Monday, October 19, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

First Day Of Iranian Nuclear Talks Is Inconclusive ~ link ~ WAR or PEACE on the Outcome!

Karzai refuses to accept results that mandate run-off election ~ link ~ And our troops are fighting for THIS!

Iran's nuclear rematch in Vienna ~ link

Iran issues threat as talks begin - Two days of talks in Vienna ~ link

Obama's involvement in today's meeting in Vienna, between Iranian and Western nuclear experts, may set the stage for a nuclear deal ~ link ~ This may have been the reason that the Junpier Cobra joint air defense exercise in Israel was delayed from last week to this week. If and this is a big IF, Obama is really pushing and pushing hard to avoid a war between Israel and Iran, then he (and his team) are doing some serious good for the world, America, Israel and Iran. However, if the talks don't succeed 'look out'. Also, Bibi Netanyahu is NOT to be trusted. He is known as "Mr. Iran" in Israel for his termination to bomb Iran. The world is balanced between war and peace today. Also see: Iran has 'doubts' over nuclear deal ~ link

Report: Iran incapable of producing nuke within six to eight years ~ link ~ I am not convinced that the time is that long, but there is no real danger at present from any "Iranian made nuclear bomb".

The Early Word: One eye on home, one abroad ~ link

Iran Parliament ends energy subsidies in move to make nation less vulnerable to sanctions ~ link

USA and UK accused by Iran in deadly bombing that killed senior military leaders ~ link ~ This could be seen, by future historians, as one of the first shots fired in the Iran War/general Middle East War/WWIII.

The Secret War - Israel/Syria/Lebanon/Iran/Hezbollah - Continues ~ link ~ War does not usually just start from nothing. It takes a lot of 'work and effort' to lay the groundwork for a major war. We are seeing some of it.

Some light shined on US/Iran/Israel 'Shadow War' ~ link

Jailed Christians in Iran stand by God ~ link ~ I have no use for the Iranian Government!

Iran's Nuclear 'Threat' Exaggerated - Greatest danger comes from possible Israeli attack on Iran ~ link ~ That is what I have been saying for some time now.

The 'Samson Option' - Israel's nuclear threat ~ link

Rethinking World War III ~ link

Fruits of Violence: A challenge for peace in the Middle East ~ link

PM Gordon Brown: Negotitators have 50 days to save the World from Global Warming - with video ~ link ~ BULLSHIT!

'Stalking horse' threat to PM Brown ~ link ~ The rats are leaving a sinking ship.

Lord Mandelson urged to tell Gordon Brown to resign in secret meetings ~ link

Kosovo and Macedonia agree to settle long-running border dispute ~ link

As Goldman Sachs profits skyrocket, another Goldman Sachs executive named to sensitive high government position ~ link ~ Government for and by the global banking elite; the rest of us don't count.

US Treasury controlled by Wall Street - Geithner's Kitchen Cabinet ~ link

Latin American trade bloc (ALBA) turns its back on the US Dollar ~ link ~ Also see: LatAm Leftists tackle dollar with New Currency - the 'Sucre' for nine nations ~ link

The Robber Barons Are Back - Hide your money! ~ link

Iceland and UK/Netherlands in new agreement to repay savers in bank collapse ~ link

Barnanke gone berserk - Bank reserves explode ~ link

Made in China - Importing America to its own death ~ link ~ Good article.

Karzai must face a runoff vote says fraud panel ~ link ~ Karzai is a corrupt puppet. The only person with nation wide respect, the late ex-King, saw what was happening and would not return as King nor would his son. We have NO BUSINESS in Afghanistan and need to get out NOW.

Fraudulent Afghan election raises odds against US "success" ~ link ~ I teach at the university level and one of my students was neighbors with some of Karzai's family in Evansville, Indiana, USA. He does not trust his/America's ability to keep all of his family safe in Afghanistan; and no doubt knows that the day is coming when the American/allied war in Afghanistan will be over and he will have to 'get out of town quickly'.

War next door creates Havoc in Pakistan ~ link ~ The Afghan War has become the Afghanistan/Pakistan War.

The Battle for Waziristan ~ link

US lacks enough troops for low-risk Afghan option ~ link ~ "Low-Risk", only some lying Washington jackals would refer to a massive expansion of the war as "low-risk".

America Heal Thyself - Healthcare as a Metaphor for our National Political Pathology ~ link ~ Good points. Several key events have created the political/economic/military/social/moral nightmare that is America in the early 21st Century: The unconstitutional privately owned (Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefeller, etc.) Federal Reserve System, the non-ratified constitutional amendment allowing a US income tax (to pay the fractional reserve based Fed), concentration of ownership/control over mainstream news media, assassination of Sen. Long (leading to FDR's long tenure and WWII), assassination of JFK, RFK, JFK, Jr., etc., 9/11 False Flag, legalization of Congressional bribery (PACs), unnecessary wars, growing police state fascism in direct violation of US Constitution Bill of Rights.

The Rich Have Stolen The Economy by Paul Craig Roberts ~ link ~ Good article, I like Paul Craig Roberts, he 'tells it like it is'.

Corporate Supremacy and the Rape of a Human Girl - 30 US Senators vote to safeguard corporations in rape cases ~ link

Ukraine opens national election campaign - Neocon puppet Yushchenko expected to be ousted ~ link ~ Neocons and their puppets always end up out of office, their lies are simply too great.

32 Exoplanets discovery announced - Suggests that low mass planets could be common in our galaxy ~ link ~ I suspect that we will someday realize that God has created a Universe full of planets and full of life including intelligent life.

The Collapse of WTC Building Seven - long video download ~ link

North Korea's gulags hold over 150,000 human beings ~ link

Art experts: Painting has world's oldest watch drawing ~ link

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