Friday, October 9, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

If attacked by Israel or USA, Iran will 'blow up the heart of Israel' says top cleric ~ link ~ The United States Navy has 15 ships around Israel to boost its anti-missile defense forces and we are moving in a massive number of other anti-missile systems 'for' the Juiper Cobra 'exercise' this month. The coming war will see a major battle between Iranian/Syrian missiles (including those missiles and rockets in Lebanon) and Israeli and American anti-missile missiles. I expect that the advanced air defense forces in place now in and around Israel will have a major effect on reducing the number of hits from Iranian/Syrian missiles but not enough. In any case, the real MAD counter-force that Iran possesses is its Advanced BioWar weapons and these do NOT need missiles to be delivered.

US completing massive 'bunker buster' bomb - Israel has 100 or more bunker buster bombs ready to hit Iran ~ link

Reaction to Cameron's Speech ~ link ~ Cameron is to Brown/Blair what Obama is to Bush. A slick package about some ill-defined "change" with little substance. The reality is Cameron is the Rothschild's choice for PM, just as Obama was the Rothschild's choice for President.

H1N1 Letter Addressed to Health Care Professionals ~ link ~ This has some interesting information in it.

The Public Relations Machine for the Vaccine Complex - The role of the CDC ~ link ~ We live in truly trashy evil times.

H1N1 Flu Mist - The Nasal Spray that Keeps on Giving! ~ link ~ You will shed the virus for up to 21 days!

Vaccine preservative's effects may have been known ~ link ~ How do you think God will judge the evil bastards that allowed millions to suffer life-long injuries due to Thimerosal so that billion dollar pharmaceutics manufactures could make even more money.

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize ~ Absurd decision on Obama makes a mockery of the Nobel Peace Prize ~ link ~ Says this is 'a call to action' ~ link ~ In other news Obama to discuss widening the Afghan War with advisors ~ link ~ International media reactions to Obama's Peace Prize ~ link ~ Warmonger Wins Peace Prize ~ link ~ Obama wins Orwellian "Peace" prize while expanding war, defending torture, targeting Iran ~ link ~ Obama wins prize for best political bullshit ~ link ~

New flood in the Philippines - Over 160 dead ~ link

Landslides kill 181 in the Philippines ~ link

French 'boy sex' minister is defiant ~ link ~ Frederic Mitterrand is an embarrassment to the French people, he should be replaced as Minister.

Gore Vidal's United States of Fury ~ link ~
His horror at US foreign policy can be summarised in one little scene. In the 1980s, the Sistine Chapel was being restored, and some VIPs were invited to view it on an elevated platform. He spotted that old serial killer Henry Kissinger inspecting the section depicting Hell, and said: "Look, he's apartment hunting." This article is an interesting story.

EU election observer says that the entire Afghanistan election process was flawed ~ link ~ Its nice to know that the hundreds of billions spent on the Afghan War by America and its allies have brought American democracy to Afghanistan.

Massive expansions of US-NATO 'counterinsurgency' in Afghanistan - General McChrystal demands bloodshed ~ link ~ But...but...but Obama just won the Nobel PEACE Prize. Giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize is like giving a busy hooker a prize for virginity.

Spanish Senate, under strong pressure from US and UK governments, is limiting Spain's human rights laws of universal jurisdiction - Response to war crimes charges against George H.W. Bush, William J. Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack H. Obama, Lady Thatcher, Sir John Major, Anthony Blair, and Gordon Brown ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ A number of nations have what is called Universal Jurisdiction in matters of human rights violations. I have a strong case against Tony Blair relating to human rights from his actions in the Cash For Peerages Scandal. This could end his bid to be President of Europe.

Tony Blair's future is in Angela Merkel's hands ~ link

Bring Back the Caliphate? ~ link ~ This is an article on the recent death of H.I.H. Prince Ertugrul Osman, heir to the Ottoman throne and titular head of the world Muslin community.

Genocide Forgotten - Armenians horrified by treaty with Turkey ~ link

Vietnam is jailing dissidents while presiding over the UN Security Council ~ link

Georgia to enter NATO? ~ link ~ Neocon dream = Everyone's nightmare.

Collapse of the Greenback? Will the Dollar get an 'Arab Oil Shock'? ~ link

Obama's Regulation of Credit Default Swaps - Exceptions will swallow up any real oversight ~ link ~ Government by and for the global bankers.

US Deficit now at record $1.4 TRILLION ~ link

Debt Moratorium in Iceland ~ link ~ A senior Icelandic MP wants a formal moratorium on its debt. The day is coming when the whole concept of banking will be ended as we know it. It is all based on fraction reserve fraud and the most serious political corruption.

Krugman: Collapse in Trade Worse than the Great Depression ~ link

Sand Animation by Kseniya Simonova - video ~ link ~ WOW - what a powerful new media to tell a war time story. This is a 'must see' video.

Greater Albania: Threat of a New US-NATO sponsored Conflict in Europe ~ link

What's Changed in Washington? ~ link ~ The faces and names change, but the hidden powers - the global banking families/Illumunati - remain the same evil forces behind the throne.

The Official Version of 9/11 ~ link ~ I prefer to use the term "The Official Conspiracy Theory of 9/11"

US Police have stop-and-frisked over one million people on the streets ~ link ~ Growing police state fascism in America - the once Land of the Free.

Sarkozy hands senior post to 23-year-old son ~ link ~ Sarkozy is a total disaster for the French people.

Foreclosure sales in legal limbo over title issue ~ link ~ Too bad!

Morgellons: A Status Report ~ link


Hiei said...

Looks like Obama got the Nobel for his "will for a world without nukes"...well, I hope this doesn't mean that he's gonna use them to the last one... ;)

Anonymous said...

The reality is Rothschild backs both sides - Cameron & Brown, Obama & McCain.

The House (of Rothschild) always wins.

Anonymous said...

a link you may be interested in:
"President Obama's school age daughters have not been vaccinated against the H1N1 flu virus. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says the vaccine is not available to them based on their risk."