Saturday, October 31, 2009

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To my readers: On weekends I often do a reduced update of my news blog, especially this weekend as it is my late wife's birthday and I don't feel like sitting in the office for hours. However, the dangers of a General Middle East War breaking out are very high. I will update the blog with breaking news on the Middle East when I can. God bless you all. Stirling

On the Eve of WWIII? ~ link ~ Good article. The real issue here, as I have said before, is NOT the Iranian nuclear program. It is the fact that the Iranians are standing up to the Israelis, and have established a strategic MAD (mutually assured destruction) counter-force (based on their extensive Advanced Biowar program and a large rocket/guided missile force in Iran/Syria/Lebanon armed with advanced conventional and chemical and radiological warheads) against the Israeli nuclear strategic force. The Persians (Iranians) do not intend to allow to happen to them what Israel (and its surrogates in the West) did to Iraq. The current Israeli government is so arrogant and insane that even a strategic MAD counter-force will not stop them. Hence we are on the verge of a General Middle East War that will involve massive use of WMD (weapons of mass destruction) on all sides with resulting horrific deaths not only in the Middle East but throughout the World. This is highly likely to trigger the Third World War that the global banking families/Illumunati want to establish their New World Order/new high tech global police state (with a dramatically reduced world population).

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Goldstone Report on Gaza War paves the way for indictment of Israeli officials by international courts ~ link ~ Another reason to start a General Middle East War, to bury all of this behind the far more massive horrors of a new war based on weapons of mass destruction use by all sides.

Thousands turn out at Irish Shrine in Knock, Ireland - Site of previous apparitions of St. Mary, St. Joseph, and St. John - Over 1,500,000 pilgrims per year - Local Archbishop disapproves ~ link ~ Did the Mother of God just appear there? Is this a final warning of the coming Armageddon that she has warned of in the past at various Church approved apparitions?

Ultrasecret NSA: Major role in new Federal Cybersecurity Center ~ link ~ Never think that your phone/fax/email/web surfing is private, its not. ~ Also see: US intelligence agencies spending rises to $49.8 billion/year ~ link ~ I am all for our intelligence agencies working to keep us safe, but the reality is that those who control the world - the global banking families/Illumunati - use these agencies as a tool to enslave us all.

Do direct stimulus jobs in USA really cost $533,000 each? ~ link ~ Actually the real cost is higher as the number of jobs created is much less than reported see ~ link

Nine failed banks seized in one day in USA ~ link

Tony Blair's hopes to be President of the EU look 'dead in the water' ~ link ~ Too bad, it couldn't happen to a nicer war criminal.

EU 'chiefs' drop Blair for Miliband as 'EU foreign minister' ~ link ~ This is all a nice scam. Phony Tony was really just a stalking horse for the man they really wanted in the more important post of 'EU foreign minister'. Miliband is a 44-year old Neocon/Zionist who will do what the Rothschilds want him to as we enter their End Game for the New World Order (WWIII).

Common links in Swine Flu deaths ~ link ~ Many have a co-occuring bacterial infection by Staphylococcus Aureus.

Honduras rival 'presidents' resolve deadlock ~ link ~ The big change between this coup and the many in the past in Latin America is that most of the other Latin American nations were strongly against the coup and many were actively working for a legal restoration. Also see: Deal in Doubt ~ link

The Art of Attention - video ~ link ~ Where Quantum Physics and Spirituality meet.

Stunning Pumpkin Carvings - photos ~ link ~ Happy Halloween.

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