Friday, October 16, 2009

Tracks in the Sand

There are a number of high level events happening, all inner-connected to the coming war on Iran and the End Game for establishing the New World Order of the global banking families/Illumunati. The coming War on Iran/general Middle East War is designed to begin World War III because the Rothschilds and their ilk always use war and economic depression to reshape society into what they want. They have designed the current global economic crisis/new Great Depression for these ends. They are establishing a high technology based police state (new form of fascism) to control the population. The bioengineered Swine Flu (and the "vaccine" for it) are designed, along with the expected Iranian Advanced Strategic Biowar MAD counter-force attack on NATO/Israel, to kill off many "unnecessary eaters" in the world (us) and to give cause to impose global martial law and to require the wearing of the RFID chip (Mark of the Beast). Here are some related posts from the last week or two. ~ Stirling

awash with rumors of 'Supreme Leader' Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's death ~ link ~ Which begs the question, 'Was he killed' and was it the Mossad? They 'whacked' Arafat. A couple of weeks ago, Iran managed to destroy its only AWACS aircraft during a simple flying display for a military parade ~ or did the Mossad have something to do with this as well? Was this the 'first shot' of the Iran War?

Is Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei Dead? Good sources say yes ~ link ~ Iran embassy says no ~ link ~ Iran's Supreme Leader is dead ~ link

Breaking News: The Juniper Cobra joint air defense exercise between Israel and America has be delayed for one week. It was to have begun today 12 October 2009. This comes just after the cancellation, three days ago, of a joint air war games exercise in Turkey with some NATO nations and Israel, and just after a meeting in Syria between the Saudi King and the President of Syria, and just after the sudden announcement that Russia will not honor its commitments to deliver the TOR-M1 and S-300 missile systems to Iran (due to the Saudi purchase of the very expensive S-400 air defense system on the condition of the cancellation of the TOR-M1 and S-300 sales to Iran) leaving Iran 'high and dry' without last minute missile consignments already paid for. This also comes as a large explosion 'takes out' part of the Hizballah's South Lebanon command center and arms depot. There are a total of 17 advanced US Navy ships deployed to Israel, many with the Aegis air defense missile system; also the US Army has already deployed teams with the very advanced THAAD and the Patriot Cap III anti-missile missiles. The well connected DEBKA site says that "highly exceptional postponement" of the exercise "indicates something seriously amiss".

Turkish/NATO air wargames - Operation Anatolian Eagle - canceled after Turkey drops Israel from wargames ~ link ~ Blowback from the horrors of the Gaza War. This shows just how stupid the Netanyahu/Lukid/Neocon group really are. They need Turkey, but their senseless brutality to the civilians of Gaza in the recent war proved just too much for even the Turks.

Was cancellation of Israeli participation in Turkish NATO air exercise due to 'bad blood' over sale of 10 Herons drones by Israel to Turkey's defense forces? ~ link ~ Which begs the question, why did Israel falter on the sale of these RPVs to Turkey?

Israeli-Turkish Relations: A New Epoch ~ link ~ This article, unlike the one above, blames the cancellation of the invitation to the Israeli Air Force to the Anotolian Eagle Air Defense Exercise (Turkish hosted mostly NATO air war games) on 'war crimes' and 'crimes against humanity' by Israel in the 2008/09 Gaza War.

Iran offers to enhance its role as energy provider/transit route for Shanghai Cooperative Organization (Russia/China/etc.) states - Alternative to US control of world resources ~ link ~ Another high level maneuvering story on the Eve of War in Iran.

UN Human Rights Council approves Goldstone Report accusing Israel of war crimes in recent Gaza War ~ link ~ The Israelis went 'over the top' in Gaza. One of the dangers of buying off so many politicians in various nations is that politicians are whores who will say and do anything for money and power, and it leaves the Israelis with a false sense of 'we can do anything we want to'. However, not everyone is a politician and not everything can be 'spun' away.

Demands that Israel be punished for brutal Gaza War ~ link ~ The mindset that the recent Gaza War showed, on the part of many in Israel, was really sad.

Turkish TV series angers Israel ~ link ~ More blowback from the way that Israel waged war in Gaza.

Russian PM Putin warns against intimidating Iran ~ link ~ Trouble is Bibi 666 Netanyahu is NOT listing. In fact, the story is that they kicked him out of the President's office on his last 'secret' visit to Russia.

Prime Minister of Spain in Syria 'making nice' ~ link ~ Notice the attention that Syria is getting in the last couple of weeks.

First Ministerial meeting of Syrian-Turkish Strategic Council ~ link ~ second part ~ link ~ This is a strategic disaster for Israel and all due to the unnecessary slaughter of Gaza civilians in the recent Gaza War.

Israeli Defense Minister: We must do EVERYTHING to Stop Iran ~ link ~ I guess that includes World War III.

