Sunday, December 13, 2009

News, Global Depression, Coming WWIII, Climategate

Conflicting Views on Climate Change: Fire and Ice ~ link

Copenhagen Climate Conference talks advance ~ link ~
Environment ministers are arriving in the Danish capital Saturday to raise the talks to a higher level before heads of state and government come to the Danish capital at the end of next week.

Iran warns against meddling in Yemen affairs ~ link ~ Fox warns against henhouse raids.

Iran and Syria sign defense cooperation pack ~ link

Iran needs up to 15 nuclear powerplants ~ link ~ They should be looking at the safe, mass production, low-cost Chinese nuclear powerplants that will be coming on-line in the years ahead (see Saturday's links).

Iran offers to swap low-enriched uranium for nuclear fuel ~ link

Jerusalem man serving 25 days in prison for walking dog without a leash ~ link ~ This is not a case of an Arab being subject to harsh laws/etc. This is simple fascism directed at an Israeli citizen. Welcome to the 21st Century, so far a Century of crooks, depression, war, and growing fascism.

World Wide Depression - Jim Rogers - video ~ link ~ Very good CNBC interview with legendary investor Jim Rogers. He says to abolish the Fed and that there is NO paper currency that we can trust.

Illegal drug money saved some banks from collapse ~ link ~
Inter-bank loans were funded by money that originated from the drugs trade and other illegal activities... There were signs that some banks were rescued that way.

Afghans are fed up with the US Occupation and the corrupt mafia-state of Karzai ~ link

Afghanistan and Pakistan: Anatomy of a Proxy War ~ link ~
Powerful elements in Pakistan will continue to support the Pashtun insurgency in Afghanistan no matter what Islamabad's government says or does. This is only one of many problems affecting Afghanistan, but it is the core problem. Unless the international community can address the proxy fight between Pakistan and India at a political level -- through a settlement on the line of control through Kashmir and a guarantee of security for Pakistan -- it is unlikely that Pakistan's support of the Afghan Taliban can be stopped. And without that stabilizing Afghanistan is very unlikely.

Rewarding Communism to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ ~ link ~ It's Christmas time and once again, tens of millions of Americans will spend tens of billions of dollars buying junk from India and communist countries like China. All to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior.

Tamiflu - Tami Foolery: Billions in the trash - Swine Flu drug scandal in the Ukraine - video ~ link ~ Smoke and Mirrors, lies and billions in profits, the story of the emerging 21st Century.

Wars or Jobs: Decide Now ~ link ~ The real powers on this earth, the global banking families, have already made the choice - WAR and Depression.

Berlin club strips classical music of its stuffy rules ~ link ~ Interesting, who knows it could be the 'coming thing' or not.

Thailand seizes chartered (Russian ?) transport jet with arms from North Korea ~ link

Georgia, Ukraine, and others object to French sale of helicopter assault carrier to Russian Navy ~ link

British 'Vista' telescope taking stunning images of Space ~ link

Large bill for new UK Supreme Court robes ~ link ~ I was measured by the same firm that makes these robes (for a Earl's Parliamentary robe), they do great work.

Untouchable: Tony Blair to give Iraq War evidence in secret ~ link ~ Not so totally untouchable. My case, in the Cash for Peerages scandal, and my evidence, forced the issue. It could have put Blair behind bars for years. See my book, CASH FOR PEERAGES: THE SMOKING GUN ~ link ~ Contact me if you want a signed copy.

Bernie Madoff now a prison dishwasher ~ link ~ Too bad, my heart bleeds for him, NOT.

Neocon Italian Premier Berlusconi punched in the face ~ link

America's Most Wanted - Teenage 'Barefoot Burglar' ~ link

Music video - Katherine Jenkins - great beauty and great talent ~ link

Rolling Stone: 100 Best Albums of the Decade ~ link

Lord Coe rules out a return to active politics if Conservatives win ~ link

Ava Maria - religious music video ~ link ~ link ~ link ~link

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