Monday, November 23, 2009

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Ukraine update: Situation has stabilized, various quarantines and other protective measures to be lifted ~ link ~ Stringent protective measures do have a positive effect in a pandemic.

D225G Swine Flu mutations - Same receptor as 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic found in Ukraine virus ~ link ~ A key question is where did the change come from. Some serious people believe this to be a type of binary biowar attack, with the original A/H1N1 Mexican Swine Flu being one-part and a second 'donating virus' supplying the 'recombination' material to raise the virus to a much more dangerous level. The purpose of using a "binary virus" is to hide behind a plausible deniable cover: "It is a natural virus that is mutating".

Des Moines Iowa - Polk County Medical Examiner says number of H1N1 deaths is really higher than that reported - That he has performed autopsies where the patient has "very heavy, wet hemorrhagic lungs, lungs with a lot of blood in them" (Dr. Gregory Schmunk). ~ Please see both of these links ~ link ~ link ~ The doctor also says some patients have false negatives to the H1N1 test. Of course, if something else (like a sprayed biotoxin) is causing the hemorrhagic cases (and that person does not also have H1N1) the test would be negative. Follow-up: I spoke with Dr. Schmunk today and he told me that ALL of the patients that had hemorrhagic lungs tested negative for H1N1. Further, that the television reporter made the connection to Swine Flu, not him. There have been no new hemorrhagic cases, in Des Moines, for almost two weeks. Also, he said that in the cases he saw, the lungs were not black as reported in the Ukraine. However, he did say that medical examiners across the country are reporting some hemorrhagic lungs.

Leading Croatian Priest: Don't get the H1N1 Vaccine ~ link ~ This priest makes the point, that others have also been making, that the "Vaccine" contains microchips. UPDATE: Thanks to a reader who supplied me with the following links (one of which I had already read but forgot about): Are Populations Being Primed for Nano-Microchips Inside Vaccines? ~ link ~ Also see: RFID 'Powder' - World's Smallest RFID Tag ~ link ~

Latest official numbers from Ukraine 22 November 2009:
1,608,603 Ill
95,361 Hospitalized
66,788 Released from Hospitals
381 Dead

Uzbekistan closes border with Kazakhstan due to Swine Flu ~ link ~ Also see this ~ link ~ What are we really seeing here? Some spread of a 'recombined' or 'mutated' virus and/or simply a fear in health officials and governmental officials as to what is really going on?

Hong Kong detects the D225G 'mutation' (or 'recombination') from Norway in one case (small child) - Patient has recovered after 3 days in the hospital ~ link ~ This same 'mutation' has been found in mainland China, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Ukraine, and USA. In all but the Ukraine, it is not causing hemorrhagic pneumonia (except maybe Iowa, but even there we have reports of unusual low flying aircraft). That is a good indication that something else is happening. Also, the spread of hemorrhagic pneumonia seems to have stopped and the real spike in new non-hemorrhagic cases seems to have stopped. This leads me to think that we are dealing with something more complex here. Maybe something designed to convince the masses to take the H1N1 "Vaccine".

Copy of an official email forwarded to me by a reader:

Physicians Asked to be on the Lookout for Possible “Hemorrhagic Pneumonia Cases” Among Influenza Patients

The CDC says that there have been some anecdotal reports of possible "hemorrhagic pneumonia" cases among influenza patients who have died or been hospitalized for severe illness. The phrase "hemorrhagic pneumonia" is somewhat outdated, and most clinicians will not use the term to describe this condition, which can be a very rare complication of viral respiratory infection. Some other terms that can be used to describe this include diffuse alveolar hemorrhage (DAH), which can be caused by infections but doesn't have to be, and hemorrhagic pneumonitis. In any event, it's a serious complication that will sometimes lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). It occurs very rarely as a complication of seasonal influenza, and there is some concern that it might be more common in H1N1 infections.