Russian Foreign Minister: NO to Iran sanctions ~ link ~ There is a lot of serious very high level things happening on the Iran issue. Only a small part is visible to the public, or for that matter to other nation states. We seem to be at a tipping point, war or not.

Russia: Don't Pressure Iran - BBC with video ~ link

Hizballah 'weapons cache' in southern Lebanon explodes - 1 dead 5 injured ~ link ~ Either the rocket and missile forces in Lebanon and Syria are neutralized by diplomacy or as much as possible by violence prior to a war on Iran, or the war on Iran will quickly become a general Middle East War involving Israel, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and the United States and maybe others.

Syria supplying Hizbullah with long-range missiles ~ link ~ Actually medium-range but still capable of hitting all of Israel.

Syrian news site: Turkey's decision to cancel drill is "strategic" ~ link ~ The movement away from close military relations with Israel is a major move in the multi-level pre-war diplomatic/strategic maneuvering going on right now in the Middle East.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak warns against further harming Turkish/Israeli relations ~ link ~ That their relations are in the crapper is very reflective of the craziness of the Israeli pro-war policies. The deaths of so many unarmed civilians, including children and babies, in the recent Gaza War was simply 'way over the top' for the Turkish people and even their political class. Israel has mostly lost a key strategic asset due to their treating people as if they are 'soulless two-legged animals' instead of human beings. This culture must change if Israel is to survive in the long run. But no one in the West, at least in the political class or in the mainstream news media, has the guts to say this. And by the way, it is NOT antisemitism to say this, if anything it is constructive criticism.

Jordan almost expelled Israeli Ambassador over Temple Mount clashes in last few days ~ link ~ The holy Temple Mount site is a major flash point. All sides need to make a major effort at cooperation there.

Iran objections as Syria open up to Saudi Arabia ~ link ~ This is all linked to the Iranian/Syrian defense agreement and the coming war on Iran. A final big push, using the Saudis, to try to spin the Syrians off before the battle against Iran begins.

Israel's Nukes and Iran - videos ~ link

Will Tel Aviv Take The US To War Again? ~ link ~ Yes, and soon!

If attacked by Israel or USA, Iran will 'blow up the heart of Israel' says top cleric ~ link ~ The United States Navy has 15 ships around Israel to boost its anti-missile defense forces and we are moving in a massive number of other anti-missile systems 'for' the Juiper Cobra 'exercise' this month. The coming war will see a major battle between Iranian/Syrian missiles (including those missiles and rockets in Lebanon) and Israeli and American anti-missile missiles. I expect that the advanced air defense forces in place now in and around Israel will have a major effect on reducing the number of hits from Iranian/Syrian missiles but not enough. In any case, the real MAD counter-force that Iran possesses is its Advanced BioWar weapons and these do NOT need missiles to be delivered.

King of Jordan to the Israeli public: "We are sliding back into the darkness" ~ link ~ The King has some good points in this article.

Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman: NO peace deal anytime 'soon' ~ link ~ This racist and his fellow nuts in the Netanyahu cabinet want war not peace!

Tensions increase at Temple Mount ~ link

Iran, Israel, USA and War Games ~ link ~ The annual Israeli/American air defense war games named 'Juniper Cobra' normally takes place in the Spring but NOT THIS YEAR. The exercise will officially begin on October 12 but much of the weapon systems and operators are moving into place now. This will just happen to be the largest such 'Juniper Cobra' exercise in history. Sounds like America is moving massive assets into place to try to protect Israel when it begins the coming war with Iran in a few days.

Russia to sell S-400 Air Defense System to Saudi Arabia - Deal expected to kill S-300 sale to Iran ~ link ~ Getting things all set up for the coming war.

Gordon Brown: Another 500 British troops to Afghan War ~ link ~ link ~ That the British public wants the United Kingdom to get the hell out of Afghanistan means nothing to this Illumunati front man.

80,000 is the high number in General McChrystal's Afghan War troop increase request ~ link ~ That is FOUR ADDITIONAL DIVISIONS! It is still not enough to win, however.

The Reverse-Midas Effect - How it works in Pakistan ~ link ~ Everyday it becomes more apparent, that as we expand the troop level in the Afghan War, we are also expanding the theater of the war to include Pakistan. Are all these additional troops 'for Afghanistan' really for Afghanistan; or are they for Pakistan?!!

AFPak: The Unwinnable War ~ link ~ The global banking families/Illumunati don't want us to 'win' a war. That would stop the 'gravy train' of war profits, growing debt (profit for them), and murder and maiming (they are Satanists and he wants blood orgies).

AFPak: War on Two Fronts - An expanded Afghan War Theater encompassing Pakistan ~ link ~ This Two Front war is becoming more apparent every day.

Double bombing at Pakistan police station kills 13 ~ link ~ All of a sudden we are seeing multiple major bombings every day in Pakistan.

