Thursday, October 29, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

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War Warning:
Lebanon's Ambassador to UN warns UN Secretary-General: Israeli exhibiting signs of an imminent attack on Lebanon ~ link ~ If you live in the Middle East, if you can, get on a plane today and go to the Southern Hemisphere.

Obama holding crisis meeting with Joint Chiefs of Staff in White House Situation Room Today ~ link ~ This article says the meeting is about the Afghan War, but it likely is a Eve-of-War meeting about the General Middle East War that is about to begin in Iran/Israel/Syria/Lebanon/Palestine/Gaza.

Mysterious Virus Hits Ukraine ~ link ~ 40,000 Ill in Ukraine - 40 dead ~ link ~ Epidemic of Pneumonic Plague in Ukraine? ~ link ~ Flu Tracker Map - Ukraine ~ link ~ Ukraine orders mobile military hospitals deployed ~ link ~ Ukraine out of hospital beds, orders people to stay home ~ link ~ Flashback: Mossad microbiologist says Swine Flu "vaccine" is a bioweapon linked to Baxter's Ukrainian lab ~ link ~ This could be a new genetically engineered biowar virus on the loose; this could be some nation/group jumping the gun (perhaps by accident) on a post-Iran strike Advanced Biowar release; this could be a purposely mutated form of A/H1N1 that has been released as the second wave and it may be sufficiently different that it does not register as Swine Flu. People NOW is the time to stock up on caned food, water, Rx, etc. for several months. Once true killing Advanced Biowar viruses are on the loose, the only sure defense is self-quarantine.

Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel - video with music ~ link ~ Powerful and totally appropriate NOW.

US-Israeli Missile Defense War Game Signals Israeli Attack On Iran - by Paul Craig Roberts (former US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Dept.) ~ link ~ I agree totally.

What a Nuclear War Would Look Like - video ~ link ~ This is where current events in the Middle East are taking us.

Senior US Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN): America better act before Israel strikes Iran ~ link ~ Based on the comments by General Jones, Obama's National Security Advisor, that "all options are on the table", I suspect that any attack on Iran will include USAF/USN aircraft and missiles and perhaps US Army Special Forces and USMC Long Range Recon and US Navy Seals.

Iran Deal on Brink of Collapse as West Condemns Compromise ~ link ~ See also: Iran accused of game playing on Vienna nuclear deal ~ link ~ We could see a General Middle East War begin this weekend. That war will be fought with Weapons of Mass Destruction on all sides with global deaths. That war will quickly lead into the Third World War, which because of the nature of the killing technology and the spiritual nature of what is happening, will become the Biblical Armageddon.

Senior Israeli IDF officer says Hizballah has weapons caches in almost every village in Southern Lebanon ~ link ~ See this contrasting story: Hizbullah losing control over Souther Lebanon ~ link

Haaretz Editorial: Israel should cede Golan for full peace with Syria ~ link ~ This would be an interesting strategy to separate Syria from Iran. However, it could have/should have been tried before now. At this point, I suspect it is simply too late. The General Middle East War is on the horizon and moving in fast. Also see: Syria ready to talk with Israel ~ link

Key US Senate panel passes sweeping Iran sanctions ~ link ~ I wonder if this would include a naval blockade and maybe even a air blockade of Iran? Actually, events may move faster than that.

Jerusalem clashes: Four wounded ~ link

Iran: A very offensive response ~ link ~ Keep in mind this is from the Iranian 'resist' crowd (with funding likely from sources deeply opposed to Iran).

Pope Benedict XVI urges 'greater opening' by Iran ~ link

UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon says South Lebanon incidents increase risk of conflict ~ link

Maronite Catholic Patriarch Sfeir: Hezbollah serving Iran's interests more than Lebanon ~ link

Karzai as Diem ~ link ~ Interesting comparison.

Save Christians and Pakistan from blasphemy law ~ link

AfPak: Illegal, Immoral, Fattening ~ link

Growing Tensions Apparent On Clinton's Pakistan Visit ~ link

Commuting to War ~ link ~ The armed UAV technology that is referred to in this article is 'like your father's armed UAV'.

A New Generation Rises at J Street ~ link ~ Jewish but pro-peace.

Does J Street's arrival signal a split in America's Israel lobby? ~ link ~

Impressive debut for the new 'kid on the block' ~ link

Central banks across the world cut liquidity - link ~ That's how you make a really bad situation truly world-class horrible!

Roubini: Global markets could soon crash ~ link ~ Just wait till a General Middle East War starts and the Persian Gulf is shut down, that will cause a REAL BIG CRASH.

Support for Tony Blair crumbles despite Brown's rescue mission ~ link ~ also link ~ My political bullshit detector is ringing like crazy! See: David Miliband shortlisted for 'foreign minister' of Europe ~ link ~ I think that this was the plan all along. Phony Tony as a secret stalking horse for Miliband. The position of President is more honorary; whereas the 'foreign minister' position has substantial power and independence. Miliband is a Zionist/Neocom close to the Rothschilds. As all of this is happening, Lord Mandelson will soon become the new British Prime Minister (remember his 'vacation' this summer with Rothschild), a World War III war-time PM.

EU near passage of Lisbon Treaty after Czech Republic wins exemption ~ link ~ This is a KEY STEP TOWARDS THE NEW WORLD ORDER and how EU will be organized for WWIII.

EU paving the way for a 'European empire' ~ link ~ The EU was shaped by Rothschild operatives at just about every step.

Gordon Brown: EU leaders in 'breakthrough' in climate talks strategy ~ link ~ Don't you feel so much better knowing that someone like Gordon Brown is taking of us. NOT!

The Volvo V70 plug-in hybrid estate van ~ link

Living with War ~ link

Dog helping dog - video ~ link ~ One smart dog.

Another interesting Bible Code found in the Old Testament ~ link

Argentina: Disappearing Farmers, Disappearing Food ~ link

Ecuador and Russia get close to one another ~ link ~ Blowback from the new American military bases in Columbia.

US feels threatened by Iran's Latin American relationships ~ link

Medvedev: Stalin's atrocities unjustifiable ~ link ~ Stalin was Illumunati, in fact there is a story that he (like Hitler) may have had Rothschild blood. During the USSR, somewhere between 80,000,000 and 100,000,000 people were killed by the communists, mostly during Stalin's time in office. This was pure satanism (ever notice the similarity in the name Satan and Stalin [an adopted name]).

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord,

we are so happy that we are able to witness WW3.

We are proud and full of hope to watch the last fight of mankind.

We have got enough water, medicine and food to survive for another two or three months.

We have always read your BLOG. So, we are save and sound.

The low temperatures here in Europe might be a problem. But Germans say:
Things that do not destroy us, will make us stronger.

Lord Stirling, this might be the last communication between you and us.
Please, take care.

We wish you and your loved ones all the best.

I hope, we all won't have to suffer for too long, when the last crusade with nukes has begun.

Rest in peace, Lord Stirling.

We will pray for you and your loved ones.

John Farmer