Thursday, October 22, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Israel and US begin largest ever war games over next two weeks ~ link

Iran has not yet said that it will accept the nuclear deal ~ link ~ Early reports were much more positive. Now, we will see - soon. If they reject this deal, LOOK OUT - all hell will break out before the end of the Israeli American war games on November 5th. Also see ~ link

Iranian Deputy Parliament Speaker rejects the nuclear draft - Israeli officials told to keep quite ~ link ~ The Deputy Speaker was not speaking for the Government of Iran.

Israel and Iran attend secret nuclear meeting in Cairo ~ link ~Also see this story ~ link ~ Iran denies this, of course.

Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack H. Obama - Part 1 of 12 - video ~ link

Banking and Intelligence sources warn of possible nuclear device attacks in US cities ~ link ~ How credible is this? Who knows, but you can count on the fact that any such attack will be a FALSE FLAG OPERATION just like 9/11 was in the US and 7/7 was in the UK, etc.

North Korean nuclear negotiator prepares to travel to America ~ link

America's Phony War in Afghanistan ~ link ~ Good article!

Obama and the fiscal crisis of the states ~ link ~ Several states are near default. Having given the banks/Wall Street $12.8 TRILLION, Obama has only given about $30 billion in assistance to the states. Government for and by the large banks and the global banking families and the rest of us be damned.

Enslavement by a New Copenhagen Protocol to the Climate Change Treaty ~ link ~ All this 'global warming', Cap and Trade, etc., is a giant global tax based on false science. It is simply one part of the Illumunati plan to enslave the world.

Anti-Pakistan terrorists are equipped with US, Indian, Israeli and German weapons ~ link ~ Make no mistake Pakistan is a target and the war in Afghanistan is deliberately spread to Pakistan.

A War Crime Whitewash - by Rabbi Michael Lerner ~ link ~ I like Rabbi Lerner, he is a good man.

Goldstone to Obama: Show me flaws in Gaza report ~ link

J Street and the Poet ~ link

Power struggle over EU's new foreign service ~ link

EU environment ministers set strategy ahead of Copenhagen UN climate negotiations ~ link

Talks fail in Bosnia - Paralysis? ~ link

UN: Afghan run-off election has huge challenges ~ link

Life Before Death - photos ~ link ~ Very interesting article with lots of photos of Afghanistan and some background information that I have never hear before.

Ethiopia seeks urgent food assistance for 6.2 million people due to prolonged drought ~ link ~ The entire Horn of Africa area is in trouble.

US Vice President Joe Biden: It's a Depression for Millions of Americans ~ link

A Goldman Sachs Surprise ~ link

Truth about the Fed from an actor - video ~ link

Somali pirates seize cargo ship off of East Africa - 26 Crew held hostage ~ link ~ If the world's navies cannot stop this, we may need to go to armed convoys in that area for all shipping.

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