Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Iran proposes major changes to draft Vienna nuclear deal ~ link ~ Iran just shot itself in the foot - Actually in both feet and both arms/etc. This is the opening that Netanyahu needs to begin the General Middle East War, which will quickly involved WMD and become World War III and Armageddon.

US-Israeli Missile Defense War Game Signals Israeli Attack On Iran - by Paul Craig Roberts (former US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Dept.) ~ link ~ I agree totally.

What a Nuclear War Would Look Like - video ~ link ~ This is where current events in the Middle East are taking us.

Iranian Foreign Minister: Iran dismisses Israeli threats ~ link ~ Bad mistake, REALLY BAD MISTAKE!

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: Foreign agents behind recent bloody attacks ~ link ~ Future historians will likely see these attacks, over roughly the last three weeks, as the beginning of the General Middle East War. I guess this puts to rest the rumors of the Supreme Leader's demise.

After US threat to Iran, Russia says Iran sanctions unlikely ~ link

Iran's mixed response on the Vienna nuclear deal ~ link ~ The real driver for the Netanyahu government's opposition to Iran is that Iran has and continues to stand up to Israel; it is not primarily a fear of a nuclear Iran. Iran has created a MAD (mutually assured destruction) strategic counter-force to Israel's nuclear strategic force, that is a massive Advanced Biowar program. It has, along with its partner Syria, funded/trained/equipped Hamas with a massive number of rockets and guided missiles in Lebanon; it has, with Syria, developed a massive guided ground-to-ground missile force with the world's largest chemical warfare program. All of this is basically in response the the continuing Israeli Grand Strategy of continued expansion, development of weapons of mass destruction and the delivery systems for them, the use of excessive military force against Palestinians including unarmed women and children (like in the recent Gaza War), and the use of America and allied nations to destroy Iraq and Afghanistan based on lies and false flag operations. I do not like the Iranian hard liners but I do understand that much of what they are doing is in response to Israeli and Neocon/Illumunati aggression. If Israel is to survive in the 21st Century it must change its Grand Strategy and decide to live in peace with its neighbors. It has way more nuclear weapons that it could possibly use for self defense (600+ nuclear weapons). So many, in fact, that it is a threat to Europe and the world. It is the world's third largest nuclear nation after Russia and America. For such a small nation that is truly obscene.

Congressman Ron Paul: Sanctions on Iran are an Act of War - video ~ link ~ I like Ron Paul. He is a rare bird in the US Congress: smart, honest, and pro-American.

US deploys Patriots in massive joint Israeli-US Juniper Cobra 10 war games ~ link ~ Actually the Patriots are the low-end of the missile technology that the US has deployed to Israel.

Iran is ready to cooperate on nuclear fuel but will not retreat on its nuclear rights ~ link ~ And that is all the opening that Bibi 666 Netanyahu needs to kick start WWIII. Also see: Iranian President says Iran and the West now cooperating on nuclear issue ~ link ~ Sure! ~ Also see: UN Sec.-Gen. Ban Ki-moon hails Iranian nuclear cooperation ~ link

Judge Richard Goldstone tells Bill Moyers that Israel is guilty of war crimes in Gaza War ~ link ~ Goldstone is both Jewish and a Zionist. He is NOT an anti-Semite nor a 'self-hating Jew'. There are some things that are so morally wrong that they have to be called for what they are. The Israelis went way over the top in the Gaza War killing unarmed civilians trapped in the Gaza. I said that at the time and knew that this would cause nothing but trouble for Israel. For a smart people, the people of the Jewish state of Israel are sure acting dumb. Israel better get its act together and soon, if it launches a war against the Persians (Iran) it will open a horrible 'can of worms' for itself and the world.

What Israel knocks down, the Palestinians raise up again - with video ~ link ~ This is a story of how to keep hatred going and bring danger to your small nation.

Israel's European Lobby ~ link ~ Israel is the victim of its own success. It so owns the American White House and Congress that it gets almost anything it wants. It does much the same in Europe, but not as totally successful. Like the kid with a key to the candy store, it can make itself sick with its success. Now Israel is on the verge of beginning a general Middle East War and America is right there with the largest amount of guided missile air defense equipment and high technology in a war setting in history (the current Jumpier Cobra war games in Israel). That the war will likely destroy Israel and take the world into WWIII/Armageddon is lost to the brilliant policy makers in Bibi Netanyahu's Cabinet.

