Thursday, December 10, 2009

Call for Canadian Royal Commission

10 December 2009

As Earl of Stirling, I hold several ancient, but largely honorific, hereditary Canadian great offices-of-state. The first Earl of Stirling (Lord Stirling; Sir William Alexander of Menstrie) was the founder of English-speaking Canada in the early 1600s, and he and his successors as Earls of Stirling were created Lord Lieutenant and Governor of Canada, Lord High Admiral of Nova Scotia, Lord Lieutenant of Nova Scotia, and Lieutenant-General of Nova Scotia.

I do not make political statements regarding Canada as a matter of policy, as the office of the Governor-General of Canada rests on the twin foundation of the ancient offices (as Governor/Lord Lieutenant of Canada) held by the early Lord Stirlings and that held by the French Royal Governors of New France/Quebec. I have the greatest respect for the Canadian Crown and the role it plays. I support the Canadian troops who serve overseas and in fact, I offered to visit Canadian troops in Afghanistan a couple of years ago, at Christmas time, when it was felt too dangerous for the Governor-General herself to go (I also was told, by the then Chief of Defense Staff, that it was too dangerous for me to go in her place).

I am very concerned over the reports that Canadian Armed Forces may have knowingly turned over prisoners to Afghan forces that were likely to torture and abuse them.

In light of the statement, on Wednesday, of the Chief of the Defense Staff, General Walter Natyncyk, concerning this matter, I now call on the Governor-General of Canada to establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate allegations that Canadian Armed Forces acted inappropriately in transferring prisoners in Afghanistan.

Per Mare Per Terras,


Earl of Stirling,
Governor & Lord Lieutenant of Canada

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johna said...

The New Zealand S.A.S guys serving in Afghanistan had a similar issue with prisoners they were handing over there to U.S authorities. After concerns raised by the troops themselves the terms of engagement for all New Zealand forces in Afghanistan were altered by the New Zealand Government to assure proper treatment of all detainees they were handing over. Good luck with this Canadian issue, i wouldn't want my worst enemy handed over to the AFGHANS!!.)

Per Mare Per Terras

John Alexander
Christchurch New Zealand.