Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Lebanon discovers small rockets with timers aimed at Israel - with photo ~ link ~ This just screams 'false-flag operation'. Netanyahu wants his war on Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Palestine/Gaza NOW while the Jumpier Cobra war games are going on (most massive concentration of high tech anti-missile weaponry ever assembled in human history now in and off-shore of Israel thanks to Obama).

US National Security Advisor General Jim Jones (USMC-ret.): Iran will NOT be allowed to evade making a decision on the Vienna nuclear deal - NO OPTION IS OFF THE TABLE ~ link ~ The next few days could get very HOT!

Israel's nuclear capabilities - video ~ link ~ In reality the number of Israeli nukes is likely to be well over 600 making it the third largest nuclear power on Earth after USA and Russia and ahead of China, UK, France, India, Pakistan, and North Korea. I believe that the Israelis are using Laser Enrichment to manufacture weapons grade nuclear material. This is a process that was discovered at about the same time in America, the then West Germany and Israel, and something that you don't hear about anymore.

Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem calls on all Christian Churches to 'help defend' Al-Aqsa Mosque (Temple Mount) from Israeli raids ~ link ~ This Temple Mount thing is really scary - Right out of the Bible - End Times.

Jerusalem could pose a major new crisis ~ link ~ It really comes down to this: Bibi Netanyahu - the man most likely to start WWIII - will get his regional war with Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Gaza/Palestine one way or another. Also see: Some photos from Sunday's raid on the Temple Mount ~ link

Rocket and artillery fire traded across Lebanese/Israeli border - with video ~ link

Iran does not plan to ship all of the low grade enriched uranium - if it agrees to the basic Vienna nuclear deal - at once, but in installments - France says it must be shipped all at one time and by the end of this year - Iran to give its formal response on Friday ~ link ~ link ~ Iran's surrogates defeated Israel in the Second Lebanon War three years ago, and Iran's leadership feels that Israel is a 'paper tiger'. They drew the wrong conclusion from their victory in that war. Netanyahu and his war cabinet - regardless of the Iranian Advanced Biowar based MAD counter-force - intends to attack Iran because Iran is the only power that has effectively challenged Israel and they do not intend to allow this to continue to go unchecked. The chances of war are very high in the next few days as America has 17 of its most advanced guided missile warships defending Israel and its most advanced US Army air defense systems operating in Israel until Nov. 5 while the Jumpier Cobra war games are taking place.

Iran: The world cannot block our peaceful nuclear program while Israel has nuclear weapons ~ link ~ But Israel can, and that means Hell on Earth.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan pays tribute to his 'friend' Ahmadinejad ~ link

Saudi Arabian - Iranian hostility hits boiling point ~ link ~ This is a very good article; it speaks of the Saudi link to the killing of many of the most senior Revolutionary Guard commanders and how this effects the Iranian response to the Vienna nuclear proposal.

Syria's Power Play ~ link ~ I do not totally agree with this article; the visit of the Saudi King to Syria was mostly about trying to lure Syria away from its alliance with Iran. However, see this story: UK's neocon Foreign Minister says that a deal with Syria is 'worth waiting for' ~ link

Nuke Gaza: A World Gone Mad ~ link ~ Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman is an extremist in a cabinet of extremists. He is such a racist that even close 'friends' of Israel were shocked that Bibi Netanyahu made him the Foreign Minister.

US threats prompted Iran nuclear facility ~ link

Link to NutraMedical Report interview with Lord Stirling and Dr. Bill Deagle ~ link ~ I don't know how long this link will work but listen to it if you have the time/interest.

Afghan helicopter rumors refuse to die ~ link ~ This is a very important story. It concerns the reported transfer of Taliban fighters from the south to the north by ALLIED MILITARY HELICOPTERS. It reminds me of some of the crap that happened during the Vietnam War. Certain hidden forces want/profit from wars (like the private owners of the Federal Reserve System who profit from every dollar "loaned" to the US government for wars) and are not above doing things that are simply unbelievable to the average person. World War I and World War II have many such stories (like the Bush family connection to the German war machine in WWII).

Pakistan hit by massive car bomb explosion in busy market in Peshawar - Over 90 killed - Over 200 injured - with video ~ link ~ Who benefits from this evil; whose strategy benefits?

Taliban take over Afghan province ~ link ~ Thanks to a reader for sending me this story.