Teams of gunmen in coordinated attacks kill 40 at 5 sites in Pakistan ~ link ~ So who is REALLY behind this; and what is the strategic goal?

Escalation of US/NATO War in Afghanistan: The Risks of Regional Conflagration ~ link ~ Just what the Illumunati ordered.

The Beginning of the End: Obama signs Kerry-Lugar Bill giving $7.5 billion to Pakistan in military aid package ~ link

As Obama mulls escalation in Afghan War, US Armed Forces ban photos of war dead ~ link ~ Is the 'game on' to take down the only Muslin nuclear power by expanding the Afghan War into Pakistan?

Seven people killed in three attacks on police in Pakistan ~ link

Pakistan is rocked by more attacks ~ link

Pakistan - South Waziristan Migration ~ link

US Embassy in Islamabad involved in sheltering terrorists ~ link ~ I think that the goal is to get Pakistan and India to nuke one another.

Pakistani nuclear forces - 2009 ~ link ~ Click on the PDF button. Most interesting.

An Imperial Strategy for a New World Order: The Origins of World War III ~ link

Canada's top general in Afghanistan: Afghan situation is a "major emergency", a "serious, desperate situation" ~ link ~ They say the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. We are now in the ninth year of combat in Afghanistan, we have spent hundreds of billions (maybe a trillion in total) there, and still no victory! WHY are we there? The war was based on the False Flag 9/11 operation, which most people in America, Canada, and Europe no longer believe in (the Official Conspiracy Theory that is).

G20's Financial Services Authority says a new GLOBAL BANKING BODY may be needed ~ link ~ That would be the beginning of the NEW WORLD ORDER global governmental organization.

Today and 1929 - Sobering Parallels ~ link ~ You need to read this.

The Economic Recovery is an Illusion ~ link

Deeping Global Economic Crisis: Rising Unemployment, Demise of the Dollar ~ link ~ Bad for 99.9% of the world's people; Great for the global banking elite.

Congressman Ron Paul warns of violence from pending Dollar Crisis - Says Israeli strike on Iran the Trigger ~ link ~ Good warning America, ignore at your own risk.

Celente - People Should Brace For 'Greatest Depression' ~ link

Krugman: Collapse in Trade Worse than the Great Depression ~ link

Collective Security Treaty Organization (the Russian NATO) begins war games by CSTO's first Rapid Reaction Force ~ link

Japan wants to change troop agreement ahead of Obama's visit ~ link ~ Japan wants no part of the coming Third World War.

UK H1N1 "vaccine" program begins - Deaths over 100 from Swine Flu ~ link

RFID microchip TV video ~ link ~ The coming 'Mark of the Beast' technology.

German Army rejects Swine Flu "Vaccine" as too dangerous ~ link

Where did the H1N1 Late-2009 Flu Season Virus Come From ~ link ~ That's easy, a biowar lab.

Flu Vaccines revealed as the greatest quackery ever pushed in the history of medicine ~ link

Nurses to sue New York State over Mandated H1N1 "Vaccinations" ~ link ~ Since when can the state order you to put a vaccine into YOUR BODY?

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. - Shocking Vaccine Cover-Up ~ link ~ I like RFK, Jr., he represents the best of what his family was known for.

H1N1 Flu Mist - The Nasal Spray that Keeps on Giving! ~ link ~ You will shed the virus for up to 21 days!

Global Police Force coming - Waco Siege "enforcer" spearheading UN and Interpol efforts ~ link ~ One more step on the road to the New World Order/global high tech police state nightmare.

Who's in Big Brother's Database? ~ link ~ More appropriate question, 'Who's not in the database?'. We long ago crossed the line from doing what was in the interest of national defense in USA/UK/etc. and entered into a fascist nightmare system, where the hidden forces in control of the major governments now have vast resources to spy on all of us.

FBI Data-Mining Programs Resurrect "Total Information Awareness" ~ link ~ The descent of America into a fascist hell.

US Police have stop-and-frisked over one million people on the streets ~ link ~ Growing police state fascism in America - the once Land of the Free.


Anonymous said...

Nice collection. Thanks.

I can't imagine why Russia would sell the S-400 to anyone, especially some nation like Saudia Arabia that could sell the technology to the U.S. or its allies. This is the only bit of news that strikes me as not fitting the big picture.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

Your link about:


Our German government has ordered two different types of H1N1 vaccines.

1. first class vaccine without adjuvants for our government and our soliers

2. second or third class vaccine with a huge amount of adjuvants in it, for the proles

Dear Lord,

we live in a class society, according to Marx, Engels, Lenin and Mao Tse-tung (they were of course illuminati of the Rothschilds)

I have no further words to comment on this tragedy.

Do you or your readers have any?

WGP said...

Short & mid-range anti-aircraft missiles & anti-sub torpedoes for aircraft carrier: