Saturday, October 17, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Jordan's King Abdullah issues waring to Israel of "disastrous repercussions" if Israel crosses the "red line" on Jerusalem ~ link ~ And Bibi Netanyahu will not care one bit about this reasonable warning or all the others that he has ignored.

Deception Spin and Lies ~ link ~ This article goes father than I do, but it has some basis in fact. My point about Israel and the Middle East is that we need to build a REAL peace framework, end the ongoing war/near war state between Israel and her neighbors, establish a generous compensation program for all those Arabs who were disposed of their land, and stop all future expansion into Arab lands, and establish a Palestine state, and maintain regional security for all including Israel. That is the way to long term survival for all parties; the path we are on now is the way to short term destruction for all parties in the Middle East.

Defiant UN backs Israel War Crimes Report ~ link ~ What did Israel think was going to come out of using its army against mostly unarmed men/woman/children trapped in Gaza?

USA pays $400 for gas in Afghanistan ~ link ~ Your tax dollars at work!

War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength ~ link ~ Obama's new war in Pakistan. Keep in mind that Pakistan has well over 100 nuclear weapons and delivery systems. Over 100 good reasons NOT to destabilize them; instead the Obama Administration deliberately IS destabilizing Pakistan.

Pakistan in start of major military offensive against Taliban ~ link ~ The Afghan War has become the Afghanistan/Pakistan War! Maybe that was some of the "change" that Obama was talking about during the campaign.

With friends like the US, Pakistan doesn't need enemies ~ link ~ Obama has expanded the Afghan War into the Afghanistan/Pakistan War!

Geo-Strategic Chessboard: War between India and China? ~ link ~ Good article.

Dangerous Crossroads: US expands 'Asian NATO' against China and Russia ~ link ~ The Illumunati intend to have a new global war, World War III to usher in their New World Order. They not only do not care how many people have to die to make this happen, being satanic they want a blood orgy for their master - satan.

Italy's political crisis: Is Berlusconi the main threat for Iralian democracy? ~ link ~ Great article, 'well outside the box', and makes you think.

Barney Frank and the Planet of the Banks by Ralph Nader ~ link ~ I like Nader. He points out just how corrupt (bought and paid for) Barney Frank and his ilk really are.

The ongoing cover up of the truth behind the financial crisis may lead to another crash ~ link

Bank lobbyists are not only trying to KILL NEW LEGISLATION, they are trying to KILL EXISTING REGULATIONS ~ link ~ Nobody was charged with fraud/etc. in the banking crisis that led to the current Depression. Months ago, I wrote an article "Hang the Bastards Or at Least Bring Charges". No charges have ever been brought and the so-called "bailout" was nothing but the largest rip-off in human history.

Senator Cantwell: Congress Weakening Existing Derivatives Regulations ~ link

Mayor of Moscow: Promises a Winter Without Snow ~ link ~ I have been in Moscow in the middle of winter (which shows just how dumb I really am). There is a LOT of snow in Moscow in winter. If he, and the Russian Air Force, can pull this off, 'more power to him'.

The Balloon Boy: Is mainstream media purposely distracting us? ~ link ~ Do bears 'poop' in the woods?

Freedom's Destruction By Constitutional De-Construction ~ link

Landmark student loan program passes US House of Representatives ~ link ~ Something positive from Obama and the Congress, about time.

Oligarchic Senate still 'treasonous' after all these years ~ link

Imperial Globalization and Social Movements in Latin America ~ link

Jazz video - La Comparsa ~ link

Jazz video - Beautiful Love ~ link

Simple way to lower blood sugar - Just avoid this...~ link

Everything you have to know about dangerous genetically modified foods ~ link

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

I informed you yesterday that there are two different types of H1N1 vaccines in Germany.

1. without adjuvants for the government, certain(top) civil servants and soldiers

2. with a huge amount of adjuvants for the rest of the population (the proles, including myself)

Well, the mainstream media have found out that something is wrong with this nation-wide vaccination programme.

Obviously, we have a scandal in Germany.

Let's wait and see what the future will tell us.

I'll inform you and the forum about the development of this almost unbelievable story.