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Iran awash with rumors of 'Supreme Leader' Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's death ~ link ~ Which begs the question, 'Was he killed' and was it the Mossad? They 'whacked' Arafat. A couple of weeks ago, Iran managed to destroy its only AWACS aircraft during a simple flying display for a military parade ~ or did the Mossad have something to do with this as well?

USA and Israel prepared for largest-ever air defense war games - Juniper Cobra ~ link ~ Notice no reason given for the one week delay, only some doublespeak that it really was not a delay.

Another Lebanese War on the Horizon? ~ link ~ The Second Lebanon War of about three years ago was fought as a prelude to an attack on Iran. Israel wanted to take out the 40,000 or so rockets and missiles in southern Lebanon, which act as a strategic counter-force for Iran, but could not do so because of the success of a large number of low cost AT-14 Russian anti-tank missiles that the Syrians had given to Hizbullah. They were destroying the Israeli main battle tanks with ease, causing high casualties on the Israeli side. They did not dare use their Neutron bombs, so they were checkmated. Israel now claims that the number of rockets and missiles is 80,000, which I doubt but in any case the number is large. I suspect that this coming war will see the Israelis use Neutron weapons in southern Lebanon against the rocket/missile forces. The linked video does not show missiles being loaded, as claimed, but a folding door being loaded.

American Jews Rethink Israel ~ link ~ Its not that they don't want to be supportive of Israel, its just that the Lukid/Israeli establishment grand strategy of constant never ending war, with the recent horrific attacks on unarmed civilians in the Gaza War, both do not make any sense and are simply morally wrong. Israel needs to do a quick but serious re-look at where they are at and where they are going. Their grand strategy is insane at best. They need peace not more years of war with their neighbors and to build some positive relationships, instead of empowering the nuts in Iran with Israeli extremism against Muslins.

Leading Neocon John Bolton Suggests Nuclear Attack on Iran ~ link ~ I suspect that this will happen but covered up by claiming that the radiation is simply from the destroyed Iranian nuclear facilities.

Iran offers to enhance its role as energy provider/transit route for Shanghai Cooperative Organization (Russia/China/etc.) states - Alternative to US control of world resources ~ link
~ Another high level maneuvering story on the Eve of War in Iran.

Syria supplying Hizbullah with long-range missiles ~ link ~ Actually medium-range but still capable of hitting all of Israel.

The Jerusalem Post:
Who lost Turkey? ~ link ~ They put the blame more on the pro-Islamic policies of the current ruling PM and party; others in Israel (DEFKA and Haaretz for example) have placed the blame on 'bad blood' over the sale of Israeli RPV aircraft to the Pakistani Armed Forces.

UN Human Rights Council approves Goldstone Report accusing Israel of war crimes in recent Gaza War ~ link ~ The Israelis went 'over the top' in Gaza. One of the dangers of buying off so many politicians in various nations is that politicians are whores who will say and do anything for money and power, and it leaves the Israelis with a false sense of 'we can do anything we want to'. However, not everyone is a politician and not everything can be 'spun' away.

Prime Minister of Spain in Syria 'making nice' ~ link ~ Notice the attention that Syria is getting in the last couple of weeks.

Double bombing at Pakistan police station kills 13 ~ link ~ All of a sudden we are seeing multiple major bombings every day in Pakistan.

Teams of gunmen in coordinated attacks kill 40 at 5 sites in Pakistan ~ link ~ So who is REALLY behind this; and what is the strategic goal?

Escalation of US/NATO War in Afghanistan: The Risks of Regional Conflagration ~ link ~ Just what the Illumunati ordered.

The Beginning of the End: Obama signs Kerry-Lugar Bill giving $7.5 billion to Pakistan in military aid package ~ link

Four Americans killed in Afghan bombing ~ link

Sarkozy: No extra troops to Afghan War ~
link ~ OK, I take back 10% of the bad things I have said about Sarkozy.

Japan to withdraw its ships from Afghan War support role ~ link

The Reverse-Midas Effect - How it works in Pakistan ~ link ~ Everyday it becomes more apparent, that as we expand the troop level in the Afghan War, we are also expanding the theater of the war to include Pakistan. Are all these additional troops 'for Afghanistan' really for Afghanistan; or are they for Pakistan?!!

