Friday, October 23, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

I am sorry that the posts have been so limited, I am having some problems with the site. Hope to have this all fixed soon. Stirling

Iran will not answer draft proposal on nuclear issues until middle of next week ~ link

A British nuclear expert at the Vienna Iran nuclear talks died after falling from the 17th floor of a UN building ~ link ~ Strange, very strange.

Russia will continue to supply arms to Iran ~ link

Israeli spies busy in USA ~ link

Afghanistan opium production reaches 6,900 tons ~ link ~ This is one of the real reasons that we are fighting in the Afghan War, to protect the source of opium and heroin for the true drug lords - the Illumunati. When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan they almost totally eliminated all opium production.

Head of Russian National Security Council: Russia 'needs to be ready for large-scale conflicts' ~ link

Russia pledges military cooperation with Iran ~ link

Fed Chairman Bernanke demands austerity from Washington ~ link ~ Head fox, having just raided the hen house and dripping with chicken blood, demands hen house security.

Church of England priests say they are tempted to join Rome ~ link

Anglican leaders 'welcome' Vatican move but raise questions ~ link ~ This is the beginning of the end for the Church of England and the worldwide Anglican congregation. It will end up that most will join the Catholic Church, some will go to the Western Rite of those Orthodox churches that have a Western Rite, a few will stay separate but conservative, and the gays and far out not-really-Christians will stay but their numbers will be smaller and smaller all the time as their theology is so muddled that most can't agree on what they believe in.

Obama in worst presidential poll drop in over 50 years ~ link

The White House does not want you to see this ~ link ~ Job creations projections vs. real job loss. BS vs. Truth.

US Senator Lamar Alexander accuses Obama of building an 'enemies list' ~ link ~ I like Lamar.

Most people want to die in their homes but don't get to ~ link

Medvedev and oligarch: Locking horns over the issue of corruption ~ link


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

We would like to inform you and your dear readers that a
well-known homosexual will be the minister of foreign affairs of the FDG (Germany).

This is weird, isn't it?

What do you think, the ministers of Arabic countries will feel like, when they have to communicate and negotiate with a gay minister of foreign affairs?
He will damage Germany's reputation in the world.

We think, that this is a shame.

Germany is on the road to hell.
The satanic illuminati are about to destroy all moral standards that civilised peoples have been developing for hundreds of years.

Pray for us, pray for God's beloved land and people, the brave people of Germany.

Anonymous said...

anon @ October 23, 2009 12:13 PM... we hear you.The entire West has been under attack for decades. The assault is out in the opne now and the uprisings are desired for Ordo Ab Chao,which is why the draconian laws go beyond those in the USA.The Illuminists are clever which is why Stirling goes from monts for an attack on Iran to weeks to days and backpedals to to an indetermite timefrane as peace looks like it is upon us.The Bible says "When they say peace,then sudden destruction cometh upon them,and that the world says" peace,peace,when there is no peace.The quickening has begun,and guys like Williams on AJ's show are being fed disinformation.This is not going to go the route of Fabiainism as in the past.They timetable was changed as there is an awakening.Not only with the eligbility lawsuits being tossed,but with actions against Corp US which are the real threat to the elites.Much more than AJ,other patriots talk show pundits,or prognosticators,although I think Qualye could be right this time.I think things are going to go crazy before year's end. Would like your take on all this on future articles Stirling.

Anonymous said...

I read your news every day;I need to say you have very good points of view!

Canada Guy said...

Instabilty and war are the primary factors responsible for increased opium production in Afghanistan. Before the Soviet invasion, and during the brief rule of the Taliban, opium production was either very limited, or deliberated curtailed. Soon after the war is over, production is likely to plummet.