Saturday, October 24, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

EU states near agreement on EU 'diplomatic service' ~ link ~ Actually, the EU Parliament wants to control this service and it is not as simple as the article makes it to be.

US-Israel war games start as deadline for Iran draws near ~ link

Israeli War Crimes - videos - Judge Goldstone challenges US over Gaza report ~ link ~ Interesting.

Israeli Navy interested in two German warships ~ link

Israeli Government fears J Street ~ link ~ J Street, a pro-peace Jewish group, is one of my favorite groups.

Obama's Delay, Or Why Israel Might Nuke Iran ~ link

Pakistani Army Chief may declare State of Emergency ~ link ~ The Afghan War has become the Afghan-Pakistan War.

Key Pakistan Air Force complex bombed ~ link

The French Connection - History of the House of Rothschild ~ link ~ Agents of satan.

Obama Declares Since Flu 'National Emergency' - Martial Law to Follow? ~ link

Swine Flu: Path to Martial Law? ~ link

Graphic Evidence Shows Vaccines Didn't Save Us ~ link

Flu Shot permanently disables cheerleader - video ~ link ~ If you are thinking of taking any vaccine at this time - watch this.

Deaths from Swine Flu "Vaccine" reported ~ link

Ever-Present Surveillance Rankles British ~ link ~ There is no real reason for this high tech surveillance except that the Illumunati are planning massive death, economic collapse and a total police/slave state for our future. The political whores are selling us down the river as fast as they can to the global banking elite.

Cyber Resistance ~ link ~ Don't forget about Cyber Surveillance - The powers that be like to watch everyone on the Internet. Ultimately, you have to just say to them to go to Hell. That you will not be a slave to them.

"Do you think they might be hiding something? - video ~ link ~ This is a great short video from a US Congressional hearing where the General Counsel of the Federal Reserve System is 'grilled', especially on the issue of the Fed manipulating the US stock market.

Financial Machinations: The Global Debt Crisis is Destroying the Economic Structure ~ link ~ Satanic dark clouds are spreading everywhere in the global economy, in politics, in health, in war, etc.

Herding the Sheep ~ link ~ How the US Government is using Psyops against the American people to hid how bad things in the economy really are.

The Great Banking Scam - video ~ link ~ How the big banks are using taxpayers money to get richer, and paying themselves as as their own debtors, and using the money to buy out vast amounts of the economy.

Great Power Confrontation in the Indian Ocean - The Geo-Politics of the Sri Lankan Civil War ~ link

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