Sunday, October 18, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Iran blames US and UK for bombing attack that killed 49 including 6 senior officers in Revolutionary Guards ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ This is the third major event to hit Iran in a couple of weeks: The crash of its only AWACS aircraft; the death ? of its Supreme Commander (still not confirmed or proved otherwise); and now this. Has the war against Iran begun?

At least five senior commanders of Iran's elite islamic Revolutionary Guard are killed in bombings ~ link

Senior Revolutionary Guard commanders killed in Iran bombing ~ link

Iranian commanders assassinated ~ link

About 20 killed in Iran attack ~ link

Construction work launched at 31 stettlements in West Bank in violation of recent Israeli-US understandings ~ link ~ This just shows the utter contempt of the Israeli government for America.

Bibi Netanyahu: Turkey can not be a 'honest broker' in Syrian talks ~ link

German Chancellor and Ministers get special vaccine without the soft kill ingredients ~ link ~ How nice for them, to hell with the rest of us however. DON'T TAKE THE 'VACCINE'.

A laptop computer for every student in Uruguay ~ link ~ This is a real positive program, especially for the developing world.

UK police chiefs warn of postal strike violence - Anger over Royal Mail plans to hire 30,000 union busters ~ link ~ It seems that the Labour Government forgets the union working man when it is convenient to do so.

Royal Mail facing court challenge over 30,000 union busters ~ link

British High Court rejects the US/UK cover up of torture evidence ~ link

Tony Blair has lost the support of Sarkozy ~ link ~ Phony Tony and Napoleon Sarkozy, what a pair. Proof that 'trailer trash' can rat its way to the top of the dung pile.

Arizona Sheriff Joe Aspaio continues with migrant sweeps despite federal curb ~ link ~ Good. The global banking forces/Illumunati intend to destroy middle class America, and one of the ways that they are using to do this is flooding the nation with poor illegals from Mexico (similar to what is happening in Western Europe).

The Mass Media as Human Pesticide ~ link ~ Most television and most other mainstream mass media are simply Illumunati controlled trash designed to control/enslave/stupefy the masses.

Berlusconi's TV company secretly filmed a judge who ruled against him in bribery case ~ link ~ Berlusconi is little more than a gangster.

Russian-Ukrainian tensions simmering in the Crimea ~ link ~ Games being played to create the circumstances for a global war. War don't just happen; it takes a lot of work and money to pave the way for war - That is history, if you don't understand it you will repeat it.

Typhoon Lupit to bypass Manila - North of Philippines braces for disaster ~ link

Police helicopter shot down in Rio drug/slum war violence ~ link ~ with video ~ link

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