Monday, October 26, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Turkey's Prime Minister: Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman threatened to nuke Gaza ~ link ~ This is apt to be true. Lieberman is a fascist/racist who would not be above killing millions of men/women/children; he is an extremist in a Cabinet of extremists.

Iran voices doubts about nuclear deal ~ link ~ It takes two to fight, and these nuts are giving the nuts in the Netanyahu Government all the 'cover' that they need to launch the war! Also see: Iran 'may' ship 'part' of its low enriched uranium abroad ~ link

Russia: World powers should use 'maximum patience' on Iran ~ link ~ The alternative is likely to include WWIII.

Iran helped Syria acquire WMD and missile technology ~ link ~ Syria has also acquired some North Korean mini-subs, that are very useful for laying high tech mines (the type that hide on the ocean floor and listen for the right ship sounds and fire underwater missiles.

Muslims riot atop Jerusalem's Temple Mount ~ link ~ I am trying to use Israeli and Muslin and outside sources for links to this story. The real issue here, is not who is to blame, but the fact that the Israeli/Arab (Muslin) conflict has now moved part of its center to the holy site of the first two ancient Jewish Temples. A location most holy to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. This is End Times right-out-of-the-Bible territory!

Israeli Police battle Arab rioters on the Temple Mount - Senior Palestinian Authority advisor arrested ~ link

Jews Lobby 'to Remove Al-Aqsa Mosque' ~ link

Arrests at Temple Mount in Jerusalem - with video ~ link

Russia, Iran and the Biden Speech ~ link ~ Tie-in between ending the Poland/Czech - US BMD program and Russian policies toward Iran.

Death toll from twin bombings in the heart of Baghdad now 155 ~ link ~ After thousands of allied deaths, and over a million Iraqi deaths, and spending America into a new Great Depression we still cannot control even the capitol of Iraq!

14 Americans killed as three helicopters go down in Afghanistan ~ link ~ It could be that the enemy is using anti-aircraft missiles. However, increased fighting also means more accidents.

Nine people file 'poisoning attempt' charges against the French H1N1 campaign ~ link ~ Good.

Nurses get sick from Swine Flu "Vaccine" in Sweden - Now 190 adverse reactions and 1 suspected death ~ link ~ If you are considering taking the "vaccine" DON'T. If you already have taken the "vaccine" PRAY.

Capmark - one of the largest US commercial real estate finance companies - files for bankruptcy with $21 Billion in Debt ~ link ~ This is the beginning of the Commercial Real Estate Meltdown! The next stage in the still unfolding Great Depression 2.0.

A desert for jobs and no end in sight ~ link ~ Never forget, this Depression (like all before it) has been systemically planned and put into operation. The global banking families intend to destroy the world's middle class and even a large part of the upper class. They and they alone will be allowed to have great power and great wealth and any effective influence in their satanic high tech New World Order police state, following the coming global war.

Detroit house auction flops for urban wasteland ~ link ~ Total vacant land in Detroit now occupies an area about the size of Boston!

Great Depression 2.0 ~ link ~ Good article.

Are you ready for the Next Crisis? - with video - by Paul Craig Roberts (former Assistant US Secretary of the Treasury) ~ link ~ He argues that, based on the state of the American economy and the way the government treats its people, the USA has entered the ranks of failed states.

American Preeminence Is Disappearing Fifteen Years Early ~ link

The US Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex - video ~ link

The History of the House of Rothschild ~ link ~ Pure distilled evil.

The Real Climate Change Catastrophe - How a handful of scientists have pushed flawed global warming theories for years, now threaten to take mankind back to the Dark Ages ~ link

UK Tories: No cash bonus for bankers over 2,000 pounds ~ link ~ It is a small step, but still a good step in the right direction.

New German government wants withdrawal of all US nuclear weapons on German soil ~ link ~ This is a major step. It will mean that there are no American nukes in Germany, for the first time since the late 1940s.

North Korean ICBM launch base finished ~ link

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