Thursday, October 15, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

G20's Financial Services Authority says a new GLOBAL BANKING BODY may be needed ~ link ~ That would be the beginning of the NEW WORLD ORDER global governmental organization.

Today and 1929 - Sobering Parallels ~ link ~ You need to read this.

Reviving the local economies with publicly owned banks ~ link ~ I remember when I was a senior at Indiana University and running for State Representative and working for the summer in the State Capital, asking the then Treasurer of State a couple key questions about how he decided which banks to deposit large sums of state money in. It make him very nervous. I knew then that I had touched a real nerve. If all or most of the states as well as the local governments were to establish their own banks and use taxpayer money to obtain 8 or 9 times that much, in fractional reserve funding, to loan out to local business for expansion and job creation, well the Depression would 'go away'. Don't count on this happening, however. For one it makes too much good sense; secondly the big banks would kill anyone necessary to prevent something like this from happening.

Wall Street's Naked Swindle ~ link

Wal-Mart's painful international expansion lessons ~ link

Understanding the World Economy: "Global Imbalances" versus Internal Inequalities ~ link

Deepening Financial Crisis ~ link

Honduras parties agree to restore ousted President ~ link

Is Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei Dead? Good sources say yes ~ link ~ Iran embassy says no ~ link ~ Iran's Supreme Leader is dead ~ link ~

Was cancellation of Israeli participation in Turkish NATO air exercise due to 'bad blood' over sale of 10 Herons drones by Israel to Turkey's defense forces? ~ link ~ Which begs the question, why did Israel falter on the sale of these RPVs to Turkey?

Israeli-Turkish Relations: A New Epoch ~ link ~ This article, unlike the one above, blames the cancellation of the invitation to the Israeli Air Force to the Anotolian Eagle Air Defense Exercise (Turkish hosted mostly NATO air war games) on 'war crimes' and 'crimes against humanity' by Israel in the 2008/09 Gaza War.

Iran pays and Syria smuggles the weapons that Hezbollah receives ~ link ~ If Israel wants to survive long term, it has to get away from the Neocon/Lukid grand strategy and make a long term peace with its enemies (granted a well armed peace but peace nevertheless not perpetual war).

Kenyan newspaper said in 2004 that Barrack Obama was "Kenyan-born" ~ link ~ Under the US Constitution that would make Obama illegible to hold the office of President of the United States of America, regardless of how many people voted for him.

An Imperial Strategy for a New World Order: The Origins of World War III ~ link

Canada's top general in Afghanistan: Afghan situation is a "major emergency", a "serious, desperate situation" ~ link ~ They say the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. We are now in the ninth year of combat in Afghanistan, we have spent hundreds of billions (maybe a trillion in total) there, and still no victory! WHY are we there? The war was based on the False Flag 9/11 operation, which most people in America, Canada, and Europe no longer believe in (the Official Conspiracy Theory that is).

Russian Ambassador to NATO: Russia must prepare for NATO defeat in Afghanistan ~ link ~ The only way to win that war is to kill every man and boy child in Afghanistan, and that is not going to happen.

Obama's War - powerful war combat video ~ link

More War in Afghanistan? Obama, You're Dashing Our Hopes ~ link ~ He doesn't care. He is just a well paid, well taken care of front man for the global banking families.

AFPak: War on Two Fronts - An expanded Afghan War Theater encompassing Pakistan ~ link ~ This Two Front war is becoming more apparent every day.

Media Distortion: Killing innocent Afghan civilians to "save our troops" ~ link ~ Getting the hell out NOW would save our troops and our billions of needed dollars.

Lord Stirling has a very rare Scottish feudal barony title for sale ~ link

Czech President fighting to stop the Lisbon Treaty ~ link ~ Vaclav Klaus is a good man, but the Rothschilds will get their new super-EU Government no matter what.

People who receive a Seasonal Flu Vaccine are twice as likely to catch H1N1 ~ link

Gary Null blasts H1N1 "vaccine" promoters at New York state panel hearing ~ link

Georgia opposition resumes rallies against Saakashvili ~ link

Seven people killed in three attacks on police in Pakistan ~ link

Pakistan is rocked by more attacks ~ link

Pakistan - South Waziristan Migration ~ link

North Korea calls for a 'Peace Accord' with America ~ link ~ Actually, this has been a long time goal of North Korea, to deal directly with USA (and to have an agreement with America) and not through South Korea.

Moscow traffic: Traffic jam today and more traffic jams tomorrow ~ link ~ Traffic is bad in Moscow, too many cars and far too few parking spots. However, it seems no worse to me that central London and the drivers, while crazy, are sane by Roman standards.

Zimbabwe orders key Prime Minister's deputy back to prison ~ link ~ Just more proof that President Robert Mugabe is not to be trusted. He is one of the worst examples of African despots, from a continent with no shortage of despots.

Florida medical school attempts to help solve the shortage of primary-care doctors ~ link ~ America needs about twice the number of physicians that it has now. This would dramatically reduce medical costs as good old fashion competition kicks in and end shortages.

Put Public Health Before Wall Street Wealth ~ link ~ Not a chance with the jokers in Congress and the White House!

Ottoman Archives prove Armenian Genocide is a fact ~ link

COQ10 - single compound crucial for every cell in your body - video ~ link

Philippines asks largest Muslin separatist group for help in finding kidnapped priest ~ link

Denver Catholic sisters under Vatican scrutiny ~ link ~ The reason that the Vatican is looking closely at American Catholic orders of nuns is that several have become hotbeds of very far out theology (Goddess Worship; demands for women priests and bishops; serious disagreements over even the basic Catholic and Christian dogmas, etc.) and homosexuality.

USS Missouri in drydock for patch-up ~ link

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