Wednesday, October 21, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Lord Stirling will be on the NutraMedical Report (national talk radio show) today from 4-5pm Chicago time.

Iran and Western Powers have reached an agreement in Vienna talks on exporting existing Iranian nuclear fuel to Russia for further enrichment - with video ~ link ~ It looks like PEACE won!

Iran and the Three Powers have until this Friday to OK their nuclear deal ~ link ~ Things could still go wrong, but I doubt it at this late stage.

Iran agrees 'in principle' to place 80% of its existing enriched uranium beyond military use ~ link

IDEA lays out draft nuclear deal for Iran and the West ~ link

The Construction of the Iran "Threat": The Iran versus the USA-Israel-NATO ~ link

Eyeing Iran: Juniper Cobra ~ link

The Dark Side of the 'Special Relationship' between America and Israel ~ link

Afghanistan run-off scheduled - Unlikely to end stalemate ~ link ~ Yes but it allows Obama to claim that 'democracy' is working there and to continue with the expansion of the war.

New Afghanistan vote - Stability is 'unclear' ~ link

Farce in Kabul, Tragedy in Pakistan - Obama Administration is only making it worse ~ link ~ Worse is profitable for the war profiteers and the Federal Reserve System owners who are "loaning" America the money to fight these unnecessary wars.

Americans: Their Smiley-Face Facade and Reality ~ link

Democratic Tyrants Rule the U.S. ~ link ~ Good article by a retired elected sheriff.

The Cheney Gene ~ link ~ Dick Cheney, one of the bastards that ran the 9/11 False Flag operation.

Spying on Americans: The Bipartisan National Security State ~ link

Senator Lamar Alexander tells Obama not to create an 'enemies list' ~ link

Revised Formula puts 1 in 6 Americans in Poverty ~ link ~ Time for the Sheeple to wake up and force some real changes (not the Obama bullshit concept of "change").

US Treasury Special Inspector General for TARP says American bailout program increased 'moral hazard' by infusing capital into the banks that caused the financial crisis in the first place ~ link ~ No kidding! At least he went on record as stating this.

Governor of the Bank of England says that the British people will be paying for the cost of the financial crisis FOR A GENERATION ~ link ~ Bring back the 'chopping block' for the global bankers - a fine old English tradition, rather like the American 'neck tie party'.

Senior French economic advisor to Sarkozy says America is trying to inflate away debt ~ link

Special Swine Flu update - with videos ~ link ~ We are seeing people who have been infected with Swine Flu earlier re-infected because the virus has changed so much. This is not normal for a flu virus and is indicative of one or both of the following: The virus is genetically engineered (which we know to be true) and genetically engineered viruses tend to be unstable; and/or Someone is deliberately mutating the virus.

The Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex ~ link ~ Good article.

California nurses plan statewide strike at 37 Catholic hospitals over Swine Flu conditions in the hospitals ~ link

Obama gets seasonal flu shot but not Swine Flu "vaccine" ~ link

German Chancellor Merkel in row over her government's 'two-tier' Swine Flu "vaccine" program - One for 'government-only', the other type for the public ~ link ~ This should tell you something.

Germans unhappy with alternative Swine Flu vaccine for politicians ~ link ~ Politicians, who deal in lies and bullshit all the time, know when someone is peddling lies to them - they want NO PART of the normal Swine Flu "Vaccine".

Europeans are REJECTING the Swine Flu "Vaccines" ~ link ~ It was Abe Lincoln that said, "You can fool some of the people, all of the time. And you can fool all of the people some of the time. But you can't fool all of the people all of the time."

Pope's opening to the Anglican community could see 1,000 Church of England priests become Catholic priests and many thousands more throughout the World ~ link ~ link ~ The extremists in the Anglican community are so far "left" that many no longer quality as 'Christian' under the commonly accepted rules of what constitutes a Christian - the Nicene Creed. The kooks have effectively destroyed the Anglican world wide community and in those parishes where they dominate, generally church attendance is very low.

Turkey's tough policy on Israel is what some EU states want to have ~ link ~ Fears of being perceived as "anti-Semitic" are what is stopping them. This is reflective of the very successful policy of Israel and its supporters in the world to always label Israel as a 'victim'. The flip side of this strategy is that it allows the extremists in Israel too much room to run with crazy strategies that end up endangering both Israel and the world.

New York subways get atheist ads ~ link ~ Atheism is a 'religion', one opposed to God.

France's monarch-president on the frontline ~ link ~ Although the term "monarch-president" is not a legal term, the President of France is also a reining co-monarch of another European nation, Andorra, where he (along with a Spanish Catholic Bishop) is Co-Prince of Andorra. Just a 'tidbit of trivia'.

One mainframe to rule them all - 1 of 5 videos on RFID chips ~ link

Was America attacked by Muslins on 9/11? ~ link ~ No.

The JFK Assassination: New York Times acknowledges CIA deceptions ~ link ~ George Bush (the First) was a key CIA operative in the Assassination!

Will Brazil be able to solve the Rio crime problem before the Olympics? ~ link ~ It will have to put a lot of money into its economy to change the lives of its poor in Rio to have an effective solution.

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"THINK POSITIVE" ; yeah, right :I'll pay my tax, I'll get the vaccine, I'll get microchiped, I'll do like they say,I'll ...... ; - oh, wait a minute?!, this is a feudal system;but-but... I tought AMERICA is a DEMOCRATIC country! Anyway,you don't need to worry because you know I'm RELIGIOUS,but what is most important,you know "I ALLWAYS THINK POSITIVE" ; 'PEOPLE' you need to understand all this things and wake up! Be free,"FREEDOM IS NOT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT BECAUSE ONLY YOU CAN MAKE YORESELF YOUR FREEDOM"