AFPak: The Unwinnable War ~ link ~ The global banking families/Illumunati don't want us to 'win' a war. That would stop the 'gravy train' of war profits, growing debt (profit for them), and murder and maiming (they are Satanists and he wants blood orgies).

US drone (RPV) attack kills 10, wounds 12, in Pakistan ~ link

Explosion hits Peshawar (a city in north-western Pakistan) ~ link

As Obama mulls escalation in Afghan War, US Armed Forces ban photos of war dead ~ link ~ Is the 'game on' to take down the only Muslin nuclear power by expanding the Afghan War into Pakistan?

Afghan Ambassador says Presidential run-off vote a likely scenario ~ link

Iraq: The Road to Tyranicide ~ link

What, Exactly is Being Fought in Afghanistan? ~ link

Our Kingdom symposium: The rise of the Scottish nationalists, the Scottish dimension and what happens to England and the UK ~ link

The New World as devised by George Soros and Maurice Strong ~ link

'Recession' will be full-blown Depression ~ link ~ Actually, I believe by many historic standards it already is.

The Economic Recovery is an Illusion ~ link

Funding Sweatshops Globally ~ link ~ It takes a 'special type' of person to set up and maintain a sweatshop/s; Hell is full of this 'special type'.

Selling foreign made goods in China: Arduous and Impenetrable ~ link ~ So, 'what's good for the goose is NOT good for the gander'? 'Free Trade', I thought that the idea was to open borders to trade. So, trade with Communist China is mainly ONE-WAY, their way!

GBP 285,000 gold bars now on sale at Harrods ~ link ~ Get one while you can. (While you are at it, could you pick one up for me?)

Collective Security Treaty Organization (the Russian NATO) begins war games by CSTO's first Rapid Reaction Force ~ link

Japan wants to change troop agreement ahead of Obama's visit ~ link ~ Japan wants no part of the coming Third World War.

Hawaii newspaper erases 'Obama born in Indonesia' comments in old archived story ~ link ~ Interesting, I remember a story that said Obama had the looks of someone with ancestry from Indonesia not Africa. Who knows, he could clear it all up by allowing the original documents to be shown to the public.

USAF fires Minot Air Force Base ICBM wing commander ~ link ~ My readers will likely remember this base from the 'nuclear incident' under Bush/Cheney.

The Imperial Presidency 2.0 ~ link ~ Good points.

Obama's Bush-style tactics angers liberals ~ link ~ Mostly, I think that the liberals are just pissed off at being taken in by the globalists, once again.

California to ban 'energy-guzzling' big screen TVs over 40 inches wide ~ link ~ WHAT? Would someone show me, just where in the US Constitution or the California State Constitution they have the power to regulate the size of the television set that we watch.

New York judge halts Flu 'Vaccine' mandate for NY health workers ~ link ~ Good!

UK H1N1 "vaccine" program begins - Deaths over 100 from Swine Flu ~ link

RFID microchip TV video ~ link ~ The coming 'Mark of the Beast' technology.

US Healthcare Overhaul: Five Lessons from Abroad ~ link

HMS Ocean is the Royal Navy's largest warship - An amphibious assault helicopter carrier ~ link

Ted Turner would like to run CNN again ~ link ~ I can image. I had the funding lined up 11 years ago to begin the 4th evening national news show (to compete with ABC/CBS/NBC in the 1/2 hour national evening news market). I canceled the project at the very last minute when my young wife was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. It would be fun to run a large news organization. Trouble is, telling the truth will get you killed; that was always my concern when I was setting up the TV news operation.

Row in Germany over senior Protestant clergyman's memo attacking the Pope and the Catholic Church in Germany ~ link

"Mannahatta Project" looks at Manhatten Island in the 1600s ~ link ~ Some of my ancestors, owned 40 acres of farm land there. It was leased to the British Crown a few years before the Revolution and we never got it back. The Empire State Building and a few others now sit on 'our' land.

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