Tuesday, October 13, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Russian Foreign Minister: NO to Iran sanctions ~ link ~ There is a lot of serious very high level things happening on the Iran issue. Only a small part is visible to the public, or for that matter to other nation states. We seem to be at a tipping point, war or not.

Russia: Don't Pressure Iran - BBC with video ~ link

Hizballah 'weapons cache' in southern Lebanon explodes - 1 dead 5 injured ~ link ~ Either the rocket and missile forces in Lebanon and Syria are neutralized by diplomacy or as much as possible by violence prior to a war on Iran, or the war on Iran will quickly become a general Middle East War involving Israel, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and the United States and maybe others.

Syrian news site: Turkey's decision to cancel drill is "strategic" ~ link ~ The movement away from close military relations with Israel is a major move in the multi-level pre-war diplomatic/strategic maneuvering going on right now in the Middle East.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak warns against further harming Turkish/Israeli relations ~ link ~ That their relations are in the crapper is very reflective of the craziness of the Israeli pro-war policies. The deaths of so many unarmed civilians, including children and babies, in the recent Gaza War was simply 'way over the top' for the Turkish people and even their political class. Israel has mostly lost a key strategic asset due to their treating people as if they are 'soulless two-legged animals' instead of human beings. This culture must change if Israel is to survive in the long run. But no one in the West, at least in the political class or in the mainstream news media, has the guts to say this. And by the way, it is NOT antisemitism to say this, if anything it is constructive criticism.

USA and Europe standing shoulder to shoulder on Iran ~ link ~ This article is from a very pro-Israeli site. The thing to remember is that while Israel and its supporters can buy off many of the worthless politicians in the West, their Grand Strategy of a Greater Israel and using American and Western power to make war on large parts of the Middle East is a policy that is VERY VERY DANGEROUS for the small Israeli state. Better to make peace, granted an armed peace but still peace, than continuing war.

Livni: Netanyahu making enemies and leaving Israel isolated ~ link

Obama and the Nobel Prize ~ link

Surprise announcement: At least 13,000 additional US troops ordered to Afghanistan ~ link ~ link ~ You didn't think that the Nobel Peace Prize was going to go to Obama's head did you? Time to get back to work and ship thousands more kids off to some unnecessary war to get maimed or killed.

PM Brown's 16 billion pound 'fire sale' sparks fury ~ link ~ I think that I was the first to call it a 'fire sale'.

Guardian newspaper gagged from reporting UK Parliament ~ link

Are mandatory flu vaccinations for health-care workers constitutional ~ link ~ No

'Obama Dollar' retreats most against commodities in dramatic global wealth shift ~ link ~ This is really just getting under way, for more to come.

Russia and China plan to use Rouble and Yuan in bilateral trade ~ link ~ Another blow to the US Dollar (and also to the Euro).

Ben Bernanke and economists: The 'Great Recession' is over, but... ~ link ~ The bullshit is very deep indeed.

Goldman Sachs - having received many billions in bailout money from the taxpayers - is distributing over $20 billion in bonuses ~ link ~ We need a good old fashion western 'neck tie' party for the Wall Street and Washington jokers.

America's Best Young Entrepreneurs - 2009 ~ link

Gold at record high as US Dollar slips vs Euro ~ link

The World's biggest gold reserves ~ link

Kia and Hyundai find the 'sweet spot' in the American auto market ~ link

Job losses are creating major political problems for Obama and the Democrats ~ link ~ Gee that is just terrible NOT. People are losing their homes and their hope for a future for themselves and their families and their job loss is just a matter of 'problems' for the political class. Like I said above, we need a good old fashion western 'neck tie' party for the Wall Street and Washington jokers.

The next big political issue - The America Dollar ~ link ~ When the Dollar buys you only 20% or 40% of what it does now and it is not yet 2010, yes that will be a 'big issue'.

The Obama Justice Department's secret blooging team - Is it illegal ~ link ~ Yes it is. This may have been the organization behind the lie based attacks on me the other day, however, I suspect a British connection.

9/11 and the Joker in the Dream Machine from Smoking Mirrors ~ link

India test fires nuclear-capable missile ~ link

Sarkozy's son rejects nepotism charges ~ link ~ Fox, covered in chicken blood, rejects henhouse raid charges.

Philippine Navy trying to seal off escape route of priest's Islamic militant kidnappers ~ link

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