Obama honors returning war dead ~ link ~ I am glad that he finally found the time to go out to the airport and honor a large group of dead US troops. It is a damn shame, however, that their brave deaths have not protected America or brought anything positive. They have been sacrificed for a hidden agenda based on evil intent and lies.

The Generals' Revolt ~ link ~ This is a Rolling Stone article on how the neocon war hawk generals are 'forcing' Obama to act to increase the war in Afghanistan. I have strong disagreements with some of what is said in this article. For one thing the article speaks of Al Qaeda, anyone with half a brain who studies what is going on in the world knows that Al Qaeda is the creation of the CIA and Mossad and does not exist as a terrorist force. Obama is the Commander-in-Chief. He alone has the power to bring our troops out of the two long-ongoing wars that they are in and the American people would support him in this. That he does not do this is reflective of the fact that he is simply a puppet to the global banking families and not to 'pressure' from a couple political puffed up four star generals.

Obama considering scaled-down Afghan War plan ~ link ~ Is he really? Or is this just the level of new troops that they always intended to have and all the rest was just sucker BS.

Twenty reasons America must stop both wars ~ link

India wants to purchase 50 more advanced Russian Su-30 multi-role fighters ~ link ~ These big Sukhoi fighters are a very good 4 1/2 Generation Jet Fighter. No comparison to the USAF F-22 but still damn good and the Indian Air Force has some very good pilots.

New US Military Bases on the Black Sea ~ link ~ Setting up a new Cold War. We could hardly afford the old one; now, with a new Great Depression, we definitely cannot afford the new one.

The Swine Flu Conspiracy - video ~ link

Mass Rejection of Swine Flu "Vaccine" Continues Throughout Europe - EXTREMELY LOW PERCENTAGES OF PEOPLE SAY THEY WILL TAKE IT ~ link ~ It looks like the power of information via bloggers is a really powerful force.

Massive Repudiation of American Government by Its Citizens: Very Low Flu 'Vaccination' Rate ~ link ~ Abe Lincoln said it best: "You can fool all of the people, some of the time. And some of the people, all of the time. But you cannot fool all of the people, all of the time." The Sheeple awake.

US Government launches deceptive Swine Flu propaganda blitz ~ link ~ Everything about this 'Swine Flu' and the soft kill "vaccine" is a lie and false flag operation. The virus could not have recombined the way it did in nature, it was lab created. The spread could have been controlled early on, but was not. The rush to "vaccinate" billions with a dangerous and mostly untested "vaccine" raises a sea of 'red flags' as to what really is going on here.

Attorney: CIA kept detainees alive to keep torturing them ~ link

Lord Stirling has a 600 year old Scottish title, in the grade of Baron, for sale at 50,000 British Pounds ~ link

Judge dismisses Obama eligibility challenge ~ link ~ Obama came out of nowhere and in no time became a US Senator and then President. When he was selected it was for political marketing reasons. But the global banking families and their Illumunati organization made sure that they 'had the goods on him'. They made him and they can break him, and he knows it! He is along for the ride, White House, Air Force One, USMC Marine One, etc., etc., but he is just a front man - Rahm is the 'real president'.

Democrats at long last roll out historic new US health care bill ~ link ~

GOP House Leader calls health bill, 1,990 pages of bureaucracy - video ~ link ~ I agree that 1,990 pages of a bill would likely create a massive new level of US government bureaucracy. However, I do not agree with him that Republicans are better for America than Democrats are. I think that both parties live in a Sea of Bullshit and Payoffs/Graft (that were legalized years ago as PACs) and are equally poisonous to America.

National wave of privatization scandals and disasters concealed from the public ~ link

Giant Australian cotton plantation going bankrupt ~ link

'Germany Inc.' on last breath as Deutsche Bank sells its ramining stake in Daimler ~ link ~ The globalists have brought us a global depression.

Ex-European Central Bank Chief Economist: Money multipliers have collapsed everywhere - confidence is missing ~ link ~ We are still in the fairly early stages of the new Great Depression 2.0.

