Tuesday, October 20, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Talks in Vienna hit snags on second day ~ link ~ May continue on Wednesday ~ link ~ Iran says talks will not curb nuclear drive ~ link ~ Peace or War hinges on these talks!

Jumpier Cobra war games begin Wednesday (October 21 to November 5) - Massive amount of anti-missile defensive hardware with multi-billion dollar US Navy and US Army equipment involved (the very best that America has) ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ If there is going to be a strike on Iran it is very logical that it will happen during this 'drill' when all the high tech equipment and people are in position to defend Israel from Iranian and Syrian missiles.

Hezbollah receives 300 SCUDS ~ link ~ If war breaks out it will be a massive nightmare from Hell.

Iran could reject western terms for uranium deal ~ link

Talks in Vienna are in their second and last day ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Keep in mind this is yesterday's news.

Warning of major attack - video ~ link

US Army activates second THAAD battery - Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense ~ link ~ There is a THAAD battery deployed in Israel as part of this week's Jumpier Cobra war games.

Four killed at Pakistani university - Two suicide bombers - with video ~ link ~ Pakistan is getting very hot very quickly, if the Iran/Israel general Middle East war starts it could quickly involve Pakistan and that means it could involved India and China also.

Allegations of Italian bribery (paying the Taliban not to attack their troops) stoke debate over Afghan engagement ~ link

US Secretary of Defense Gates: US Afghan War decision can't wait for Afghanistan legitimacy ~ link

Is God a Mathematician - Bible Numerics ~ link

Russian Professor: Collapse of America could begin next month - Says Obama is doing nothing to forestall disintegration - with videos ~ link ~ This professor bases his forecasts on the fall of the Soviet Union process.

America's Growth Industry - Military enlistments - video ~ link ~ If you can't find a job, the military is always there.

The Two Americas ~ link ~ The bankers and the rest of us.

Perks deep on a-rolling in at rescued banks ~ link ~ How about a old fashioned 'neck tie' party 'perk'?

Serious vaccine reactions to now be called 'coincidence' ~ link ~ One more time: Don't take any vaccines at the present.

Officials say don't blame the Swine Flu shot, you'll drop dead anyway ~ link

You might be a Constitutionalist If... ~ link

EU farm ministers have refused to approve the import of US genetically modified corn ~ link ~ Also see: EU Commission to approve GM corn if farm ministers disagree ~ link ~ Don't you just love the way the Rothschild designed EU operates.

Vatican establishes special program for Anglicans to convert and to keep their married priests/etc. ~ link ~ link (a brief note here: the article states that married men are not allowed to become bishops in the Catholic Church, while that is true, it is a rule not dogma as St. Peter was married and bishops were married for centuries) ~ link ~ link ~ The Antiochian Orthodontic Archdiocese in North America ~ link ~ has a Western Rite that does much the same; and the Russian Orthodox Church has a limited Western Rite also. This is a positive step for those in the Church of England tradition that have been shocked by the far out teachings and practices, at times even outright heresy, that have taken over the Anglican Community. This will increase the demands for a married priesthood in the traditional Western Rite of the Catholic Church and will also increase demands that married bishops be allowed (in the Bible St. Paul says a bishop should be married but to one woman and should not become a bishop if he cannot control his children). Things have gotten so far out of bounds in the Anglican community that Clown Masses have been celebrated in major cathedrals. A Clown Mass is where the priests and deacons wear clown makeup and costumes while celebrating Mass. Even the Royal Family is said to be upset with the direction that the Church of England has taken in recent years.

Soleum High Mass celebrated in St. Peter's Archbasilica by head of the Apostolic Signature of the Holy See (in effect the 'supreme court' of the Church) in the pre-Vatican II Council Tridentine rite ~ link ~ The old rite was beautiful. I believe that I have attended Mass in the chapel referred to in this article.

Abductions and disappearances in the Philippines ~ link

US approves offshore oil drilling in Arctic ~ link


Anonymous said...

I know, I am a lunatic, but I am happy to have the chance to experience WWIII.

That's what I have been longing for.

In this war everybody will be treated in the same way.

A cobalt 60 bomb will spread its poisonous radioactive seed all over the world.

Thank you Lord for this experience.

bry said...

Thanks for the synopsis on articles.I hit Rense and other sites,but always like your take on the news as we are both Christians,and know the Illuminati Endgame is at hand.As for the anaon comment--- many people are so tense and frustrated that they just want the cretins to make their move as to get over the Fabianism of losing rights and liberties each passing week over the years.In that sens, I do undertand that type of thinking whether it was meant in jest or not.Maranatha!!!!!1