutional Federal laws - video ~ link ~ If we were to demand that all laws and rules follow the US Constitution we would end most of the bullshit. For one thing, the Federal Reserve System would be ended as totally unconstitutional and illegal, and that would take control back over our economy and money from the global banking families.

America's Journey: Why I fear for my country ~ link ~
For the first time I'm scared. I mean really scared. For the first time in my lifetime it looks like America may actually be coming to an end.

Lord Monckton blasts Climategate, the global warming hoax and cap & trade scam ~ link ~ Keep up the good work Lord Monckton.

The EPA: They Don't Need No Stinkin' Climate Treaty ~ link

Ukraine's Orange Revolution Sours ~ link

Three arrested in Turkey for passing military secrets to Greece ~ link

European Union begins 2010 with New Look ~ link ~
For the first time, Europeans have a permanent president of the European Union, former Belgian prime minister Herman Van Rompuy, who takes office on January 1. They have a new EU foreign policy chief and new EU commissioners, and after years of setbacks European governments finally ratified a pact called the Lisbon Treaty to bind the bloc together.

China unveiles 245 mph train service - built in only 4 years ~ link ~ link ~ While America, Britain, and others are throwing their money away on unnecessary wars and giving it to the banksters, China is building a powerful new nation with its money.

UK telecom firms fury at fascist records of every phone call and email ~ link ~
Telecoms firms have accused the Government of acting like the East German Stasi over plans to force them to store the details of every phone call for at least a year.

Under the proposals, the details of every email sent and website visited will also be recorded to help the police and security services fight crime and terrorism.

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