Monday, October 12, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Note to my readers: In the last few days unsigned postings about me have appeared on several sites. They contain lies and half-truths about my titles, etc. I suppose that this means I am getting to some people who cannot stand the truth. I wrote a book, CASH FOR PEERAGES: THE SMOKING GUN, which was about the attempted shakedown by the Blair government over my assumption of the dormant titles in my Clan and related matters. The book gives detailed information on me, my family and Clan background, my successful peerage claim, on the ancient Barony of Greenan that I have for sale, and the like. The book contains copies of official letters (Buckingham Palace, House of Lords, various UK Cabinet members, Scotland Yard, etc.). If you want the truth about me, from a signed and published source get a copy of the book (library or buy one) or you can download the book for US$1.25 ~ link. The intelligence people who posted the lies, can kiss my butt, I will continue to publish the truth about what is happening. Stirling

Who really are the Rothschild Family? - video ~ link

A Lost Generation is being created by the current Depression ~ link ~ The evil global banking families, who have deliberately created this massive global economic crisis and who are continuing to expand its impact, are trash of the worst type. They do not care how many lives they negatively impact by their evil deeds. They have all the wealth that they could ever use but they want more, more and more and damn the people.

US Dollar at Breaking Point - Banks shift reserves ~ link ~ When the American dollar is no longer the international reserve currency, it will change everything, especially in America. For one thing, there will be a dramatic devaluation of the dollar. Since the globalists, with tax credits, transferred most of the American industrial base into Red China and other areas, it will mean that almost everything American need to purchase will rise in price dramatically (even without normal inflation) due to the lower worth of the dollar internationally. We will likely see a devaluation of the US Dollar from 50% to 80%!

US Dollar in 'power-shift' ~ link

Iceland battles to recover economically - Anger mounts ~ link ~ Americans should study Iceland, they will soon be getting a terrible taste of what the Icelanders are facing every day.

Want to stop America's wars? Buy Gold! ~ link ~ If the American people would wake up and use some sense they would kick the global banking families and their Federal Reserve System right into Hell.

Turkish/NATO air wargames - Operation Anatolian Eagle - canceled after Turkey drops Israel from wargames ~ link ~ Blowback from the horrors of the Gaza War. This shows just how stupid the Netanyahu/Lukid/Neocon group really are. They need Turkey, but their senseless brutality to the civilians of Gaza in the recent war proved just too much for even the Turks.

Netanyahu: No to war crime trials for Israelis involved in last winter's Gaza War ~ link ~ The actions of the IDF against civilians was way over the top. The issue will not simply go away because Bibi says so.

War Criminals are becoming the arbiters of law ~ link ~ The Israelis really need to do a good housecleaning of their crazy war hawks in the government and do a re-examination of their own views towards other people. The Gaza War was a classic example of callous disregard for the lives of many thousands of civilians of all ages. It was also an example of a nation (Israel) 'shooting itself in the foot'.

Jordan almost expelled Israeli Ambassador over Temple Mount clashes in last few days ~ link ~ The holy Temple Mount site is a major flash point. All sides need to make a major effort at cooperation there.

Hillary and Gordon meet amid rising Iranian tensions ~ link

Iran objections as Syria open up to Saudi Arabia ~ link ~ This is all linked to the Iranian/Syrian defense agreement and the coming war on Iran. A final big push, using the Saudis, to try to spin the Syrians off before the battle against Iran begins.

The Comic Genius of Bibi Netanyahu ~ link

USA and the World: At the crossroads or in the crosshairs? ~ link

US Congress dismisses building another 300 miles of Mexican border fence ~ link ~ Somewhere between 10% and 20% of the Mexican population is in the US illegally now, competing for jobs against Americans in the Depression. We have trillions to throw away on unnecessary wars, based on lies, and on the global bankers, but no money to defend our nation!

Vaccination Justification Is Collapsing ~ link ~ Just use some sense and don't take the damn "vaccine".

Over 600 killed by back-to-back typhoons in the Philippines - US helicopters bring in aid ~ link ~ This is the good side of America, the side that brought many throughout the world to admire Americans. The unnecessary Middle Eastern wars, however, are destroying the positive image of the United States and Americans throughout the world.

Lord Mandelson and Nat Rothschild ~ link ~ The British gay politician, now the First Secretary (in effect Deputy Prime Minister) and one of the highest ranking Rothschild family members. Lady Rothschild is a key fund raiser for the opposition Conservative Party. The Rothschilds prefer to own everyone in the senior political class.

United Kingdom: Worst quality of life in Europe ~ link ~ can this be....from the great Labour Party....the pro-people leftist pro-labor government? Right! Phony Tony Blair and Dr. Gordon Brown and the whole lot of them are fakes. Far far more concerned about money and bribes and that like, as well as sucking up to the global banking families, than "the people".

PM Gordon Brown to be forced to payback thousands in improper official expenses claims ~ link ~ Gordon has a Ph.D. in Economics but he cannot get his expense claims right?!!

Tony Blair paid tens of thousands by Ukrainian billionaire ~ link ~ Collecting money is what Phony Tony does best.

UK Commons Speaker tells MPs to pay-up on Expenses Scandal ~ link

Brown selling off 16 billion pounds of government assets due to global depression ~ link ~ Of course, the taxpayers paid dearly for the assets to begin with but will likely sell at 'fire sale' prices.

Miliband as first EU "Foreign Minister" if Blair fails to become first President of Europe ~ link ~ Both are Illumunati puppets.

Thousands at Knock, Mayo, Ireland apparition site - Many see the Sun spin and change colors ~ link ~ I know many people who have seen such events around the Sun at various sites. The people that I know, who make these claims, are very religious and are not the type to lie and really have nothing to gain by lying about what they have seen.

Germans seek to oust Czech President over his refusal to sign EU Treaty ~ link

Global Police Force coming - Waco Siege "enforcer" spearheading UN and Interpol efforts ~ link ~ One more step on the road to the New World Order/global high tech police state nightmare.

Who's in Big Brother's Database? ~ link ~ More appropriate question, 'Who's not in the database?'. We long ago crossed the line from doing what was in the interest of national defense in USA/UK/etc. and entered into a fascist nightmare system, where the hidden forces in control of the major governments now have vast resources to spy on all of us.

Immigration threatens to ruin Europe ~ link ~ It is suppose to bring ruin on Europe, along with other things like the new Great Depression. The Illumunati are behind the immigration problem as they intend to 'crash the system' in Europe, same as in America, as part of the strategy to remake it into the New World Order police state that 'they' want it to be.

Wife breaks taboo with expose of key French MP close to Sarkozy ~ link ~ If you cannot be faithful to your wife/soulmate you are not to be trusted!

Heart disease - Cardiac cover-up ~ link

The British/Illumunati agent at Hitler's Ear ~ link

No Electricity and its 5,000 BC ~ link ~ And I thought I wrote scary articles! Actually, EMP from atomic warheads high above the Earth can also cause this to happen.

Sarkozy's 23 year-old son - a university student - appointment to a top government position ignites the French ~ link ~ As I have said before, Sarkozy is a disaster for the French.

Brain waves surge moments before death ~ link ~ To me this shows a link to NDE (near death experiences) and life after death (the soul leaving the body).

Commercial pilots on food stamps ~ link ~ Commuter pilots are paid terribly low wages; long range commercial pilots do much better.

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