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Very rare Scottish title of Baron for sale at GPB 50,000 ~ link

Israel SHARPLY increasing large military buildup near Lebanon - Israel puts troops on alert - Lebanon readies its army for war - Massive US-Israeli "war games" continue ~ link ~ Folks, this is a most dangerous sign. This is the type of event that military intelligence officers are most on alert for. The sudden and rapid build up of a military expeditionary force on an enemy's border.

Extremist Israeli Jewish organizations demanding that the 'Al-Aqsa Mosque' and the 'Dome of the Rock' be moved to Mecca ~ link ~ Talk about starting WWIII and making it religious in nature ... as in "Armageddon"!

Rabbis calling for a JEWISH ASCENT TO THE TEMPLE MOUNT ~ link ~ The END is coming.

ONLY Force Will Determine Jerusalem's Fate ~ link ~ I think that we are turning a corner. Going into really strange, very Biblical territory here!

Violent fighting at Temple Mount - One of the World's holiest sites ~ link

Arabs and Israeli police clash near Temple Mount ~ link ~ Not a good sign, and I don't just mean in the short term/localized sense of the term "not a good sign". This area is key to the End Times.

Israeli police storm Temple Mount ~ link ~ Of all the hottest 'hot spots' on Earth, this is the most sensitive area - Sacred to three religion groups (Christian, Jewish, and Muslin), See also: Hamas: War will settle Jerusalem dispute - not talks ~ link ~ Also see: Israeli troops attack Al-Aqsa worshipers ~ link ~ From the other perspective.

Clashes at the Temple Mount - 'Jewish conquest' rumors ~ link

Iran misses nuclear deadline for deal in western defiance ~ link ~ Maybe the killing of the senior Revolutionary Guards officers pissed them off; maybe the Supreme Leader really is dead and poisoned and that pissed them off; maybe the explosions in Lebanon pissed them off; maybe the "accidental" crash of the sole Iranian AWACS aircraft pissed them off; maybe the non-delivery of the Russian S-300 air defense system pissed them off; maybe the largest American-Israeli 'war games' in history pissed them off; maybe they are a 'whole lot' NUTS also, and the extremists in Iran need to hate the extremists in Israel and vice versa; maybe we're all screwed if this 'deal' blows up.

War now more likely after Iran has missed the nuclear deal deadline ~ link ~ This is now becoming more and more like a slow motion train wreck that you see happening but cannot stop it. Only this is far, far, far worst than any train wreck in history....In fact it could be the end of history as we know it if it ends up starting World War III.

After 30 years of peace, Israel still makes Egyptians uneasy ~ link ~ Uneasy maybe, but alive and safe. What is so wrong with 30 years of peace?

Obama, Medvedev and Sarkozy in telephone talks over Iranian nuclear issues ~ link

Bibi to Obama: When Hell freezes we will discuss a Settlements freeze ~ link ~ A rational strategy for Israel would be to disengage from expansion and to build a groundwork for real peace, one that would dis-empower nations like Iran instead of empowering them, while maintaining a strong defense.

Israeli push to change the 'Law of War' ~ link ~ More evil from that master of evil, Bibi Netanyahu.

From Haaretz: As occupier Israel must face up to Goldstone report ~ link ~ How dare they publish such anti-Semitic stuff ... oh, hold it, 'they' are the largest newspaper in Israel and pro-Israel. When I, or others, say the same thing, many want to use the label anti-Semitic but that is simply bullshit used to hid bad policy/bad strategy/and evil actions.

Mass disruption of former Israeli PM Olmert speaking in San Francisco - video ~ link ~ Even with the total support of the six mega-media companies now controlling most news and information/entertainment media in America, the Israeli war hawks simply cannot get full support for their, increasingly insane. strategic war policies from the American public.

Upcoming 65th anniversary of the D-Day Normandy invasion may be the last - with video ~ link ~ My parents generation is now mostly gone; my grandparents generation is almost totally gone to the Ages.

The "Throne Clones" - Striking photo comparisons between current British royalty and ancestors ~ link

British growing weary of living in 'the surveillance society' ~ link ~ Almost 65 years after the United Kingdom and allies defeated fascism, it is becoming more and more a high tech fascist nation.

