Saturday, December 26, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Global Depression

Israel summons all of its Ambassadors and Consuls-Generals from all over the world to an unprecedented meeting Dec. 27-31 ~ link ~ This could well be a prelude to a massive General Middle East War beginning. One needs to consider this along with the Iranian offer to the Arab states on sharing its nuclear knowledge with them and offering to solve outstanding issues with them. Events are undergoing some major changes in the Middle East and this points to a major, and I do mean major, war coming soon.

Detroit airliner incident was 'failed bomb attack' ~ link ~ link ~ Maybe, maybe not. First reports said the man lit some firecrackers upon landing. In any case, if it was really an attempt, it is highly likely that a western intelligence service put some dumb-ass up to doing it. It is very important to the hidden powers that they continue to scare us into supporting the 'war on terror' so that the wars can continue and expand. It is interesting to note that an Israeli company provides the security at the airport that this passenger boarded the airplane. Also see: "Detroit: British student in al-Qaeda airline bomb attempt" ~ link ~ When the mainstream news media starts blaming the 'bomb attempt' on the fictional "al-Qaeda" you know the bullshit is really deep and we are NOT getting the truth.

Ayyalon says 2010 a 'decisive' year on Iran ~ link ~ Netanyahu intends to get his war on Iran early in 2010.

Iran proposed counter-offer to UN nuclear deal ~ link ~ To Bibi Netanyahu and his fellow insane warhawks, the real problem is not a Iranian nuclear program, but the fact that Iran stands up to Israel and that scares them. They want to be able to call all the shots in the Middle East and have everyone scared of them, so scared that they dare not stand up to Israel and whatever Israel does. Iran is clearly in the way of this and they intend to take Iran out and soon.

Russia: No proof of military nuclear plans in Iran ~ link ~ I don't trust the Iranians but even if they are developing nuclear weapons, as they ALREADY HAVE a massive Advanced Biological based global strategic WMD force, attacking them makes NO SENSE.

BBC now admits that al Qaeda never existed - video ~ link ~ Al Qaeda was a CIA/Mossad scam, on about a B Grade movie level.

Probe confirms that CIA ran at least two illegal prisons in Lithuania ~ link ~ When you think about this from an American constitutional perspective, it becomes very scary. It was the American government holding people in foreign secret prisons. People who had never faced American judges, never had access to legal counsel, never had any constitutional rights or protections, people who had no right to appeal. That is highly unconstitutional and highly illegal. It amounts to kidnapping and false imprisonment, which are serious crimes for all involved at all levels.

Brace for Impact: In 2010 demand for US fixed income securities has to increase elevenfold .... or else ~ link

UN to produce bullion coins as world currency ~ link

US Treasury yield curve steepens to Record on debt demand concerns ~ link

Brazil stops probe of Whirlpool International President in exchange for charity 'donation' ~ link

US Army's future weapon - video ~ link

Saudi bombers attack Yemen border area ~ link

The US Military is exhausted ~ link ~ So is the US taxpayer.

Tony Blair costs UK taxpayers six million pounds per year for protection ~ link ~ That is nothing compared to the on-going costs of the two unnecessary wars that Phony Tony got the UK into.

Revolutionary operation could 'cure' high blood pressure ~ link ~ Send this to people you know with high blood pressure.

The Great Orange Juice Scam - video ~ link

Hey, whatever happened to Swine Flu - video ~ link ~ Doctor admits the "vaccine" is more dangerous than the flu.

More Irish bishops resign over abuse scandal ~ link ~ Catholics need to demand answers WHY the 800 year old man-made rule (in the almost 2,000 year old Church) of mandatory celibacy is being kept by Pope Benedict XVI. There is NO dogmatic basis for this rule. It is vital that the Church rid itself, as much as possible, of the sex perverts who have attacked children, and those who have covered up for them. If you want to make an impact start a petition drive in your diocese and make sure it gets lots of publicity to end mandatory celibacy for priests and bishops.

Just 16 large ships expel as much pollution as all the cars in the world ~ link ~ These are the large container ships used in global trade.

Mayor of Chicago warns Democrats and Obama in OpEd article ~ link ~
Either we plot a more moderate, centrist course or risk electoral disaster not just in the upcoming midterms but in many elections to come.

Where Have All The Men Gone? ~ link ~ Good article from 2002 but still current.
Today the men in this country sit around watching mindless trash like Survivor or Friends on the boob tube, instead of shouting down the roof against state and federal systems that are utterly and completely rotten beyond redemption. Systems and agencies that are putting their women and children into a state of involuntary servitude for all their lives. Instead they sit back with nary a whisper while state and federal judges to uphold this carnage against the people. Why is this?

Trilateral Commission Membership
- video ~ link

India governor - aged 86 - resigns after 3-woman sex tape surfaces ~ link ~ You just can't make this stuff up.

Christmas Jazz - video ~ link


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

The time is right, world war 3 could start in a few weeks time.

That's what lots of people have been longing for.

This coming war will will make all of us equal.

We all can be hurt be radioactivity, bio-weapons or ordinary bombs.

I can already hear the "Stahlgewitter" (steel thunderstorms) which will make us pray to God, our saviour, which/who will destroy everything that is weak and perverted (gays, lesbians etc...)

I am proud to live now. So I can tell my grand-children about the last great war and the brave American and German soldiers.

After this war there will be no more wars because the will be German-American peace - for ever.

God bless the United States of America and Germany and their allies.

Br. Anthony, T.O.S.F. said...

I absolutely will not start a petition in my diocese to end mandatory celibacy. That would mean suicide for the Church. It's like trying to solve the drug problem by giving drug addicts free needles.

I wonder why sex abuse amongst the clergy wasn't a problem prior to Vatican II. Hmmm.

What you are promoting is absurd.

Yael said...

I am going to Israel soon and you know what? I'm not even afraid to die. :) I am an eternal soul. We shall overcome their bullshit.