Several UN staff members in UN guest house in Kabul killed ~ link ~ link ~ More signs that the 8 year long Afghan War is a failure.

Brother of Afghan President said to be on CIA payroll ~ link ~ Also see: Karzai's brother linked to Heroin Trade ~ link ~ When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan they virtually eliminated the heroin trade.

The Rotten Fruits of War: US Drone Attacks over Pakistan ~ link

Secretary of State Clinton confronts rising hostility on visit to Pakistan ~ link ~ Spreading the Afghan War to Pakistan - a nuclear armed Pakistan with nuclear armed China as its 'big brother' and nuclear armed India as its enemy - is a crazy strategy.

11 Pakistani troops killed in last 24 hours ~ link

The Iraqi Time Bomb ~ link

China's Navy sails past India's dock ~ link ~ The Chinese Navy is being more 'visible' in India's 'backyard'. Over 300 border incursions this year on the China/India border. Remember that China is Pakistan's 'big brother' and is very concerned about the Afghan War spreading to Pakistan and the growing US/Israel/India axis.

George Soros: China must be a part of the New World Order- video ~ link ~ George is 'very close' to the Rothschilds.

Capitalist planning: We can't find a damn job! ~ link

Black Tuesday and a Return to Big Government - October 29th is the 80th Anniversary of Black Tuesday that began the Great Depression ~ link ~ As we head deeper and deeper every day into the Great Depression 2.0.

Fall of the US Dollar on G-20 Finance Ministers Scottish Meeting Agenda ~ link

Fifth death from the Swine Flu "Vaccine" in Sweden ~ link ~ Sweden is a good nation that seems to be open in reporting these deaths. I wonder if other deaths, in other nations, are not being reported as due to the "vaccine" but reported as due to other causes.

WHO memos of 1972 explains how to turn vaccines into a means of killing ~ link ~ Be smart, don't take any vaccine at the present time.

DHS surge shows a national security threat to USA posed by transnational street gangs ~ link ~ Like the Mexican gangs that are moving throughout America.

The Ideal Front Man for the Bush-Bama Regime - How to say absolutely nothing and make it sound good - video ~ link

Obama Administration: Pentagon prepares for HOMELAND (as in USA) military deployment ~ link

Lord Monckton: Obama posed to cede US sovereignty to create World Government over global warming - video ~ link ~ Most interesting!

Coalition Forms to Combat Cap and Trade ~ link ~ If the economy were really good, Cap and Trade would be insane. As it is, with a new Great Depression going on, Cap and Trade is beyond criminal, beyond crazy, it shows what the madness of "global warming" is about - THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

German party (junior partner in the new government) cool on Tony Blair for EU President - would prefer someone from a smaller nation ~ link ~ How about someone who is NOT a war criminal; who did NOT lie their nation into a unnecessary war for the Illumunati/Neocons/Israel.

Curry kills throat cancer cells ~ link ~ The curry spice tumeric (curcumin) is a great anti-viral/anti-fungal/anti-bacterial natural 'drug' that the drug companies would rather you not know about.

Tokyo starting to drift away from USA - 9,000 US Marines to move out of Japan - No F-22s for Japan ~ link ~ Blowback from the Neocon aggression of Bush/Obama and fears of a coming WWIII are key factors here, I believe.

Honduras - 100 Days of Resistance ~ link

Columbia - USA will sign a defense pack this week ~ link

Ecuador seeking Russian arms fearing US military buildup in Columbia ~ link

Russia's Hidden War - with video ~ link ~ A very good video.

99% pure water ice on Mars ~ link

Chinese general tells Gates that China will never seek military expansion ~ link ~ I wonder if this makes the people on Taiwan feel any better?

US Senator says experimental Russian ICBM would violate START ~ link

Rising star of German politics is the 37-year-old new Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg ~ link ~ His full name/title is Reichsfreiherr (Baron) Karl-theodor van und zu Guttenberg. Just to show that the United Kingdom is not the only European nation with titled cabinet ministers.

Mind Your Tweets: The CIA Social Networking Surveillance System ~ link ~ The reality in todays world is that the global banking families use the state security organizations to spy on as many people as possible and use mainframe super-computers to process the data. The are moving rapidly towards a high tech global police state/New World Order.

The Scientific Impossibility of Evolution??? ~ link ~ I personally believe in evolution but directed by God.

J Street thrilled by good turnout at first national conference ~ link ~ I like J Street!

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