The CDC is asking state health officials to look out for possible cases that may involve clusters of patients who might have these symptoms, or a large proportion of cases with these symptoms (e.g., 4 of 5 deaths). They will invariably be among the most severely ill influenza patients (i.e., deaths, ICU patients). This is a hard diagnosis to make, and the most telling symptom may be hemoptysis (bloody sputum, frothy bloody cough), although not all cases will have it.

• Acute onset of rather more severe respiratory infection (dyspnea-- difficulty breathing-- is common)

• Hemoptysis is often seen on initial presentation (~70% of cases)

• CXR and physical exam will suggest alveolar infiltrates (radiographic opacities)

• Diagnosis is usually made by BAL (brochoalveolar lavage) and pathology testing (increasingly more hemorrhagic fluid/secretions from sequential BAL

Email sent by the Regional Liaison Officer, Region IV, H1N1 Response Surveillance and

Epidemiology Team, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Questions concerning possible cases or this email may be directed to Medical Epidemiologist

Zach Moore, MD, at the North Carolina Division of Public health at

Wisconsin low flying planes and air quality warning ~ link

Proof that the Swine Flu epidemic was man made and intentional ~ link

Open Letter to Obama: Please Bring Our Troops Home Now! by former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney ~ link ~ That would be the smart, honorable, moral thing to do, but I suspect that his 'handlers' will not let him.

Red Alert: The Second Wave of the Financial Tsunami ~ link ~ Good article, take the time to read it if you can.

Congress losing patience with the Fed ~ link

IMF: Second bailout would threaten democracy ~ link

How the financial 'Big Players' gained their power ~ link

Scottish invention: Power Revolution ~ link ~ We Scots are very inventive.

France sends the warship Mistral to St. Petersburg on a sales journey - Russian Navy considering purchasing a Mistral-class warship to carry large numbers of assault troops/helicopters to boost its amphibious capabilities ~ link ~ The ship is tied up near the Hermitage museum, which is the old Imperial Winter Palace. I know this area, a most beautiful and impressive area key to Russian history and especially Russian Naval history. The Mistral-class are a powerful type of helicopter carrier designed to airlift assault troops inland.

Lebanese fires on Israeli drone ~ link

Beware of a false flag attack on America to justify a "defensive war" with Iran ~ link

Attack on election convoy in Muslin area of the Philippines kills 21 ~ link

'Big Bang' atom smasher beginning to operate ~ link

Lord Lawson calls for public inquiry: Global Warming Data Manipulation ~ link ~ Lord Stirling agrees.

Viscount Monckton on Climategate: "They are criminals" ~ link ~ The Earl of Stirling agrees!

Climategate: Man-made Global Warming Fraudsters Exposed ~ link

Japan: To build its first carrier since WWII ~ link ~ The carrier will be called a "destroyer" but will carry 14 helicopters and/or F-35B fighters.

Paralyzed Belgian man misdiagnosed as in a coma for 23 years ~ link

Multiple Sclerosis cure found - MS societies in panic ~ link ~ The cure is simple. MS is caused by narrow veins in the neck and they can be opened up very easily. If you know of anyone who has MS send them this link.

Anger at Lord Mandelson's government funded 'palace' ~ link ~ I hate the style of architecture and interior design that he has chosen.

What are western church leaders doing to protect the Holy Land? ~ link

Mars: Once wet and humid ~ link


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Tim...yes the technology is here to get them in vaccines---

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even telling the truth makes no difference. Not telling the truth makes no sense. If the truth would make its way into the knowledge base of man would they understand that these are the last days of man? No, end comes as a snare. This is the end. Science is total wrong- all that is given knowledge was given to give man a brief period into what is called time and space without our CREATOR telling them all how things are really meant. That virus was once released during the time of black plague- right under the feet of man is the time of Noah and its own laws coming into fruition. That virus was once a weapon of peleg- that age being once consumed by that ending called Noah! We are living again through the years of biblical peleg! The missing chapter of Genesis, so to say!