Wednesday, October 14, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Congressman Ron Paul warns of violence from pending Dollar Crisis - Says Israeli strike on Iran the Trigger ~ link ~ Good warning America, ignore at your own risk.

Time is not kind to murderers and thieves - We shall overcome ~ link ~ Nice photo of Bibi 666 Netanyahu.

First Ministerial meeting of Syrian-Turkish Strategic Council ~ link ~ second part ~ link ~ This is a strategic disaster for Israel and all due to the unnecessary slaughter of Gaza civilians in the recent Gaza War.

Israeli Defense Minister: We must do EVERYTHING to Stop Iran ~ link ~ I guess that includes World War III.

Russia retains Option of Preemptive Nuclear Strike ~ link ~ Something the geniuses in the Bush and Obama administrations seem to forget.

Kosovo Independence opens up a Pandora's Box: Extended crisis from the Balkans to the Caucasus ~ link ~ The Illumunati/global banking families see war, and the threat of war, as a key money making opportunity.

Gordon Brown: Another 500 British troops to Afghan War ~ link ~ link ~ That the British public wants the United Kingdom to get the hell out of Afghanistan means nothing to this Illumunati front man.

More senior MPs told to repay back expenses ~ link

Gordon Brown facing an open challenge to his authority from his own MPs over expenses ~ link ~ They know he is going down in defeat and most of them with him at the next national election, so they don't care.

How super-injunctions in the UK are used to gag investigative reporting ~ link ~ When I found my old partners in the UK had embezzled money from our business, I found myself being sued on totally bogus grounds. The reason was to prevent me from publicizing what had happened as the court rules prevented the newspapers from publishing anything. This event made me even more of a believer in Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press than ever before. Also see: Trafigura gag attempt unites House of Commons in protest ~ link

General McCaffrey: Ten more years in Afghanistan (and $600 BILLION) ~ link ~ The only thing that ended the war in Vietnam was the American people raising hell in protests throughout the land. These evil jerks will continue to bleed America and allied powers and kill/wound our troops and who knows how many people in Afghanistan for war profits until we force them to stop.

Obama tops Bush in troop buildup ~ link ~ Maybe that is what he meant by "change". Sadly, Obama is just a 'front man' for the same evil powers that were behind Bush.

Back-door Escalation ~ link ~ Obama expands the Afghan War quagmire.

Saving Face and Losing Lives by Rep. Ron Paul ~ link ~ I really like Ron Paul, one of the few real Americans in Congress, most of the rest are just bought-and-paid-for puppets caring only about their money and power.

80,000 is the high number in General McChrystal's Afghan War troop increase request ~ link ~ That is FOUR ADDITIONAL DIVISIONS! It is still not enough to win, however.

Silvio Berlusconi: The Last Battle ~ link ~ This jerk is a total Neocon/Illumunati puppet and a disaster for Italy.

What Obama Isn't Telling American Workers ~ link ~ That his 'solution' to the economic crisis is to destroy the living standard of the average American.

Globalist cover-up hiding Obama's past? ~ link ~ Something is not right about Obama's personal history. That something is a club over his head by those who financed his rise to 'power'.

The New American Century - video ~ link ~ Long but good video, thanks to a loyal reader who forwarded it to me.

Former White House speech writer suggests military coup could oust Obama ~ link ~ When we had crazy Georgie Bush in the White House where were these kinds of threats then?

These Are Not Negotiable ~ link ~ Re: Traditional America Rights.

If we want Policy instead of Speeches ~ link ~ By former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney who AIPAC defeated in her own primary for putting America's interest first.

American rage at government for doing too much and not enough ~ link ~ The sheeple are being forced by terrible economic circumstances to wake up and they are not liking what they are beginning to see.

The Five Corporations Ruining America ~ link

American student loans are the New Indentured Servitude ~ link ~ The global bankers have brought us a new depression, kids can't find jobs with their expensive university degrees, and student loans no longer can be included in personal bankruptcies.

Record numbers of homeless in New York City ~ link ~ And the big New York City banks are racking in massive profits ~ link ~ link (ok this is from London but Goldman Sacks operates in NYC as well).

When money is worthless ~ link ~ As hedge funds and other investors are investing in physical commodities, the effect could cause a collapse in economic activity like in 1837-41 and 1929-33.

A 'Stronger' IMF and World Bank contributes to exacerbating the Global Economic Crisis ~ link ~ Of course, these are major tools of the global banking families who have created the current new Great Depression and who are keeping it going and making it worst.

Finance's Five Fatal Flaws ~ link

Take America Back From The Banks ~ link ~ And especially from the global banking families who control the Federal Reserve System and basically all central banks. Ultimately the choice is freedom and life or slavery and death.

Banks create money out of 'thin air' - Not out of pre-existing deposits or reserves ~ link ~ Fractional reserve banking is nothing but a fraud designed to enrich the bankers at the expense of all of humanity.

The End of Money and the Future of Civilization ~ link ~ Excellent article!

China's Market Share Soars During Global Downturn ~ link

Deeping Global Economic Crisis: Rising Unemployment, Demise of the Dollar ~ link ~ Bad for 99.9% of the world's people; Great for the global banking elite.

An unhealthy obsession with wealth ~ link ~ For many people in control money is their god and this shows in our culture.

German Army rejects Swine Flu "Vaccine" as too dangerous ~ link

Where did the H1N1 Late-2009 Flu Season Virus Come From ~ link ~ That's easy, a biowar lab.

Flu Vaccines revealed as the greatest quackery ever pushed in the history of medicine ~ link

Over 1,000 killed in fighting in eastern Congo ~ link

Tiny nuclear batteries ~ link

Outbreak of scabies at Elysee Palace ~ link ~ This was limited to the servants area so no threat to the great Nicolas and Carla (who spend the nights at her nearby mansion anyway). This trashy couple are a national disaster to the French.

Russian oligarch flees to Israel ~ link

Benito Mussolini was on the British MI5 payroll in WWI ~ link ~ History and politics and economics are not what most people think they are.

Tribal remedy of putting sugar on wounds causes them to heal faster ~ link ~ Honey also works and is a centuries old treatment.

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh visits Catholic Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham ~ link

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