Sunday, November 29, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Ukrainian Plague, Climategate, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

General Sir Michael Rose: Why I believe Blair should stand trial - and even face charges for war crimes ~ link ~ I totally agree with Sir Michael, Stirling

UN Climate Chief: Copenhagen Summit is 'all-or-nothing' event ~ link ~ I go with the 'nothing' option. We now know, thanks to the Climategate scandal, that the real goal is global government/New World Order; and that it is all based on lies and phony science. Also see: Commonwealth leaders back climate change fund ~ link ~ Commonwealth citizens say no to phony climate treaties/laws/taxes and no to phony bought-and-paid-for "leaders". Also see: Mount Everest to host Nepal Cabinet meeting ~ link

Democrats in revolt over Obama troop surge ~ link ~ Many are beginning to understand that they will be defeated in the 2010 Congressional election as things are now going.

H1N1 Swine Flu "mutation" spreads, deaths world wide ~ link ~ I don't think that we have the full story as to what is really happening re: a "mutation" or "recombination".

High WHO officials on payroll of vaccine makers? - video ~ link ~ This report is from Denmark and Russia.

Big UK newspaper chain to start charging for website news ~ link ~ My little blog here will remain free. I know some of the big players in the newspaper business, they are all desperate to find a way to survive in the electronic age, however, this strategy will not work sufficiently to make much difference. Sorry.

Russia launches manhunt for train bombers - Moscow to St. Petersburg line bombed ~ link ~ I have traveled that line a couple of times. I hope they catch the bastards! Also see ~ link ~

The Recipe for Disaster ~ link ~ Very good article.

The Global Spiritual Awakening of Humanity - videos ~ link

Commonwealth urges Fiji to restore democracy ~ link ~ A friend of mine, who was a Fiji citizen, told me over twenty years ago of the coming problems in Fiji. People from India were brought in to run shops and do a lot of the hard work, many years ago during the British Empire period. They now constitute about half of the population and most of the business elite. This upsets the native Fiji people. However, most native Fijians have a very laid back culture towards business and work. The constitutional troubles got serious, with coups and more coups, when the Indian descended population took over the Government a number of years ago.

Rwanda admitted to Commonwealth of Nations ~ link ~ This makes Rwanda only the second nation admitted without historic British ties (Mozambique was the other one 14 years ago). Rwanda was never ruled by the British Empire but was a colony of Belgium and Germany in the 19th/20th Centuries. With the entry of Rwanda, there are now 54 nations in the Commonwealth. Queen Elizabeth II is Head of the Commonwealth and also Queen and Head of State of a number of the nations in the Commonwealth.

Tikkun: Democrats' Attacks on Goldstone ~ link

US Senate Report: US decided to let Bin Laden slip through their fingers ~ link ~ The US Senate is what I refer to as that den of bought-and-paid-for whores. I get a kick out of articles like this. The bullshit they spin is SO DEEP. First off, 9/11 was not planed/organized/led by some 6'6" tall Arab sitting on his butt in some cave in Afghanistan. It was planed/organized/led by American and Israeli Intelligence under the control of the global banking families/Illumunati and their Neocon puppets. Al-Qaida has never existed as some great terrorist/fighting force. In Arabic slang it means "little toilet", certainly not a name that people would give their lives for. The whole 9/11 event was a B Grade movie plot that people bought into because the Illumunati controlled the mainstream news media, the US Administration, and both Houses of Congress. Only the seriously brain dead still believe the Official Conspiracy Theory of 9/11. And by the way, dear old bin Laden has been dead for many years of kidney failure.

Iran now plans to build 10 industrial scale uranium enrichment facilities ~ link ~ This is TOTAL INSANITY! This ensures that there will be an Israeli attack, perhaps with American assistance (and perhaps even British, French, German and Saudi assistance as well). The Iranians have just announced that they are committing national suicide. Also see ~ link ~

Keeping the Golan won't protect Israel from Syria ~ link

What would Israel do if Iran captured an IAF pilot ~ link ~ This Israeli article makes a major assumption: That an attack on Iran will not cause a general Middle East war and perhaps a all-out World War III. Israel has a history of attacking Arab targets with almost immunity. However, Iran is not Arab and it clearly is prepared to use non-nuclear MAD (mutually assured destruction) counter-force attacks on Israel and its main global supporters. Any war with Iran will see a truly horrific number of deaths on all sides and globally. Those that do not see that are blinded by their own narrow minds and by their strategic desires instead of by a clear realistic strategic vision.

Obama is our enemy say some Israeli lawmakers ~ link ~ This is on one hand just some real extremists war hawks talking; on the other had it is 'smoke and mirrors'. Obama was selected/trained/funded/controlled by Chicago Zionist elements. He is not constitutionally eligible to be President of the United States as he was born overseas and was a foreign national and this is one of the things that they have on him. He is the classic 'front man'. He was all political marketing - the candidate of "change". But this is not enough for some extremists, they think that he should have already nuked Iran for them. Crazy.