Dishonest Tony Blair and Jack Straw were hiding secret plan to force multiculturalism in bid to end the "Britishness" of the modern United Kingdom ~ link ~ I can show in court that Tony Blair and others, including Jack Straw, violated Human Rights laws by not following Scots Peerage Law and authorizing a Royal Resettlement-by-Letters Patent of my titles (to end sexist male only succession rules). Under the laws of a number of nations, I can sue these persons and go after their personal assets for human rights violations as government officials under 'universal human rights jurisdiction' laws.

Neocon Miliban supports neocon Blair for EU President ~ link

Impact of Pope's decree begins to dawn on Anglican Church members ~ link

Asylum seekers in Europe from war-torn Iraq and Afghanistan being sent home ~ link ~ Back to the killing fields.

Britons (84%) believe War in Afghanistan is failing - with video ~ link ~ The cost in blood, maiming of people, is massive; the cost to British, American, NATO, etc. economies is also massive at a time of global Depression, yet this senseless war - founded on the 9/11 False Flag lies - continues regardless of how the public feels or votes. The public has allowed evil bastards to usurp their democracy and to impose this moral and economic destruction upon the public and the people in Afghanistan and now Pakistan.

British "right-wing" party, the British National Party, now has over 20% support from UK citizens ~ link ~ The British are beginning to wake up to the fact that the Conservative and Labour parties are simply 'flip sides of the same coin', serving not the public but the globalist bankers. The Liberal Democrats could be the lead party but they are simply still too like the two major parties. They could change this, if they had the moral courage and balls to do so, but so far they don't seem to have what it takes. Remember however, what Lenin said shortly after the Communists revolution, "I must busy myself and organize the opposition". See also this view from an American mainstream news media organization (Time) ~ link

The American Self Immolation, Truly a Sight to See ~ link

A few good kids? How the 'No Child Left Behind Act' allows US military recruiters to collect information on millions of unsuspecting teens ~ link ~ You know, I am a supporter of America and allied nations maintaining armed forces to defend themselves and their people. But, like in the Vietnam War, the two on-going wars are not about American defense or American interests. The kids being recruited into the armed forces today are simply going into a meat grander to serve the evil intentions of the hidden forces controlling America and much of the World.

State of Tennessee leading fight by states to boycott unconstitutional federal laws ~ link ~ The amount of laws and regulations by the Federal Government that are unconstitutional is staggering both in its scope and in its overall number.

Former FBI Director Freeh granted Iralian citizenship ~ link ~ There is no bar to Americans receiving one or more dual citizenships. I was considered for dual British citizenship; but I was a 'bad boy', I would not pay Blair and company a million pounds for a life peerage and for a Resettlement-by-Letters Patent to end the sexist rules of male only succession to my titles ~ See my book, CASH FOR PEERAGES: THE SMOKING GUN ~ link

The WALL STREET ECONOMIC DEATH SQUAD ~ link ~ WOW - Read this one!
the financial elite who control the economy have robbed us all. They have launched a war on us and declared us the enemy. We are a population of people that they have been focused on eliminating. This is a deadly serious issue we are facing here.

The consequences of default - What happens when a nation goes broke? - video ~ link ~ Good video, give it a little time, it has some interesting comments.

'First Daughters' have NOT been vaccinated against (A/H1N1) Swine Flu ~ link ~ Just like in Germany, the people at the top are NOT TAKING the Swine Flu "Vaccination". That should be a really MASSIVE RED FLAG to everyone!

Obama declares National Emergency over Swine Flu ~ link ~ The powers assumed by such a declaration may be worse that the Flu itself.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko formally enters tight Presidential race ~ link ~ Yulia (Julia) is running against Viktor Yanukovich, a strongly pro-Moscow candidate and the current President Neocon Viktor Yushchenko. Yulia, like so many of her nation's women, is beautiful. But the election is not about beauty but serious choices about the future for the people of the Ukraine. She is popular as is Yanukovich; Yushchenko however is widely disliked.

Expert: UN Resolutions would create 'global blasphemy law' ~ link ~ I always have a problem with so-called 'hate speech' laws and the like. All want to control Freedom of Speech, which is something I, and most rational intelligent people, support.

Whatever happened to Russian judicial reform? ~ link

China's most senior general on official visit to USA - with video ~ link

'Ditch Tony Blair' sets off the EU presidency job steeplechase ~ link

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