What's still wrong with Wall Street? ~ link ~ Nothing that a good old fashioned 'neck tie party' could not solve.

USA Rich-Poor Income Gap is the World's Most Extreme ~ link ~ Damn!

Obama turns to the Financial Elite for Campaign Cash ~ link ~ And they willing give it because they own him.

Which way will Turkey turn - East or West? ~ link ~ I really disagree with the assumption that unless Turkey lines up with the neocon position on Iran, that it has turned away from the West.

Weird, rare and beautiful clouds and the physics behind them - photos ~ link

The Next Prime Minister - Lord Mandelson - First Peer as Prime Minister since Lord Salisbury took office in 1881 ~ link ~ I missed this one. The plan to allow Peers who are Cabinet officers to answers questions in the House of Commons, a profound change in Parliamentary policies, would allow a Prime Minister, who is a Peer and not a MP to answer questions at 'Prime Ministers Questions Time' in the House of Commons. Lord Mandelson, who is known for his brilliance and trickiness, must have personally come up with this one. If John Bercow, the House of Commons Speaker approves of the plan, Lord Mandelson could become the first Prime Minister who is a Peer, not an MP, since Lord Salisbury took office in 1881. It could also lead to a series of Prime Ministers who are not ever elected to office becoming Head of Government.

4 out of 5 Britons believe freedoms disappearing ~ link

Tony Blair as EU President Bad for United Kingdom ~ link ~ Tony doesn't care; Gordon doesn't care.

'Dwarf' Luxembourg attack threatens Tony Blair's EU Presidency dreams ~ link

PM Brown said ready to "buy off" France and Germany to get Blair the Presidency of the EU ~ link

As PM Gordon Brown assigns top officials to help Tony Blair, insiders warm Blair to begin active fight for the job or lost it ~ link ~

UK police use fascist law to raid thousands of private safety deposit boxes forcing owners to spend a fortune in legal fees to 'prove their innocence' - Now government will have to pay out a fortune in settlements ~ link ~ Labour is nothing but a bunch of want-a-be fascists, who are as much clowns as brownshirts.

Jack Straw Exposed: Labour plotted to change ethic make-up of UK without telling (much less getting consent from) the citizens ~ link ~ Jack Straw, the Lord Chancellor who just could not tell the difference between Scots Peerage Law and English Peerage Law in my peerage claim. Of course, I had refused to pay Labour one million pounds to get Cabinet members to follow the law. These jokers will do anything, they have no morals. See my book: CASH FOR PEERAGES: THE SMOKING GUN ~ link

UK local councils get 'Al Capone' type powers to seize assets over minor legal offenses ~ link ~ It is going to be very hard for the British people to get out from this growing fascism. They have to elect a government that is not owned by the Rothschilds and that Ilk and that excludes the Tories as well as corrupt Labour.

Congressman will kill US health care bill if it does not have provision to ban government funding of abortions ~ link ~ Good!

What if politicians told the truth - video - humor ~ link

Are the current apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Knock, Ireland, real? ~ link ~ There is a lot going on in this world at this time and that includes in the Spiritual arena. But that does not mean that the Knock, Ireland apparitions are real, nor does it mean that they are not.

Video of a massive day-time 10-meter wide asteroid hitting Indonesia on October 8th ~ link

Pope Benedict XVI plans trip to Turin in May to view Holy Shroud ~ link ~ Also see Holy Face Association site (information on the Holy Shroud and very relaxing music) ~ link

How was this woman healed? ~ link ~ Divine Mercy is something that we can all use in these dangerous times.

Prototype of biped walking human-like robot - video ~ link

Medvedev wants Russian nuclear spaceship ~ link

Somali man who is 112 years old marries girl of 17 ~ link

Jupiter's red storms may indicate massive climate change ~ link

European Robins can actually see the Earth's magnetic field ~ link

Ghost Mall: World's largest and loneliest shopping mall ~ link ~ Not a ghost story, just a story about really bad real estate strategy.

California Governor Schwarzenegger in hidden email message ~ link ~ Along the same lines, I once considered using a 'pen name' for a book, Upton Youssh Assahome (I forget the correct of the middle name, it was a Arab name, but you get the idea).

Baby Boomers Battle Hymn ~ link ~ LOVE IT. This really hits home.

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