Thursday, October 8, 2009

News, Links of the Day, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu

Obama offers NO RELIEF to growing army of jobless workers ~ link ~ Yes, but he gave $12.8 TRILLION to the 'hungry' bankers!

Admadinejad has no Jewish roots ~ link ~ But according to Dr. Henry Makow, President Obama does ~ link ~ I don't blame the Jewish people for what the Rothschilds do or don't do or whatever. I ran a link to the London newspaper story on Ahmadinejad 'being Jewish' a few days ago because it was just so unbelievable - Turns out it was unbelievable, he has no Jewish ancestry. Dr. Makow, who is Jewish, has posted his story not to be antisemitic but to point to a possible link to the Illumunati (you have to read the story).

Cameron could well be the last ever UK Prime Minister ~ link ~ I have said so much as this before. The Scots do not care for the Tories. They have learned to dislike Labour. The Scottish Nationalist Party is the ruling party in Scotland and they plan an Independence Referendum in 2010. The only thing that might save the United Kingdom is a win by the Liberal Democrats, but to do that they have to grow a set of balls and come out of the closet and aggressively oppose the global bankers and the political class in the United Kingdom. They have to really start telling the truth to the British people, that would win the election. The question is, have they the courage?

King of Jordan to the Israeli public: "We are sliding back into the darkness" ~ link ~ The King has some good points in this article.

Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman: NO peace deal anytime 'soon' ~ link ~ This racist and his fellow nuts in the Netanyahu cabinet want war not peace!

Jews forbidden on Temple Mount says rabbi to Peres ~ link

Tensions increase at Temple Mount ~ link

Gold rally continues - US Dollar slumps ~ link ~ The US Dollar is toast and the world is waking up to this fact.

The 'Real' Economy is Dying: 4th Quarter is 'going to be a bloodbath' - with video ~ link

American deficit hits a record $1.4 TRILLION ~ link ~ Every dollar of this deficit is PROFIT for the foreign owners of the Federal Reserve System. The Fed needs to be flushed down the toilet of history if America is to survive. Obama is just a Front Man for the global banking families.

Plan to de-dollarise the oil market - A Financial Revolution with Profound Political Implications ~ link ~ The Arabs want to weaken America because by using the Dollar as the International Reserve Currency it allows US politicians to finance unlimited wars in the Middle East for Israel's strategic goals of a Greater Israel.

US Senate passes $636 billion defense bill ~ link ~ All these wars (Afghan and Iraq and the coming Iran War) do NOT serve the interests of America, they serve the interests of the global banking families and the crazy Greater Israel Neocon/Lukid warhawks.

Dollar's Demise Will Be Felt Worldwide - videos ~ link

Interim 'President' of Honduras resists calls by regional leaders to restore Zelaya ~ link

Hepatitis B Vaccine TRIPLES the risk of Autism in infant boys ~ link ~ The Amish do not vaccinate their children and they have NO Autism at all (with the sole exceptions being children adopted from outside their community who have already been vaccinated).

Health Care and the 'Predator State' - It's corporate power, not the government, that we need to worry about ~ link ~ Actually under fascism, the two are hard to tell apart.

Echoes of Philip Morris and Hillarycare ~ link

Zink Deficiency is a Global Concern ~ link ~ If you want to be healthy, in this age of a corporate controlled food chain, then you need to take good vitamins and mineral supplements daily.

Vaccine for cocaine addition ~ link ~ I predict that this is one vaccine that the Feds will find a 'problem' with.

Lord Stirling has a feudal barony title available for sale ~ link

Somail pirates hit French Navy ship by mistake - Are captured ~ link ~ Too bad! The bastards are lucky to be alive.

Afghanistan: A War of Absurdity ~ link ~ General Jones (NSA to Obama) says 'less than 100 "al-Qaida" terrorists' in Afghanistan. So we are spending hundreds of billions of dollars to fight a handful of primitive tribesmen by the admission of the senior national security advisor to the President!

We call for the United States to End its Wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan ~ link

Charlie Wilson's Peace - Former Congressman who armed the Mujahideen calls for withdraw from Afghan War before it becomes another Vietnam ~ link

Patriot Act fight needs more patriots ~ link ~ The Patriot Act is fascist and anti-American. It was written 'before' 9/11 and suddenly appeared in its massive form before Congress just after 9/11. Just to make sure that no one in Congress objected (or even read the full Act) the false flag spread of Anthrax took place targeting Congressional offices. This was right out of the Nazi play-book.

Epitaph on Empire ~ link

New Japanese Government threatening to oust US troops from Okinawa ~ link ~ The Japanese see the craziness behind the US strategic policies and want no part of the coming world war.

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