Tuesday, October 27, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Rare and historically important 600+ year old Scottish title of Baron for sale - GBP 50,000 ~ link

Iran to 'accept' nuclear fuel deal but wants key changes ~ first link is Iranian site ~ link ~ link (second link is BBC) ~ I believe this to be a major mistake on the part of the nuts in Iran's government. They are giving the nuts in Israel's government a window of opportunity to kill any deal and begin the war.

Iranian Oil Bourse Inaugurated ~ link ~ Global oil bourse operations have been the exclusive preserve of the Rothschild family in London. This has a "little" something to do with the support that the nuts in Netanyahu's government are getting from the North American and European political class, for their coming war on Iran.

French Foreign Minister warns that Israel will attack Iran unless it gets what it wants ~ link

Are you middle class? - Maybe not for long ~ link ~ What is happening is not only destroying the middle class but will force a lasting economic status change upon us all and a great deal of suffering. Remember, this is all deliberate and brought to you by the tiny super-elite of the trillionaire global banking families and their Illumunati organization and their bought-and-paid-for political class.

Big banks aim fees at those who avoid debt and pay their bills on time ~ link ~ Few things could prove the criminal nature of these banking institutions as this. They are extortionists and robber barons, their day in the sun needs to end before they destroy us all.

What's Behind The False Flag Swine Flu Emergency? ~ link ~ This entire Swine Flu experience is a classic false flag operation, based on lies, not telling the truth, bioengineered viruses, and Illumunati operations.

Vaccine - Induced Epidemics Outbreaks: The Engineering of 'Pandemics' by Dr. True Ott ~ link ~ What 'Big Pharma' does not want you to know.

Ontario Province of Canada has a civilian 'Special Investigations Unit' that can and does bring charges agsinst police officers for abuse of citizens/etc. - 13 police officers charged so far this year ~ link ~ Good program. We need this in the UK and USA and throughout the EU and the rest of the world.

October has become the deadliest month in Afghanistan War since the invasion of 2001 ~ link ~ Well we have to get "what's his name .... you know that 6'6" tall Arab guy"; or bring democracy to the Afghans; or "stop terrorism"; or whatever. No one even knows WHY we are fighting there and our great leader, Mr. Obama, continues to expand this war at great cost (in lives lost, bodies injured, and our Depression economy trashed even further); and the American bought-and-paid-for Congress goes right on authorizing the checks for all of this as our entire economy is collapsing before our very eyes.

US Foreign Service official - a USMC combat vet - resigns over the Afghan War - Says he no longer knows why his nation is fighting there ~ link ~ The man has courage and is a real American, something few in the Administration or Congress (or the political class as a whole) knows little about.

Lord Stern of Brentford wants people to stop eating meat to fight global warming ~ link ~ You can count on the fact that Lord Stirling does not feel this way. I LOVE a good thick juicy steak and I don't believe in global warming.

Unstoppable Solar Cycles - video ~ link ~ How that 'big thing' up in the sky, that comes up every morning in the East and sets every evening in the West, controls the Earth's climate. And it is NOT the same year after year, it has cycles. Al Gore and all the rest, who are hawking this false science of 'global warming' are just trying to sell the world's public a false 'bill of goods' to tax us all into poverty.

The Big Chill - video from the EU Parliament ~ link ~ A short but very powerful statement by Mr. Godfrey Blue, MEP (UKIP) on the false science of 'global warming'.

Bishop fined 12,000 Euros for 'denying the Holocaust' ~ link ~ Why does this one aspect of history require criminal laws to force people not to express unapproved views?

Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) - We are "trying on every front to increase the role of government" - video ~ link ~ Ralph Nader really blasts dear old Barney on this video.

Something really scary for Obama's Democrats ~ link

Tony Blair's errors will curse Britain for decades ~ link

President Tony Blair would be a great travesty ~ link ~ Blair is a war criminal, a master lier, and the worst type of political scum. Other than that, I have no opinion about him.

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