The Geopolitics of the Dubai debt crisis: It's Iran vs. the United States ~ link ~ I have never cared for the religious Iranian government, however, since I have learned that they are so damn crazy as to announce a further TEN nuclear reprocessing plants, I HAVE TOTALLY NO USE FOR THESE CRAZY BASTARDS.

Honduras went to the polls to elect a new president this Sunday ~ link ~ UPDATE: Honduras elects conservative Porfirio Lobo as President ~ link

Former rebel leader is President-elect of Uruguay ~ link

How Silvio Berlusconi Uses Women on TV ~ link ~ The corrupt Prime Minister of Italy is a soft-porn pimp who has lied/cheated/corrupted his way into the PM's office. Using beautiful almost naked women is a cheap way to get attention. Almost all men love to look at attractive babes; it is hardwired into us for the survival of the species. Most attractive women know well how to attract men, it also is hard wired into them for the survival of the species. But most women are too moral to behave like whores, but pimps always find some willing to trade their souls for cheap trinkets, fame, a little money, etc., which degrades the women involved, the men lusting after them, and the primps pushing them and profiting from it all.

Aircraft biological/chemical air safety being addressed by new invention - video ~ link ~ It's about time.

France's Michel Barnier gets key internatio market post in new 27-member European Commission ~ link ~ You can count on the fact that a lot of 'horse trading' went on behind the scenes for all the key EU posts.

Why Ireland is running out of priests ~ link ~ I can give you my take on the issue, as a Catholic who once (close to half a century ago studied for a few months in a minor seminary and who studied for two years to be ordained a deacon in later life). Celibacy in the Western Rites of the Catholic Church is not an issue of dogma; it is a man-made rule that is approximately 800 years old in a approximately 2,000 year old Church. It is not a healthy (either physically, mentally, or spiritually) way to live. In times past, when Catholic families had large numbers of children, and few people had higher educations, and priests had great respect, many entered the seminaries. In those days, most seminaries had very stringent measures in place to weed out the gays, and while some made it through, most did not. As numbers of children in average Catholic families declined, people wanted the few remaining children to get married and carry on the blood line, so there was not a 'pushing' of the religious life as an option by many parents. Further, as higher education became the norm in most developed nations, the priestly path to undergraduate and graduate education became worth less. As the 'reformist' Vatican II Church Council 'pulled the rug out' from under traditional Church practices, the above mentioned reasons were already causing a shortage of new seminarians. Seminaries began to take in students that were 'questionable' in their moral nature. Further, there was a hidden agenda to attack the Church from within and ofter this involved groups of secret gay priests, who were placed in key positions. End result was many religious orders and many dioceses with as many as 50% of newer priest who are homosexual. I coined a phrase, when I was studying to be a Deacon, homosexuality goes hand in hand with heresy in the Church, as I observed the most "liberal" priests to be gay. Many priests do not believe in the most basic Nicene Creed requirements to be considered a Christian (in the generic sense) much less the dogmatic requirements to be a Catholic; and this includes many professors of theology at graduate Catholic Schools of Theology training men to become priests. In fact, one key problem with getting more priests, is that when normal heterosexual men consider going to the seminary to become a priest, actually visit seminaries they are often shocked at the large numbers of openly gay students. Many may be willing to sacrifice having a normal married life to answer their calling to be a priest, but they find that living in an environment that is openly gay is way too much morally. If the Catholic Church is to have sufficient priests to function, it is going to have to end mandatory celibacy and take stronger efforts to purge the institution of pedophiles at all levels. The question that Catholics should be asking, or rather the point that they should be demanding of the Pope is to end celibacy and have married priests and married bishops. Which has strong Biblical support by the way.

The World of China Inc. ~ link

The Fall of the Republic - video ~ link

World Government because of alleged Climate Change? ~ link

UK Depression 'worst than estimated' ~ link ~ We can thank the globalists, the global banking families, and the Blair/Brown crooks for the Depression.

Across America Food Stamp use soars ~ link ~ What the global banking families are bringing to America and to the world.

Herschel telescope 'fingerprints' dying red hypergiant star which could go supernova any time ~ link

Scottish First Minister to outline Scottish Independence White Paper ~ link

Swiss vote to ban construction of minarets ~ link

A nice Happy Thanksgiving video sent in by a reader ~ link

Four police officers shot and killed in ambush in Washington state - with video ~ link

Inventor's cancer linked to implanted chip ~ link ~ link


Br. Anthony, T.O.S.F. said...

Lord Stirling,

I disagree with you wholeheartedly on the celibacy issue. Celibacy for priests is good for them and for their flock. We already have the evidence that removing celibacy will solve nothing, but only make matters worse. The experiment has already been conducted by the Anglicans and has been an utter failure!

What you are suggesting goes against centuries of Church tradition. Celibacy is not the problem; rather, the adherence to non-Catholic principles at Vatican II is the problem. If we return to true Catholicism, the seminaries will flourish again just like they did before that evil Council.

Anonymous said...

Iran plans to build 10 industrial scale uranium enrichment facilities

Iranian leaders crazy? Don't think so. In my opinion it's just another tactical move on the chess board and Iranians in general are damn good chess players.

Lord Stirling said...

"just another tactical move ..." You may be correct.


willam said...

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